Game of Thrones Hotline for Confused Fans

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    There is a lot going on in “Game of Thrones,” and it can be difficult to keep track of what’s what and who’s who. But fortunately help is on the way. Cast members Sophie Turner, Lena Headey, John Bradley, Joe Dempsie, Maisie Williams, Kristian Nairn, Iwan Rheon & Liam Cunningham host a new hotline to assist their confused fans. #GameOfPhones
    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on Ending of Game of Thrones

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    Game of Thrones Hotline for Confused Fans

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    1. caesar

      Ramsay is terrifying still.

    2. Juliet Kamaitha

      You know I have caller id...oh my lord why did that scare me😩 I think ramsay Bolton gave me ptsd😂😂😂😂

    3. Matthew CYN_15

      Featured experts: -Sophie Turner(Sansa Stark) -Lena Headey(Cersei Lannister) -John Bradley(Samwell Tarly) - -Maisie Williams(Arya Stark) - -Iwan Rheon(Ramsay Bolton) -Liam Cunningham(Sir Davos Seaworth)

    4. lilyanneae’s Tea ಠ_ಠ

      A 5 year old could’ve written a better ending for season 8

    5. Nagavito Sumi

      Dammnit My password: Hodor 🤣

    6. Romeltintin55

      1:22 that was just the best counter for those kind of stupid comments that these actors receive.

    7. ein 3248

      Hey jimmy. Do an snl spoof of how the cast of GOT really feels about final season. That could be funny

    8. 00 7

      "I just want to say that i hate you you are sick and just awful"😂😂😂

    9. Eccentrix

      If he's got go for it 🤣

    10. Sophie Called

      1:10 я думал он скажет Ходор, Ходор, Ходор.

    11. Vanessa Censi

      1:28 My god the hate that resurfaces just seeing that expression

    12. GamingOzz

      Wait who was that guy before Masie Williams

    13. Zilyanna

      as well as the onions being a nice touch so was the dart board

    14. Suketu Gala

      Why GoT characters look more fair in this video than on the show?

    15. Adam657

      Iwan Rheon is so hot.

    16. Dark O-man

      Better than the whole season 8

    17. Brian Velos

      Ramsay is so evil! Hahahahha

    18. Eccentrix

      "See you soon, Gary" 🤣🤣

    19. iClutchDubz

      I thought Hodor was just gonna say Hodor

    20. Daniel Hinkles

      Fun fact. I once pitched a show called Game of Phones to a guy at Channel 4.

    21. Fly Away Birdie

      Sansa looks like a man on thumbnail

    22. Firemarioflower

      Margery, Jaime, Jon, Sandor, Berric, Dany, Jorah, Tyrion NEXT PLEASE!!!!

    23. Firemarioflower

      1:53 LOL Onions everywhere cuz he's the onion knight and then that dartbord with Mellisandres picture AWESOME 😂

    24. Firemarioflower

      0:37 OMG that painting of Joffrey dieing 😅☝

    25. I want to die

      What microphones are they using cause they sound really good

    26. I want to die

      0:54 that is a sexy voice no homo

    27. jeroen1989

      They should do this again now the 8th season has passed... Still a lot of questions to be answered starting with: why?

    28. coronavirus killer for the good

      evil of sansa and cersai

    29. Rasd Chitnis

      But who really killed joffery??

      1. koragg33

        il give you a good hint it was the queen of thorns

    30. tom sch

      Love these along with the shows themselves

    31. Augiegrl12

      Sam: Game of Phones, how can I help you? Caller: Yes, I think I have Grayscale. Sam: Are you genitals swollen and tender? Caller: Yep! Sam: That's Chlamydia. *Hangs up*

    32. Francine Athena Cayanan

      How is tony stark related to the starks of winterfell?

    33. Pete Peters

      Damn the queen is hot as f

    34. g.alqctic edits

      Iwan Rheon's voice is adorable

    35. Jacob Cotta

      Look at each of their desks😂

    36. Kund Balint

      The writing in this is better than in season 8. This should be canon instead of that.

    37. michael partipilo


    38. Spagehetti Bolognase

      Conspiracy theory Chris from skins didn’t die he ran away from jal and changed his name to Gendry

    39. Adam Ahmed

      Ramsay is a griefer on 2b2t

    40. Radha Simon

      This is so hilarious!

    41. may vo

      Margaery actress Natalie Domer is portraying Magda in Penny dreadful : City of angels on showtime!

    42. Nanna Mary Bernabas

      RAMSAY 😌🔥🔥

    43. Ali Qazilbash



      Only laughed at Davos

    45. Richard Leonard

      Clam 101 , lmao.

    46. Richard Leonard


    47. Val

      Aaaaaaaaaah Lena, you're baby

    48. Jon Snow

      I hated her on game of thrones hate her in real life just voice gets on my tits

    49. Curry Rice

      F**k my password is Hodor

    50. Theboredone

      1:54 there is the picture of the witch on the dart disc HAHA

    51. Matt surrington

      I wonder.......How many people actually tried calling the number provided in the end and what response they received....

    52. Anonymous Poster

      LOL... the onions and fresh produce hanging in Davos’s Cubicle!!!

    53. MagicSnaffo

      The directors should have called because of the massive amount of abandoned plot lines

    54. Joseph Icha

      *See you soon, Gary*

    55. John Keon


    56. Kenneth So

      Ramsey the best 👍

    57. Gabriel Leung

      Whoever portrays Ramsay is a great actor. Not always easy portraying a diabolical maniac so well.

    58. Liz86000

      I love how each cubicle is personalized to reflect each character !

    59. SHaYma Mohammad G

      No hobla Dothraki😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    60. Thomas Routt

      Notice the dart board with a picture of the red woman behind Davos. Also notice how he kept missing the picture. 😂

    61. Darth Poleon1805

      Joeffrey and Ramsey were dickheads in the show but this just shows us how great how great the actors are

    62. Blake D.

      I work in customer service and Ser Davos is exactly me on every call.

    63. goner


    64. Zac Ellor

      God, Iwan Rheon (Ramsay) is amazing in this!

    65. You'reNot MyDad

      I dont know why but No Habla Dathraki took me put out😂💀💀💀💀

    66. Ahsan Siddiqui

      Onions. the Onions ! ONion King!

    67. Averon god of Fire

      It’s funny cause the actor for Ramsay is actually really sweet and sincere

    68. blood dragon

      The set for each character are amazing

    69. Sarcastic_ Mind

      If he's hot go for it .Sweet home Alabama 🤣😂😝🤪😜

    70. illustration on character

      poor he ok?

      1. Sapphiresenthiss

        I doubt so. I really, REALLY doubt so 😂