Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 5 | Preview (HBO)



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    The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.

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    1. litia

      I just realized I was still subbed to this chan, time to unsub from this trash

    2. Stas White

      fifth episode - best episode ever but, the last, sixth episode was really bad (imho)

    3. Sean Drury

      Season 8 was the worse finish to any series, EVER.. What a crock of Shit.. RUINED THE WHOLE FRANCHISE. Dumber & Dumber, hold your head in shame.. Fuck You...

    4. Polash Quadhi

      What a nonsense story. 8.2 at 52:00 Daenerys learned the truth about Jon's Birth, he's her Nephew. She was not shocked for her incestuous relation with him rather she was shocked about his claim on Iron Throne. It seems the GOT writer himself was so obsessed about Iron Throne that he lost his common sense. Please Emmy, strip off some Emmy from this BS, they don't deserve record level of Emmys. It disgraces Emmy

    5. Salman Alharbi

      0:29 Euron looks to the see of madness 🔥

    6. Devonte Maverick

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    7. Metal8Ball

      Bad episode. GOT is trash

    8. No Name

      Episode 5 should just be called holy sh*t

    9. febbie injada

      OMG the 2 years old baby was drunk, watch this video so adorable baby..

    10. krishnamirani

      Episode 5, felt like watching movie Pompeii again.

    11. duygu türkmen


    12. Franzii

      It was just a trap for us😏

    13. Irvin Tokalic


    14. Ser Tristan Dartois

      Ça a piqué !

    15. Andron Schultz

      They removed most of the dislikes? The audacity.

    16. Neddy Stark

      I think Varys' (Conleth Hill) reaction at the read through says it all. What an utterly terrible script and inept writing, it's staggeringly bad.

    17. MaskOffWYSTM 🤩

    18. Jojo Star

      i couldve sworn this video had way more dislikes?

    19. Димитър Коджагяуров

      My favorite promo of all time But my least favorite GoT episode

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    21. Ryo Mendoza

      Yey bran became our king

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    23. GODZIRRA

      This is still trending????

    24. الحمدلله الحمدلله

      تشوقت كثير تحيه من الاردن 🤗

    25. nathan sharkboi

      Ia night king really dead ?

    26. Louw Burger

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    27. Leo Chainz

      I Miss U GOT😪

    28. Deduction

      תעשו לייק אם אתם מישראל! 🇮🇱

    29. RageVl

      My review on ss8 GOT: .. Suck

    30. Nipple slip


    31. B CLARK

      What's this shit

    32. I'm groot

      Lel Lewl Lahool

    33. Thálice Lopes

      and I was like, nahhhhh the show's going to get better. How naive I was.

    34. Musa SB

      A REMAKE is not necessary! All that is needed is a season 9. In the opening scene it shows Cersei waking up terrified from the i she's just had (i.e. all of season 8). This way, no rewrite/remake is needed.



    36. Purple-Eyes Grey Dragon

      Honestly I hoped either Drogon was either gonna be in armor, or go 1998 Godzilla on us. But noooo he just happens to be a really good flyer!

    37. Anonimna Licnost


    38. Zack Tu Nan Zing Hang

      I wish I never watched S8 but now I can't unsee it. Danm these motherf#ckers ruines our favorite show.😪🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    39. Thích Củ Cải

      Wow 😉

    40. Paola Cajares

      Everyone just wanted more

    41. Rebecca Yang

      How LUCKY I am to choose not to watch the series after Season 6, THANK U SOOOOO FXXKING MUCH(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    42. Mehdi Don Killer

      I'm a Moroccan rapper I need to suscrib please my brothers ..

    43. skte2die

      Overrated garbage

    44. Kristina Foxes

      Концовка вообще не зацепила Ожидала большего Кто за ?

    45. Ketunloikka

      Dont you feel silly now? Drogon has babies, Drogon has armor.. =)

    46. Sindana Story

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    47. PC

    48. Maira

      Here after the finale?

    49. birendra kumar raw

      Alexendar ka kai hoa

    50. Swalfak سوالفك

      Writers : "If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention" Audience : Oh my god, they are going to kill our favorite characters. Season 8 : Nah,we killed the show itself.

    51. Swalfak سوالفك

      Missandei: Dracarys Drogon: Error, invalid voice match.

      1. Ungureanu Roxana


    52. MOONTECH

      Waiting for final season of Game of Thrones. { Subscribe My channel. If you do this I can Build a Cancer Hospital. Thanks a lot for help.}

    53. Mrfairchap

      Oh look, even MORE dragons! Sigh...

    54. Channel everything/ قناة كل شيء

    55. Neddy Stark

      the worst show on TV by a country mile...embarrassingly bad.

    56. LEO TV KE.

    57. TheHarlemShow

      What a load of crap s8 ep5 like a dragon would explode them gates it must have explosives in its mouth now they would of never got threw that way seems like they are spoiling lots of plots

    58. Abdelrhman Samir

      Despite that, this is the worst season ever still the 5th Episode is the worst by far. It sounds like the writers and the director were on the milk of the puppy the entire season. Let me speak for myself only, I’m a huge fan and I quite grew up with the show, so believe me when I tell you that for a fact that this is the worst season ever, it all started with the 7th season it became a roller coaster/chart that been curving in the wrong direction which is down in every aspect since when we could quite predict how things would go in GOT, since season 7 we missed the feeling of thriller, being anxious that we use to have because of everything became rushed I dunno why you do this to us, it’s not how you should wrap up a lifetime journey in such a way. I’m annoyed and frustrated especially for the final season. If we put the season 7 & 8 in comparison with any season from 1 to 6, any season of six will win easily. Everything falls apart all the sudden we no longer familiar with GOT. Now it comes to the Fifth episode of season eight, the plot, writings, and directing was really shocking in a bad way. I dunno why spending abt two years to come up with such an outcome. Now it comes to the fifth episode which quite leaves us all in disbelieve, I dunno if the original writing from the beginning or all the sudden they decided this swerve, Daenerys Targaryen is one of the most loved characters that we quite grew up with and became kinda inspired by her being a little girl who went through great ordeals but she overcome one after another, watching her coming from not having anything till having all of this and the way she has it all was the most impressive, I know that they kept bringing the Mad King words to her a lot in the last couple of seasons and amplifying her worst moments and attitude, I know that it will be leading to a breaking point for her but still, it’s shouldn’t be like that, what they made her do to burn innocent people is against everything, Dany stands for, and pls don’t tell me she’s gone mad so she won’t be able to tell any difference, she gave almost everything when she had the choice to walk upon King’s Landing and took what she always wanted because she always wanted to be good, Fair & loved ruler, but she didn’t because she’s good & fair she decided to let go what she dreamt to have for a long time, and after she sacrificed almost all that she has, and saved all of Westeros all that she found was being treated like an unloved outcast, let’s face the truth everyone around her brought the worse in her, Why couldn’t John Snow keep his mouth shut at least until she is done with Cerci. He knows that Sansa Hated Her and yet he told her, and of course she couldn’t keep her mouth shut. Why Tyrion told Varys? Dany is just hurt so badly after losing all the people that truly unconditionally loved her just for being her. She lost all the love which is all that she wanted, She lost John Snow who loved dearly. And of course from my point of view her truly breaking point is losing Missandei watching her head getting chopped off and she couldn’t do anything about it. And yet this wasn’t enough for them, she lost all the loyalty she ever had Tyrion has really ruined her time after time and every time he says he has done it In good attention! She couldn’t trust anyone anymore. She is so hurt and all she found just betrayal, no one beside her to comfort her in her darkest moments. She just needs a shoulder to cry on this would never happen if Jorah is still a life. Her last attempt was wanting to feel loved by John, but the last door has been shut in her face. She’s all alone, hurt badly, outcasted, grieving, betrayed, and heartbroken. At the point, she landed her dragon at the wall waiting for bells, after hearing the bells she paused and realized that she won’t have anything, love, throne or any other she felt that she fought most of her life for nothing, that she lost everything for nothing, so she decided to avenge that, I felt like she saying to herself “if I will have nothing you too will have nothing but feeling the pain and loss that I feel”. I not justifying what Dany’s did, I just saying that everyone else who drove her to this moment is to blame as much she is, if this how they want to end her character which is really don’t mind this would be the lamest way and does not make any sense actually it would only in one case if season 7 & 8 weren’t so rushed and most of the details in the novel shall be included by the director that starting to pile up making her losing her mind gradually & slowly through the episodes to be able to convince us, Season 7 & 8 Shouldn’t be so shortened these 2 seasons should be at least 4, all I felt is HBO just want to wrap it up ASAP no matter of what or how, and at the cheapest cost. Which harm the entire show. And pls don’t let me go through the naive unlogic scenes, and lame writings because I’ll quite take too much time. I know that the end will tragic but we use it but the worst thing is to have a rushed end which will make us feel it doesn’t make any sense. I hope at least to avoid the mistakes in the final episode! At last really no thanks to David Benioff and D. B. Weiss! No need to curse!! Dracarys!!

    59. 9000k4

      Is there Mcdonalds advertising in the show yet?

    60. poatenimik

      fuckin worst epic fail at the END !!!

    61. Matina Jazmine

      Just came here to see what all the hype was about

    62. Fagner Leal

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    64. SkiikoMan

      Missandei: /Dracarys Drogon: Sorry, you can't use mod commands on this server *Missandei has left the chat*

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    68. Dandin

      I wish I could say... "I kind a forgot about season 8."

      1. No Name

        Oh I did!

    69. NVG Perez

      Jon mata a Daenerys. Bran se sienta en el trono

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