Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Review and Breakdown



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    In this video I give my opinion on Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6, the finale of the show! I breakdown and review my thoughts and feelings on episode 6 and give my final thoughts on the shows conclusion. This episode focuses on the rule of Queen Daenerys Targaryen rule and how the remaining characters handle it.
    Let me know your opinion in the comments down below :)

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    1. emin777

      I totally agree with your review.

    2. Basem Awd

      Perfect & I totally agree

    3. Deborah Kogan

      But Jon will be happy with the Wildlings...

    4. klausweasley

      If you're mad at at or don't understand the point of Dany going full Mad Queen and Bran becoming king, then sadly, you did not get the point of what George RR Martin is doing on "A Song of Ice and Fire". D&D gave us the correct ending. They only fumbled in the execution since it was so rushed. That's all. I personally didn't think it was disastrously bad. I was satisfied. This will be the same ending in the books.

    5. The Thinking Being

      Agreed. Bronn is unqualified for the job. He kills people for money. That does not make him a master mathematician or an expert at investment, buying and shares. His idea of money is: *DO IT IF I FEEL LIKE IT* , *KILL* , *GET PAID* *MOVE ON* It's like qualifying a fish for a foot race 🤨 *I wanted Jon to be Master of War, since no matter what he did his actions will always be honourable- he's the perfect man for the job since he is so loved by the people, his soldiers and he will never misuse his title no matter how tough the going gets.* *So Bronn points a crossbow and shortly after becomes an extremely powerful man, powerful enough to overthrow a king?* Where do I sign up?

    6. The Thinking Being

      *Well, Bran puts a new definition of "sitting on our asses as the world's problems pass us by." I wonder which government system that reminds me of...*

    7. The Thinking Being

      *Character Development?* 👨‍🎨 *Azor Ahai?* ⚔ *Bran - Night King time travel theory?* ☠ *BURN THEM ALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🐲

    8. The Thinking Being

      If Jaime and Cersei died from rubble in the dragon skulls room *(under the Throne Room as shown in the opening credits) how is it possible that there even is a Throne Room left for Daenerys to wonder in like a deranged Anti-Lannister Nazi?*

    9. Satish Parajuli

      No one understood the reason behind Bran the Broken. It's like when a character is too powerful in video games, they are called broken. Eg: Morphing in DOTA 2 is broken.

    10. Ginette Mayas

      This review makes me feel even worse. Could you at least say Jon starts a new life with the free folk? Sigh. 70 some odd episodes to arrive at this. Jon was not a perfect character, but Iiked him better that the others. I don't like how Daenerys goes down, but you saw it coming. Jon? What did he do to deserve to be treated like this? His new found identity means nothing. His resurrecting from the dead means nothing. His leading the fight against the Night King means... Bran the Broken gets to sit on his own personal throne. Yay! Ned's execution, Red weddings, Battle of the Bastards, all so Bran can be King. People complained about NetFlix's Bird Cage. If you take away the fancy trappings of GoT, content-wise, it's no better. By the way I thought Drogon burning the throne was a gag by the writers a middle finger at the fans and dismissing them as chumps. Seriously.

    11. Brenda Ryder

      Great Analogy but I’m just sad about it ...I wanted more too

    12. Barry Ybarra

      The first six seasons consisted of 10 episodes, Seasons 7 and eight cut back to six. From what I can gather, the two men responsible for GOT's success were hired to work on the next Star War's trilogy scheduled to begin 2022. George R.R. Martin was agreeable with a 10 season 10 episode run for GOT. HBO was agreeable and ready to spend for the additional money needed to fund GOT. The problem was replacing the two and so it was agreed to limit seasons 7 and 8 to six episodes. That meant the flow of the show would be changed for those two seasons. This resulted in GOT feeling hurried and bloated. Seeasons 7 and 8 were, technically, brilliant. But the story suffered under the weight of expectations and the arcs of characters had to be cut, shortened or eliminated This would leave fans disappointed and angry. Fans would be left to wonder, what if the producers had stuck with 10 episodes per season.

    13. Zlata Chernis

      Would you say "Oh LOTR ends with a joke as Frodo saves the world and then he has to go away, the book's ending was a waste of time!", I wonder. John has to go away not coz ppl forgot he's kinda Targarien, but because they DO know and remember he's kinda Targarien. And everyone just has been made sure that the Targariens are madness of blood and fire. So sending John to the Black is not just making peace between armies and preventing even more bloodshed, but also a move to cut short ill-famed House ultimately. And that is absolutely right thing to do -- not on personal scale, but on realms scale. Past kings were nothing but trouble, truly, but the dragon-armed ones were the worst. Same comes to Bran being King. Thing is, a good ruler is not the one who's best in every way possible (noone's that, and if someone believes (s)he is, it may end with a city burned somehow), but the one who is fine with having a bunch brilliant minds on his side and willing to listen to them, but keeps the final decision to himself. As we saw for years, each of those brilliant minds gets blinded with their own brilliance from time to time, and giving the power to decide to another person, who is a knowing listener and not in the need to prove everyone that it's his idea which is the best possible, that's a very good point. And I'm surprised that the only thing which gnaws me, the only illogical thing was not even mentioned. That's keeping the capital in the same place. I can't see ordinary people coming back to live in the place which surely feels to be cursed with fire. From the very first battle and wildfires through the septa's blowing and to the latest utter destruction, it's surely faster, cheaper and more inspirational to build a new city, free of the tragic past, than remaking this one. I really don't believe in King's Landing reborn.

    14. Mary Therese Villafuerte-Barja

      Jon Snow did what wolverine/Logan did an xmen movie before. He stabbed the person he loves the most... To save her, and to save others... If you watched xmen before when Jean Grey went dark Phoenix before already and Logan/wolverine killed her because. She killed already charles.xavier and a lot of people, a dangerous deadly threat already....

    15. Familia T.V.

      What a F up ending maan GOT started off awesome ends up a big joke.

    16. Sid Man


    17. Chessa Wee

      Jon snow should have killed himself too.😁✌🏻

    18. River Rose

      Drogon burned the iron throne because he knew that Bran has his own seat.😒

    19. Go Girl

      I totally agree about this Bran vs Jon Snow for king 😡. Im thankful I didnt start watching until about 2 months ago bcuz I wud have been furious, esp with this finale! I still cant believe this season but esp Bran as king with thr ability to see things, but what can he do? Its as unbelievable as our current president😂...ooops thats for real🙄

    20. Ron Lockhart

      The ending would have had more impact if Dany and Jon romance had been given more time. And wtf was the point of the night king and the white walkers?

    21. Desmond Handson

      YOU ARE SPOT ON WITH THIS!!!! I agree 1,000%!!!!

    22. Aamir Ali

      Don't kill her. 😔

    23. SugarW1thC0ffee

      George throwing shade to D&D

    24. Jared McKinnon

      While I agree that Jon didn’t quite get the ending he deserved and was downplayed this season, I can’t help but feel that that your disappointment with his storyline leads you to be overly critical on the other characters. It makes sense that we follow Arya through Kings Landing, she’s always been our eyes on the ground for the smallfolk. Bran is an incredibly important character. He’s the opening chapter in aGoT and he’s one of the few POVs that we’ve gotten in every book. The show did him a disservice in writing his character, but they did that to just about everyone in one way or another. Their justification in him becoming king was shoddy at best, but as was their justification with everything this season tbh lol. Jon could never sit the iron throne at the end, that’s part of the tragedy. You complain that this isn’t the song of ice and fire, but I think that’s an important distinction. The books are a song of ice and fire, the show is a game of thrones. Their focal point is different despite telling the same overall story. If you want a song of ice and fire I’d consider picking up the books (I don’t mean that in a negative way, I just mean that I think your criticisms of the show will be less disappointing if you get the story that you yearn for from the books).

    25. Melissa Benitez

      I wish Drogon torched this script as he did the throne. *Dracarys* 🔥🐉

    26. Dan. K Mulumba

      I really believe this season was rushed too fast, caus I had thoughts that daenerys wouldn't die so soon after taking Kings landing, all this happened so fast that after Dany's death the season lost something that could've led Game of Thrones to keep going.

    27. Melissa Benitez

      I love your spot on views of this finale! Bran wouldn’t be of use as council either because he needs weirwood trees for sight and there aren’t any in Kings Landing. Jon Snow’s punishment was nonsensical because they banished him to the Wall but there is no wall or nights watch anymore since the Night King is no longer a threat. From the ending it looked as though it was being run by wildlings which all walked out of Castle Black with Jon. Did that imply that Jon was really a free man since he continued north of the wall? Also I noticed a plant growing out from the snow. Did that mean it will no longer be winter there or is Westeros is going through global warming and the ice is melting!? lol I loved the visuals the director provided and the acting from the actors. But this finale could’ve been better because Westeros in a since remained the same.

    28. Arnab De

      Nicely put. You spoke my mind.

    29. M x

      It was a song of ice and fire . Ice was the WW the fire was Dany (GRRM even confirmed this a while ago) WW were the threat to the North that everyone was ignoring and Dany was the fire threat to the south that everyone was ignoring. Jon should have probably killed both, but alas. It did not happen.

    30. refletsT2O

      A song of Ice and Fire refers to Jon and Dany. Jon is ice and Dany is fire. The book and show has really been centered on those two characters from the beginning, and that's why they had to come together. I loved many of your previous commentaries, but I think it misses the mark when you center on Jon as the main focus or the main hero. In the end, though, I am left feeling sad. Jon and Dany were heroes in many senses of the word, right up till the very end, but they had sad endings. That's been part of the legacy of Game of Thrones, to keep us thinking rather than expect the usual endings where the hero saves everyone and the realm is happy and right again. I wasn't happy at all with Bronn being Master of Coin. But in doing so, the story left us asking Jon's anguished question: "did I do the right thing"? Who's to say, as you rightly point out, that things can't get just as bad again? Maybe it would have been better to go with Dany's ruthlessness after all, as she poignantly appealed to Jon before her death. At least with Jon, we know he'll live out his days as a good and wise man among or interacting with the wildings. I'm not sure how well the story was directed or written after Dany's death. It all seemed pretty surreal to me, with some offhand comedic touches that just seemed, well, off. And yes the set-up and character development to make Bran the leader was off putting and didn't make you feel that the resolution was earned. Or that it was worth the sad ends to the heroic lives of Jon and Dany.

    31. Kanishka Prabhudesai

      Hey really like your videos. You should do a video or a series on story writing

    32. william Whitfield

      That's why I really hate this entire season and it's made me hate season 7 they ran out of book material so like you said dropped the ice and fire plot all together and tried to I think still use the ending George has in mind and it not only doesn't make sense and ruined the characters every ones mad about dany turning into Hitler overnight but they completely butchered jon to and made him look like a weak fool but is such a sad waste of opportunity and a great story because when you think about where George is going with this it all makes sense and not only works but is brilliant it does have a good twist is truly bittersweet and has tons of meaning and symbolism but you have to actually tell the damn story to get there and they didn't

    33. Daisy De La Milera

      I hated the ending. After Dany saved Jon so many times, here he kills her. Well they only killed her dragon and her right hand. I would do the same thing. She did what it took. What happened to the King of it all. I wish the dragon would of burn Jon it would of been a better ending. After so many years and awesome story season 8 was so rushed it was terrible.


      Am very angry at HBO with all Season 8

    35. Richard Bierman

      BuzzTox, Jon had to go to the wall in lieu of being executed for killing Dani. It was a necessary compromise. Bran's character had been well developed over the seasons as the 3 eyed raven. His supernatural power makes him a natural candidate to be king. And remember, Dani's mission was to break the wheel. Her army that wants justice (Jon Snow's execution) got something out of getting an elected king instead of chosen only by blood. Yes Jon would make a great king, but this was the Game of don't always get what you want, but you will get a good story. I was OK with the final episode.

    36. NiranjanM

      3 eyed raven was sitting on the throne in season 1 poster.

    37. G.T.O. The Public Beta Test

      Bran didn’t send Jon North. He set him free.

    38. G.T.O. The Public Beta Test

      The point is not who becomes king.

    39. TOTALLY RAD!! with josie!

      Who else is here after never having watched a minute of “got”?😂

    40. Melissa M


    41. Moritz Meyer

      Drogon flew east to find a new writer for season 8

    42. thejonesbass

      I'm sorry but these writers were trash 😂😂😂😂

    43. albin maestro

      Bran is pretty silent guy for story telling. Actually he is the worst choice for the throne, if it is just story telling.

    44. Limon Khan


    45. Limon Khan


    46. T SR

      If Jon is a Targeryen isn't it better that he isn't King? If his mind will eventually turn evil like Dany?!! May he live in peace and protect nothing!

    47. zatowichie

      Strange that people keep throwing their own ideas on how the story should end. Respect the writers and Directors. Appreciate the Artists of this show and all. This show is a journey and dont complain if didnt end like a fairy tale.

    48. Synjinnzfate

      "We need him to pay bwahaha but we're going to go commit suicide on a island with an epidemic that kills anyone who is not a local born" /golfclap

    49. Dr Strangelove

      the episode sucked and you are an idiot

    50. Faye Stewart

      Why would the writers get so off track with all of the main characters. The only excuse is they got tired of writing the show. I mean they even got the actions of the darn dragon wrong. An animal or creature that has connected with it's so-called family would kill/attack the perceived killer of its family member. But Drogo burns the iron throne. Come on!

    51. AnandA _K

      Thanks for the review... Very well articulated... On the Jon Snow thing, I agree and disagree with you... I'm a Jon Snow fan and would have loved him to be King. It would have been a good choice for many reasons, however, the more I think about, Bran is probably the perfect choice. Here are my reasons... Given that Bran is now the '3 eyed Raven' he is basically incorruptible. I'm not suggesting that Jon's morales are astray though he can make mistakes based on loyalty and love... He and Tyrion both loved and remained loyal to Dany and look at what happen. The chances of this happening to Bran basically nil... Bran will always make the logical, wise, empathetic choice given his abilities... Bran may not be the most charismatic protector of the realm... Many of us did want the Lord of The Rings style ending where the Aragorn (via deeds and destiny) ascends to King over Middle Earth. Jon Snow's narrative in some ways parallels that... I also feel there was maybe some ambiguity regarding prophecies but then thats open to interpretation.... I think it's a little presumptuous to regard Jon Snow as the main character in this Epic... There are so many layers to this story. Perhaps his character was a little underused but then a lot of what occurred in Season 8 was a direct result of Jon's legacy... He was able to convince sworn enemies (excluding Cercei) to put aside their differences and fight together for a common cause... Thats no mean feat and in my opinion the reason the Lord of Light resurrected him... The story is as much about the journey of all the Starks rather than just one... I do agree with you to a point on Grey Worm's demands but then I guess that's the price of democracy. In the end, Jon got pretty much what he truly wanted... To return to the north, his people, his wolf and maybe a simpler life... It's possibly not the ending that I and many other's hoped for but it's an ending I can live with.... After-all, who really wanted to see Iron Man die in Endgame????

    52. Jeff Scott

      I think David Benioff & DB WEISS should be brought up on charges for character assassination, intent to commit fraud for impersonating themselves as real writers, and a class action lawsuit should be filed against them for mental anguish and emotional distress against the fans.

    53. K Toledo

      Rushed and lazy. Bran as king....puleazzzzzz

    54. Daniel Williams

      You are 1,000,000% right perfectly said I feel like I wasted my time all these years watching this show!!!! 🤬🤬🤬!!! Thanks for your videos ✌🏼😉

    55. atilla hun

      fuck john snow.

    56. Daniel Cuevas

      I remember when people use to say that bran was the night king and believe that bs. Now that he is king they say this is terrible writing. no one will ever be satisfied with anything.dany deserve to die starks won.the north remembers the same spot where the the Starks where burn to life by the mad king is the same spot Daenerys died.jon snow ended the war between Targaryen’s and the Starks and now there’s peace in Westeros.


      Jon is beyond the wall, he can have wives, children, and lands if he wants. He and the wildings are king of the TRUE NORTH.

    58. Guillaume Internoscia

      cant wait for the new star war trilogy by d&D AND Ryan Johnson

    59. Green Gecko

      Why is there still a night's watch????!!!

    60. I love this game ❤️

      Every thing u have said, Is everything I feel. So many channels an u summed everything I fealt, believed, an questions left including the council, ok making happy jokes, but over years that turns into undermining and false power lies obviously treason. WARS AGAIN! WHEELS DEFINITELY BOTH ON READY TO BE BROKEN AKA BRON👊🏻

    61. Moma Girl

      Jon isn't at the wall, he is past the wall with the wildlings free folk who like him, Lord of the North, and now a queen slayer. the unsullied aren't the only ones that are mad at Jon, there are many other people that wanted Dany to be queen. The end results of this season are fine, but it was too rushed. By now, most people have forgotten or not know how destructive the Lannisters were, how much Tywin hated the targareans that had made his son a knights guard so he could not marry and pass on the name. (he assumed he had no chance with the imp) he helped take over kings landing with Robert baratheon and kill all the targaryens except for the two little children that had fled. His army was very destructive and raped many women. So the people now have a new king, then a psyco king again, then a child king, then mad queen Cerei, I mean I think Dany was right in thinking the people that live there would never be loyal after going through so many rulers, how are they to trust another new one? And Jaime Lannister killed her father. Why? He was mad? Why was he mad? Because Bran went back in time and was constantly whispering in his ear, making him insane. He kept saying "Burn it all" he made huge stockpiles of wildfire. Yes, Dragon burnt a lot of the town down, but the fire was was accelerated by all the stockpiles of wildfire there, people had no chance to get out. Leading to Jon killing her and everyone thinking she was the mad queen. And now Bran is king?? I don't think this is the happy ending people are making it out to be. BRAN confirmed Jon's heritage, which led him to tell Dany, even after that, knowing his right to the thrown was higher than hers, she still wanted to be with him as king and Queen. If she was that mad, she would have killed him. Dany made Jon swear he won't tell anyone... What does he do? Go tell Sansa and Arya right away, knowing what a big mouth Sansa has. That got varys killed, the loudest one to express his concern over the queen. If his plan to poison the her had worked, all those people in kings landing would have not died, and probably Jon would be king, who would have tried another tactic to get rid of Cerei. JON has to live forever knowing he killed Dany, who he did love at one point. And BRAN is king? Sansa is queen of Winter fell? Cool, just what she always wanted since she was a little girl, and did whatever she had to to get on that throne. BRAN could have prevented a lot more deaths but he just stood by (sat by) and watched everyone else get blood on their hands. I hope the book will explain more why the knightking was after Bran so bad, he was the 3 eyed raven, so what? Which is crazy to think the king knows everything about everyone, past and future. He's already went back in time and caused things to happen. He's not only the one who caused HODOR brain damage, but also responsible for his death. How many other people died so Bran could be king? Is he going to go back in time and change other things? Screw you Bran, Jon, Sansa. Arya, you are my girl, the baddest little assassin who killed the knight king and saved everyone. She smart in traveling west and getting far away from crazy westeros.

    62. Scooby Who?

      Great video. I 100 percent agree. I felt cheated and fooled. I thought, from the part where Drogon flew off, the next 45 mins after that were mind-numbingly senseless. I just didn't buy it. Why banish him? How did Jon Snow get captured after Drogon flew away? As if Jon Snows gonna say 'oh yeah Grey Worm, I stabbed the Queen, here, arrest me'...As if Arya, Sanza or Bran would banish their brother. They cut the season short and robbed us of our time. Why did they shorten the season, when they could have written another 2 seasons out of all the unanswered questions. it made sense a little bit more the second time I watched it, but I really really won't won't accept the way in which Jon was treated. It absolutely broke my heart, and not in a good way. It ruined it completely, for me anyways...I loved the first 45 mins...after that, I was sitting with my mouth open, I thought it was a joke when they were seeing him off at the pier...I thought they were ALL gonna burst out laughing...just horrendous for Jon. I'll never forgive D & D

    63. Eric Cartman

      #45 on trending street

    64. Jennifer Gross

      Bran is the biggest villain of them all

    65. LilBoyBlue

      I think most people were fooled into watching the dancing elephants and were lulled into ignoring the most important character all along, namely Bran. Or weren't they paying attention? Jon couldn't be king as Tyrion explained. Daenerys still had enough allies that rewarding Jon would cause another war, and killing him would also cause another war, so putting him in exile was the only option. Sending him north wasn't necessary?! Sorry, but this is one of the most ignorant reviews on YT.

    66. Thomais de Fois

      well said ;)

    67. Hecatonicosachoron

      I enjoyed the second half of the episode, after Dany was murdered. I really dislike how they treated Dany ‘s story. The idea of an elected monarchy is quite good, and it is what I expected from that slogan of “breaking the wheel”. It has a precedent in the Holy Roman Empire. Also from a parallel to German history it shows that this is not the beginning of an age of unanimity but rather an age of feuding noble houses. Which is historically quite apt - at least some balance between them can be achieved in that system. But Bran being a Stark, the north being made independent and a political prisoner, Jon, being sent to a penal colony which is not within the territory controlled by the ‘six kingdoms’ is somewhat of an inconsistency. Also how can Tyrion, while still a captive, be so convincing all of a sudden? The whole story was rushed... this episode could have been made into a 10-episode season.

    68. Criss Gustave

      I believe them unfair John snow so disappointed

    69. Curtis Clark

      Thank you

    70. Theophilus Hayford Junior

      Very disappointing end! Surely the writers of this last season need big time teaching lessons from Vince Gilligan- the writer of Breaking Bad!!!