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    Step inside the pitch meeting that led to the final season of Game of Thrones!
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    Game of Thrones is one of the most popular TV dramas of all time, and fans were pumped to see what the creators had in store for its final season. However after a few episodes, GoT fans started to have some questions about the way D.B. Weiss and David Benioff were wrapping up their favorite show. Like what’s up with Daenerys becoming pure evil so quickly? Why isn’t anyone talking about Jon being the rightful heir to the throne? Was that really the end of the Night King? Are scorpions more powerful, or are dragons?
    To answer all these questions and more, step inside the pitch meeting that led to Game of Thrones Season 8! It’s super easy, barely an inconvenience!

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    1. Gat-su Sama

      This channel should be named barely an inconvenience

    2. Blackcop33

      when d&d said that drogon burned the throne bc it was in his way instead of him burning it because it was the thing that drove his mom to madness i wanted to never associate myself with got again ✨

    3. Nathan Foster

      I still havent watched season 8 so i can pretend it ends any way i want

    4. kye flint

      Can we get one for the walking dead now xD

    5. Alexander Zack

      it´s so sad how funny and true this is..... "she forgot the iron fleet" even though she was reminded of exactly that fleet a few minutes before..... and don´t even get me startet on the "you can have more episodes" part......

    6. Rin

      when I see everything thats so bad about the last season in 7.20 minutes, it makes me really happy, because I know for a fact there is no way, just NO WAY the books will be as bad. so whatever Martin throws at us, its going to be a masterpiece in comparison

    7. Neolithika

      What the hell happened? It's been over a year and I still cannot understand.

    8. kenneth dzengedza

      I was so angry I could not even watch this

    9. Ariel Bruce

      You know... when I think about it, if season 8 wasn't s**t... this masterpiece wouldn't exist... and I wouldn't have had so many good laughs. I guess I owe David & Dan some thanks, in a way. :D

    10. Josh Madden

      "I would but there's no time" "you can have it" "no" "ok"

    11. Martin Martucci

      "How do they survive?" "By being off screen for a little bit." Toooooo funny. These pitch meetings are fantastic, because I can almost imagine that they happened this way.

    12. yodasaber1

      I feel that it is sad that this pitch meeting is probably very similar to the real pitch meeting they had, unless they didn’t even bother to have a pitch meeting.

    13. MINDprint Studios

      Dawn of the Planet of the Apes plz

    14. Joseph Navotka

      Gas leak season.

    15. Trey Best

      “So she’s sitting there looking all pissed with her starbucks.” “Did you say starbucks?” 😂😂 So good.

    16. Erik Larsen

      D&D completely trampled on Chekhov's Gun for the sake of "outsmarting" the audience. If the viewer guesses an outcome that just means that the pay off was adequately set up.. Subverting expectations is not good if the expectation was that you were creating a story that makes some god damn sense.

    17. Brian Keller

      I wanna rewatch GOT, but I remember S8. I will always remember S8

    18. Ataru Moroboshi

      Nailed it.

    19. Mike L.

      This is the most on point description of the logic behind the script development and season lol

    20. dakritic

      The council of surviving characters... LMFAO

    21. Danny Luong

      Dany spent several seasons raising an army and all it took was one damn dragon

    22. rolls frost

      Well now I can stop regretting that I never got to watch GOT...

    23. w0c


    24. SmashTactics

      do a Star Trek Picard!!!

    25. Kyson Channell

      Here's the key to not be disappointed by season 8: never watch a single episode of the series

    26. Luis Lebrón Aponte


    27. Joshua Solaris Jones

      It's a very forgettable horse.... It's actually a very forgettable season

    28. Brion Burkett

      If this was the 90s, when writing something of this scale, quality, and popularity, if the writers turned in these episodes, they would have either been fired or micromanaged. Either way, this story would have had actual care and purpose to honor something so cared for previously. But today, all you need to do is shock people and get them talking to qualify something as good art. Incredibly these writers still have jobs in the industry. They should be the topic of Film school classes on "how to ruin your career as a writer". But that would imply that quality is even a primary component in film today. Side note: What franchises haven't been eventually ruined by sub-par writing? Let's see: Star Trek. Star Wars. Harry Potter. Footloose. Game of Thrones. Disney movies. Ghostbusters. Jurassic Park. Oceans movies. Chronicles of Narnia. Middle Earth. Shrek. Terminator. Transformers. Hellboy. X-men. It's like the only franchise left to be gutted and stripped of any and all of it's original draw, purpose, and humanity either Back to the Future or Bill and Ted's. And Bill and Ted: Face the Music is dropping soon...


      Man the production for season 8 was really really really sloppy, like they didnt want to be there

    30. Pankaj Sarmal

      Ryan, my friend, I hope you sleep on the best possible orthopedic mattress to recover from the chronic back pain you had to endure after carrying this channel to 7+ million subscribers.

    31. normalguycap

      Modern writers suck so much that subverting expectations is actually intentional disappointment

    32. Bill Poole

      This is, by far, the best episode you guys did

    33. fm999

      anytime a main character get swarmed, cut away from them and get back to see they r fine LOLOL

    34. Kilgore Trout

      Would you like some time? You can have it!

    35. Timo Anttila

      Season 8 made me rue the day I started watching this flaming bag of turd

    36. Bilge Akalın

      Can you do a pitch meeting about Keanu Reves

    37. Ilko van der Velden


    38. Fitmikec

      I'm still pissed

    39. supreme godfather

      I didn't realise S8 was so traaaaaash

    40. Ace Potter

      Season 8 still pisses me off to this day!

    41. ralf dsouza

      50% disliked 50% didn't watched the rest love it very much

    42. ralf dsouza

      Never saw the director stay on his back so much, I wish he had been harder with the pitch guy

    43. K

      be honest - this was the easiest one of these to make, wasn't it?

    44. Burn The Trolls

      Oh ok so Pitch Meeting guy is actually George RR Martin

    45. jentazim

      2:14 "Damn this short final season aww" so good...

    46. Elvira-Irina Reisinger

      There should be a GOT movie that uses all the parody material and then we get the finale we want.

    47. THAT1EPSY

      So much time has passed, and I'm still hoping someone deletes season 8 and writes s 8 and 9 anew

    48. GeoNeo Hill

      Literally the only thing that satisfied me in that season was Clegane Bowl. Such a shame. I really hope people remember it for the great show it was up until then

    49. GeoNeo Hill

      This sums up how I felt after the Night King episode. Just...... empty inside. I can almost forgive the Danaerys plot, but the Night King..... god that whole thing just hurts. Really bad.

    50. schW3De111

      It´s mid 2020 now and it still hurts. This pitch is spot on!

    51. Lee Vam

      Ugh... the badly healed scars of the catastrophic season 8 are ripped open again! :(

    52. Chris Johnson

      "Council of Surviving Characters". Freakin' priceless!

    53. Tarquin Farquhar

      Season 8 is dead to me. Jon Snow: "We can't beat them in a straight fight" Literally send all the Dothraki to hit them head-on - a straight fight. Wow, just wow. That last season is just f*cked.

      1. Nicole Oliver

        So fucked

    54. Darkn Doom

      Omg lol 😆🤣👌😹😹😹

    55. John Striker

      Glad I never *cared* for this series in the first place xD

    56. Mohammad Aman

      I havent seen a single minute of GOT.... What the f*ck is going on lmao

    57. Chris Buchheit

      "I mean, okay" is basically the only way you can sum up that entire season.

    58. leonsky

      Game of “I forgot but she’s mah queen”

    59. Irit Kogan

      I was actually crying of laugher because how true this is.

    60. Jean Vieira

      "The council of surviving characters" 😂😂

    61. Cait Sith

      Stopped at season 7, but that is really funny. 🤣

    62. Sandrilyona Doe

      More than a year after and this still hurts.

    63. mugflub

      "Did you say Starbucks?"

    64. Justin Bellotti

      As great as this is, its so sad how on point this whole vid was.

    65. gansosmansos

      Glad I didn't waste any time on this Game of Hot Mess

    66. aspasiz

      It's amazing how I used to see GOT as the pinnacle of television and now I can't even stomach the thought of it.

    67. George Monk


    68. Lync

      Barely an inconvenience is a reoccurring phrase.

    69. Phil Kin

      Just watch The Wire, I'm sorry but I escaped to this GOT thing for years and at the end was left with, well "Don't ever listen to anyone that hasn't watched The Wire from start to finish ever again.! The Wire is the best TV that ever was FACT!

    70. Random Rangoon

      Five pairs of sunglasses on with both eyes shut with a bucket on your head