Gentleman Jack Gallagher vs. Chad Gable: WWE 205 Live, July 16, 2019



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    After facing off in an edge-of-your-seat thriller several weeks ago, Gentleman Jack Gallagher and SmackDown LIVE Superstar Chad Gable square off in a hotly-anticipated rematch.
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    1. Curly head Films

      I got a gentleman jack commercial for this video

    2. Edvan Filho


    3. Payton Wright

      Will WWE push Gable for Cruiserweight Championship.

    4. Archimedes Skullkrusher

      The in ring chemistry between these two is wild

    5. Modeste Balloy

      Chad Gable fera comme Neville à 205 live

    6. Light of Despair

      WHY Gallagher is not champion yet?? never before...

    7. Real MGL

      How disrespectful was this stupid crowd, full of smarks and CM Punk stans smh Awesome match though

    8. Joselina Duran

      damn chad is pretty cute with the new hair due

    9. heelgill

      I live this new look Gable has.

    10. sychowalker

      Best 205 Live match this Year so far.


        yup both this match and their previous match were rated 4 star matches

    11. Kira The Cat Girl

      Gables new look makes him look more serious..He would do great on the main roster Shinsuke VS Gable for IC Championship

    12. Kira The Cat Girl

      I love the haircut

    13. UncleSpicey

      Awesome match, never watched 205 b4 cause i just couldn't be bothered. But I heard about this match and couldn't resist, two extremely talented underutilized wrestling talents. Got to see a great match AND got a glimpse of Chads shaved right testicle popping out haha Bonus!

      1. Grant420

        You've been missing out 205 is a good show

    14. linus mese

      Curzerweigjt needs some more titles besides just the one 247 title ? Or new tag team titles

    15. Squidward 24

      Why does one of the commentators sound like Kermit the frog

      1. Grant420

        Aiden English.. annoying voice

    16. Shadowlugiaxd007

      If this doesn’t give you a reason to watch 205 live I don’t know what else well


      Remind me of Charlie Haas 2006 I believe.

    18. Victornal

      My neck 2:11

    19. Rayj Mathurin660

      You have to love jack

    20. RiChard Hannon

      Gable looks like alex wassabi


      Chad Gable = Kurt Angle

    22. 零友

      Omg I didn't see the title and I just click in the video . I don't even know that is gable .I thought he is ec3's son

    23. Shura Valentine

      amazinnnnggggggg match!! meanwhile in raw.... seth vs brock AGAIN!

      1. Grant420

        Lol I was looking forward to this match before it started more than Seth vs Brock

    24. Ottomatic FS

      Gable is amazing!! He deserves a massive push!!

    25. Santiago Navarro

      They need to stop stop calling Gable a Smackdown superstar and just make him 205 live fulltime.

    26. Mari Loading

      Who's the heel in this match?

      1. steve2275

        the people chanting boring

    27. Mr D

      People sleep on 205. Some of the best wrestling in the company

    28. Salatris

      If I’m being perfectly honest 205 Live should have their own Pay-Per-View or even their own show on the air, as well as NXT, WWE would honesty look good if they had those shows on the air

      1. Grant420

        NXT might get a show soon

    29. Jhon Escobar

      Gable looks like mini ec3

    30. Thomas Tyler

      Cheer jack gallger.

    31. Xavier Fenix

      I absolutely love 205 Live! Major props to all the wrestlers on this brand, they bring it every week. I'd love to see DB make appearances here and there on 205.

      1. steve2275

        sami zayn could drop about 10 pounds too

    32. Alexander Hodge

      This match look better than the main card

    33. Asia Sanders

      This is why I wish triple h was taking over wwe.

    34. Noah

      What a technical masterpiece. Incredible match. Give these guys a WWE network special.

    35. Joshua Walton

      Who saw chad gable and thought " Who the hell is that".

    36. The Nascar Draft

      3:27 look at the ref

    37. Perry Walker

      Gable is awesome

    38. Abhik Manna

      Gable is also in smackdown... So why he have not seen shelton vs gable?

    39. Quinn Mark301

      All the crusierweight division needs is tag titles and they will be set. This match was incredible 🔥🔥

    40. cyril damian

      Let them fight again at TakeOver Toronto!!!

    41. Hawk-eye Mihawk

      Put the damn belt on gable Jesus Christ

    42. TD

      The entire 205 Live roster is underrated and underutilized. That was a good match.

    43. Spartan Fitness and Knowledge

      Very good 👌👍

    44. pogijuice9061

      I'm liking Gentlemen Jack Gallagher. I like his character and theme song. Hope to see his storyline build up in the future.

    45. whatthefoxhappening

      2nd great 205 main match in a row after last weeks Daivari vs Lorcan classic. This match was better than anything on either RAW or Smackdown this week. I love 205 live

    46. BlacK Bull

      Gable kinda look like Charlie Haas with that haircut..

    47. Light of Despair

      awesome match

    48. Cristan Medina

      A really epic match. Gallagher is the best. I hope he gets a lot of awesome rivalries

    49. Kheira Hachemi


      1. Ricnes Alliance

        I understand he deserves better but he's versing one of the best cruiserweights in the world so at least he's shining on TV then be in the back doing Nothing

    50. Shane McKenna

      Seemed better than the last time but the delayed suplex was longer the first time they fought.

    51. CDOH .11

      Chad gable looks like if ted debiase jr n ec3 had a baby

    52. Shalin MGTOW

      Better than Raw/Smackdown for sure

    53. John Prout


      1. Grant420

        It looks real..

    54. Plush Hunter

      Great match. Both are really talented.

    55. McGARVEY

      Watched Gallagher wrestle on the uk independent scene,mainly at a company called Futureshock.Always puts on a good match 👌

    56. Leonel Cardenas

      Amazing match!!! Props to both men.

    57. DoctorLazers

      Gable is such an obvious star. How has WWE squandered him thus far?

    58. Dark repulser1024

      This match was so good that even the commentators stood up and applaud them after the match!

    59. Big Marc

      Gable looks like a damn star

    60. Fuke Letcher

      I’m interested in 205 live now

      1. Fuke Letcher

        @Ricnes Alliance I did last year They're insane Shame these guys are so underutilised

      2. Ricnes Alliance

        Watch matches of Buddy Murphy Cedric and Ali in 205 live.

    61. Glacier Ange1

      Great Match! Keep it Up.

    62. faze god

      This match was better anything AEW ever had shows you how overated AEW Is

    63. Raghav Singh


    64. Geno Inghilleri

      Chad Gable is the most underutilized wrestler in WWE.

      1. Grant420

        Roderick Strong is #2

    65. erictoniaschwab1009

      I wish 205 Live would get a better presentation. Having it after Smackdown isn’t doing it any favors. Maybe they can put it on before Smackdown starts? Would be a hotter crowd. Having it at Full Sail would also be good.

    66. XStriker 101

      That one guy that called the match boring in the beginning, wonder how he feels now.

    67. Ziinash. 3/// Ziinash. Firms

      kkkkk 2005

    68. TraemayneBrown2012

      The Fact Gable Is A Legit Greco Roman Wrestler And Jack Has A MMA Background Makes This Even More Interesting

    69. gamer girl1

      This was an awesome match match top 100 best wwe matches

    70. Tonii Flores

      Chad Finally Getting A Chance To Show How Good He Is...He Deserves To Be On 205 Live..Loved This Match...Props To Jack As Well Whos Always Been Underrated