George Floyd protests: Protesters march through Washington, D.C. after Trump issues curfew warning

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    WARNING: Event was a live feed from inside the protest march, and may contain images and language which are not suitable for all viewers. Discretion is advised.
    Protesters took to the streets on Monday in Washington, D.C. just hours after U.S. President Donald Trump addressed the nation on the ongoing protests rocking many U.S. states.
    In his televised remarks, Trump said a 7 p.m. curfew would be “strictly enforced” within Washington D.C. as well, promising lengthy jail sentences and severe criminal penalties for anyone caught breaking the law.
    According to The Associated Press, between 600 and 800 National Guard members from five states were now being sent to assist the U.S. capital, citing senior defence officials.
    Earlier on Monday, Trump had mocked the nation’s governors as “weak,” demanding that they enforce tougher crackdowns and more arrests in their states amid another night of violent protest in several American cities.
    The protests, which were sparked by the death of George Floyd - a Black man who died of suffocation after a video showed a white Minneapolis police officer with a knee on Floyd’s neck - have now entered their second week.
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    1. Ronald Cottrell

      If you want a race war bring it, the silent majority will be waiting, I don't think you understand what you're asking for.

    2. Ronald Cottrell

      Liberals and Democrats absolutely love race wars, they create it they stir it up, they use it in every instance they can if they think it'll gain them votes, otherwise you're exactly what they think you are, a number , How ignorant these millennials are easily manipulated by propaganda and the give me free crowd, pay my debts for me even though I put my name on the dotted line deadbeats.

    3. Casey Smith

      Anybody see that kid get shot in front of the Teamster building?

    4. neejoy sola

      Finally lots of people left their parents' homes and started doing some exercise.

    5. Kathy Hudgins

      There was a curfew and the protesters were told to turn back 3 times. The only ones here that were breaking the law WAS the protesters. I have one question, why do they need to protest after dark...after curfew? I am on their side but when they can't obey the law, I can not go along with that

    6. Kxtty_

      If you have a thunder storm, watch out. It might be Godzilla

      1. Kxtty_

        @neejoy sola I dont understand

      2. neejoy sola

        Up", so I'm only left with "Thumbs Down". Don't do this.

    7. abbsnn cose

      2021: We are separating races going forward. Every race will have a chance to prove who can prevail the most with less trouble.

    8. mikea hiooi

      Finally lots of people left their parents' homes and started doing some exercise.

    9. Docena Benjamin

      I Goat 2 ......... very interesting, lots of information for this time in our history !

      1. abbsnn cose

        They spread virus?

    10. Uncle60

      This isn't about George anymore. Wakeup

    11. Bryan Fisher

      Rioters I mean Protesters are Filthy Animals.

      1. mikea hiooi

        Donald Trump leader of the 4th Reich is what he truly is.

    12. terry phidaheights


    13. ::::Le Fe::::


    14. FGsltw2009

      Tonight, 1 million will try to make it to Trump. Rubber bullets will not work.

    15. Dream Theory

      Most of these protesters are paid. The media uses it as optics to make people think the turnout is this big. You're looking at employees of BLM and antifa

    16. Kobus Mulder

      Thought better of The States. Do not blame Trump.

    17. Kobus Mulder

      Brain power of the US of A are declining.

    18. Slusheeplaygh12

      This looks like America is a country in the Middle East

    19. Helen Tran

      Why nobody get out to protest when almost 400 thousands people in the world die because of the Wuhan virus, why no nobody say anything to China?

    20. ThatSomali Guy

      How state holds Soo much fear that a man stood there as another man was being snuff right in front of him. The state hates you and controls you with an unimaginable fear

    21. Anonymous Post

      This is not about Trump, this is about lawlessness and rebellion. Bible: In the last days, people will be truce breakers, without self control, lovers of self, incontinent, etc. look it up. Black parents need to teach that although there are a few bad cops, it does not mean you should break the laws. Bible: Obey the laws of the land. God put government in place for a reason. Blacks and whites get killed everyday and their lives are just as important as Floyds. Bible: The thief (satan) comes to steal kill, and destroy. If you do these things, the Bible says,:you are of your father, the devil.! The left, liberal, globalists who hate our President and want to force us all under submission and communism are using this to do their plans. We will be the ones who will pay the price, not them.

    22. mikecorbeil

      @Global News : Video is far too little for audio. It very nearly is a silent film. I can't hear a word that the demonstrators say, and the audio is just fine with many other videos at DE-news. Let users do our own audio control. We're already losing plenty of what should be our rights, so let us control the volume, ourselves. Can't give this video a "Thumbs Up", so I'm only left with "Thumbs Down". Don't do this.

    23. hodedo420

      Anyone going to comment about the missing protester in dc?

    24. Alan Moon

      They spread virus?

    25. Maxwell R.

      Donald Trump leader of the 4th Reich is what he truly is.

    26. Miinntty

      These riots have killed more people then that one man did. Now I’m not saying all protests caused harm but a lot of them have. Idk if people realize that people from small stores have been killed and their buildings have been destroyed. In a way they’re hypocrites.

    27. DAVID Sim


      1. جيفون ادامز 1

        No, not at all.

    28. Daniel Christy

      Corona... do your bidding.

    29. Mike Fazzini

      These democratic looters and rioters are destroying the country with the false narrative I say trump 2020

      1. Hana Diallo

        @Mike Fazzini no really... It was all over social media.

      2. Mike Fazzini

        Hana Diallo Hahahahahahahahahahahahah Stop you’re killing me

      3. Hana Diallo

        Umm Trump told police officers to set places on fire just to make us look bad...

    30. Mariusz Bielecki

      Racist headlines, BLM Racist organization

    31. Delawanna


    32. Jeff Kokosinski

      Open up on em

    33. Tim Wooten

      Gets your mask guys!! Everyone is going for a walk! Woo hoo!! FREEDOM!

    34. widestrida gmail

      This is not over just because there were some convictions does not mean we have made the change necessary. We should not stop till they rewrite the rules of conduct and implement harsh rules for police that are breaking them. Police should be here to protect the people! should be to serve and protect! not to serve tickets and protect themselves! We need to stand up for what's right! stand up to the bogus laws that continue to hold us down and steal our money while the crooks and governments sit back in their fancy mansions making rules to screw over the average Joe, while they just sit on taxpayers money. THIS IS NOT GOOD ENUF! Don't forget the police will not go to general population, they will not see a regular prison they will be in a prison for pigs only! so even with the convictions they're still getting a slap-on-the-wrist compared to The regular guy... We need real change that affect the whole system's regulations and policies after this not just four cops going to a jail that protects cops.....

      1. sam rezvani

        widestrida gmail no he will go to normal prison and most cops hate em cuz who knows how many cops this guy put in danger. What if this killing was the one which causes a guy to kill a bunch of cops like that in the Texas. Most cops wanna kill this guy, and again there is no such thing as a cop prison, he’ll go to a normal prison like everyone else.

      2. widestrida gmail

        @sam rezvani because he will not see general population he will not see a real prison he will be in protective custody where they are given special treatment if you read my post properly it would explain that for you

      3. sam rezvani

        The guys getting a 2nd degree murder charge how is that a “slap on the wrist”.

    35. Brady Carrigan

      Legalize black existence? Oh it exists all right and everyone is fine with that. In fact I love how you argue over racism yet it’s racist to assume that Floyd was killed because he was black cause guess what no proof shows that was why he was killed. Oh and if black lives matter really cared about black lives what about the ones in Chicago or maybe David Dorn? Oh wait I know why. Because it’s not black lives matter it’s certain black lives matter.

    36. C Su

      The funny.....whites holding black lives matter signs. While their dads, uncles & brothers are cops. 🥱🤧😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷

      1. جيفون ادامز 1

        @C Su I don't understand

      2. C Su

        @SsSs RoBbSs black brother is a cop. It's funny you thought otherwise.......🖕🖕🖕🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      3. SsSs RoBbSs

        Its funny that you think black people arent cops... 🤷‍♂️😎😜🗽🇺🇸☃️🥔🤪

    37. Epic Clips

      Anyone notice whenever black lives matter first, is only after POC get shot first?

      1. SsSs RoBbSs


    38. Lydia Swanepoel

      You need to remember... Cops are American too... Do not generalise the police force as racist... Racist cops are bad apples coming from a corrupt society...

      1. sam rezvani

        This wasn’t a racial incident even, it was just bad training

    39. X_fluffy Clouds

      They are blocking a road Because ?? They want to be hit by cars?

    40. Mike B

      The media is loving this! Use the riots to spread more coronavirus fears to keep people locked down more… It’s a dream come true for the main stream media

      1. جيفون ادامز 1

        @Jacob Jezebel it's the politions who want us locked down, so they can control us by fear.

      2. Jacob Jezebel

        Are you kidding? The media loves this because chaos causes good ratings, they've practically forgotten about coronavirus.

    41. 02091992able

      Now that I think about it. The government issued a curfew because of the previous riots a few days before they warned them that the curfew was happening they refused to take it seriously and they get hit for it. Treating all cops as if they where the ones that committed the crime solves nothing. The mass media calling the riots violent protesting also does not make things any better. This makes other state officials and law enforcement look at any protest as the same. Even the ones that are indeed peaceful. People whine about DC not being a state never really look up the history of DC to see that it was never meant to be a massive city it was meant to be the seat of government and nothing more than that pretty much those that lived in DC worked in government in some way shape or form. I say don't like it move outside of DC and go in for work if you work in DC. move to Virginia or Maryland.

    42. Brutal Beats

      Is this real?

    43. Mugrig Tsetan

      Maybe China style might work. 🤔

    44. Mugrig Tsetan

      They need more money from the government.

    45. Damned Soul


      1. Damned Soul

        sam rezvani curruption in gen. curruption caused this. criminal cops so to speak

      2. sam rezvani

        How was this corruption

    46. Eric Chapman

      Right peacefully protests: "they're irresponsible and risking innocent lives" Left riots and mobs people resulting in millions in damage and multiple lives already lost: "they're so brave for protesting! Its for a good cause! The Coronavirus doesn't affect us apparently!"

    47. a u t h e n t i c m e m e

      2020 is having so many problems. A problem every single month so far.

    48. 炎Kuraiji

      We Are A Legion..

      1. SsSs RoBbSs

        You are not a "we".

    49. XXJ DAWG

      I love yhe news

    50. XXJ DAWG


    51. Asia Roper

      Better audio plzzzzzzzzz!!!

    52. Crazedmadman 05

      I find it funny how half the looters and violent protesters probably don’t even care about the death of George Floyd they are just doing it to Loot places

    53. OldSoulMillennial

      Dump gallons of fart spray that’ll clear them out

      1. Mr Blue


    54. Armine Aksay

      This is not about George Floyd. For power of the world. Between Great Britain & U.S.. Global banks and Nationalists. RIP GEORGE FLOYD

    55. Nick Haddad

      How do these cops do it. I mean imagine you give your life to serve and protect and these protesters ultimately disrespect you and say "dont shoot." If any cop happens to read this comment. I want to say thank you for your service. You guys are incredibly underpaid. To police officers: It helps if you just think of these protesters like little children not wanting to eat vegetables. Because to them 1 bad cop=all police are bad (weird logic). But this will get old in a week, let them use their social media to pretend to care about things. They are sheep and just follow what everyone else does. Just know the majority of americans love you guys. Thanks. To protesters: because of you guys the police force is stretched thin and lots of stores are getting looted. Also thanks for spreading covid 19 even more geniuses. Now that you guys pretended to care about some black guy who died pretending that every cop is bad, can you stop the protests. You guys are literally accomplishing nothing. Yeah, it's sad that he died. Injustices happen. But we live in the 3rd largest country in the world (340 million people live here.) Injustices happen, I'm surprised they dont happen more often considering such a high population. Looks like all of you took your phone out to document how much you "care" so go post it on twitter, facebook, instagram, snapchat or whichever social media platform you choose, and just have enough common sense to know when to stop. Self-centered, narcissistic sheep. Smh

      1. Bryon Stephens

        Well said......well said.

    56. Charli D'Amelio and Her fans are retards

      I should stop viewing trending forever, gives me to much cancer

      1. Glum Plum

        Hi There why comment

    57. Charli D'Amelio and Her fans are retards

      “Legalize black existence” LMAO WHAT YEAR ARE BLACK PEOPLE LIVING IN, do they think it’s the 40s or something?

    58. Dipolog tom

      What happen to Floyd was wrong....if your not FU person U should not have any issues with the law..

    59. Ivalina Passe

      How can you Defend a Police Department Knowing what you know already!!!!!! The Past Present and this will not continue towards the Future!!!!!We Demand Change within the GOVERNMENT!!!!Horrible Actions against Human Beings!!!

      1. sam rezvani

        The only way to stop this from happening is to increase funding, defunded police are untrained police and that is a worse thing for everyone.

    60. Marquis Clayton

      Waw13lj nu 8

    61. Ivalina Passe

      They Should Reinforce Training within the Police Departments across the World. Look at Who they Hire and Do more of Extensive Background Checks. Evaluate all Police Officers by Checking their Records of Complaints and Progress Reports on what happen to those Complaints and To Police the Police Department!!!!!Their Actions are So Disturbing that this cannot continue to been seen throughout the World. Dignity and Respect are for every Human being and the Human Rights that should never be Violated. Why Does it have to take so many Deaths to happen to make a Change Knowing the Killings of Black Americans has been going on for so Long. This is the Government's Fault to Allow such Heartbreak to be seen. Its Starts with Changing the Laws that have not been Utilized or Even Dealt with when all of these Abuses have Taken Place. It's not About the National Guard its About Stopping the Violence From the Police Departments around the World. Reinforce Evaluations on These Police Departments and Remove the Violent and Abusive Police Officers that want to take Matters in their own hands for No Reason whatsoever!!!!!! Thats the Ultimate Problem!!!!! WE CAN COME TOGETHER ALL DAY BUT IF THEIR IS NO CHANGE WITHIN THE GOVERNMENT THIS WILL CONTINUE TO HAPPEN TO PEOPLE OF COLOR!!!!!!WHERE NOT A THREAT THEY ARE. LOOK HOW LONG IT TOOK FOR OFFICERS IN STATEN ISLAND TO BE DEALT WITH. THIS IS NOT HUMAN. THIS OUTRIGHT HATRED AGAINST BLACK AMERICANS. IT DOES NOT TAKE 4 OR 5 POLICE OFFICERS TO DETAIN SOMEONE. OR USE EXCESSIVE FORCE.JUST TELL THEM WHAT THE PROBABLE CAUSE OF THE ARREST AND ASK THAT PERSON TO TURN AROUND AND CUFF THEM. NO THEY HAVE TO BECOME AGGRESSIVE AND ABUSIVE TO NOT EVEN THINK OF THEIR OWN DAMAGE THEY CAUSE TO THEMSELVES. CHANGE STARTS WITH EVALUATING EACH AND EVERY OFFICER IN THE WORLD AND FIRE THEM WITH CONTINED AGGRESSIVE FOR FORCE AND REMOVE THEM. THIS ALL COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED IF THEY KNEW HOW TO DEAL WITH PEOPLE. TRAINING IS SO IMPORTANT GO INSIDE AND LOOKS AT THE ABUSEIVE TACTICS AND INVESTIGATE THE COMPLAINTS THEN YOU WOULD WEED OUT THOSE ABUSIVE POLICE OFFICERS!!!!!!FAILURE TO DO SO WILL CAUSE EVENTS LIKE THIS. GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY GEORGE FLOYED SO SORRY FOR THIS TYPE OF HATRED AGAINST OUR PEOPLE!!!!!!

      1. epsilon over 2

        Nice comment, but could you please stop using CAPS, literally unreadable.

    62. C S

      People protesting, rioting say are their looking for respect, trying to save lives. Well people, that isn't ever going to happen unless the one's without a voice are protected first! I'm talking about the unborn children, yes children. Contrary to popular belief they are children. Each day across the United States its more than 3500 a day murdered, yes murdered, I know many of you don't believe abortion is wrong, that it's not taking the life of a human being. Abortion is just a fancy word for murder. To all you people out there marching, protesting if you really want to make a change, then start protesting these Abortion Clinics. To those of you that like to vandalize and destroy properties then take that talent and unleash on all these Clinics of Murder across the United States When we as a nation can't respect and protect the unborn children don't ever think anyone else is going to get respect. I'm absolutely sick of seeing these protest, do something useful and protest all these murders of innocent children that's happening each and every day! When we as a nation start protecting these individuals then we can move forward to other problems that plague our country. When we as a country start showing respect for the most inacent of all then and only then can we aspect the same for everyone else.

    63. Steve J

      Why is it about race instead of the wrong doings of the police. There is just as many other races done the same way but no one ever hears about them.

    64. Dan Anonymous

      Lmfao "legalize black existance" Im sorry but when was it illegal to be black.. must have missed that law

      1. SsSs RoBbSs

        @Glum Plum The point that these idiots are racist?

      2. Glum Plum

        Dan Anonymous must have missed the point

    65. Alex Ciccone

      "George would be devastated on how the world is handling this" Everyone else: YEETTTTT

    66. social media

      *R.I.P floyd my respects.. But 80% of these men protesters supposedly grieving for a stranger when they dont even pay their child support or even care about their own kids. That why you always see single black women with kids.*

    67. R. W.


    68. Silver Back Stacker

      Those people are peacefully protesting. Why is the helicopter harassing them?

    69. Gordon Cochrane

      GIVE TRUMP A CURFEW. ALLOW OUT AT 08:00AM AND BACK IN BY 09:00AM. NO TWEETS KEEP HIS GOB SHUT, and get the 'F' out of politics. Go back to bankrupting YOUR OWN COMPANIES NOT AMERICA.

      1. sam rezvani

        Gordon Cochrane the Dow is up, unemployment is down, crime is down all since “orange man bad” got elected, what’s not to love? (Only thing I don’t love was the illegal assassination of general Soulamani) instead of that its great for America.

      2. SsSs RoBbSs

        You first, dumb dumb.

    70. Sadaf TAHMASB

      I hope all the world be a happy place for all of us...💜