Getafe 1 - 0 Barcelona - HIGHLIGHTS & GOALS - (10/17/2020)



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    Getafe se impuso por la mínima al Barcelona que se vio limitado y volvió a dejar puntos en La Liga.
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    1. DriftzHD

      How is that even a penalty... he stopped completely and didnt stick his foot out at all... usually I understand barca makes stupid fouls but that was just a flop...

    2. Michael Gold

      I am here to read Griezmann comments and yes I do not see a talent in him, Martin would probably scored

    3. Xwole O

      They may have won but Getafe is full of divers. Barcelona I admit did bad but Getafe was just harsh. Nyom is that one kid where they invited him to play futbol when he thought they said football.

    4. George Benson

      Dembele is right footed,he plays better on right wing!that was the same wing he used to play in dortmund.he needs to play there and be comfortable before moving him to the left.

    5. Just Made

      Rest Ansu fati(their best player this season) then lose😭😭🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    6. Yousuf

      when they gave Suarez away for free and kept griezman lol. Now Suarez scoring bangers while griezman misses an open goal.

    7. HandyMan

      It looks that Suarez will be better off in Atletico Madrid. I think that Real will win the El Clasico regardless of where they play. This Barca team is the weakest I have seen in good 15 years. I doubt that they will win La Liga (I think they will be in third place after Real and Atletico). I really liked Barca but sadly they just went downhill in the last 4 years.

    8. Brandon Murillo

      To the people who say Barca played bad, then they don’t clearly know about football, not saying they played remotely good or decent, but they didn’t play as bad as people intend to say. Saying this, congrats to Getafe for playing a game that gave disgust, constant fouls and wasting time is the definition of anti football. Nyom my god he should’ve been sent off, if lenglet got the second yellow for doing what Nyom did the whole 90 minutes, and till the 70th plus minute get the FIRST yellow, my lord have these refs tried to influence. This game was to lose or tie at the most bc of the rival and the way they played. Barca couldn’t play their game and style bc of the constant stoppage and wasting of time and the fouling of Getafe. And the media what the **** is wrong with them criticizing dembele so harsh and griezmann barely get talked about? Yeah at the beginning dembele was losing many balls, but towards the end of the first and start of the 2nd, he started to get rhythm. And yeah maybe not all came out but the intention is that he TRIED, griezmann didn’t even try, and that’s what is so frustrating to see, constant back pass and no chances create is a total waste of a player and is wasting a position on the field. Messi needs to reconnect with the goal and then we’ll see his finishing confidence come back and then that’s a major boost to the team, and what other way than against Madrid? :) it’s about looking at the positives when things go bad, bc if we just see the negative, then how is that any help towards the team? And to see the bad when we win, is when we can easily auto criticize and fix those problems, this barca isn’t as good or as bad as we believe, but we can always keep improving and with a new and promising board, it can be done. Visca Barca

    9. Gucci Steve

      Hold up, did y’all not notice how fast the ref was goin on 3:45 . Bro was zooming yo 😂

    10. Tymko C

      Blame the ugly kits, pink? come on! That foul on Messi was nasty, easy card.

    11. Ticotech Houston

      LOL. Koeman como el profe en la secundaria: Ese grupito de Messi, Suarez, y Vidal se me separa!". jajajajajajaja

    12. subscribe to me for no reason

      It’s like the players aren’t motivated anymore, it’s no longer more than a club, it’s a mess

    13. Mathaalbhai

      Griezmann is wasted money for Barca. Barca should replace him with either Rashford or Daviala or Halland!

    14. mRwoRds2148

      Definitely not ready for El Clasico. 😓

    15. InstiGator

      Wheres coutinho?

    16. DJ A.

      You can't say anything about Barca's goalies though. Valdes, Ter Stegen, Cillessen, and Neto. We've been blessed this decade!

    17. rxckless.5

      who is ready for el classico

    18. C Sol Fis

      Apoco perdió el Barça? O woow Griezmann out Raúl Jiménez in! Thank u

    19. TheElAlejandro

      Can we just get rid of griezman, damn

    20. Krys B

      Barca didn’t deserve to win and the ref doesn’t deserve to have any job around laliga

    21. MD_ATK

      Just get rid of barca start a new club sell all players over 28 years of age and fire bart

    22. Worthier Dock

      Yo how many times did that one player that got the penalty, dive in the whole game, everytime he had the ball he dived , referee is blind asf

    23. Alberto Riiz

      I said before Luis suarez is better player than all player barsa has now,suarez 3 gouls,in 3 games,and more he will score

    24. Rastko

      Grizman remained me on Shevchenko when he arrived in Chelsea. He can play in defensive stile of soccer, with no pressure on him... Barsa is elite organization but Grizman is not elite type of player, he’s just average striker... for 100 million Barsa could bought at least 6-7 strikers like him easy...

    25. pinot2378

      Everyone talks the obvious!! Don’t we all realize Cucurella is a Barca product! That should be the highlight of comment. The guy splays better than Roberto and alba

    26. Doug 7RM

      Didn’t Barcelona promise a revolution? I see the same faces that got r8ped

    27. Shai ho

      messi is best

    28. Gerson Lemus

      Griezman so trash

    29. phong phan

      Griezmann thought hes out hunting waterfowls

    30. Ashley Carolina

      97 minutes. Mediocres ""

    31. Ashley Carolina

      Mediocres farselononistas 8.a.2 superen. Esa goleada ""

    32. JosLu 966

      Damn bro we need to get rid of griezman

    33. Big Young Sandwich

      Dont let griezzman's underwhelming performance distract you from the fact that 80% of dembele's touches were shit. He's gotten right back to his pre-injury form 💪💪

      1. Maria Cortes

        @Big Young Sandwich he played great today remember when he was getting his rythm and in form he was stopped by injuries and again had to gain his momentum back

      2. Big Young Sandwich

        @Maria Cortes so he should've came off the bench. But pre injury he was also losing possession more often than not

      3. Maria Cortes

        From being back from his recent injury

      4. Maria Cortes

        Its his first official game cut him some slack

    34. Weldon Sirloin

      Of course it's not Messi's fault, it's never Messi's fault. Keep strong Messilona and Messilona fans :^)

    35. mario acosta

      Y regalamos a Luis Suárez por favor

    36. Dr. Strange

      Koeman gonna loss job.

    37. Jose Cavero

      Eso pasa por jugar con rosado , Este Futbol es para hombres, porque carijo quieren fem.enizar el futbol

    38. Bob Boberson


    39. tdatv

      Luis is gone and messi is going down hill. Messi showing signs of slowing down. Bara was destroyed.

    40. SPoDeR- Mon

      Barca AND Real Madrid lost in la liga????

    41. GoldenClovds

      We need ter stegan back. Busquets needs to rest the bench & so does pique.. de jong had a long Weeknd with international games & Griezman is just a lost soul. Why not start coutihno?? last 20 min was best part of game. & ousmane played amazing but he needs to learn to finish

    42. GoldenClovds

      Djene is such a dirty player. Look how he tries to dominate ansu fati just because he’s younger & toughness isn’t so strong.. ansu was just trying to play soccer and this guy comes in like a roller derby

    43. Tokyo Japan

      #7 needs to go if he is going to miss sitters like man Ray Hudson said it himself he should be concerned about being in the starting 11

    44. EL JR17

      griezmann needs to sharpen up

    45. Jonas Jeremias Flores

      What can we expect for "El clásico"?

    46. Jonas Jeremias Flores

      If only Griezman would've scored that one!

    47. Samuel Z Valerio


    48. Skyler’s Petty

      Why are Barca fans such cry baby’s??

    49. Rodrigo Nieto

      Barcelona should sell Griezmann and buy Memphis Depay

    50. FysiKs

      Suarez would of finished all those missed chances. Now they took the L

    51. Cris R

      Dembele is improving that’s a good thing

    52. Bombona 1 Bombona 1

      Messi a la MLS

    53. Trey Maxi Official

      I always knew Griezman was a waisted money even waisted time to mention his name in Barca

    54. Q TheMessiah

      Some players are born to be Stars for certain teams. Griezmann was born to be a Star but not in Barcelona.

    55. Hector Fernandez

      Si compitieran en la liga premier él barca y madrid serían un equipo más, 🤷‍♂️ xq en la española solo existen madrid y barca los demás son solo adorno..

    56. Vyagruh__

      maybe griezmanns perfect position is defending hahaha

    57. Geovany Hernandez

      Come on barca we have to win the league

    58. Rico Lopez

      Madrid loose so Pérez make quick call to referee 😉... what kind of penalty was that?

    59. yung mouss

      let me see or hear someone trying to defend griezmann,that guy is horrible and i’m sure braithwait will have more impact than him.Roberto is such a joke

    60. Aziz B

      Griezmann is the second most overrated player in history of football, just behind mbashit

    61. Rolo Hernandez

      Mean while in atlético de Madrid Suarez keeps scoring and winning games 🤔😂

    62. KSJ0723

      Both Madrid and Barcelona were atrocious

    63. Richard Calisi

      GET RID OF THAT USELESS ONE LEGGED DONKEY KOEMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and That CORRUPT GOOF PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    64. ChristianPulisicSZN

      Pink kits are literally bad luck real madrid got knocked out the champions league with a pink kit now the loose with a pink kit and now barcelona loose

    65. Sierre Celestin

      Poor performance from Barcelona.

    66. jaymc05

      Messi n Fati both need to start

    67. Abdisamad Ahmed

      Unlucky pink day

    68. Cristian Jimenez

      Dest is booty

    69. god_0 .f_rail

      I Said this the moment greizman join barca hes shitt and he need to go back to athletico end of my case

    70. TheyWeezyGoat

      Shout out to cucho for being trash and not making it 2-0