GIANT Board Game Challenge! Winner Gets $10,000 (CANDYLAND in Real Life) 🎲 Game Master

Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo

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    Rebecca Zamolo vs Game Master Network Spy first to finish giant board game of Candyland wins $10000 challenge.
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    After Rebecca Zamolo played 3 Marker Challenge in Pool! (Missing Game Master Hacker Found in Backyard), Matt and Rebecca created Letting The Person in FRONT of Me DECIDE What I Eat for 24 HOURS! (Unmask the Game Master Spy), the real game master uploaded The First Game Master Network Meeting in Real Life!, Pawzam Dogs posted REAL FOOD VS. DOG FOOD CHALLENGE!, they knew they had to trick Q into playing the gamemaster game. Rebecca found a hidden note with GPS coordinates for a secret meeting. When they arrived Daniel was hacking into the lock without a key. They discovered the game in the backyard where whoever wins gets $10,000. After Q arrives wearing a pumpkin patch disguise, Daniel hides a tracking device on the toy candy. Can they lose to win back the trust of the GM before taking a lie detector? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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    1. Matt and Rebecca

      The Zamfam crashed the site. Will have it back up shortly. is strong!!!

      1. Serkan Serindag

        Matt and Rebecca love your channel

      2. Saki Toeum

        hmmmm wow your just pertaining?

      3. Saki Toeum

        Wow just saying but your du**

      4. Vanessa Agosto

        I love Rebecca Similo she is very nice and I love her so much emoji happy emoji love emoji man I hope you don’t work with the red hair and make sure he say Knigge give me a picture of the red hood and send it in by the way my name is Marilyn Gunsallus Maryland Maryland

      5. Brooklyn Nicholson


    2. shemarie bawalan

      Its Q

    3. Brittney Dejong

      I want to be a game master ninja

    4. Kelly Rongonui

      Q IS

    5. Bo1111111


    6. Ashley Hunt

      My profile picture it says that the picture is to big

    7. Lols are great

      Its 10000000%q

    8. Dristy Joydhar

      It's not GM it's Q

    9. Heman Shahi

      Q did the barrel roll

    10. Gabriella Ambriz

      Q did a barrel roll

    11. Kaitlyn Tang

      I think rebecca is going to win

    12. Jessica Lundy

      I did

    13. dlut lkog


    14. Kiara Ward

      you voice is so wired in the intro it is like someone hacked you video

    15. jhen Ph


    16. jhen Ph

      it was q

    17. Jodie Derriman

      it. is. q

    18. Anne Bui


    19. Christina Flores

      Red hood

    20. Mike Rogers

      Rebecca your voice sounded wired in the intro like so Rebecca can see

    21. Evie,ruby, Olivia an Conrad

      It’s Q

    22. SuperMandaleigh


    23. Kyleigh Reynolds

      Matt should wear it

    24. Rawa Moulriche

      Ur voice was echoing in the intro

    25. nakita fowler


    26. Roseelicia


    27. Lauren Delaney

      I don’t trust Daniel

    28. Monique Van Aswegen

      Q did a barrel roll

    29. Monique Van Aswegen

      Pampkin patch is actually Q

    30. Atta Issa


    31. Irdinaa Masturaa

      Mayby that is Q

    32. himmatpreet kular

      Q da

    33. Lean Rhenz Baldonasa

      I want to be a game master ninja

    34. maria costarelli

      Matt should wear this!

    35. Protegé Destiny

      Rocky is Q their the same height

    36. Sara Mayyy

      That is Q

    37. Olivia's Unicorn Squad

      he is falling for it.

    38. Olivia's Unicorn Squad

      I think that is Q and also he is,ent talking that is verey strange🤔🤔

    39. Natalie Cameron

      He is for sure

    40. Natalie Cameron

      I Love You guyyyyyyyyyyyyys

    41. Natalie Cameron


    42. Natalie Cameron

      Matt should ware it

    43. Parker Masters Ltd

      Rebecca is the red hood because when she picked the red jelly baby she was going to she Say because I'm the red hood not the red won





    46. Ming Liu

      Q did

    47. Nevaeh Gwyther


    48. Renee Kawau


    49. Mary Oneal

      Q q is not Innocent that was

    50. Jada Gunn


    51. Albeena Dsouza

      Q did it

    52. Michelle Lewis


    53. Michelle Lewis


    54. Savannah Beckham

      Q does barel rolls about 50 times

    55. Carrie Elkins

      Roy has as clone

    56. gabriella sanchez


    57. james trammell

      i new it was candyland

    58. Emilka Bryla

      I love you

    59. Zahraa Wyeth

      The red hood❤️

    60. Pip & Squeaks


    61. Ryan Begay

      That's Q he's faking to be rocky

    62. kaedyn bowes

      It has to be the red hood

    63. mike mudg

      I think q is being it love your vids♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ and qustin whuts your fav animal ?!🦄🐨🐼🐷🙊🐻🦁🐯🐱🐶🐺🦊🦡🦝🐰🐭🐹🐗🦓🐴🐮🦛🦌🐸🐀🐁🦖🐢🐍🐇🐘🦏🦇🦔🐿️🐪🦍🦒🦘🐒🦜🦅🐦🦉🦢🦚🦃🦆🦆🐬🐋🐥🐤🐓🦐🦞🦑🐙🐠🐳🐚🐌🐜🦗🦟🐝🐞🦋🐛

    64. mike mudg

      Q did a baill roll wene you and ropanseno did a chalinch with you a Q was there

    65. Kairi Vano

      It is only 6 days until my birthday