Giant ROBLOX Game in Real Life! (Game Master vs Hacker Battle Royale) | Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo

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    New BEST FRIENDS SONG Reveals SECRET Hidden Cameras in HOUSE! (24 Hour Music Video Challenge)
    Rebecca Zamolo plays the world's largest roblox game in real life against the Game Master spy hacker. Matt and Rebecca played the wow challenge to trick the gmi agents and reveal the code in the creepy doll. Today, Rebecca and Matt must play a giant roblox game in real life after they destroy the doll and find out it's a test run for the mirror initiative. Their best friend Daniel hacks in and discovers what's inside is a switch up challenge irl. The best friends explore the location and found 3 mini games inside which include the floor is lava challenge, fortnite chapter 2, and Mario brothers. Daniel gets notified a new player has joined and it's the Halloween hacker. The hacker spawns in the GMI agent avatars and quadrant for the roblox game. Matt and Rebecca try to capture the flag while Daniel hacks into their system. They play hide and seek with the gmi until Daniel learns how to prank them with a snake and bear costume. It turns into a chase when the quadrant finds Rebecca and Matt spying but Daniel saves them. He spawns the Game Master and it turns into a battle royale against the Halloween hacker. The Game Master must chose between rescuing Daniel or saving the creepy doll. Rebecca and Matt escape before it turns into a 24 hour challenge and the quadrant and reunite with the Gamemaster. The GM chose the creepy doll and Daniel is now missing. Do you think the Game Master is bad? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment comedy videos in 2019!
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    1. Rebecca Zamolo

      Hey ZamFam- Who thought our giant ROBLOX game in real life would end like this? Let me know if you're in my notification squad!

      1. Zoe Chelsea Bredenkamp


      2. Adriana Martínez López

        I am

      3. Tracey Haresceugh

        I am!!

      4. Zain Alkhan

        Rebecca Zamolo Rebecca give me a check or

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    2. Liam the savage Wheelyer

      I would like roblox because I don't like fortnight

    3. Cameron Boyle

      Fortnite is the best game

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      I have Roblox

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    8. Hayleigh Gabe

      For me it is Definitely fortnite I don't have roblox

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    10. Keyla & Gus

      What does everyone eat when they wake up in the morning I always eat quesadillas

    11. Keyla & Gus

      ITunes Roblox Roblox is better than fortnite

    12. Hayley Gray

      I prifer roblox rebecca

    13. Miguel Hernandez

      I have ROBLOX Angelique 21o now is my number of Roblox so you can add me

    14. Mia71311

      Who is the ZAMFAM

    15. Rosie Bates

      I don't know if i trust the game master because he chose the doll over Daniel

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    17. Sameer Espanioly

      Dumb roblox

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    19. Jamie K

      I play Roblox and my brother plays fortnite and he plays Roblox to and I play fortnite sometime I like Roblox better

    20. diana aguero

      I prefer Roblox

    21. Josephine Baragud

      We almost saw your underwears 😂😂😂😂😂

    22. Josephine Baragud

      I would prefer both because I play them some time 😊☺️💖

    23. Matt Magic

      The place looks familiar Is that the guava juice when he Trained parkour

    24. steven mdcfdsddcdukd67opyg67illar

      Rebecca the door was there

    25. rosa63211

      i like her

      1. rosa63211


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    28. Natalie Russell

      I perfer roblox!

    29. Toxic Peach

      I prefer roblox and play it

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    31. GoldenWolfGurl

      i dont think thats the game master the one thats in this vid is really tall. But is it is sorry.

    32. Jacinda Miller

      I play Roblox

    33. Dildora Nyc

      I play roblox my name in roblox is goldenoreo70

    34. julianna torres

      Rebecca he has a creepy doll go get it🤕💕🥳😘🥰😍🤩👋

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    36. Mehar Nurani

      I got your game mater network merch👏🏻

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    38. Marcie Story

      The thing you said about more in the vid u fortnite or roblox I pafer roblox

    39. najma shadly

      It's me anar one of your huge fans

    40. najma shadly

      Hi Rebecca it me najma when are you coming to mombasa

    41. Brianna Vickrey


    42. Morgan Family

      I do not know if where Matt said the area that he was in was Fortnite because i saw something From Mariobros.

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    45. Yusuf Hamza


      1. Yusuf Hamza

        Are you going to hold it with that idea

    46. Sarah Bond

      roblox all the way

    47. Lila Pug Gurly

      How many likes there are means how many people love Rebecca Zamolo

      1. Josephine Baragud


    48. Lila Pug Gurly

      I LOVE roblox I HATE fortnite

    49. Shahd Shihab

      Daniel hacked him and people like us little scamp age and S and we put a pair on age and S so clicking at Sketchley can get the other flag that the black flag

    50. Shahd Shihab

      Daniel hacked him and people like us little scamp age and S and we put a pair on age and S so clicking at Sketchley can get the other flag that the black

    51. Becky Ng

    52. Ninja Banana

      i wato be apart uv ta gamastr netwrc

    53. Ninja Banana

      im a mija i wish i cod help gamastr

    54. Catherine Galbraith


    55. Jori Almrdas

      I. Love. Robox

    56. Lusinda Airlie

      Roblox yasssssss

    57. Huon Sam

      Hi Rebecca I prefer Roblox because I never played fortnight

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    59. 道秀吴

      I play roblox

    60. Louise Cobbs

      Matt and Rebecca and Daniel the game master is coming to the gym hide from the game master he's about to do a battle royale Hollwen hacker do not let the game master see you

    61. Brenton Slattery

      I have all Rebecca’s merge it’s so cool 😎

      1. Nesreen Tawfik

        We need to help Rebecca

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    62. Audrina Aviles-Gomez

      Who’s watching this in quarantine

    63. Thomas William Tanusantoso

      The GM looked taller than usual

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      Yes roblox

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      I love Rebecca ❤️

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      Hi 👋

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      I Ferber roblox all the way?

    70. Beyournr1 Beyournr1

      I play fornite and roblox when I am nine years old