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    1. Lion wolf

      How tall is Joey compared to Bobby

      1. Savannah Ross Yocklin

        @Brittany Leonard omg same are you going back and watching their old videos or did you just find their channel?

      2. Orlando Nissan

        Bobby is 4”11 I’m 4”9 and I’m 10 yrs old

      3. Deadthybug

        Easy, Joey is 2 Bobby's tall

      4. Chocolate cake Fat boy

        HOw TAll jOEy CoMPaAred is to BoBBY

      5. Jake Robertson

        Dang I’m taller than bobby and I’m 13 lol

    2. Hedgehawg Ninja

      I like that they didn’t use an actual volleyball in the video Love y’all

    3. Jtawsome vlogs

      950 the score went 21 to 23

    4. robo rusher Games

      They gave team kryan two points instead of one and didn't give Bobby's 21 point

    5. robo rusher Games

      It was a tie the editors cheated

    6. Adailyn Casimates

      Kryan sounds like cryin’

    7. Purinblossom

      I used to play tennis a lot, and one year I took a class that had tennis, volleyball, and ping pong. I was so used to doing full swings in tennis, and it was hard to not do that with ping pong lol

    8. Abram Zuniga

      Y’all messed up the score bored

    9. ferret freak adventures

      The round right before the timed round you guys made the noise but the sign still said 20 instead of twenty one

    10. Beastly Rose

      I want to do this

    11. Satthira Thompson

      idk if its just me but marven and keven look the exact same lol (sorry if i spelled u guys name wrong...)

    12. Sleep Paralysis Demon

      10:12 the points didn't go up lol

    13. All Erika's Fun

      The points is suppose to be a ty

    14. Spaz_ Arts

      What boys do

    15. xxTopTigerxx

      Bryan has two brothers?! Every day's a new day...

    16. Mike Luver

      Can you guys play a real game of volleyball!! You guys would be so good!😊🏐

    17. Judah Barnes

      Look at 3:30 -340 Brian master

    18. Ga Perm

      How many times has they mistakend “I” with “Me” and vice versa

    19. Nicolas Damas

      Jesus Christ te editor marby won with 23 points, kryan had 22 u gave kryan 2 extra points and didn't give marby 1 point they earned p.s. BRUH

      1. Nicolas Damas

        9:46 kryan 2 extra 10:10 marby no point p.s. BBBRRRUUUHHH

    20. Sh3ll3y214

      Me: *looks up the word help* Also Me: That is my response to 2020

    21. Logan Russell

      Kevin just tapped the net you could see it move

    22. Tim Watkins

      7:34-7:40 is honestly so funny. I laughed my head off.

    23. Jason Donahue

      Perfect Dude!

    24. Jamie Marentette

      I was dying this is so funny

    25. Wolf_squad:3 !!!

      Bryan should have said mom text she wants u to stop calling her to cry about losing

    26. Maribel Mendoza

      I love how when they say “someone and I” the editor puts *me* even though what they said was correct.

    27. Jayden Calo

      Bryan: I was trying to hit the corner.

    28. Jayden Calo

      Kevin: What is that that is the so opposite of going over the line.

    29. Ryan Price


    30. BOR. REPXST

      why do the three look like brothers lol

    31. Jatziel Gonzalez

      Bryan: do you wanna do half’s or Person in background: ahhhhhhhhh

    32. Dyalena Morera

      I love volleyball but the ball of volleyball❤

    33. Johnson Huang

      I think this is the best video you guys ever created because I like to see the three brothers in a challenge and that also entertains me as well

    34. plazmer 3

      When tgere playing the biggest volleyball i died of laughter

    35. Matt From Wii sports

      I love how 3 of them are wearing Jeans, and Bryan in his basketball shorts

    36. Weightlifting Gang

      I haven’t laughed this hard ever😂😂😂

    37. XxStealthxX

      Next up volleyball with an atlas stone

    38. Mr. Stragler

      10:12 Did anyone else see the score went from 20 to 20

    39. Chubby Potaters

      Marvin giggling is what is cracking me up 😂😂😂

    40. shadow potato

      Scores where way off they added points when they weren't supposed to and didn't when they where

      1. shadow potato

        @Gianna Nicole o didn't hear that part sry

      2. Gianna Nicole

        shadow potato they said that they cut out some of the rounds so we just didn’t see that they got the points. I only saw two times where they messed up the points and that was at 9:40 and 9:49

    41. Mavrick Taveros

      As a volleyball player I almost died of laughter🤣

    42. KYLER FOX

      It should have been tied

    43. Ethril Sinkewiz

      You miscounted

    44. Ally Richards

      Love that they totally forgot to use a volley ball in the mix

    45. Joseph Gonzales

      This look so mush fun

    46. ShyGuy 741

      I just thought of this....if Bobby, Bryan, and Marvin, were on a team B-ar-bby Barbby

    47. MarisolTJ1

      5:23 looks like something out of Cartoon Network

    48. Samari Minor

      how did he tally marks keep going up because when it was 14 then the camera cut it was 15

    49. Eats1987

      This actually looks like a lot of fun. That water filled one was hilarious.

    50. Troy Edwards


    51. Cavrig

      I love your vids

    52. Bell lanada

      how do you become a member?

    53. LowKey Studios

      I personally think joey died that day, bec of the scream lol

    54. Genty2 Playz

      I just realized that when marby is in 20 points,when they get the point,it doesn't changes

    55. vlogsRus family

      Anybody wanna talk about how at 10:12 they go from 20 to 20🤣😂 new information they also gave kryan 2 points at 9:43

    56. caitlyn Stir

      I'm just wondering who would ever need a beach ball that size!

    57. Jisela Contreras

      Natalie suit up!!

    58. Mackattack gameing awesome

      The teams are Kevin and Bryan vs Marvin and I (Scream) ME*

    59. Kp1290

      If this video didn’t have all the clips from the water filled ball than I want someone to reach out to me and give me more clips if you can that is cause that looks so funny.

    60. LogICC

      You missed a point for Marby at 10:16 or somethng

    61. TDG Luis

      Pro volleyball player: they stink. Team edge: try me

    62. RedBird

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    63. Different Bryan

      Poor Marvin at 12:03 😂😂

    64. It’s Just Mia

      i play volleyball and this video was SO fun to watch

    65. maddie_ makeup

      Bobby called volleyball balleyball

    66. Spiders 2007

      How about team edge does brothers vs brothers vs brothers like Matt,J-Fred vs Bryan, Marvin or Kevin vs Bobby and bill

    67. Shades 1108

      Marby score and points go from 20 to 20. Kryan scores goes from 21 to 23

    68. Maxyboy

      Why does the editor keep saying “me” when I is correct 😂

    69. Paige Hostetler

      Is no one going to talk about how Kevin and Bryan’s score went from 21 to 23........no ok

      1. Ginge chicken

        Skipped rounds, they don't leave them all in

    70. Dylan Coughlin

      They are hard lifting