Gigi Hadid Bodyslams Jake Paul - H3 Podcast #178

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    1. skatermanbuns

      Ian is the best troll 😂

    2. Raiba Arif

      no need to be such a dick to ian..

    3. Ccmitch

      Ethan you need to have a flat earther on

    4. 7oLEDit

      I dont know why am still watching this,, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Annoying

    5. Yes Please

      Ethan was so annoying in this video literally bashing ian for being sarcastic and hila agreeing with everything he says and making fun of that lady's British accent was so annoying

    6. MG broccoli


    7. Nathaniel Echeverria

      ean's like enough already

    8. Mr Mojo Rising

      @1:19:17 --> when they stop talking about politics. Jesus they should've added Bernie, Biden and yang on the thumbnail

    9. Walorenzo

      I'm bout to watch it's been months since I've watched,here we go EDIT: ??????? What happened to Ethan and hila

    10. Golden

      Dan should be the producer.

    11. TsmartPDX

      how do i upvote ian but downvote the rest

    12. Shawn The swan

      I feel h3h3 is trying to protect they’re new found pocket book

    13. Quentin Beck

      17:00 Awkwardness starts

    14. Mightybison15

      This is what happens when out of touch people are given a platform. They just embarrass themselves. Frankly I'm disappointed.

    15. Ccmitch

      dude..............dan is such a libtard.... he thinks the world is going to die in 50 years? just by his looks alone, that "miserable face he always has" doesn't seem like a fun guy to be around

    16. charlie box

      Y’all don’t understand any of bernies policies, ion even on the right and I hate that socialist

    17. Norma Jeane

      My mom is a nurse and she said they can't wear crocs cuz they have holes in them. Blood and guts still get in your shoes.

    18. Conman B

      Please stop saying "I feel like" instead of saying "I think"! It's not proper English and it's annoying as hell

    19. Gretchen

      i rlly like dan but i hate when he argues he gets super like short n snippy n it’s annoying af tbh

    20. Conman B

      did ethan and hila purposely try to make the colours of teddy fresh clothes hideous?!?

    21. LanceKarp

      I really don’t understand how this has more dislikes then likes. Obviously it’s just banter. Sure it gone on a bit to long but it’s not like it’s bad

      1. JobbyBandit

        Ethan and hila being shit to their staff has been going on for months

    22. Carlos Martel

      as someone who has never really watched this it was really fuckin irritating when that weasel looking guy wasn't answering questions and doing that fake cheerful sarcastic shit, wtf was that?

    23. Kim Adams

      Ethan your not wrong about Charley browns parent Ian or whatever his name is, get him some crack btw

    24. Amber Elyse

      We hate it when you talk politics, we love Ian, we love Dan speaking his opinion and the people pick up on when something is going on with Ethan behind the scenes. There. But I still love the podcast.

    25. Dawn groundhog67

      Musk is scum have you seen his new video on putting wires in your head to connect to the internet???

    26. H4CK 41D

      zac is right about doctors and surgeons wearing crocs

    27. Erw Na

      I can't wait for the Ian/Dan/Zach Next move! a new podcast , who knows !

    28. Caitlin Williams

      Hila is a subordinate sheep, just agreeing with everything. GIRL your fashion brand and money came from other people. And you only want to be praised a lot.

    29. Nick Wagner

      Dan you fucking rock!

    30. ALPHaBET jaboink

      The best part of the entire horrible video was when Ethan ruined the tempo of the Roll Patrol bit. We couldn't even have that.

    31. James Winders

      Dans political views are SCARY!!!!!!!

    32. Ahmed Mahmoud

      Hila just agrees with everything like a sheep

    33. Ahmed Mahmoud

      So Hila was complaining about Pointless shit and Ethan was still hung on that and being a "protective husband " then this sick shit they annoyed the guy talking about him being sick lol

    34. Ash Emberson

      By the way Ian, Ethan and Hila have access to your social media accounts. You may have been suspecting this for some time. I am a white-hat hacker and I'm here to let you know, Ethan does not "have sources" he has direct access to your social media accounts. This account has been utilized for the purpose of this message and we hope you see it. Do not hold this account accountable in the exposure of this information.

    35. Conner Schoen

      Dan is a clown

    36. Brianna Rabideau

      Toe lickin' good. KFC Crocs.

    37. Palkys

      What I saw: Ethan doesn't know when to stop insisting (doesn't mean he's wrong or he should change) Ian took a risk by literally mocking his boss while everyone was against him already All the listeners are way too sensitive and definitely avoid all type of confrontation in their everyday life If Ethan changes due to pressure, H3H3 production dies.

    38. Nierce g

      Ethan can sugma

    39. Connor Benenati

      Am I the only one that actually totally agrees with the Kleins? I mean ya it's brutal to roast him on the podcast like that but he's not engaging and thus not doing his job. They don't pay for a live switcher, anyone can do that. They wanted Ian to be a personality like the other two dudes. It's frustrating when Ian doesn't speak up because we want to know his opinion!

    40. Hybrid Decadence

      4:00 "thats my happy face" haha fuck yea

    41. Angel Daniel Guerra Mejía

      50: Ethan interrupts Dan not only 1 but 4 times. It seemed like Dan was going to make a good argument but Ethan forced him to shut up. 52:48 Ouch, nobody comments 53:30 Congrats, everyone is uncomfortable. 56:30 Once again, everyone is wrong except Ethan Pleas, we beg you, avoid politics.

    42. Sabrina Fellenbaum

      I did not enjoy this episode. Ethan ranting at Dan and trying to force him to agree with him was physically painful for me.

    43. Ellie xo

      Ethan and Hila, you have repetitively been a dick to Ian. I like you guys but come on. 🙄

    44. Nik Collins

      I love sassy ian

    45. Sumerianharp

      The picture in the mirror is crazy, how did this happen? Also Hela is gorgeous

    46. Jason18EDM

      Dan is so defensive and Ethan is making really good points

    47. Grace Elizabeth

      Me when Ethan asked about Ian’s mental health as well as physical health: 😌 Me when he discouraged and avoided him the entire episode because he didn’t get the type of answer he wanted: 😔

    48. SilverDOMO

      Ian has stockholm syndrome

    49. BabiiGoat

      I couldn't keep listening to their ignorant conversation about wealth. Missing the point so hard it might as well be a black hole.

    50. Kyle Campbell

      Also, I hate how Ethan keeps trying to insert political insight... you're not informed, your opinions are baseless 9 out of 10 times. Just make me laugh and keep your ignorance private.

    51. Kyle Campbell

      Has Ethan always been this moody but I always thought it was a bit???

    52. My dick is incredibly small but,

      What’s up with all these horrible comments??

    53. Brimannn

      I’m loving the Stern Show vibe this show gives off!

    54. Aaron 85

      hating on people success

    55. Davis Geiger

      I don’t know why people are freaking out so hard about this episode, people are so sensitive.

    56. Blake Bakun


    57. Omari Williams

      TELL HIM DAN!! ESPLAIN IT TO HIM!! Also, Remember when they wouldn't let Ian talk and only used soundbytes of him? This episode was payback. I was reveling in the way Ian handled things in recent podcasts.

    58. kyrsten dunkle

      really disgusting to antagonize your employee about why he’s sick when he may be struggling with depression or another illness he isn’t comfortable talking about in front of an audience of millions :/ be considerate of others please, never expected hila to play into anything like that either.

    59. GeneralMills66

      Ian sucks

    60. muffins

      Wow, I can't believe I agree with ethan. It's like if everyone had government medicare for all, what's the incentive for private and non-private hospitals to up their prices? If everyone in 'merica had a base income, what's stopping the market and all that jazz to up their prices? Wouldn't that just require more bureaucratic red tape on private businesses making it harder. Stuff like that is why I was taught socialism can turn into communism that way. and with gun control too, I mean, I don't want to use umbrellas against government police like china :( Isn't that why the 2nd amendment exists D: idek anymore Politics is so much this or that,and nothing inbetween. it sucks :

    61. David Hudson

      I have no clue how they managed to perceive Ian badly in this one.

    62. ghouljoe x

      Idk . entertaining.

    63. Nothing Usual

      They Both sound like my parents when there mad

    64. Joseph Dove

      I just really want another comment about what an asshole Ethan is in this.... you need to see what the people watching you think about your childish attitude

    65. Sydney Frick

      geez, i’ve never been one to think ur rude or anything and was always on ur side for everything but poor ian, damn, saying he was disrespectful, you think someone like you would appreciate his humorous remarks

    66. Asterope

      Ethan and Hila remind me of onision, so stuck up, can't take a joke and take themselves so seriously, like Hila not blaming herself for losing followers and being butthurt about it. Their constant bullying of staff and guests, like the dentist guy, William Osman, and his moment with jacksfilms, Ethan and Hila, I'm not sure if you were always like this or the fame got to you, but you guys are terrible humans and I worry for your kid.

    67. Nick Frye

      First money-hungry yang now communist Bernie?! I'm done.. now I know why posty don't come around anymore. Sad.

    68. Kerry Roberts

      Tell Dan he may have Dyselxia

    69. Kerry Roberts


    70. Ally Jay

      Ethan with his forever trash takes. No way you chodes voted Bernie.