Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets | February 20, 2020

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    The Rockets defeated the Warriors, 135-105. James Harden led the Rockets with 29 points and 10 assists, while Russell Westbrook added 21 points and 10 assists in the victory. Andrew Wiggins led the Warriors with 22 points in the losing effort. The Rockets improve to 35-20 as the Warriors fall to 12-44.

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    1. destinationskyline07

      Keep waiting...

    2. 베나

      Golden State Losers

    3. Salomon Labrador

      Muy bien por Juan toscano!

    4. Omaro Idrissa


    5. michel briseño

      Hasta que por fin se le hizo Harden poder ganarles

      1. Antonio Canuck

        Al siguiente año se la van a pelar los de Houston..

    6. KaxZey IOS

      Who’s starting for gsw

      1. Ricky Burke

        Scrubby McScrubington

    7. Lin Dee

      The towel guy

    8. SilentChaos Music

      Westbrook deserves the RING

    9. Irineu Sturza

      Rip GSW

      1. Omaro Idrissa

        Missa DE 1 ano

    10. Kevin Anderson

      What about that sweeper???! Nas in the area, nice.

    11. nastynas75018

      nasty nas in the area

    12. alfafaka

      0:49 NAS looks same like before 20 years ago

      1. SilentChaos Music

        alfafaka he is out of time, ETERNAL

    13. Carissa Lund-Conlon

      So that’s what Adam demamp is doing these days

      1. Field Marshall of Swag - Conrad von Hotzendorf

        😂😂😂😂😂 I guess I am not the only one who saw that

    14. Raheem Gumbs

      Cant wait for Steph and Klay to be back on the court with Greene and Looney

    15. Norzki

      Considering most of the warriors currently playing are young n some new players it is impressive that they're scoring over 100 points, they could be ranging 80-90 points but nah. They're still learning, rebuilding n growing at the same time. I say good on ya!

      1. Ricky Burke

        Only problem is it's hard to judge their young players when they only get to play against starters for 30 minutes. By that point they're down 30 and the other team sends in the stiffs.

      2. Lord Ovy IX

        Exactly wait for Klay and Curry to be back with Greene and Looney sick team they will easily rival the rockets

    16. Nikos Pao

      Hope nobody gets injured

    17. LashGo's Hot Wheels

      What's the matter with James Harden only getting 29 he has started to drop off the last Couple games???

      1. Marko Todorović

        @White Flash I don't now about that. I don't trust Russ' decission-making in the playoffs

      2. Kevin Amarbayar

        Bro they won by 30, you want him to play 40+ minutes? Stupid ahh

      3. White Flash

        Marko Todorović this is what makes the Rockets even scarier than the CP3 era.

      4. Leo Chui

        small ball has led many open shots for teamates, usage rate lower.

      5. Marko Todorović

        He's playing within the team flow. Do to small ball, a lot of guys are getting shots, and there are more driving lanes for Russ than ever before. When he shoots a lot people say he's selfish , so we need to pick one(I'm not saying you're hating) "only 29"-there's not like 3 other guys in the league averagging that 😂

    18. This Is Boxing

      shout out to the sweeper ! on fire

    19. Renante Anglacer

      At last 😁😜😜

    20. Yui Lala

      Ninja turtle is bout that smokr

    21. 사탄의 -기립박수

      Mad Turtle!! I like his energy!!

    22. Tomiwa Adekeye

      Russell and beefs = 🖤

    23. xx_happyxx selena

      Hi peps what team are you in?

    24. Billonis OP

      Russell Westbrook on fire🔥🔥🔥

    25. FeistyWild

      Why do warriors suck this season’s??

      1. justamanwithafan

        their dream boys steph and klay are injured ik about steph but idk if klay is injured

    26. Fan2foot