Google may have cut too many corners... - Pixel 4 Review

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    With the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, Google has managed to innovate with the camera yet again, delivering an experience that's more accurate and creative than the Apple iPhone 11 Pro.
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    1. Captn RAMBO

      100 Gigabytes GOOGLE ASSISTANT crammed to 50 Megabytes ¿🤔?

    2. Captn RAMBO

      I’ll stay with my iPhone 11 Pro Max 🙃

    3. Captn RAMBO

      The Pixel 4 doesn’t make calls??

    4. Wild Chris

      what the hell you guyz have on smarphone, for me it's hard to use more than 20 gb on my smartphone how you use all of 256gb? even on my computer i got 250 gb of storage and i got like windows, witcher3 and some more games, wtf you play on phone ? XD

    5. Nathan Knoblach

      I've had that burn in problem on my pixel 2 xl with youtube music, must be software

    6. burcu urundul

      Good review Linus. Tried the new Google Pixel 4 but decided to send it back as it just didn't wow me compared to my Pixel 2 which just feels a much better phone. The Google Pixel 4 has a very cheap build quality to it. Such a shame. What are Google doing? This is not the way to go. Shame

    7. Philip

      128gb is way more than enough

    8. My Email

      I dont get alot of these review channels on the pixel 4xl. We have them for our work phones and I tell you what it's one of the best phones I've ever had everything about it works perfectly I'm a big fan. It's crisp it's fast and The camera is a lot better than the reviews say. I'm not sure where a lot of people are coming up with a lot of the negative parts of this phone they must either be iPhone lovers or dont want to admit it because it isnt all screen like other phones.

    9. Nick Lim

      lmao you think that this hardware design is better than Apple. Google is struggling hard!

    10. J Halkoski

      Not going to lie nothing about the 4 convinces me to get rid of my 3. Maybe the 5 will.

    11. Android Robot

      And trust me... the Pixel 5 lineup is going to be GREAT. It's kind of like the Sonic movie trailer, where Google fixes their mistakes in fear of the media

    12. Bryce Chapman

      Video looked grainy and the camera didn’t pick up the rain/snow very well. So Linus in my honest opinion (since you asked for it) no it’s not very good for video.

    13. whiteandnerdytuba

      Still a good camera on a shit phone

    14. Mike Nichols

      Just wanted to add something i haven't seen in a vid posting or in written reviews. They all mention the radar gesture system used in the device. What they don't mention is that it didn't come from Google but rather Motorola. The "Motion Sense" radar gesture system came about due to patented technology acquired elsewhere. Google purchased Motorola several years ago (then sold it later) and had access to all of Motorola's patents. Ironically many wrote after Google sold Motorola that there would only be minimum benefit from Motorola's patent catalog. As said one of those patents being the radar technology which goes all the way back to the Moto X 1st gen 2013. So the technology isn’t so new and innovative as Google makes it sound with the Pixel 4. They may have made improvements on the tech but they weren’t the originating source. As said they did later sell Motorola to Lenovo however the benefits seem to keep on coming from Motorola's patents. Just trivia more than anything else.

    15. Matthew Fonseca

      This review was definitely biased. Linus barely talked about the battery life which has to be the worst thing about it. Didn’t mention the lack of a fingerprint sensor. And why not include the Note 10+ in the comparisons, another flagship? I get it, he hates Apple but damn this lesbian needs to make it more subtle.

    16. Fernando S

      I take forehead over notch over "full screen" content anyday

    17. Jay Zee

      As someone sits on one in their back pocket and it bends at the antenna joins on the frame (bendy Iphone 6/6s flashback lol) - good phone but bad mechanical design of the frame this time around... Waiting for the Pixel 5...


      100gbs? That's wrong. Right?

    19. chillgreeko

      Delete your channel please!

    20. Nathan St.Marie

      Google might not be pushing phones with the most available storage since they benefit most from your use of their cloud products.

    21. grassguy!!!!

      More like didn't cut enough corners with that forty head of a bezel at the top

    22. Farhan Yuda putra

      6:02 Linus makes a rasengan

    23. Mayravixx

      It's pretty sad that my Moto G7 Optimo that I bought for 100 dollars has a feature that a top tier phone should have; expandable storage, and the G7 Optimo isn't even that old either.

    24. Alexander Cross

      I REALLY don't like that people are removing fingerprint readers. Pixel 2 finger print reader on the back is SO great, especially for Google Pay, which is use ALL the time.

    25. Alexander Cross

      But... No LTT intro? Dafuq? I'm scared. 😕

    26. Neo Theone

      False Review Just False.. BIASED Bitch

    27. Steven Daws

      There is no doubt that the Pixel 4 is lacking some build quality

    28. clockcycle

      careful you'll get at nose bleed..

    29. CZARNYEU

      Pixel 4 ???? No THX :-( Regards from Europe from my channel

    30. Ruel Lindsay II

      The lack of front facing speakers is a horrendous offense to me

      1. SegwayDweeb

        With those huge bezels, it's the biggest waste of potential

    31. Stanislaus Landeis

      Not cutting any corners with that intro... that's for sure!

    32. Cheese

      I want one

    33. Albarnie

      I like the idea that linus does ad rolls in his head

    34. Hamlock Maneuver

      I love how you desperately try to love the camera. :D

    35. Fred McIntyre


    36. klccomputers

      bookmarked for future meme-ification

    37. Shreyans Anchaliya

      Why didn't you talk about lack of 60fps video recording at 4k resolution?

    38. Hambo

      considering how samsung's flagship STARTS at 256GB, a 128GB max isn't laughable, it's irritating

    39. Ryan O’Connor

      I fear no man But that thing *ad 1 out of 3* It scares me

      1. dumpster fire

        ads: i fear no man but that thing *ublock origin* it scares me

    40. Ancient Mac

      whats the name of the music?

    41. A.W. R-C

      “Apple I hope you’re taking notes, because this is how you refresh a product every year without losing track of your unique design language” What? Google have basically copied the IPhone design with that camera bump and then put a massive forehead on it. It looks awful and has nothing to do with their “design language”.

    42. Steve Morale

      And nobody talks about unlocking pixel 4 even with closed eyes.

    43. BlueForce

      Pixel Experience ROM, Im coming

    44. Amirul Roslan

      Im not a fans of instant unlock. I just want to see the message. Please take note. People still complain about swipe up to unlock which I prefer to. Even my dad wish android could implement the same method. We don’t want to UNLOCK! we just want to see the fking MESSAGE!

    45. Marc G

      why all the hype about a 4 pixel phone? my phone is 8 Mega Pixel and it's pretty normal

    46. Sergiu M.

      How does the battery of the Pixel 4 perform?

    47. Miles Axelberd

      the consumer units now have tutorials + it worked great when i tested it

    48. Toy Barreiros

      I would buy the pixel 3 over this bezels- too thick motion control- useless wide selfie - gone video dynamic range- sucks performance- worse than the iPhone 8 storage- too small Battery- horrible Design- Disgusting it's like failing a test even though you copied everything from your nerdy friend

    49. Toy Barreiros

      9:12 try that when it's sunny. O. the pixel it will be cloudy

    50. Making Tech Friendly

      I didn't know the google assistant was 100GiGs @09:48

    51. Albert Ellison

      That laugh at the beginnning REALLY sounded like the Joker.....

    52. Maybe Peppa

      Most the points in his video are the opposite of what everyone else said iS hE gEtTiNg pAiD bY gOoGle

      1. Neo Theone

        YUP Definitely Biased Review.

    53. Jon Ausherman

      I had the screen burn issue as well, on my Pixel 3 XL. Randomly happened when I was selecting text. Had to reboot to remove as well. Maybe something more android central going on here?

    54. TechNotesStuff

      What happened to that Intro? Would like to see it more.

    55. John Juan

      Not adding a headphone jack while having a lower battery great google now Bluetooth adds drainage to your low battery at the same time if I have my dongle connected I can't charge while listening. Adding a draining features while having low battery like 90 hrz display or motion sense when you are not even gonna use it because you are saving a battery same goes for the storage. Flagships drain fast because it has powerful processor but why buy or add stuff if you are not going to use it because you are always cautious about your battery. Like having a QHD but setting up your phone to full HD because of battery issues you have 4k video but only use 1080p or powerful processor but don't download too much games to use that powerful processor because of storage issues at the same time quality games adds more drainage to your battery. If your can't use the features why buy it? Its like having that feature for display only. It is like buying a expensive gaming laptop only for browsing net, facebook, and streaming videos only.

    56. agung putu yudistira

      Apple: ...

    57. hauntofroulettedares

      I think I could only sell myself on getting an XL. That 2800mAh battery is just too low for me on the base model. I think my 3 year old phone has a 3300mAh. I know the Pixel could be better at managing power drain but, eh, just need something more. The Galaxy S10 Lite is supposed to have 4,370 mAh and still has the 855 + 8GB RAM. Just blows the Pixel away in terms of battery capacity. The storage doesn't bother me too much. I usually dump my files onto my PC/NAS when the phone starts to fill up or I just delete stuff but no SD card is also meh. I really wish it had a 3.5mm jack though. My car doesn't have Bluetooth, I don't want to buy another adapter or dongle, and I don't use Bluetooth headphones. Hell, my current phone can be connected to my bedroom speakers via Bluetooth and sit right beside them and still skip or stutter. Might just wait it out and see what comes next.

    58. Note10Plus IsBoss

      Battery life is so pathetic and useless it's comical.

    59. Blue Skies Flyer

      Wave to change a song? just type the damn screen... look where's the Kinect at...

    60. Lewis Johnson

      iPhones don’t run Android, so 3gb is enough...

      1. Cameron Bosch

        Have you seen speed tests, it's not.

    61. Tyler Sigler

      Love you guys were watching RuPaul's Drag Race!

    62. AKLADY87

      Ugh. Google really missed the mark this time. Last year was rough too.

    63. Minewrecker

      In Jerryrigeverything's video, it actually cut *AT* the corners.

    64. godofwar786

      Im addicted to internet por errrm i mean front facing speakers

    65. Toma Nicodin

      Wait... Where is the trash talk about the battery life? One of the most important features of phones this days (and where the pixel FAILS catastrophically big)

    66. Poop_Blower

      This is a downgrade sadly and they are making Apple look more advance

      1. Lars Bertje

        They did do a great job with this years lineup.

      2. Poop_Blower

        @LastKing The time when iPhone 10 was released it was barely a game changer

      3. LastKing

        Apple has always been more advanced

    67. whatisdylar

      What do regular people store on their phones that they need more storage than 128gb?! I just don't get it, at all.

    68. James L

      How about the rear facing audio while taking video? The Pixel 3 was terrible... how's this one?

    69. FNKYMNKY003

      Just read the specs when it was available to the public, knew it was trash.

    70. Ethan Linderman

      7:09 I'm sure that girl would rather have the iPhone picture tbh

      1. Ralph Macchiato

        You can use a filter for that. Or skin cream.