Gordon Ramsay Is Blown Away By Tribe's Curry | Gordon's Great Escape

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

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    Gordon helps prepare a Nagaland curry and is blown away by the results.
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    1. Oddball

      So that's how he looks like when he's "blown away"... He must be blown every single day

    2. polygamous1 Sozou

      I have to admit i didn't think much of Ramsey when i first saw him how he was treating his junior chefs, But the more i get to watch his videos understand him the more respect I have for him a Real honest down to earth man

    3. sugah boo

      How do you turn up the gas...lol..smh

    4. Misuski Rinsangi

      You should visit mizoram.. North east india

    5. Frankie themboy

      Want to see Gordon

    6. rakisyc

      Gordon after eating the pork curry *im going to make a ton of money out of this*

    7. mysassystyle

      Stealing another recipe

    8. Richard Somers

      Gotta love Gordon and India.

    9. Spooky Moo

      Who else watches these when ya starving?

    10. Jos Kuki

      are you all kidding me, i should have got recommendation for Ramsay coming to 'North east india' earlier... i m really flabbergasted 😱

    11. dejan sverko

      Gordon got drunk))))

    12. Stephen Roche

      Later he was blown by the lady in green😃

    13. Filtiarin

      Indian food is the best food. I could eat curry everyday 3 times a day for the rest of my life till I die and it would still be as good as my first time.

    14. Thleamus Lofi

      Now go to Hawaii and try Hawaiian Pizza.

    15. abigail fear

      Lamo he only liked curry cause he was scared of being there dinner lmao mmmmmmm yer this is delicious please don't eat me 😂😂😂😂😂

    16. William Smith

      No gloves no washing hands before cooking no cleaning to meat. Some body need to turn them in. And call the health department on them. I would not eat that gross food.

    17. Victor Rentor

      3:53 - Gordans kiss is rejected.

    18. chocolate Lover

      @GordonRamsay you should definitely go to Oaxaca and try their mole, tlayudas and picadita 🤤🤤🤤🤤 Oaxaca has the best mole though. I guess learn how to make them too 😬💕

    19. blitzgreg1

      Ahhh a Westerner who gets it. Finally gets a glimpse of what life is all about.

    20. Philip Moffett

      Change the channel name; 'Gordan's sample size clips' Like & subscribe 👍

    21. Philip Moffett

      I'd prefer the full episode, hey!?

    22. Leroy Vesper

      Hello Gordan, are You human Love this guy

    23. Octet Independent Voices

      Ur awesome man. Love u so much from all our heart. 😊👍 do visit again next time. To our place. Karbi Anglong. Northeast India. “Our tribes originally from Tibet”. We will love to offer you with our traditional dishes. (My mail: creativebucketpublisher@gmail.com)

    24. Dead Street

      What a load of BS! If he got that on kitchen nightmares he would have ripped the shit out of it!! Just being very polite!.. lol.

    25. Jimmy Wang

      These people do not look like typical Indian. They look like Tibetians in Exile. Is that where these people are from?

      1. BabySharks Says

        Nope. These are naga people of Nagaland.

    26. Lee Steal

      That's the best way to cook, on wood fire.

    27. joseph hansen

      White tail venison is the best tasting meat ........

    28. Samrat Roy

      Ramsay Sir did you try chicken kosha?

    29. aphirodite 91

      4.01=ahhhh.good to leave this hell place

    30. Anton Verdejopala


    31. Dorkachila Chang

      I cannot belive that gordon u reach nagaland our land thankyou for coming sir... Always love ur cook.. 💖

    32. lenzing koyu

      Bamboo shoot is a daily in my house ... If anybody wants it please take it off my mom's hand. I need to get away from it. He was so near and I missed chance to meet him 😩

    33. Latonya Ellis

      You should go to China and cook with Liziqi... she’s a GREAT chef and all her ingredients are from nature’s very own Backyard forest..check out her channel and I’m sure you would love it....

    34. King Dingeling

      Spicy food is so healthy... The best thing you can do is eating spicy food... I can not understand people who are screaming about pepper, salt, chili, curry and all the things what meat and vegetables need and especially your body...

    35. davey Konijnenberg

      Primitive Cooking Is The Best No Restaurant Comes Close

    36. NP CHE

      See how much better living is without government

    37. globalcitizenn

      Imagine if I went to a random western home and said “How many easterners have come and cooked in this kitchen?”

    38. Ms. Nola

      This only shows how passionate he is about cooking.

    39. naro imsong

      Wahooo..Ramsay in nagaland ????awesome...love it

    40. Gobind Singh

      He's an intrigued learner, looks so focused and eager to take it all in.... Really commendable even after all the deserved success... Love from India. ♥️

    41. Anthony Driver

      No you ment his arse blew away with the shit curry 😂😂

    42. Kito Jr Naga

      Love from Nagaland 💓! Thanks for coming 📝😀

    43. Nino Brown

      Is he rollin in a G wagon Benz? Wtf.. Lol

    44. Nino Brown

      This gives me hope for humanity This is how the world should all be.

    45. codeninja1

      Ramsay's the Attenborough for food

    46. AJtheory

      So, is he going to go to Pankot Palace and get back their sacred stones or what?

    47. AJtheory

      @ 0:03 or so when that kid is rolling the wheel around, all's I could hear in my head was Duran Duran singing, *"Doot-doot-DOO-doot, doot-DOO-doot, doot-DOO-doot, doot-DOO-doot, DOOT-doo..."*

    48. Mamnun Murshed Anam

      Those are pickled bamboo shoot. We have them in Bangladesh as well.


      I really like naga style of pork,especially with that of sesame seeds

    50. King Droxie

      *Bows head in respect, taking in meal. Has bite.* *Spits it out.* "This is absolute dogshit."

    51. hine HFIE JUIWKQK

      Gordon wish you would see grandpa's kitchen he's something special 👍😀😀

    52. yily vegas


    53. Thepharcyde4ever

      Now he's gonna steal the recipe and claim it as his own😆

      1. Mandy Mace

        has he been known to do that? cause i don't know how you can claim you made a curry cause the world over makes curry

    54. Lil Gay

      NE Indians remind me of Mongolian and Vietnamese people

    55. Chido Mutambiranwa

      I respect you Gordon Ramsey.

    56. Jonasa Moore


    57. Lian Siam

      Ramsay try turn off the wooden fire like gas haahaaa

    58. Neithongulie Nakhro

      Watching this after some episodes of kitchen nightmares....😁

    59. SAM IAM

      that was not a good song though

    60. John Lasley

      No matter how long you have Mastered anything, there is Always a better way for something to be done. Some of the greatest business people in the world devote themselves to trying the same differently to capture a reverse result to greatness.

    61. Joel Villarreal

      Best food I've ever eaten was cooked outside and not in a kitchen

    62. The Pariah

      That type of cooking is way better than any restaurant.

    63. Vikash Gautam

      Lucky people to spend time with Gordon and get him as guest..

    64. chandan sinha

      How corrupt the govt is that Center provides so much money for the speacial state devlopment but it ends up in the pocket of politicians So sad to see this they cant even enjoy the good road 😞

    65. chandan sinha

      I feel proud of north eastern people they have so diff. Feature and accent still they are indians

    66. chelseafcrocks82

      I love how gordo eats with his hands in respect to the culture. What a lad

    67. Andrew McGuinness

      Imagine he starting shouting at the village cook saying stuff like “fucking smell this” - “oh come on do you even care!!??”

    68. ELMENTRIX op

      Help me it has been 5 hours and I am watching only gordan Ramsey only

    69. ABG Z NSR TV

      That make ramsy top chef

    70. Dream echo media

      Goshh! Never knew Gordon came to Nagaland😋