GPS III Space Vehicle 03 Mission



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    SpaceX is targeting Tuesday, June 30 at 4:10 p.m. EDT, 20:10 UTC, for a Falcon 9 launch of the GPS III Space Vehicle 03 mission from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. A backup opportunity is available on Wednesday, July 1 with a 15-minute launch window opening at 3:51 p.m. EDT, 19:51 UTC.
    Following stage separation, SpaceX will land Falcon 9’s first stage on the “Just Read the Instructions” droneship, which will be stationed in the Atlantic Ocean. The spacecraft will deploy approximately 1 hour and 29 minutes after liftoff.

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    1. Dumitru Langham

      Amazing! Just think a few years ago we had to wait Months for a lurch now every few weeks

    2. Alexander

      Did falcon 9 been using for at least 88 mission? Man that's very reusable. Still amazing.

    3. Ray Nix

      You know we are all amazed at this............but for the American taxpayer to give NASA 22billion dollars a year is absolutely insane, when we are bankrupt, everything they learn with technology, which isn't much versus the billions spent, companies still turn around and charge we the taxpayer top dollar when they learned it at the expense of taxpayer. ..............Imagine how many people could be helped with drug addictions and mental issues and medical expenses with cancer etc with 22 billion dollars and President Trump is asking congress for 25 billion. ................A bunch of greedy NASA employess thinking selfishly and waisting a lot of tax dollars for what we get from it versus what cound be done with that borrowed money we the taxpayer have to pay and the interest on that 22 billion is huge. And Space X leader Elon Musk is getting more billions from us, this is exactly how the rich get richer and the poor poorer.

    4. Luis Felipe Mejia

      I liak thise vídeo is very interesting

    5. Gian Marlou Ranario

      some say going to space is useless and expensive, yet they use gps everyday

    6. TheGster9

      shoulda launched er 10 minutes later.

    7. Hoowrid

      mi profesor me mando a ver esto y no entiendo nada de ingles que hago pa?

    8. Jess Lyn


    9. Hyper dim

      15:50 launch

    10. Angelo Lagusa

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    11. Ulisses Bourdon

      Ellon Musk é um bilionário nojento que dá golpe em outros países para ficar como lítio. Colonialista desgraçado.

    12. Rene Bonilla


    13. Sahal samad

      Hi my name is Sahal. Im from india and i am 15 years old i would like to say that i would like not like i would be alivie only for that unbelievable momenet that i was in space. So if ther may have any chance i would be the first teen on space. It not just a word of a teen its me and i was like this. Today or tomorrow I'll defenetely achieve it. If anyone can help please help me YOU CAN CONTACT ME ON INSTEGRAM @sahalsamad7 Thankyou

    14. Space Last Frontier

      Name of the song in the beginning

    15. mundz

      how do they waste 2nd stage cameras

    16. Michel Bourque

      Watch out about his God !!

    17. Michel Bourque

      Hiring Baboun great risk fot the name of God !

    18. Michel Bourque

      Pospond Jésuu strike probalyty

    19. Michel Bourque

      How about time relativity ???

    20. Michel Bourque

      No baboun !

    21. Michel Bourque

      Watch out about Chinese ...spyssss !!

    22. Michel Bourque

      Musk hire Babou watch out my good God !!

    23. D. Fras

      Long Live SpaceX!!

    24. Gary Fannin

      Why does it always pixel out at landing? And why can't we watch the re entry video all the way down to landing?

    25. Incorruptus

      *Alright well that drone thing, ... that hmmm ... ship thing just got delivered ... weapon grade technology yeah ... nono you don't need to board it ... "Just read the instructions"... @.@*

    26. Waxsoda61774308

      We’re did the spacex logo go on just read the instructions?

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    29. Coloring And Playing

      Incrível parabéns spacex

    30. avdesh kumar

      After chandaryan 2 this is big suckses for India and modi govermant Thanks india for thes rocket We indian can go to mars And bueld buildings and hotel Congragulaton to PM modi Fruad to be indian🇮🇳 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳Jai hind🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    31. itJUSTme l.u.k.e

    32. Alex Final

      Soundtrack for the next Spacex mission: Vegso - Mars

    33. حسام المالكي

    34. Reksa kusuma channel

      17:30 perlahan roket turun

    35. AlexanderGamer

      I will work there when I'm a adult

    36. Cunts Chands

      I read the instructions

    37. Kijo


    38. Smokey Twixxie

      The rocket is so skinny how is it able to fly straight

    39. STΛRSΕΤ Fan

      i love how our world and universe works !!

    40. -_-Zloy Gamer-_-

      Кто руский

    41. Jordan Kane

      Love it incredible stuff

    42. bart visser

      19:34, left screen : ufo? HAHA

    43. MrBlackTayfa

      Fuck you spacex nova prospekt channel hacked fuck you

      1. Carlos_Men03

        Ok 8 years old kid go to play stupid fortnite 🤡🤡🤡

      2. CNCmachiningisfun

        Grow up!

    44. Bloxpro

      It takes less than 30 minutes to go to space and came back but it takes 1 hour to bring my pizza?

    45. San Pol

      24:26 Please Space x, point another camera UP, so we can see the rocket approaching. And c'mon, you guys can land a rocket in a small platform in the middle of the ocean, for sure you also can solve the landing vídeo problems and send us some decent video from the landing.

      1. CNCmachiningisfun

        @Novak Delija Get a life, a clue - and a job, you oxygen thief!

      2. Novak Delija

        Bro, it's part of the deceit. These guys are faking these rocket launches and Tesla stock is skyrocketting. I'ts all about $$$ and 0 about science. You can't honestly believe a rocket with fly swatters can safely navigate in a vertical position back down to earth and land precisely where intended. They just play the launch video backwards with extra video efeects. They purposely distort footage at moment of landing to try to keep the con going longer. Once the truth eventually comes out Tesla stock will be the biggest falling stock ever and those billionairs will make a big profit because they will know precisely when to short it.

    46. San Pol

      24:20 it is unbelievable after so long, they still do not provide even a gopro recorded image without the cut from live view, looking up to see it approaching. If this life view suffers cuts , they could at least point the camera up, so we could see the rocket approaching without cut, and would be much more interesting than the touchdown itself.

    47. Reserved my right to privacy said

      The military-industrial complex.

    48. Klaus Von Tasse

      2:41 why you don’t speak like Indian?

      1. Guilherme Eduardo Carvalho

        Because he is american, not indian.

    49. J.R Otter

      No ones gonna talk about the glitch?

      1. CNCmachiningisfun

        Glitches happen. What's the problem?

    50. kazedmonks

      To the moon,mars and beyond (dreams edition)

    51. Roberto Postiglione


    52. Rex Baird

      20 min in wth is flying that fast in earths atmosphere? fighter jets? all over the water 3 events

      1. Guilherme Eduardo Carvalho

        fighter jets don't have rocket engines attached to them.

    53. Максат Асетулы

      Қотақтар балабайдын каналында не жұмыстарын бар малдар ешак

    54. FairySox

      Will our gps be better and what extra services will it have ?

    55. Joseph Brown

      I helped build those lightning masses 😎

    56. A P

      We have to make it to Mars.

    57. Harshil Patel

      Landing never gets old

    58. Yuriy Petrenko

      I was lucky to see it live from the beach, probably 7 miles away. Do not understand why people spend hundreds of $ for stupid fireworks instead of going to see magnificent technological event. Took my 2 sons with me, maybe it will sparkle something in their heads :).

    59. Demetrius Harris


    60. Reedt Veeter

      Can't wait to go to Mars, I want to make a solar system road trip.

    61. gobang pitung

      Of the past GPS-$atelite#1-2 to make a digital~lifes system as the first global-navigation maps to around the world & then A GPS-3 is dedicated for ex high-command chief of the us space force *Colonel Mr.Thomas-Falzorano* tobe a next generation technology

    62. Zzzz Aaaa




      1. Guilherme Eduardo Carvalho

        @I Use Hacks i'm saying it to GRANTFROM GOOLWA

      2. Guilherme Eduardo Carvalho

        Prove it.

      3. Yeet Yeet

        Lol the fun fact is that most of the conspiracists don’t even know properly what cgi is

      4. I Use Hacks

        This isn't cgi.......

      5. CNCmachiningisfun

        That's the sort of thing that a dopey flatturd would say!





    66. Anonymous


    67. Michael Ibrahim

      Anyone ever wondered who is recording the rocket 🚀?

      1. Just an average sfs player

        Bruh, cameras on the rocket and cameras on the ground

    68. black keyst

      Good animation

      1. Carlos_Men03


      2. I Use Hacks

        @Just an average sfs player wow really?!???! Wow that looks so real I cannot believe that this is cgi!!!! (Like this?)

      3. Just an average sfs player

        @I Use Hacks it is an animation, dude (Pretend, so these dumbasses will think they are right!!!)

      4. I Use Hacks

        Lol😂😂😂😂😂. I don't understand though🤔😂 it's not an animation haha Can someone explain😂

    69. Mis ideas niegan la realidad? Revisad la realidad

      Elon has managed to carry out complicated projects thanks to his determination and his abilities. I wonder what would happen if I put all that ability to understand and end aging, would I succeed? Some say that we are not that far from achieving it, and if Elon did not obtain it it would surely take us much closer to it. Who thinks this is a good project? Who thinks this project should be the number one priority? It would be great to get Elon encouraged to start it. Who wants to help bring the idea to him?

    70. Christian Williams

      Why did the camera pixelate on landing?

      1. Just an average sfs player

        But whatever

      2. Just an average sfs player

        Not boat

      3. Just an average sfs player


      4. I Use Hacks

        The rocket lands on a boat. The boat has a satalite that it links up to. When the rocket lands the boat shakes and so does the antenna. This temporally disconnects the link between the antenna and the satalite. Hope this answers your question