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    Grocery Store Stereotypes! Love em' or hate em', we all know em'
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    1. Dude Perfect

      ► Thanks for watching guys! ► Which Stereotype should we do next?

      1. That Gamer Gabe

        Soccer player stereotypes

      2. Huahwi Gary


      3. Ahmed Muhammad

        +MadaGasCar they already have movie stereotypes

      4. Twigzafai5000 YT

        Hospital or school

      5. Nyle Cori

        There could only be 5 more comment! I am one in 500

    2. waliullah mulla

      Plese dont waste money

    3. Zita Rubežienė

      Cuz destroyd dude perfict basked ball kors

    4. Zita Rubežienė

      Tyler noob

    5. Preet Patel

      2:03 when there’s an open cart right next to him BOI

    6. Sam Freney

      You forgot The Price Checker

    7. AndrePlayz

      6:10, little detail but the Gogurt Cody was reaching says “Frozen Thaws”. The Cody froze

    8. Logan Peloquin


    9. goats milk 99

      I wish I was that rich to DESTROY so much in these vids like holyyyy

    10. Landon Saglin

      Seems like there is always a rage monster😂

    11. محمد العجيري

      you guys are awesome 😃

    12. YouTube Inc

      Church stereotypes

    13. Ella Irvine

      Asile is spelt isle

    14. Praveen nair

      I watched this in 2018 and 2019 I saw it 100 times perfect

    15. Sughra Sultana


    16. Aarman Aga

      Try horror change

    17. Juicy Mole

      Imagine if they made a parents stereotypes

    18. Amazing Orca

      Short line analysts and one trip and mr cartless

    19. CRS 100

      So I’m guessing you guys don’t need that court anymore 😂😂

    20. Blazing N8

      WERE GUNNA NEED MORE TAPE!!!!! He yells as ty rips the court in half

    21. Efren Carranza

      Do more the best buy plz

    22. GUN SYNC

      2:04 there is literally a shopping cart right next to him

    23. Anand Samaroo

      Rage monster

    24. Mikey Ledesma

      Heb ftw 🔥🔥

    25. Christian Chase

      Well that’s wasting food

    26. Trajan Lance

      I like how Cody just stole the chips from Garret in the beginning

    27. KamrynKawaiiGacha :3

      Poor basketball court R.I.P

    28. Owen Mahoney

      They probably have a lot money to pay for all of the damage that Tyler does😂

    29. Cian Cullen

      Do aeroplane stereotypes

    30. 09sloth09

      I like it when you do rage monster

    31. Cameron Mclimans

      On the chatty checkout guy Tyler’s name tag said “chuck”

    32. Jake McNeely

      0:55 = when you wake up on a Monday morning, knowing you have to go to school.

    33. Theo Hut

      I’m expire ration date boy


      Oh yeah I’m the cart rider


      It’s actually hurt me to see him rip up the court

      1. Varun 15


      2. Michael Chiropoulos


      3. kylemm garcia

        They rip it because they will change the design of the floor

      4. toixcblaze

        Yes it did


      Did he actually break the floor of the court

    37. Jennifer Minos

      R.i.p. dude perfect basketball court

    38. Sarthak Malla

      the music of stereotypes sounds like the instrumental in micheal jackson smooth criminal

    39. Darcie Coates

      Did you reAlly ruin a court for this video

    40. Just Eddy

      2:59 who the heck put's milk on that shelf

    41. PhoenixGaming 21

      There is always a rage monster

    42. Marcello Suryantara

      Here is the part im concerned bcs in every stereotype videos something has to break becouse of rage monster and i was thinking is that really ok??

    43. DeadShotYT [GraViiTy]

      Now I am wondering how the court is

    44. Nightmare R.

      Did you get in trouble for the gym part?

    45. Caleb Hernke

      The way Cory says Wisconsin @ 5:03 is so different than how we cheese heads say it

    46. Mukhlis Eminov

      Wedding stereotypes

    47. SoccerHurricanes 101

      Why are all of those stereotypes my mom and me 😂

    48. Aaron Dallman

      I love these

    49. Henry Chartier

      Where was the crying baby

    50. YEET BOI.

      I don't blame ty for destroying the basket ball court.he just needed materials.

    51. MoRu Wu

      I can’t believe they did that in public

    52. Sarah Clayton

      1:57 like if laughed

    53. Chase Kurtz

      Do soccer

    54. Wong Happy

      I liked the forgetting the most important thing. How are you guys going to fix the ground?

    55. Chris Craver

      The hungry shopper is me

    56. Ali Obaid

      and I'm a 1,000% rage monster

    57. Ali Obaid

      at the store when I drive the cart it is always an aisle blockade

    58. Patrick Coombs

      How did u repair the bball court

    59. Quinn 87

      Hockey stereotypes

    60. Trunex Air

      I wonder how much the rage monster has cost the group

    61. Cool Dog

      Mr expiration date is actually me

    62. Mimi Crespin

      Hockey stereotypes

    63. EnfurionVideos

      2:8 why not take the one not in the stack



    65. SKuLLs Color Games

      Video game stereotypes

    66. DawnoftheStoneAge

      3:05 first thing I saw was the dried cilantro

    67. power

      Is it just me, or do you’re parents feel the need to buy everything in the store.

    68. Bobbi Ahlgren

      The rage monster is funny

    69. Yahir Hernandez

      I have a question if they have to much stuff in the store that means u go to jail

    70. Emery Kurth

      gardening stereotypes possibly :)

    71. Jan Cadut

      Rip basket ball court

    72. Brandon Tirado

      I'm not the only one that had anxiety when ty was wrecking the court

    73. Soon to be LiveWopper17


    74. FrenzyFortnight

      dude why destroy the court i feel like that goes way to far

    75. Claprod gaming

      You sub to me I sub to you

    76. good morning

      Can y’all stop begging for school stereotypes they’re adults

    77. Metric Nitr0

      Theres something under the court so I think they put something over a different court and then built a court.

    78. SpreadChaos

      4:52 thats me

    79. Ray Montgomery

      Me watch this 2019

    80. Ninja X3708

      There at HEB

    81. Zain Raza

      0:00 I didn't know Texans were THAT nice

    82. Kelly Swenson

      I hate you rage monster

    83. Sara Hansen-White

      My favorite one is the rage monster

    84. Dylan Knoll

      In the background in the cart rider there’s Cody and Gare...

    85. SmartCatie Wilson

      Did anybody see 🥛 and a 🍌 at 3:00?

    86. Kube it!

      I’m pretty much 90% of these 🤨 😑

    87. Matthew Kitt

      Every time I see the rage monster I die a little inside

    88. Dave Holzer

      Football stereotypes

    89. BlaDeZ Jake

      Cart Probs is always me


      0:17 the guy at the front stole something from a nother guy

    91. Maddie's Mash-up

      One question: How in the WORLD did they fix their court!?

      1. Lucas Behlke

        I'm getting tired of saying this.... *takes a deep breath* they were going to redo the court.

    92. BROERS


    93. Diamond God

      3:57 until 4:45 when i have math class

    94. Yuna 7

      Ty come on

    95. the boi

      Ur sub count has 8 times the amour of People in My country

    96. Noe Esquivel

      Stop with rage monsters

    97. Luna Fox

      im the rage monster, everytime my mom comes home with groceries and she forgets what i asked her to get, I rip apart my room! XD

    98. Darify

      Don’t break your gym plzzzz

    99. Leah Druitt

      When ever I am bored I just watch all the stereotypes