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    Grocery Store Stereotypes! Love em' or hate em', we all know em'
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    1. Dude Perfect

      ► Thanks for watching guys! ► Which Stereotype should we do next?

      1. *_nathan49_* YT

        The court has been totally rekt....... I wonder if you fixed it ive worried about it...

      2. Noodlez Plays

        Dude Perfect beach

      3. abdul moiz

        Prank calling types

      4. Gus Ade


      5. Drum Stick Da Great

        Dude Perfect is hilarious 👌🏾

    2. Adam Thielen

      Family Reunion stereotypes

    3. Aleksa R

      *Howtobasic wants to know your locaition*

    4. Dean Kelly


    5. Swaggr Fox101

      What if when they were destroying the court, the film guys say right after that they forgot to hit record button. And all that destruction was for nothing, and you had to do it again? 💀

    6. nvmygti

      Had a dude perfect ad before this video

    7. Maxim Still

      School stereotypes featuring maxim still in Fremont Nebraska and me as the rage monster

    8. Conor Ngo

      At 3:00 did you see the milk jug on the right

    9. CVlogs

      I take the milk and my mom does the one trip master

    10. Manuela Pascu


    11. TheFishCat Lord

      3:00 Did anyone see that jug of milk?

    12. Philli P

      Hi dudes

    13. EZ-E Man

      I love it when ty is the rage monster

    14. Yoshi 28

      I am definitely mr expiration date

    15. Abdul Mannan

      That "mr.Too many items" is the best😂😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    16. Baechle Mathes

      I am a BIG fan you guys are so funny!!!

    17. Luke Merten

      You should do a summer stereotype

    18. Riley Black

      up next: pornhub stereotypes

    19. OldGranny 101

      3:00 why is there a banana and milk there. (Right)

    20. Madeline Morrison

      Lets hope they were redoing floors.


      The rage monster one was prob the day before they got a remake for the basketball cort

    22. Brendan Coetzee

      What e h duds

    23. Brendan Coetzee

      Nobody likes the shopping 🍔

    24. Csata Lőrinc

      Jó videó lett

    25. Tantan Nicknam


    26. Sandra Helfenstein

      Why are you break all in a video

    27. Ryan Destroyer

      4:12 ty in fortnite

    28. Megan B

      You guys are awesome

    29. 10000 subscribers With no videos


    30. Qwerty

      The amount of money they must spend each time they do rage monster lol

    31. That 1 scoot kid

      When he broke the basket ball court 😂

    32. That 1 scoot kid

      He going to call the cops 😂

    33. egulbinas


    34. The Pro

      YOU Sould do baskitball staryotipes

    35. Darcy Bittlinger

      Do more stereotypes please

    36. Jeremy Camacho

      I'm one trip

    37. MacKinley

      I’ve never seen anyone ever write a cheque for groceries. 😳😳😳

    38. Jontez Vlogs

      How did You fix the floor?

    39. Unquiet Bucket3

      H E B im in San Antonio

    40. ryu alt

      Absolutely postitively no one at all. Tyler: 3:48

    41. Leo Sundin

      Rage monster is just wired and unnecessary...

    42. Isaac Dueck

      You forgot the crying baby

    43. K1NG Strong21

      Stop it at 4:48

    44. Chaos Legend

      Forgot the annoying kids, or impatient kids

    45. Eli Cook


    46. Ryan Staples

      I hate this video

    47. Archie Bunker


    48. Kyle Matt

      R.I.P. mr. Court. May You Rest In Peace...💚


      Do a gaming stereotypes

    50. itsAsvy

      Wtf rage monster

    51. Hussain Dammam

      Why he is destroying everything

    52. Ella Hahn

      Yeah, seriously what happen to the court!

    53. ie ducks

      We need moreee

    54. Arthur Morgan

      This is basically their way to announce that they are having the DPHQ being renovated. I like it.

    55. Storm Storm_YT

      At 3:00 why was there Milk in the spot were you get candy and gum

      1. honeybee

        and a banana

      2. Aarush p

        He put it, because he had 16 items so he put the milk there

    56. Storm Storm_YT

      Cody is literally the person to take something out of someone’s cart

    57. Swordim Raut

      Every stereotype has a rage monster

    58. Kumo Palmer

      2019 anyone

    59. Broformer Arnett

      Was he actually crying when you destroyed the court ty?

    60. Broformer Arnett

      Racing stereotypes

    61. maskedgamer no face

      Lol 3:01 did any one else notice the milk on the candy

      1. Combatwombat333 !

        Wtf haha

      2. Monplayz


    62. Carolyn Devlin

      I am not up there but I am the ask for all yummy candy person.

    63. Carolyn Devlin

      Rage monster run!!!

    64. Luc Rail

      Do baseball stereotypes

    65. Daqwan Howell

      Who else shook that he messed the court like that??

    66. Dautry Allen

      You the best

    67. Makenize Spillman

      I love you spin unfortunate

    68. goffy dude

      How did they fix the floor

    69. Rodrigo Reynoso Ramirez

      3:51 when you die on FORTNITE😂😂🤣🤣