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      1. Vinyl Dash11

        REACT , ALBERTO You mean Jeff Goldblum is coming back for Jurassic world 3 not Jurassic park 3 .10:32/10:33

      2. Anthony Baxter


      3. Nibsin


      4. Sonark Coones

        REACT that’s not a girl it’s a boy

      5. Atli Katrínarson

        FBE open up 😆 lol

    2. Jamie Delancy

      5:06 *Here's Johnny!*

    3. Sasskitten

      I loved how the two guys just had the same tone of voice saying. "The Ring" "The Fly"

    4. Ronald Mc. Donald

      Hello guys great vid!

    5. Alexis Munoz

      Is it true that they used real skeletons for the Poltergeist

    6. Music Junkie

      Actually, Heather O’Rourke did not voice Ducky from Land Before Time. That was a different little girl who also died at a young age.

    7. Miguel Venegas

      I’m on my dad’s iPad 😜

    8. Süshí Sårï

      me being 10 years ols knowing alot of these- and i didnt know gremlins was a horror movie?! i've watched gremlins

    9. actionfright draft65

      I watched the shining yesterday

    10. Shypunky

      When shar said gremlins is a terrifying movie I used to watch it to bed when I was like 6...

    11. SleepySunflower

      2:11 ( Them explaining how scary it was when he but his arm off) Me when I was 6 years old and watched the movie clip: laughter*


      Its fun for the rick and morty one it wasn't the fly it was love potion number 9

    13. Kylie Harris

      Iv seen the shining

    14. John Secret Spirit

      Scary movie

    15. Dillon Haggett

      11:30 that line from Eric is very funny

    16. DarkGachaly 505

      How did they not know gremlins?!?!

    17. The Joker

      Oh god!Tori i love you have boyfriend

      1. The Joker


    18. Al Nova

      4:57 curious fact the "shining" movie was so mentally exhausting that the actors were already tired and going crazy for real, the girl's screams in that scene are real mental exhaustion

    19. Harper Richer


    20. benchking85

      The actor from Poltergeist did NOT do the voice of Ducky from the Land Before Time. Different actress.

    21. Karina Banuelos

      Is it weird I’m only ten and I’ve watched Grimlins 1 and 2 awesome movies!

    22. Julia Mueller

      Everyone: FiRsT Me: I'm 3,342nd

    23. Michelle Mena Villal

      If you are ever scared sing this is my no no square🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    24. Ethan Jung

      For the last one, did he just say "Clifford the Big Red Dog"? LMAO😂

    25. bendy the ink demon volgger

      Here's bendy😈

    26. Nur Alya Alexandra

      Dude I only guess the it😂

    27. Potato World

      How is Gremlins scary?

    28. illest james

      Theres a reference of "the fly" in fairly odd parents


      quick fact: the little girl also know as “ Heather O’ Rourke” she didn’t voice ducky another little girl named “Judith Barsi” Voiced Ducky Heather and Judith both died tragically

    30. Mehoy Servando

      Am i weird that i thought "the fly" monsters are edible. am i the only one?yea,ok.

    31. thediamondblocker 912

      I got a new name for pennywise is now p#ssywise

    32. Classic Aiden

      my cousins when i ask what do you want to watch 11:52

    33. A K


    34. Sunset the Mermaid

      I think shar is a guy???🧐🧐🧐

    35. Marilynn

      The girl who played Ducky in The Land Before Time was murdered

    36. Idiot Man

      This was easy

    37. Sangeeta Hansda Sarkar

      3:48 🤣🤣🤣 "that's my mom trying to wake me up in the morning"

    38. Yuni_ Moon

      So if you guys want to know if you have spirits in your house get a long bowl full with water and a clear tall glass cup and fill it with water so put the bowl under the bead and if you al a little table in your room that also but also you can put it in different places and the next morning check if it's going low of water and if it is you have spirits sometimes you will have to wait

    39. charlotte1704

      I don’t think Gremlins really counts as a horror movie🙈😄 - Not in my definition, anyways😄

    40. Eleftherios

      I know things about these things but I haven’t watched these things 😂

    41. Brenleigh ._.

      I remember watching Poltergeist at like midnight when I was 6 with some other kids I almost had a heart attack 😭😂

    42. Alien boy


    43. eung penghout

      ur voice do not sound like a girl no hate

    44. Fernanda Fernandez27

      HERES JOHNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    45. Head Hawncho

      Danny grew up in a house with a parent like me. My kid knows all this shit

    46. Tyson Pelletier

      when this lady said "gremlins is a terrifying movie" I nearly quit watching this video

    47. Jonathan Rodriguez

      The it's Jonny is also from super bowl in mountain dew

    48. iDraker

      Please call the DMP, I'm stuck in here.

    49. Caneli 1887

      Ew...i hate the fly 😱

    50. The Wild Gamer


    51. Alexis Berg

      I love the gremlins but it makes me so sad because my family named my dog after the gremlins(his name was Gizmo). He recently died so when I see anything from the movie or a reference of the movie, it reminds me of my dog

    52. It’s Cesar

      Fun Fact Micah White died of a “mysterious” disease but it was later diagnosed as Chrons Disease

    53. • XhiixtyCozy •

      The Shinning their Reference:*Screaming* The Shinning my Reference:Get the f*** out of my room im playing minecraft!!!

    54. DaRealKingOfIceGuest

      the fly movie disturb me

    55. BeanieBabie

      “Old Movies are accidentally scary cause they can’t do any better” BOY IF YOU DONT.

    56. luksa nejman

      Mars attack is it too

    57. Taner Archibald

      I’d love to see Rick and Morty do a full on Alien Parody because they’d actually do it justice

    58. Katiethemaster0808

      True fact in the shining but the director was actually abusing Shelly Duvall who played the wife in the movie

    59. Cid Jeremy Vallo

      3:46 is that anthony Padilla

    60. peyton Garcia

      Am I the only one who saw Martians attack as a 5 year old

    61. Mikayla Harrison

      Is anyone going to say that danny looks like Justin bieber from his song "yummy"?

    62. Corey

      11:45 *Sobs* Is it Fullmetal Alchemist?

    63. Gabino domiguez


    64. Mr.Rib69

      Did anyone else think they were selling the people

    65. Jazticoon Subliminals

      "a peeling croissant" XD

    66. wax of the jake

      Brando were is Romone

    67. Akane blackrv

      This people are terrified about anything, omg those are great moovies but they're anything but scary

    68. Janet Garcia

      Danny Telling Yeshua “gurl why are you here” when Yeshua said he hadn’t seen AHS 🤣💀💀💀


      i think i have seen the shining on an alternate movie called ready player one

    70. Michael Segal

      Mia and all the other girls in this video were hot