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    Here's Brucey
    The Power of Christ Compels You
    Invasion of the Body Snatchers
    The Fly
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      1. Sonarke Coones

        REACT that’s not a girl it’s a boy

      2. Atli Katrínarson

        FBE open up 😆 lol

      3. james huffman

        Ok let's get something straight about Gremlins it was rated PG it was a funny movie everyone loved it growing up. It came out in 1985. Rated PG-13 started in 1984. This to me was a family movie. It is a classic like Goonies is.

      4. Dakota Bourland

        Play Affected: The Horror Experience again!

      5. jessica lines

        I want to be a part of this

    2. Jourdan Hamme

      Jeeze, I said Bruce the shark was referencing Jaws hahahaha :p


      In the first one Danny’s laugh after hitting the buzzer first sort of sounded like Chris from family guy

    4. Thunderstriker

      Jurassic Park 3 came out 2001

    5. Ryk Godoy

      Full metal alchemist anyone?

    6. Jaxon TM

      13:18 ...And thus, communism was born.

    7. Ashley Estes

      The little girl from Poltergeist was not the same little girl who voiced Ducky, but that little girl was murdered by her father. Poltergeist kid got sick and died in surgery I believe. The older sister in Poltergeist was murdered too actually.

    8. Kelly Ford

      Gremlins is not a horror movie.

      1. Cat Lol

        It is a bit because it’s got glory and a scary themes for children

      2. The Sponge & Rich Channel

        Like me...

      3. Dino UwU

        Kinda is to children..

    9. Elise And Indie

      I never knew Gremlins was horror bc I love that movie

    10. DankGaming YT

      They’ve Probably Been Trying To Get David Dobrik On Here For The Longest

    11. Gaming & Crafts

      Goodnes, i hate that scene from the fly, It grose me

    12. Gaming & Crafts

      Haha, i would had 7 points too xD

    13. go away

      i was eating flaming hot cheetos then the fly scean came up i am no longer hungry for foog

      1. The Sponge & Rich Channel

        Aka food

      2. Demonized Life


      3. Dumbneck


    14. Hhreeder Reed

      I was thinking night mare on elm street 2 for the dog human head thing

    15. PumpedKeegs 17

      11:44 im dead 💀

    16. Cyborgpizza 687

      3:28 Is me exactly

    17. Pineapple Jelly


    18. Nko Wilson

      I love Emily she's so cute

    19. David Verdaschi

      Danny's killin it

    20. Ben McHugh

      Who’s Phil? :’) Don’t cross that guy.

    21. Gus Zazueta

      I play gta 5

      1. jar jar binks

        Gus Zazueta good for you

    22. Invade.WiLD

      "It's Johnny!" I hate that

      1. RCDS LifeStyle

        “It’s Johnny !”

      2. Gracie Mcmann

        Invade.WiLD ikr

    23. Mr.Parakeet Garrett

      "Girl,why are you even here"?😂😂😂

    24. special k

      the poltergeist girl did not voice ducky lmao

    25. Shadow Face

      When Shar said I would’ve been died if I was getting dragged by a peeling crossaint, I felt that 11:44

    26. Good Hunter

      Old school cgi, ... , TheFly... key I'm outa here...

    27. John Kelly

      Stop the curse words ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    28. Turtle Turret

      4:09 here's Charley

    29. KTM

      I'd love nothing more to be a horror movie buff

    30. chris berens

      My name is Anabel and I was Born before the movie was born

      1. Double Doodle

        Ok Chris

    31. xoxosophieplayzoxox

      Iiiittttssss jjjjhhhooonnnnyyyy

    32. Dm Gamer roblox

      Funny to

    33. AlmightyOreo21

      I love anything with Danny in it ❤


      HeReS JoHnNy

    35. Louis Toth

      Chelsea is so toxic jheez

      1. Dave Beckelman

        When tho?

      2. Luke LSCC


    36. Ttreblerebel

      I get almost all of them right. I just missed body snatchers. I'm not counting the fly bc I dont think that was a reference. Wanna know something weird? I'm 26 and have never seen any of these movies and yet I can recognize their parodies 😱 anyone else in the same boat?

      1. J.P. Brady

        nope sorry bro

    37. RJ Macbeardy

      Rick and Morty wasn’t a reference to the fly, it was a reference to the filmmaker Kronenberg, who made horrifying practice effects and movies. He did make the fly but it was more of a reference to his filmmakers in general

    38. Qu33n KyKy

      I love horror! This was fun to play along with them! Also careful! The child you're thinking of is Judith Barsi. She played Ducky in Land Before Time and also landed the role of Annemarie in All Dogs Go to heaven (this was a major part of my childhood and it broke my heart to lose her). The young actress in Poltergeist is a different child altogether ^-^

      1. Qu33n KyKy

        @Angela Walker yup. Two lovely girls who were both tough in some awful times. It honestly saddens me that their lives were shortened so early on. RIP to them both.

      2. Angela Walker

        True the child in the poltergeist died too she died during surgery due to intestinal stenosis

    39. Kendallscrazyvlogs

      Has anyone ever told Chelsea that she looks like Erin from the office

    40. Jhonny K.

      8:22 - Hahaha, he knows! 9:13 - WHAT?! If you think that´s "terrifying" you can´t even watch the "Flying Dutchmen" episode of spongebob :O There are a few scary scenes but this movies hella funny :D I watched it at least 8 times and it came out 15 years atfer I was born :D 9:41 - Never knew that was a reference but I still guessed "The Fly" even if I haven´t seen this movie :O Yeah sometimes I´m good :D

    41. Jhonny K.

      8:22 - Hahaha, he knows! 9:13 - WHAT?! If you think that´s "terrifying" you can´t even watch the "Flying Dutchman" episode of Spongebob :O There are a few scary scenes but this movie is hella funny!! Watched it at least 8 times and I was born 15 years after it came out :D:D Legendary movie! 9:42 - Never knew that was a reference but I guessed "The Fly" even if I haven´t seen this movie. Yeah sometimes I´m good :D:D

    42. Blossom kitty

      I thought the reference at 4:12 was return to Oz

      1. T A

        Blossom kitty why

    43. Janessa Pena

      Man I watched up to 7 Minutes and gave up I got to scared

    44. Gini Roo

      Poltergeist girl didn’t play ducky. She played annmarie ( I think that was the name) from all dogs go to heaven and ducky.

    45. Dylan Vu

      I don’t know why the actual horror movies are always real life

      1. _.티아나._

        Well the most of them are based on a true story

    46. Kiki Riggle

      So uh, two things, one it’s probably because I was second hand watching the real horror movie clips, but I didn’t think any of them were scary, and two, I watched the shining, and I don’t think it’s scary at I broken?

    47. Savannah Allen

      I can't watch horror movies

    48. Savannah Allen


      1. Blossom kitty

        U said do not too

    49. Shaun Higgins

      Also Basement Jaxx referenced body snatchers for their music video "Where's your head at?"

    50. Maluni 2

      I love Danny... "i see this movie more of a christmas movie, then a horror movie".

    51. Moises Caled

      I like toris hair

    52. Skylar Funk

      I'm 10 and I'm not scared of momo

      1. RCDS LifeStyle

        Ok and ...?

      2. Livid4slimes

        You mean Uncle Frank?

      3. KinLing 11

        What about ghost standing next to you when you're sleeping

      4. Carlos Lew

        Skylar Funk and we're so happy

    53. The LEGO Doctor

      I got them all right exept for the last one. I thought it was representing the dogs standing outside of the factory in "A Nightmare On Elm Street 2"

    54. Mega Molina

      When I watched this something fell of my tallboy 😰

    55. baylee walker

      Ok boomer

    56. peedunky

      danny, you're also the winner of my heart 😍

    57. wwk msp

      shar the whole time is a mood 🤣.

    58. NF is the GOAT

      you’re probably wondering why this comments at the top

      1. RCDS LifeStyle

        It’s not

      2. OsibGaming

        Well they pinned their own comment sooooo.....

    59. dani gomez

      Wtf here’s Johnny!

      1. Weston Clarke


    60. Karina Fabila

      Are Alberto and Tori siblings?

    61. Moretti Davis


    62. Taijean Moodie

      TORI looking like Wendy's sister.

    63. Sociopaths Are Acceptable

      Follow comrade.christian on Instagram

    64. usuiii

      If you like horror ⬇️ pls dont hate

    65. kk queen


    66. xavier leon I can make a promise I can make plan

      1. Mr. Fork Guy

        @xavier leon perfectly good reason

      2. xavier leon

        @Mr. Fork Guy to be honest I don't even know

      3. Mr. Fork Guy

        why would you put that here

    67. XxboundtitanxX

      Except for the fly one

      1. xavier leon

    68. XxboundtitanxX

      I do watch too much horror stuff yep

      1. xavier leon

    69. XxboundtitanxX

      To be honest I’m pretty young and I knew all of them

      1. Bren The man gaming


      2. Clairissa fix

        XxboundtitanxX same

      3. xavier leon

    70. payton rhino girl rhino girl

      My fav of on was the shing refresh and I'm 9 and i know that

      1. Physical Hardware


      2. payton rhino girl rhino girl

        @Physical Hardware yA

      3. payton rhino girl rhino girl

        Yes lol

      4. payton rhino girl rhino girl

        @Physical Hardware no shin

      5. Physical Hardware