Half-Life: Alyx Announcement Trailer



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    Return to Half-Life in VR, March 2020.
    Available for pre-purchase on Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/546560/HalfLife_Alyx/
    Set between the events of Half-Life and Half-Life 2, Half-Life: Alyx is a new full-length game built from the ground up by Valve for virtual reality.

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    1. YouTube Is Life

      Yeah , no , this is not what we want

    2. taxmuppett

      Defiantly believe half life 3 is coming now!

    3. WaffleConeMan

      i mean this is cool and all but like *where is the third one*

    4. Ainsley Ross

      2019: I don’t see any decent games on VR so what’s the point buying them. 2020: I NEED IT I NEEEEEEED ITTTT!!!!

    5. LostGuerra

      Now I wish I had the money for a vive.

    6. Fuzze

      im confused, how is DeSinc gonna bhop now?

    7. APL 13

      Anyone else notice the Scout in the bottom left corner at 1:01?

    8. Eric Schuster

      Look how massacred my boy...

    9. MicHaeL MonStaR

      Hopefully this will be a foot in the door towards all "parts 3" of the Valve-games. - I mean, perhaps they really ARE quietly working on their franchises, but this Half-Life spin-off is to test the waters, seemingly with a new engine as well. - Now they can see how much people still want more games from them and perhaps work from there. - Unless, of course, they just want to push their VR-set and keep doing more VR. - I'm not against VR, but I don't and won't own a set for a while. - Also; Why do a VR-game if you can just do a game without all that work on top of it?... Also; Why no "regular" version of this spin-off?... They're leaving out a huge amount of customers this way.

    10. Wiedzemir

      Those over-hyped VR kits aren't selling, eh, Valve?

    11. Kelly A.

      I knew there was hope for a third game!!!!😍😍😍😍

    12. realjhackz

      10/10 -me in march 2020

    13. Silberx66

      About time

    14. T. Lee

      well at least we got a HL2 remaster

    15. Yorick Giese

      This new Rayman game looks awesome

    16. Zero

      Whats surprising are these comments... Theres no way the majority of people own a gaming rig capable of running VR, the set to run this or the gd room to play it. Paid bot comments??????

    17. Nick Landry

      Why is there a random scene of her putting a cup on a holographic map?

    18. Games For Dummies

      It's not Half-Life 3, but I'll take it

    19. DraygonBlade

      so.. it's half life 3, but it's not actually half life 3.

    20. ElMisteRPrO - Gameplays y mas

      Somebody explains me: ¿why valve lost the time doing this an not start with half life 3?

    21. Enki Merlin

      vr only?

    22. Uncreative Name

      Saying vr bad is a reason to reconsider life choices kids

    23. Ben Loehr

      Half-life 3 confirmed memes are now dead

    24. Frol Gi

      Поскольку сурс простой как палка, мододелы её портируют уже через месяц после релиза на клава-мышь.

    25. SkitzMACHINE


    26. Nig Nog


    27. Michael Jackz

      No gordon? No half life 3 but a feminism half life? No thanks.

    28. qRunT

      Halflife 2.5 but alyx edition

    29. Depopa

      why does everything have to be in vr, does it look like i own vr? PepeHands

    30. No Thing

      Looks amazing, well time to buy a VR headset.

    31. hawciu

      this... looks like a bad game


      Now we have to wait for hl4 unless this is not really hl3

    33. Soulvrak

      I'm all erect for that new G-Man model

    34. Halp Mih

      And to this day, Gaben can't still count to 3.

    35. anonymous1hahaa

      well, i just hope it wasnt done half assed!

    36. Carlos Isaias Ruiz

      El Chavo del Ocho 0:38

    37. wojtekpolska

      Now every VR game will drop in sales for like a month, but then their games will skyrocket cause everyone have VR headset now cause they wanted HL3

    38. Kawan GameplayBr

      Oooooooooooooooooo my gooood de pois deus 9 ou o 10 anos de pois vao lancar um half life novo em vr ;-; que coisa nha?

    39. Dylan Saxon

      Will this be playable in non VR?

    40. Anderson Ribeiro


    41. Lib

      This may not be half life 3 but I’ll like to think it is

    42. Morbus Gravis

      Another highly scripted VR (and probably short) game to appease only a small percent of players that actually have VR headsets? Why all hype for this? Is Valve losing sales and market share to Epic Games? At least I hope this could be the indicator that a decent and real HL is in the works...

    43. Confused.

      Damn when I saw the G-Man I was like woah

    44. newsonomamashine

      Sorry valve, but this is not gonna make me buy a vr headset. I hant a normal half life game.

    45. Jack


      1. Jack

        shit I forgot I need vr for this, welp

    46. New Blue

      You bitch. You slimy bitch. This is like the VR version of Artifact, except even less people can play it.

    47. Papa Gino Papa

      It’s happening boys

    48. BH Prototyping

      Epic Games: We have cool new exclusives. Valve: Ok. we have Half life 3 and Halo.

    49. Heartwell Roots

      they're not retconning freeman, are they?

    50. Frozen 4

      Wait a second.. mmmm... I'm thinking to buy a VR for the first time! That's different level for VR. Really, looks awesome!

    51. lazarus carroll

      Half life 3 is real life

    52. Isavirs

      Finally. It's been 12 years, Gabe.

    53. Explosive Kippo

      Honestly never saw this coming, despite it being VR, its still an advance in the series. and I am very happy with that.

    54. Milos Kecojevic

      Half-life 3 confirmed

    55. Markus

      Guys, let us appreciate the fact that Valve finally made some fresh content with the Half-life franchise!!

    56. AlligatorBytes

      Half Life 3D

    57. JuicyJuice

      Rise and shine, Ms. Vance... ...rise and... shine...

    58. Jamesi

      Eli Vance has got to be the easiest person to capture I guess.

    59. Normal코Mapping립


    60. Fightman Jones

      Is that Rhys Darby's voice I hear?

    61. Matt S

      i really hope you guys incorporated Shepard from Opposing Force into this because I am still dying to know what tf happened with him.

    62. Xtended Reality

      Imagine Gman With That Look When Ur On Duh Toilet

    63. Гугл Говно

      I want to like a new Half-Life game so much, but "VR only" is a hype killer.

    64. Gustavo Santos

      "Kept you waiting, huh?" Sorry, wrong subreddit.

    65. Wewlius Evola

      Half Life 3 confirmed?

    66. 1un4cy

      Old game returns. Old library... returns?

    67. BloodBiscuitTV

      Why does Eli Vance look like Goldie?

    68. Евгений Коренсков

      G-man taunts who don't have VR.

    69. Domino 64

      I've been waiting for this for so effing long. The Orange Box and Portal 2 were my childhood! I remember when Portal 2 came out, 9 year old me was so excited

    70. Medimedes Berd

      This 2020 is gonna get wild... But i believe we will be half way there.