Hans Zimmer & Alan Walker - Time (Official Remix)

Alan Walker

Alan Walker

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    Walkers! I’m beyond excited to share this video with you. Collaborating with Hans Zimmer on this release has been an out-of-body experience on a whole different level. Everyone who knows me, knows that I’m a huge fan of his work, and it has played a big part of my musical journey. Especially “Time,” which is probably my favorite song ever. Plus it marks the 10th anniversary for Inception this year too. I’m as grateful as I can possibly be for this opportunity!
    Making this music video during a world that’s on lockdown, provided some obvious challenges. However, we decided to use that to our advantage, and I really hope you like the result. Let me know what you think in the comment section below!
    - Alan Walker
    Check out the song here: walkerxzimmer.lnk.to/TimeFA!AW
    More about Hans Zimmer: www.hanszimmerlive.com/
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    Director: Kristian Berg
    Producer: Mikkel Gulliksen
    Production Coordiantor: Hans Henrik Treidene
    DoP: Jakob Ingimundarson
    Focus Puller: Philip Borgli
    1st AC: Trude Bratlie
    Prop master: Kristian Vestby, Mari Eriksen
    Gaffer: Doan Nguyen
    Lighting Assistant: Isak Jenssen
    Styling: Imane Istaleb
    Drone: Reiel Lien
    Drone: Paal Odden
    Projection - Norway: Markus Pereira Bakken
    Makeup - Oslo: Anniken Aarvik
    Makeup - Lindesnes: Lea Johansen
    Makeup assistant: Hanne Kathrine Iversen
    Editor: Mads Neset
    PA: Daniel Karlsen
    PA: Eivind Resaland
    PA: Susanne Pettersen
    Musical Director: James Daniel Njie Eriksen
    Backline Technician: Nikolaj Gloppen
    Underwater photographer: Kjetil Astrup
    Safety Diver: Asbjørn N. Hoaas
    Cinematographer: Andrew David Watson
    1st AC: Gabriel Pimenta
    Projection Mapping: Wizard Studios
    Producer (Wizard Studios): Shawn Cooper
    Producer (Wizard Studios): AJ Raposo
    Cinematographer: Josh White
    Gimbal Operator: Stephan Knight
    1st AC: Craig Longman
    Projection Mapping: Motion Mapping
    Producer (Motion Mapping): Stuart Harris
    Technician: Derek Scott
    Cinematographer: Zoltan Halmagyi
    1st AC
    Projection Mapping: Freelusion
    Producer (Freelusion): Gabor Papp
    Producer (Freelusion): Balazs Gyongyosi
    Artistic Director: Timea Papp
    Lead Technician: David Torok
    Technician: Kristof Gyongyosi
    Technician: Tamas Torok
    Lead Graphic Designer: Adam Herczeg
    Graphic Designer: David Kis
    Graphic Designer: Viktor Varadi
    Drone (Kraft Budapest): Peter Grull
    Drone (Kraft Budapest): Jannis Jorgopulos
    Drone (Kraft Budapest): András Derzsy
    Editor: Mads Neset
    Grade: Sander van Wijk
    Lead VFX: Wirat Johannessen
    Online / Flame Artist Sascha Schmidt
    Online / Flame Artist Haavard Albertsen
    Walker - Oslo: Julia Brovold
    Walker - Oslo : Godriver Sindayigaya
    Walker - Oslo: Max Ali
    Walker - Oslo: Ketiel Tafasa
    Walker - Oslo: Anna Rosenlund
    Walker - Oslo: Vebjørn Skovli Berg
    Walker - Oslo: Kevin Ingvarsson
    Extra on balcony: Kristine Holmøy
    Extra on balcony: Bendik Andersen
    Extra on balcony: Emanuel Waal
    Mother: Camilla Kløgetvedt
    Daughter: Malin Kløgetvedt
    Walker - Budapest: Sandor Kurucz
    Walker - Budapest: Oliver Papp
    Walker - Budapest: Gergő Dinnyés
    Walker - Budapest: Bence Papp
    Walker - Budapest: Timea Papp
    Walker - London: Sandra Szpytko
    Walker - London: Mads Bladtkramer
    Walker - London: Thomas Durrant

    Special thanks to Oslo Film Commission, Under, BVA Budapest City Brnanding Nonprofit Ltd., Csaba Faix, Vanda Todor and all the extras!

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      What else comes from such a great EDM DJ and music producer and such a great film composer, arranger and music producer? More please! Almost endless loop if you want to let yourself go soulfully in this song. It would very much like to drop me soulfully in it, only the song is too short. For me, the two are a dream team.

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