Here's How YOU Can Help Find a Cure for COVID-19!

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    We show you how you can setup Folding@Home, a distributed computation project that allows you to donate your computer's processing power to help model protein dynamics to combat diseases like Parkinsons, Cancer, Huntingtons, and most importantly, COVID-19.
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    1. Nicholas Dubois

      I'm downloading folding at home when I get home later, this sounds awesome!

      1. tired shinigami

        well im in home quarentine mid nowhere with no land line or reception so like sorry i cant help lol

      2. Joseph N

        @R T You sound quite pessimistic. Why?

      3. Bryan

        matrixfull was covid not being a drop down option ever solved?

      4. Joshua Long

        I have never seen my own cpu run this hard!

      5. y2kenh

        i see the linus1 server online!

    2. FeigerNazi

      why would I want to give away money for my electricity bill if instead I can just wait until some other idiots did so and simply profit from their results they have generated by their generousity lateron?! Hey, I`m not stupid, why pay for something which I will eventually get for free! EVERYbody should follow my example so we all together would have things just for free! Actually at least I cannot find a flaw in my way of concerns....!?

    3. mvp AXEL

      Yes ! I m doing for all as LTT team .... Its a awsm project to help everyone.

      1. mvp AXEL

        💙 From INDIA

    4. Marko Vukovic

      Great initiative. Anybody tried it on Server core?

    5. Thenas88

      why isn't this hooked up to some sort of crypto mining? bet a whole lot of people would do this if nothing else to earn cash. and everyone would profit of their work and the power they consumed wouldn't just be squandered. it'd be a win win win situation.

    6. Don E.

      Told my Dad about this and he claimed it was a scam. Told him EXACTLY what it did, and he thought they could hack into my computer and steal our information. Absolutely love when people fail to understand what technology can really do

    7. Thomas Matzat

      Back in the day a company I worked for had all of the screensavers configured for SETI@Home. Hoping some forward thinking IT people do the same with Folding@Home. Set up an unused laptop after watching this video. 21115 points to LTT so far. How much of the 143,000,000,000+ points is just from your monster rig, Linus? :-)

    8. Onxs MonsiM

      Onxs MonsiM joined the game

    9. Frank Lowe

      825,377 go to Team LinusTechTips_Team's

    10. Britishpete207

      So I have a question. In another video you covered about GPU were made solely for bitcoin mining. As you can not use this GPU in everyday PC and going to get thrown away. If there a way to buy this GPU and have them used for Folding@home? If so I am very interested in buying a couple and set up a monster PC that just Folding@home.

    11. Frosty

      linus: we happen to have a 10GB/s internet connection my 100kb/s connection: dont look at me

    12. James Collins

      Old Dell T310 w X3470 running and dedicated.

    13. Fleksimir

      "we found a little machine that wasn't really doing anything" -proceeds to hides behind a fridge sized PC

    14. Kenneth Rosenstroem

      Your wrong Linus, it's NOT Covid-19, real name is: SARS-CoV-2 = LOOK IT UP

      1. Kenneth Rosenstroem

    15. Josh Zacharias

      Downloaded and folding. Lol should have called this video "why PC is better than consoles"

    16. Saeid Poordelir

      I've been donating since 2002 and I am proud for sharing my powerful workstation with FAH from the beginning of this. Let's go. If not now, then when?

    17. Let't Play Pogotowie Komputerowe Wałcz i Okolice.

      Got my FX-8320/rx470 and PhenomII965/R7, just on board to UNB Team: #247734

    18. Eneko Prins

      Just joined the team! Another 9900k + 1080Ti working... Go Team LTT!!

    19. Matthew Pantig

      Leaving a comment so the YT algorithm detects activity and recommends this to more people. Ctrl-C Ctrl V this message.

    20. Christopher Staples

      sorry, fahcontrol depends on python-gnome2; however: Package python-gnome2 is not available, the package has been obsoleted, they need to upgrade we use Python3 only nowadays ...

    21. a

      how's this compare with boinc?

    22. Xehemoth

      Dear god man, dont say you can cure cancer using computers. literally 100% of the people who found the cure to cancer died within days of saying so.

    23. 旺旺里德

      Is any free power or can nvida gave cheap discount for new gpu,if they can I will help 🤔

    24. David Lewis

      Ive downloaded this and im about to setup another PC to do this as well

    25. avattz

      Hello Team 37726, my old friend...

    26. Alvaro Cardoso

      Did anything got solved with this folding effort in all these years by people and hardware of all over the planet?

    27. Carson Marshall


    28. xinzhaooo

      Great job! We need more people like you to use your platform and spread the word about this! Another reputable program is BOINC - Rosetta@home project.

    29. Bezerrando


    30. Gilberto Torres

      cmon bois, we've gotta keep this youtube algorithm goiing

    31. Classical Rips

      I can't get any folding assignments, but I have 2 CPU's and 2 GPU's ready and waiting for when some are available

    32. Anthony Martin

      I think you can successfully say you are the top folding team now. Even folding faster than default.

    33. TP89

      love u guys

    34. Eric Long

      on your team with a OC 2080Ti and I9-9900K

    35. J L

      Can I use a Chromebook

    36. Multivex

      How does it decide when my PC is idle? I set it to idle but it seems to always think my PC isnt idle

      1. Classical Rips

        It checks every 15 minutes to see if you've touched your mouse or keyboard

    37. Jonnathan R

      Is the audio weird? is it just me?

    38. Andynonymous

      Dude can I haz all this titans???? peas?

    39. Karthig1987

      Is boinc still a thing? I remember LTT had 2 teams in the past.

    40. Paul Bean

      guys I have a weak ass PC, a dell optiplex 780 w 10 GB of ram and a core 2 duo, no graphics card. I want to use it for emulation but would this be a decent use as well, or is it to weak to provide any help to the cause

    41. Big Bro

      Folding at home used to be available on playstation 3 as well, i'm not sure if it still is though.

    42. Inspirational Goosebumps

      11:06 What if Linus reflection on the left turns around and stares at him ?

    43. tiny rampage

      "we found a LITTLE machine"

    44. Patrick Willmann

      Got my weak-ass i7 860 folding for LTT. Awesome video!

    45. Raka

      Please, if you do not have a decent dedicated graphics card, DO NOT FOLD right now. There are big wait times for projects because so many people with hodunk put-put computers and laptops are hogging projects, and their systems take several hours to days to complete a project, as opposed to 1-2 hours or less with good GPU's. When there was no wait time previously, it was true that everyone could help, but now those people are slowing down research.

    46. Nick C

      Linus, please STOP pointing at things with that metal tool! It gives me anxiety :)

    47. x86

      Nice job, and now the internet provider for this pandemic period should offer 100GB down/up fiber to linus for free. You have my respect .. but please don t show your electric bill after 1 month:).

    48. Martin Liu

      I'm folding on a laptop. RIP laptop.

    49. doctoramg

      Who is going to pay for this

    50. cstrikes0urce

      you've become rather annoying this year, take a chill pill on the content and wait for tech to be announced

    51. 29110sc

      is the 2060 that's a TU-104 (rtx 2080 but cut down) that is faster in blender, also faster for folding than a normal 2060?

    52. Jean-Francois Gagnier

      How are you doing on the project of helping folding at home by using your Bandwith? I need to fold!! lol

    53. sukirai valencia

      Good work, looking forward to the next video to help cure covid-19

    54. Swift Bow

      So much for social distancing for you guys in this video.

    55. el solo

      Can I have that cpu when you're done with it?

    56. CrafterJunkie

      I joined! Im folding for LTT now!

    57. BixbyConsequence

      Hadn't run Rosetta@home in 6 years, but it only took a couple of minutes and they still remembered my stats. Most of the tasks seem COVID-19 related.

    58. Bush Master Flash

      Now if you could get this to run on cell phones as well..............

    59. damysticalone87

      More importantly and the most important 4sure right here: Check that out, sort by "Newest first":

    60. damysticalone87

      Watching at your great build, I see 3 improvements, which would improve the performance by 40-70% (at least by 20% 4sure). But those 3 improvements I would try first of all for myself, if I had the money.

    61. Max Bainrot

      I have my old gaming pc running it now :) and working on trying to get my problem child AMD card working in another PC too, Wish there was a way of having stuff power up when there are work units available, I have a proliant G3 that's setup for hypervising so happy to stand up even moar compute **edit** but it's noisy AF so I don't want it running if there aren't any workloads available

    62. IamCoalfoot

      My landlord is kinda sticky about power usage, or else I'd probably be doing this. Still cool to see so many people joining in, even if I can't.

    63. TTV_misT_ thirsT

      So I was wondering if I can have that perfect cure to covid 19 please stay

    64. Tea Burn

      LTT is 100% an essential service in the fight to end the CCP Virus.

    65. Peter Teehan

      Im going to talk to my Sever Admin to see if we can run this with our company infrastructure. We sit idle between 1am and 7am MST. 6 solid hours that we Fold for a cure! Ty Linus!

    66. Goodwiil

      But can it run CRYSIS?

    67. Coluurs

      Anyone else get random crashes when using FAH?

    68. Esergy

      Tobias Kratzmann

    69. Esergy

      Added to it guys

    70. Raaampage

      I know @home projects for a long time, just tried to use it back again, but I can't set it on full power my cpu's temperature goes crazy like 75°C I'm pretty sure it'd have gone much higher if I didn't stop it :/