Hermitcraft 6: Episode 76 - NEW HERMIT GAME



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    Hermitcraft 6: Episode 76 - NEW HERMIT GAME grian has made a new game of tag.. except its not tag at all.. it's a... potato? The hermitcraft build off continues and mumbo goes afk again..

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    1. Jakejdjmdj Heuahdhejehjen

      10:24 I hate stained glass Vid in best house materials: stained glass is so much better than normal glass!!!!!

    2. sentrenade

      Grian truly is a menace that should not be stopped

    3. Jammey Dodger

      Finish your base

    4. Marycarmen Martinez

      In 8.57 someone pases you flying

    5. crazymanTURNT Baller

      Based on detail I woul say scar won

    6. crazymanTURNT Baller

      You should go taller make a blue dragon

    7. Miguel Monje

      Hola, mi nombre es Mumbo Jumbo y bienvenidos a otro episodio de Hermitcraft, temporada 6

    8. Blue Phoenix1357

      grian- makes build taller Iskall- ARE YOU CHALLENGING ME

    9. xprogamer 4321

      This is the most weird game of chess ever

    10. hat man

      Can you make a copy of the entire Earth year 2020?

    11. hat man

      Need to put that on the Hot Potato

    12. hat man

      Send the Hat Man thousands of real US dollars

    13. hat man

      Hot potato!

    14. feng feng

      prank alert

    15. That Logan

      Put a sword in the dragon

    16. Lincoln WILSON

      Grian should have put *Give Grian All Your Diamonds* And if he messed up he would give them 2 diamonds

    17. DarknYT

      Villagers : Ah. Our village, just a normal day nothing will happen. The Entire HermitCraft Server : Let's change up the village and make an entire build off and lose all the villagers!

    18. DayBreak The Lightwing

      What people think blind people see: *pic of nothingness * What blind people actually see: 21:31

    19. Foregoing

      Where did u get 10 diamonds

    20. melonboy melonboy

      Put u riding the dragon

    21. Alex Prim

      Grian I know I’m late but fire vaperates water and a cloud is made of water

    22. A. 1302A

      I speak almost 4 languages... I think I would be perfect to get that first hp 😁

    23. Dannyredninja

      *Later in le series* All comments: grian! Someone *_ATE_* the potatoe! Edit: this is a recomment because a friend deleted it

    24. Asgeir Myklebust

      10:00 what did he say?

    25. skrubboy 06

      We need to animate the build battle

    26. Yaz Random

      do a dragon rider

    27. Pepperoni Pizza

      You could have made a nest with a ender dragon egg

    28. Duncan 124


    29. McQueen The Miner

      Stood toile with scar just flew next to you at 8:57

    30. Oliver McCoy

      Keystone your own diamonds accessing no you didn't tell you that humor videos when you go against Green you green the other persons in chartres Street and the they say they are here means the XE that are here they say they want to win the Bella and you say no okay ocean Sea ocean City giant sea turtle hi

      1. jo momma


    31. Theodore-Wilson gaming

      Who else was yelling at the screen “tilt the head up and make a bunch of flames “

    32. 「 Floek 」

      I knew you would win!!

    33. tasbih and ayaat tv

      Can you make a gojira tower

    34. Hirotism_

      at this point it's grian v scar 😂

    35. YvonneLuvDucks

      Lol The dabbing penguin made me laugh

    36. Eli Snyder

      Grian makes Simpson’s joke and then quietly giggles at own joke

    37. Ryan Boon

      What's not normal, is the giant dabbing penguin -Grian 2019

    38. Creeper Explosion

      How grian could win the tallest house: - make the dragon fire a fireball and set scars and iskalls build on fire

    39. noten10 AJ

      8:57 scar: I see you grian. I see what you're doing...

    40. Conner RK800

      I like waiting for lots of new videos and then expecting something.

    41. ItsMaxine Graal

      19:04 - Hmmmm..... Grian... Why do you have a chicken🐔 head?

    42. DracoRen

      hermitbank person: grian how many diamonds do you need to loan? grian: yes

    43. MelonSans

      You can disperse the cloud with a fireball

      1. MelonSans

        Nvm it wont work on that cloid now.

    44. Joe Mysic

      This is just so fucking cool

    45. Bricks by the Bit

      Do a dragon on a mumbo jumbo jet

    46. Fire Master

      Wat nu morz tag I'm unsubing

    47. ツgynx

      Make big potato

    48. Eddie Leech

      What happened to Sherlock Grian?

    49. Kenshin c Padron

      What about three headed dragon and a floating giant egg and a fire shield.

    50. Paige Beach

      Make another build off somewhere! It will be AMAZIING!

    51. Giovanni Vladimir Torres Valdez

      Put the wings facing up

    52. Joshua McIllece

      Right when we thought tag was enough.... Good job Grian....

    53. EvilKittyPlayz Minecraft

      6 HITS

    54. Xavi Ksaus

      You should have made a knight riding de dragon

    55. team Runnerz

      Make the dragon breath fire in a cone shape so the fire goes up a little bit

    56. Kian GALLAGHER

      Why didn't you send the cannon ball at the wooden part of the flag so the flag would fall?

    57. INFERNO

      Poultry mans mask in grian s ender chest Hmmmm

    58. galactic cookie

      Add a baby dragon

    59. Cameron Fisher

      put a mini dragon on the big dragon

    60. The Ultimate Smash Bros.

      tag on steroids?

    61. NightWolf 11

      I have an idea what you could do: Become Sherlock Grian or "call" The poutry man for a bit of action😁

    62. Isabella Carpenter

      Maybe just build down to bedrock??

    63. Clayton Beaty

      i am going to add with what you should put on the dragon, merlin the greatest sourcerer to ever live

    64. Draw Withe Garrett Animations

      That was actually 6 hits

    65. maryannabannana

      I really like your videos Grian!

    66. DiamondC - Gaming

      Grian: I wouldn’t want to do my intro in another language. Me: *speaks in Filipino* kung kailangan mo ng tulong, alam mo kung saan ako hahanapin. (If you need help, you know where to find me.)

    67. Rasmus Hansen

      Grian shoud make a dragon egg

    68. Michael Grover


    69. Lorenzo Doom

      Cmon iskall pick your build style

    70. SomeRandomGuy

      For the build off. I would’ve built a big wood plant pole to build height behind a tall build