Hermitcraft 7: Episode 46 - IT’S FINISHED!

Mumbo Jumbo

Mumbo Jumbo

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    Visit www.audible.com/Mumbo or text mumbo to 500-500.
    And a big thank you to Audible for sponsoring this Hermitcraft episode.
    In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 7, Mumbo finishes the ODEA mega store, Finishes the Mumbo Mega Base automatic sorting system, and does some UNO REVERSE Hermit challenges with Iskall. Grian pranked us with some awful ones!
    ODEA WEBSITE: odea.store/
    TINY TIMELAPSE: de-news.net/online/video-SVOsWbsHYDQ.html
    Filming channel: de-news.net/client-ThatMumboJumbo2
    Instagram: instagram.com/officialmumbo/
    Twitter: twitter.com/ThatMumboJumbo

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    1. Mumbo Jumbo

      Visit www.audible.com/Mumbo or text mumbo to 500-500. And a big thank you to Audible for sponsoring this Hermitcraft episode

      1. The Great Papyrus!

        I didnt even focus on the timelapse, but rather the remix!

      2. Jesse MM

        The Witcher series by Sara Clancy is so go

      3. Ezra

        base idea name idea its kinda lame but heart of the jungle since ur base has a heart yknow

      4. Bruce Marsh

        I had forgotten to hit like, until you started singing at the end. DE-news Challenges!!! Sing your next Audible ad! 😄

      5. Jun Gam

        Timy timy timy timelapse timy timy timy timlapse

    2. Jonas Garcia


    3. Kosie

      Glad you're getting sponsors :) good job I hope you're living good

    4. Samuel Trainor

      Basey McBase Face ??

    5. Unspoken Gaming

      Tiny tiny tiny tiny timelapse

    6. DerpyBear12


    7. H3lp

      I know you like cars so maybe CLARKSON!!?

    8. Julpanda

      thank you for the pop ut trapporna very good 5 stars

    9. 007fox

      Lil mumbo jombo

    10. Maxwell Williams

      So how many Vicky simps are there in the mumbo fan base?

    11. szymon mochort

      Tiny timelapse is SO catchy!

    12. szymon mochort

      de-news.net/online/video-cOmgslHwgpc.html Grian what were you doing???

    13. Pheonix Fire

      Who else is gonna watch his satisfying redstone tutorials on the website

    14. Skully Sanis


    15. Dharmesh Pradhan

      Show how to build your latest super smelter and storage silos

    16. Berrie _Chan

      I’m only commenting to call attention to this post: “Base name: Ancient Living Futuristic Ruin Encircled by Ditch, or A.L.F.R.E.D.” -w0t3rdog

    17. Sawyer Morrow

      Let's reach for 10M subs!

    18. Sawyer Morrow

      Tiny, tiny, tinytinytimelapse, tiny, tiny, tinytinytimelapse

    19. Z Victor

      Your base should be named 12 bamboo

    20. CrazyJungleCat

      Either Alfred, or Harold

    21. CrazyJungleCat

      Brown dye is pretty annoying to collect.

    22. Coolhockey1002

      Am I the only one that thought the remix beat sounded like BoJack Horsemen’s theme song

    23. Giovanni 336

      I never skip the sponsorships just so I can admire the camera work

    24. Hamish Magill

      Basey McBase Face

    25. sir27 da gamer

      14:10 you should have made is montage of you saying every item as you put it in, like: red wool, yellow wool, stone, smooth stone half slabs, diamonds, goold, iron, pumpkins, wood, wood logs but you say is really quickly so its funny

    26. Pigeon

      i went to Odea.Store and i just got a ton of free manuals

    27. Pigeon

      Creeper in Odear: You spin me right 'round, baby, right 'round Like a record, baby, right 'round, 'round, 'round You spin me right 'round, baby, right 'round Like a record, baby, right 'round, 'round, 'round

    28. Topsyturvy10

      Call the base Chester

    29. Ann Benson

      Tiny Timelapse and Mumbo for Mayor should be released in a mini minecraft ep or album!!

    30. sebastian swayze


    31. Zarja Rojer

      I njoid the add

    32. Dawg Bull

      I can't be the only one that was straight vibing to the remix.

    33. bLaDe_ vlogs

      Call your base the almighty

    34. Rebellious Robot

      Biological And Redstone Ruin Base: B.A.R.R.B

    35. Rebellious Robot

      2:01 SPEEN.

    36. PartialClover 12

      So where’s the remix if Mumbo singing?

    37. blaz3

      the base should be named, "hermie"

    38. Awsomebomb 28

      The Mumbase

    39. Sauce Man

      tiny tiny time laps

    40. jenna kings

      That time lapse song is just... amazing

    41. grant welson

      So you would trade netherite blocks for ink sacks?

    42. Matthew Ziemba

      It should be called Spike!

    43. Maneck Bharucha

      14:10 tiny Timelapse Time

    44. George Fyles


    45. sebastian mez

      Gordon Ramsay

    46. jeverydk

      Its finish? No its swedish!

    47. King Bobbomb

      I've never laughed while watching a sponsor before now

    48. Grephoenix

      *reaches hand around the camera* 👍

    49. Bob Thelob


    50. Drisky Yt

      You should make a religion out of your face

    51. ALax Writer

      When Mumbo was running around looking for lilacs, I just wanted to scream "You only need one and some bonemeal!"

    52. Kacper Gaweł

      @Mumbo Jumbo Do a Monopoly Game using redstone

    53. sarj terry

      The base should be called lycra

    54. sarj terry


    55. Braden Phua

      0.24 commits elmo laugh

    56. Jackson Hoh

      Mumbo you know that Grian and FlorianFuke from Spark Squared basically have the same skin but Grian’s is red and Florian’s is light blue

    57. Olivia Powers

      “Tiny Tiny Tiny Time Lapse” This should be a song

    58. Tabby’s Arts and Animations

      The living Ruin

    59. QuesadElla :3

      It’s name should be Jeremy from smallishbeans

    60. Sylvia Shoemaker

      your bow durability....

    61. Kryptic-Dontee

      My guy link me dat tiny time laps remix.

    62. Ronill Wazlib

      Man's watching Breaking Bad, why does Mumbo being Walter and Grain being Jesse comes to my mind

    63. Oren Walsh

      Damn Mumbo, you should of done a wix sponsorship instead of audible.

    64. Dhanesh Abhipraya

      you actually make the website odea.store

    65. Magnus Niven

      honestly when mumbo is naming his red stone contraptions I feel like I'm having a stroke

    66. Zappe r

      4:32 deja vu

    67. CreeperInBlack

      This would have been a great sponsored video for a website building service

    68. Willow Morrissey

      You should name the base Gordon

    69. Jack Boyle