HIDE & SEEK but with HEROBRINE! (Minecraft)



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    We're playing Minecraft Hide & Seek but with Herobrine!
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    1. Muhamad Asmi

      Josh was the best!!!

    2. Kelly Franz

      Jelly was the best

    3. Liam Croney

      Josh was the best

    4. Farhat jahan MALLICK

      Slogo is best !!!

    5. Wyatt Cipra

      josh you or so cool

    6. Jamie Anne

      Sluggo man’s gonna be the best hider🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫🌫🥐🥯

    7. This is the L Fam

      Jelly was the best

    8. Kobe Miley Mallari

      All of them are the best

    9. DJ SJ

      Slogo is the best at 10:00

    10. Jianne Kate

      i like slogoman

    11. Tee Jay storybook reader

      It was jelly

    12. Cash Oliver

      The code for trainers treasure room is 1422

    13. Yasmin Parvez

      At using herobrine powers

    14. Yasmin Parvez

      Josh is the best

    15. Daryn Daryl


    16. Alvin Junio


    17. johankangas

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    18. Ishaan’s FIZZ

      JOSH WAS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    19. Hlutei Hlutei

      Josh was the best

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    21. Kala Rejoice

      What how are you playing as hero run

    22. Adrian Gonzalez


    23. Samantha Pallman

      You are the best 😍

    24. Ethan Park

      Slogs was the best

    25. taylarrarrieck

      Ummmm I'll slap that spider

    26. Niño Arellano

      josh was the best

    27. Kelsbells Barks


      1. Kelsbells Barks


    28. firdevs bayraktar

      herobrine ivibilitys laser lightning rain soul eater gravity punch scatter vortex glide crumble and TNT

    29. firdevs bayraktar

      josh is the best herobrine

    30. Amy Mcdowell

      Josh best

    31. angelou Sprinkle

      Go. Slogoman. The. Best

    32. angelou Sprinkle

      Go. Slogoman. The. Best

    33. mcadams

      3:36. Look at the tree where Josh was at the beginning and you will see jelly and Josh looks at jelly and pretends not to see him so that he could make more content . Funny Josh 😄😄😄

      1. Animelover 1278

        mcadams no you can’t

    34. Latife Haddad

      the best josh ever

    35. Connor Baldwin

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    43. DFPCraft

      "Vid starts"" 3 min later everything is on fire"

    44. chandana mood

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    45. Abdul Rehman

      and I'm happy that everyone did win this match I'm proud

    46. Abdul Rehman

      Josh was the best and he is best

    47. Stuart Anthony

      The best hair brine is you

    48. Rachael Fisher

      josh was the best

    49. Susan Alterman

      Jelly won!

    50. Jed Andrew Contic

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    51. I’m the boss Yo

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    52. Tiger's Marble Run

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    63. Gihan Karish

      I LOVE this vid sooo much 😊😊😊😊

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    67. Girlie Hilario

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    68. Nathan Moffat

      I've been watching your videos for years and they never get old I love your videos

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    70. Kim Bruce

      Josh is going to win