HIGHEST ROCKET WINS $10,000 (ft. Faze Rug)

Carter Sharer

Carter Sharer

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    Today Carter Sharer, Faze Rug, Lizzy Sharer, Hunter and Stove are competing in a challenge for the highest rocket wins $10,000. Each team will build 2 custom rockets. Some are soda rockets, Nasa rockets, water bottle rockets, and baking soda and vinegar rockets. The team who can launch the highest rocket win the $10,000 dollars cash money prize. This challenge was inspired by Dude Perfect. Will Faze Rug win this epic challenge? Who do you think will make the absolute best rocket ship? Comment #Money and #Rockets with who you think should win the epic grand prize of ten thousand dollars cash prize.
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    1. Carter Sharer

      Did anyone see glitches in the video? Also who loved this colab with FAZE RUG!!!??

      1. alam ayub

        I see glitches

      2. Epic Towers

        I did

      3. Sharryn Rhodes

        I had

      4. Aarav Sajwan

        Mine glitched

      5. Shirmen Granadel

        You win

    2. Ash Bergstrom


    3. Ash Bergstrom


    4. Ash Bergstrom


    5. Devan Bromery

      Project zorgo is after carter

    6. Finz_Gaming

      The glitches made my eyes weird

    7. Vickey Fenton


    8. Akbar Khan

      Yes I saw gliges

    9. Vineetha C R

      If you saw glitches like Thats a way to earn likes on a comment

    10. Nisat Giasuddin


    11. Johnlucas Tollison

      Yeah me 2

    12. Drako Ball

      Markiplier did you piant your pink mustache Orange

    13. Siuli Lilio


    14. Gucci boy

      It was a glich

    15. Kid Perfect

      Was it just me or was there like 1mil glitches

    16. Assault Trooper

      Me too

    17. alex hignight

      Half Carter and half lizzy

    18. elie makdessi

      What is this camera

    19. Gamertyui 98

      Was anybody video goicking

    20. Mya Yang

      I did

    21. king tez lit


    22. Xman Games

      # stove


      Those glitches were weird they were fast flashes of the contestants and Liz and carter together

    24. Cindy Bravo


    25. Brian Chen

      I think

    26. Lonnie Craig

      Oh No I'm Getting Hacked

    27. Brian Chen

      Lizzy lost

    28. Pjgamer 52

      The glitch made me think that my tablet was broken But I looked at the comments and I was releft that my tablet was not broken

    29. Ian Reasonover


    30. Easton MacLean

      ya there was lots of glichtes

    31. Carlos Bena


    32. dj Garcia

      i saw no glitches

    33. rody games tv

      Team stash is winning

    34. Christopher Wood


    35. Christopher Wood

      Why is it glichy

    36. John Dave Padolina

      Ihate this video too many glitches



    38. loser and the case for the company jjkkfghudf

      I rerry love your own chiinel and I talk Canadian because I am Canadian

    39. SSS Group


    40. rahaf ali

      I think Carter is 2nd

    41. Tamer Kawass

      And me too I thought my I pad was broken

    42. Tamer Kawass

      Yes I saw many glitches

    43. Iris De Jesus

      Project zorgo

    44. Liivika Lindepuu

      The vid

    45. David Saggeth

      Carter sharer

    46. FoRTnItE KiNG


    47. Mariano Marcuzzi

      It’s glitching

    48. Tay2 limey


    49. Melissa Howard

      # stove

    50. Tai Jones

      Teamwork is going to win because he’s better than you

    51. Tai Jones


    52. Carlos Aguilar

      I saw glitches but I don't think it's project zorgo

    53. Sawyer Sudik

      i saw sum glitches on the video

    54. Keaton Anderson


    55. Flame King

      Your video is hacking by project zorgo

    56. Gamer freddy and gamer unicorn unicorn

      faze rug and lizzy