HIGHEST ROCKET WINS $10,000 (ft. Faze Rug)

Carter Sharer

Carter Sharer

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    Today Carter Sharer, Faze Rug, Lizzy Sharer, Hunter and Stove are competing in a challenge for the highest rocket wins $10,000. Each team will build 2 custom rockets. Some are soda rockets, Nasa rockets, water bottle rockets, and baking soda and vinegar rockets. The team who can launch the highest rocket win the $10,000 dollars cash money prize. This challenge was inspired by Dude Perfect. Will Faze Rug win this epic challenge? Who do you think will make the absolute best rocket ship? Comment #Money and #Rockets with who you think should win the epic grand prize of ten thousand dollars cash prize.
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    1. Carter Sharer

      Did anyone see glitches in the video? Also who loved this colab with FAZE RUG!!!??

      1. reillysienna

        I saw a glitch

      2. Angelique Daniel

        I did I was first to comment

      3. Waylon77777777777777

        9:39 it’s a glitch

      4. TBONE TUCK

        Carter Sharer yes there were glitches

      5. G Money

        Definitely saw the lag

    2. Pebble Big


    3. Joseph Mangaser

      I Can make a soda rocket that can smash all of your soda rockets because I know the trick HAAAAAA HAAAAAA HAAAAAA HAAAAAA!!!!!

    4. Zeid Bou hassoun

      It is so lagy your cam fix it plz

    5. pm macks

      I thought the worlds going to glitch

    6. Patty Olaguez


    7. Melody Morales

      There was glitches

    8. Hunter Gick

      The stash made the rocket off course, he would’ve got higher 👍👌

    9. Lemaire Brown tv

      #faze rug

    10. Gammer Winner76 Pro

      Why did the camera glitch so much?

    11. sharksterplayz

      Stash will win or lizzy

    12. TommyKiller07. Alt

      Everything was glitching

    13. Brigid Mibei


    14. Nicole Ferreira

      The glich needs to stop

    15. Charlie Howells

      Like if camera was glitching

    16. Shahd Nofal

      At 9:e9 something weird happened to the screen

    17. Nicole Ferreira


    18. Kenny Taylor


    19. Ruben brown


    20. Allan Villanueva

      #LIZZY you are may feyburet

    21. Mustafa Abbad

      Me to I think that my phone is broken

    22. Mustafa Abbad

      I see so much

    23. Χρηστος Νανακος

      I was thing my tablet broke

    24. Nash T.G

      I though my tablet broke and start glitching

    25. Oliver Kickl


    26. Jett Dyble


    27. Casey Hosking


    28. Ana ana


    29. December Mendoza

      What is happening with the screen

    30. Lacey Assavedo

      Carter you didn't work hard all you had to do was put soda in a rocket ship you didn't work hard now shut it up 😡

    31. Gacha Lover

      I did see gliches

    32. Justin Andrew Sercena

      it made me think someone was hacking

    33. Diamond Gamer PH

      What's happening to your camera Carter? It's Glitching and Glitching. Is it broken?

    34. greciaplayzasnew bie

      Glitching like really bad

    35. Jonathan Wilson

      #carter all was win

    36. ArtemBroSuperGuyX_Yt 1243

      Why is the cemera glitching?

    37. Pro gamer for life

      Yeah I saw a little bit

    38. Joseph Butler

      I saw glitch

    39. Mauricio Vazquez

      I think STOVE si gonna win

    40. Dibny Mendoza

      I'm on Liz's team because she's the only girl and that's it the other one from me that one was a mistake I didn't mean to spell easiest or anything

    41. Dibny Mendoza

      Easiest team because she's the only girl and that's it

    42. maggie the unicorn

      I thought my phone was broken or something because of the gliches 😂😂😂

    43. Anthony Serina

      TEAM LIZZY I’m a girl I’m julianna

    44. Jennifer Chosy

      I did can yo fix it

    45. GalaxyOwlPlayz


    46. GalaxyOwlPlayz

      yes i did?!

    47. Jean Cooke

      Faze is going to win

    48. Nicole Paz

      The thing that I see was glitching.

    49. Nicole Paz

      The camera was glitching it was so crazy

    50. Micah Cole

      yah it was insane

    51. Blazingfart22

      the vid is glitches alot for me

    52. Jacky King


    53. Ilse Bascope

      I love your vids

    54. Aurelius Villa

      I did

    55. Challenge Kids

      Team carter

    56. I love pigs grimes

      Give a like if you saw the camera glitching a lot

    57. Amara Collyer

      Team Lizzie

    58. Bliss M

      So many glitches, l thought something was wrong with my phone

    59. CrazyVladimir

      Team stache

    60. Fatiha Rais

      girl win

    61. AsianKid FromAsia

      Yes alot of glitches

    62. Shanoi Comrie

      that was awsome i wish iwas there but as what i was seeing i think lizzy won but it goes as how it goes wonderful guys

    63. Jacob Macabante

      4:52:Carter spend the most time and HE LOSES LOL CARTER WON

    64. Jacob Macabante

      0:37 Brian AKA Faze Rug:dude I don’t think there’s a competition here Carter:what what do you mean? Brian:im gonna win😂😂😂but loses Like these if you are also a rugrat 👇🏻

    65. Daisy Dog lover

      I think it was glitching bc if project zorgo or game master or Rz twin

    66. Daisy Dog lover

      Like if the camera was glitching

    67. Brian Liao

      It glitched

    68. Daksh Bhatia


    69. Asha Khubalkar


    70. Emmanuel Garikai Mafirakureva

      team stove

    71. Gian jonel

      Why theres a glitch

    72. Jane Esplana

      Hi carter i want your rocket

    73. Elisabeth Schulz

      yes i say glitches i think its the haker

    74. Applehead MJ

      Why was the video so glitchy

    75. Datboibeasty 23

      And there was heck of glitching

    76. Datboibeasty 23

      With the rocket that Lizzy has I think you have 2 pieces in the rocket to put the vinegar and backing soda

    77. Itz- Nadia xx

      The camera glitched there camera is being hacked

    78. Daniel Elozeir

      yes aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa looooooooooooooooooot

    79. Franchesca Cruz

      # lizzy

    80. Layan Tahan

      Team carter😊

    81. Layan Tahan

      Team carter

    82. Ekoy Pagne

      It is glitching

    83. Ekoy Pagne