Hirving 'Chucky' Lozano ON FIRE as Napoli rout Atalanta | ESPN FC Serie A Highlights



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    Hirving "Chucky" Lozano scores two goals in a matter of four minutes to lead the way in Napoli's 4-1 win over Atalanta. Gennaro Gattuso's side was able to get off to a flying start with Lozano's double, followed by goals from Matteo Politano and Victor Osimhen to round out a four-goal first half. Atalanta suffers its first defeat of the Serie A season. Be sure to catch all ESPN FC Serie A Highlights this season on DE-news and watch all the matches on ESPN+.
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    Am Vor Monat


    1. jose luis montalvo


    2. antonio campos

      Si El atalanta es un mai equipo

    3. Alaverga Temevas

      Vamos chucky

    4. Alexis Sosa


    5. Miguel Vilches

      Who is Lozano?

    6. Joel F. Cardenas

      Me: *after getting scored on FIFA Commentators: "Even my 8 year old grandson can defend better then this." Me: *throws the controller to the ground

    7. J Rodriguez

      Buena la cachetada que se llevó el compa. 👀 0:47

    8. Yahir Pichardo

      Yea where are those American fans ik they salty

    9. Nautilux1110

      Atlanta jugó con las reservas....!


      Lozano is junk

    11. That Gum Is Climbing Out of Your Mouth

      Love that commentator. Brutal honestly nothing wrong with that.

    12. Lui De' Anda

      Why does gatusso hate him tho 🥺😂

    13. BrxkenHeartedd-

      Gattuso better start playing Lozano more often. He’s just amazing 🇲🇽

      1. BrxkenHeartedd-

        @Vin Agreed.

      2. Vin

        Agree. He needs to play every game. He’s a great player. I think Gattuso will use him as a starter from now on.

    14. Cardoza

      Osea uno o dos goles al año y muy chingon jjjjjjjjjj

    15. Christian Luna

      Vamos paaa!!

    16. Abraham Perez

      💚🤍❤ 🇲🇽 SHOUT OUT TO MY PEOPLE, LOS AMO 🇲🇽 💚🤍❤

    17. Jose Aguilera

      At least the defense gets paid ☹️ cus I don’t

    18. Luis Sanchez

      All i see is here is the finest fifa gameplay

    19. FYTB_Alexis7145

      Lozano just needed the chance to be played to show his class

    20. Eduardo Lomeli

      The commentator is destroying them lmao

    21. Don Az

      I hope Lozano goes to Everton

    22. claudio leon

      Te amo chucky

    23. Marco Soto

      Let's go chucky show em.why they brought u here super happy gattuso finally is starting him

    24. Soggy Bread

      I'm glad Lozano is getting game time he's been on fire lately

    25. Eight1Eighty2

      Lozano could've (or should've) had 4 or 5 goals this game.

    26. Android 17

      Love to see Lozano doing good I just wish it wasn't against Atlanta

    27. 901 R

      “My 8 year old grandson can defend better den this” yesuh on dey ahh😂😂😂

    28. The Goatest

      Hirving Lozano could very well end up being Christian Pulisic's teammate @ Chelsea. How crazy would that be. As I read the comments its sad to realize something. A while back I commented on Pulisic, giving him major props on how well he was doing @ Chelsea. My comment started out, "As a Mexican" and the fisrt comment I got back was that I wasn't Mexican for supporting Pulisic. Now I read some of the comments below with nothing but support from all over including Americans for Lozano. Minorities can be pretty racist towards themselves sometimes. That is truly sad.

      1. Patricio Gutierrez

        I agree, people need to respect each other, rivalries are just banter I love puli and Chucky (even though I will always love Chucky more as I am Mexican)

    29. The Goatest

      Mama no fui yo! fue El Chuky! Es un muñeco diabolico! Lets play a game shall we. Its called, hide the ball, inside the net. El Chuky! Es grande ese Chuky.

    30. FlexinInMyPants

      FIFA 21 devs "alright up lozano finesse shot to 90"

    31. the oddfather

      napoli looking good


      Defending is a lost art in football. Just outscore your opponent and you will win the game.

    33. Jose Ramirez

      The commentators have obviously never seen an MLS games defending XD

      1. Jaqueline Fernandez

        They would have a ball day with that 🤣 no one would survive

    34. Angel Pleitez

      Overrated. He will always be lower than pulisic

      1. Cesar Navarro

        Absolutely pissing your pants I bet

    35. heriberto palo


    36. Rifath Mannan

      I 💭 he was on his way 2 Atleti

    37. Alex G

      Was this Atalanta B team? 🤔😂😂

    38. JLS Samsa

      Papu Gomez stop your stupid tik tok videos amd start playing pelotudo

    39. Jacob Lopez

      Yo this commentator needs to chill Lmaoo


      commentator was flaming atalantas defense 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    41. Diego Lopez

      Lozano ⛑🔥

    42. Carlos Silva

      That second goal from Lozano was top class

    43. batman batman

      Lozano is Lozano cabrones 🔥 is mexican power tecnica,y es mejor que pulasi,wherever this guy

    44. Jaime Lopez

      Un gol de pura pinche chiripa. Y ya cren que el mejor del mundo pendejetes idiotas

    45. emilio_ esteves


    46. Desh 282

      Is the goal keepers name sporty yellow? Cause that’s all I hear

    47. XxVeNoMxX

      I'm glad Gattuso is finally trusting him. He is a great player.

    48. Jaay thaplug

      Lozano totw 🔥🔥🔥

    49. Kawaki

      That fact majority of the highlights was just nothing but napoli dominating the 1st half ! Jesus Christ

    50. Modelstopia

      As we get closer to Halloween 🎃 Chucky is on fire 🔥 👍. Quality player.

    51. trey sheridan

      Looks like my defense on fifa

    52. Ciro Alvino

      i remember seeing how good lozano was in last world cup.ancelotti was right even bout hernandez who's playin with him at everton.

      1. Vin

        Yes. And he’s doing wonderful. Never understood why Zidane never liked him Big mistake

    53. Dilan Garcia

      Chuky 🇲🇽 ❤️

    54. Sofia Rodriguez

      El chuki lozano la ba arronper en italia 🇮🇹

    55. Sofia Rodriguez

      Love lozano

    56. ALL DAY

      4:05 wow I'll break my control if I hear that from FIFA 21

    57. Victor Gonzalez

      Happy for osimhen he’s always happy asf when his team mates score now he finally got his goal 👍🏼

    58. Rodger Murphy

      I forgot about this guy after mexico fans stopped trying to compare him to Pulisic

      1. Cesar Navarro

        Nobody stopped... Goals this season: Lozano:⚽⚽⚽⚽ Pulishit: 😂

      2. Enrique Cruz

        There is no comparison, both players offer different styles of play.

    59. Christopher Olson

      That commentator sounds like he just conceded a goal on FIFA

    60. Ivan Arias

      Vamos Lozano

    61. Esteban Orizaba

      Viva Mexicanos en Europe #@!@##@!🇲🇽, Hopefully Lozano leaves Italian soccer for the best football in the world England🇬🇧😀🙌

    62. R D

      I'm a U.S. fan but go on and represent concacaf

      1. Rodger Murphy

        @Cesar Navarro No I have nothing against the players...its assholes like you

      2. Cesar Navarro

        @Rodger Murphy I bet you're crying pal

      3. Enrique Cruz

        @Rodger Murphy you're a liar!

      4. Franco Lopez

        Rodger Murphy that's not true buddy.

      5. Rodger Murphy

        They hate you for being a US fan alone

    63. Fermin Aguilera

      Napoli's attack looking great.

    64. mickiemouseHM

      My 5-year old would’ve defended better.

    65. Jonathan Lall

      The commentators are ruthless

    66. Gato 69xxx

      Gattuso looks like a part time mafia boss

    67. Diego Romeo

      "You wouldn't see defending as bad as this on your own local park on a Sunday afternoon." Lol

    68. Luke Pitts

      Congrats to Lozano nice to see north American talent doing well in Europe👏👏👏

      1. aaron manrique

        @Diego Sanchez God 🥱🥱🥱 it's called sarcasm, Google that 🤣😎

      2. Diego Sanchez

        @aaron manrique naw we North American google it lol

      3. aaron manrique

        More like central american, yeah... from Mexico to Panama, it looks more Central but hey 🤷🏻‍♂️ who's paying attention 🤣🤣🤣😎🤣🤣

    69. Adolfo Resendiz

      osihmen is always in good spirits lol love to see it

    70. Jiren

      Lozano on fire commentator is also on fire roasting Atalanta