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June-Dere YT

June-Dere YT

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    I truly hope you enjoyed this video since it took me awhile to finish!
    This is Alexander's backstory, and I'm sorry if you don't really understand it =^=
    Apps used:
    Gacha Life
    DE-news Studio
    I do NOT own the musics used in this video. DE-news please, I beg you, don't take this video down for awhile like the other TwT
    Musics used:
    Hold On-de-news.net/online/video-WGIhKOvz1VQ.html
    Someone you loved:de-news.net/online/video-u1yVCeXYya4.html
    Guys don't like me:de-news.net/online/video-CtiIzELSjf4.html
    time took: 2-3 weeks?
    scrennshots took: alot-
    Hmm, btw, the hooked glmv was inspired by some gachatubers
    I made this video more for fun, I hope you enjoyed even with some mistakes in it =^=
    Bye Nya~

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    2. Maddy Darcy

      I lost my dog last weekend...this is a bit different but I took her to the vet so we could see if we could save her...but...she didn't make it...I wish that I could see her one last time...she was my little baby 😓

    3. Neltas P-Tuivaiti

      8:06 ha

    4. Tiger Green

      Good job

    5. iiSammieIsTxrshii

      *I am not even lying to you when I say I've watched this over 10 times-* I'm not even joking. This is really good and the story line is so perfect. So emotional and it grabs my heart. The blood you drew for the 'Hold on' part of this video was also amazingly drawn. But~ I have a few questions.. HOW LONG DID THIS TAKE?! T^T HOW ARE YOU SO GOOD AT THIS STUFF?! CAN I TAKE YOUR SKILLS PLEASE? eeeee send help too. *like if you have big brain* C:

      1. iiSammieIsTxrshii

        just send help please TvT

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    8. Cleo Gachacookiegirl2341

      Noice editing

    9. Flower Crew

      I love these songs song but I cry between someone u loved and Hold on

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      that made me so sad :( in the begin

    15. derpy potato

      I loved this video ur channel has a great future

    16. Andezta ?

      Origin of hooked? lol

    17. Gacha_ Sophia

      When he said *Guys don’t like me* And *GUYS DONT LIKE ME DOO DO DOO DO DOO* *Baby guys don’t like me*

    18. ItzLexy_Chan Shine

      8:07 - 8:11 I love dat scene

    19. ItzLexy_Chan Shine

      1:19 - 1:22 Did u do that art, its beautiful

    20. نرجس ميثم


    21. Yusuf Widjaja

      I'M HOOKED!!

    22. Samuel Amado castro

      No entendy ni vergas tengo que traducuir :v

    23. Ricardo Dolores

      Omg this is the best thing I ever saw like in gacha edits

    24. DANA Hall

      Low-key shipping Luke and Alexander. Just me? Alright.

    25. DANA Hall

      One of my cousin's had a sister name Ashley, and she die don her wedding day. Ashley was only 21 years old, and her fiance was devastated. This song made me remember her. T^T

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      June-Dere YT June-Dere YT June-Dere YT

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    33. patricia bass

      June:BOI CAN YOU SHUT UP FOR ONCE *shakes till he falls to the ground Meh:you go june! >< ()

    34. Lupita Vazquez

      Que bonito esa cansion me acordó a mi abuelito cuando se murio😢😭

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    36. Laura Lavin

      Is it just me or did you guys cry?

    37. gacha angel

      u got lyrics wrong :/

    38. Sherrah gacha

      im a simple person, i see wdw song i click

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    40. tanyaaa

      Umm,in one of the parts 7:18 until 7:57 that is really weird for a guy is it because it is cold in the classroom?

    41. denise julia pahel

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      Ok so I'm not trying to hate or any thing this is a good video but the first song was copied I saw a video that was exactly the same😅

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      All my favorite songs combined into a great video with my favorite youtuber as the owner! Best thing ever!

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      Man this song is about life and the way it can go

      1. Donnie Thacker

        This is me cause my sister did not die but she lefted I miss her

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