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June-Dere YT

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    I truly hope you enjoyed this video since it took me awhile to finish!
    This is Alexander's backstory, and I'm sorry if you don't really understand it =^=
    Apps used:
    Gacha Life
    DE-news Studio
    I do NOT own the musics used in this video. DE-news please, I beg you, don't take this video down for awhile like the other TwT
    Musics used:
    Hold On-de-news.net/online/video-WGIhKOvz1VQ.html
    Someone you loved:de-news.net/online/video-u1yVCeXYya4.html
    Guys don't like me:de-news.net/online/video-CtiIzELSjf4.html
    time took: 2-3 weeks?
    scrennshots took: alot-
    Hmm, btw, the hooked glmv was inspired by some gachatubers
    I made this video more for fun, I hope you enjoyed even with some mistakes in it =^=
    Bye Nya~

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    1. Magic Mystical Forest

      I’m not first I’m not last But when I see I OOoF!!!! By the way I sub to u and.... I LOVe YOUR CHANnnEl And I heard if u say yt name u get pinned? June-Dere Yt,June-Dere Yt,June-Dere Yt!!!

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        i did i to it diddnt work did it work for you

      2. Bigsexeebeautee

        It did it work

      3. oof. squid

        OOF also is this nightcore i cant tell

      4. Nguyen Nam

        Sao dì không làm cho chị không làm


        Magic Mystical Forest it is 5

    2. roblox fan

      it had me cry

    3. The Valenzuela Fam

      Is your birthday June 3rd

    4. Sunset Unicorn

      I like two boys but I will have to choose one but this is what would probably happen no joke especially the first song its heart ❤️ crying 😭 hold on 😭😭. JUST TELL ME WHY DO PEOPLE DIE/KILL THEMSELF JUST W-WHY?!!

    5. Stella & marwan 96

      Why I cry so much from my heart from this hold on song😭😭😭😭

    6. Lê Gãçhå Ŵölf

      Gacha logic:wearing a jacker on your shoulders and waist XD but like why tho?

    7. Alliah Bone Silvestre


    8. Alliah Bone Silvestre


    9. Rollins Schalk

      Ya know it’s just **some dude...**

    10. XxchexyxX Offline

      This makes me miss my old bf

    11. Xøxo Teel

      That's just sad D':

    12. Benedicto Barrios vallejos

      Amigo me salió un anuncio si de un oso

    13. Stephanie Hernandez

      AMAZING video best vid ever

      1. Stephanie Hernandez


    14. Vicky Zheng


    15. Emily Little

      Jenny's best friend is soooooo cute

    16. Denniecerosr Santiago

      like your video shout out plz and i like the part of some one you love and alexander is so handsome,jenny is sooooo boootifulllll

    17. Unicorn Sparkles

      I died when Jenny said to that spoilet brat ew look at her XD i think I’m the only one but 😂😂😂😂 I watched that bit 119999999999000000 time XDD

    18. clash gamer clasher

      Almost exactly like another person's video

    19. Scarlette Clough

      I was saying i hate luke he is ruining my ship Then i realized..... MY DADS NAME IS LUKE AND IM WITH MY DAD

    20. Hell_ Playz

      Okay but “hold on” made me cry 😭

    21. Ayesha Layosa

      This is ssoooooo sad ..... I ... I cried ...😭😭😭 This is amazing!!!!😘😘😍😍😍!!! Love ur vids!

    22. Partei Lalrampari

      My first gacha

    23. Amy Godoy

      Why did he expose her like that

    24. Debbie Rose

      First=sad Second=depression Third=ship Fourth=♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    25. Rodrigo Reyes

      "Because it tast so good" THATSS WHAT SHE SAID

    26. Lunar Shadows

      Omg this is so worth getting detention for P.S I Got Detention because I was watching it in class 👌🏼😂

    27. Mars Moonlight Gacha

      No offense! No offence! Is Alexander Mexican?

    28. Spenceguy17

      "Her:I WAS TALKING TO MY BOY- MY FRIEND US A BOY Boi my cousin has a girl friend and he says she is a girl and his friend XD

    29. Lisbeth Guzman

      My favorite part is in the song im hooked that it said some dude😂

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    34. panzer_girlz

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    35. dragon fire

      I like your glmvs😆💕

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      Lel My friend name Alexander >:3

    37. Hermione Granger

      The 1st two songs ALWAYS make me cry

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      Ive seen this like 39 times

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      Literally can’t stop watching this x

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      11:52 when I have a test:

    41. Jade Playz

      First song: Did Jenny lived? Second song: Can anyone kill Luke? Third song: Someone's jelouse now~~~ Last song: Young love~~~~ so sweet

    42. Subaru Sakamaki

      doctor:jenny white woke up him:yeesss me: thats such a white girl name..

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      @UC8Ct50fHfVzcgW5U2SosDLw @UC8Ct50fHfVzcgW5U2SosDLw

    46. Emma Hopkins

      @UC8Ct50fHfVzcgW5U2SosDLw @UC8Ct50fHfVzcgW5U2SosDLw

    47. Emma Hopkins

      I have the same eyes as Alexander! One light green one dark green! Loved the vid btw!!!I heard if you say the name of the best gacha tuber in yt 3 times you will get heart! June-Dere YT June Dere YT June-Dere YT!

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      I can't hear the music at all...

    49. Jackie Yates


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      My mom and dad die and they sing hold on i still miss them so much now its me and my brother and my baby sister👨‍👩‍👧

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    52. Shannon Cozens

      I literally cried over this well over hold on it was sad because I imagined my mum there because she has a blood ♋️ cancer and yeah it was just so sad and I cried 😭

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      I know I watch this in 2019 and I'm still crying when I see this

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      12:06 I like how u named him "some dude" xD

    56. Bunch of Dog poo


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      She doesnt own him..

    58. 💝Aubrey D.💝

      I dont understand.

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      ReEeEeEeE I’m single and I’m ready to mingle~ >:>

    61. GachaPineApple SingzUwU

      Jenny: Alexander.... Me: OoOoOoO tHeY gOnE kIsSsS~ Jenny: I forgive you... Me: OH YOU BROTHA YOU JUST- WHYYYY~?!

    62. Wolfy-Chan ÒwÓ

      Idk why but I has a brain error and though that when he said "im hooked" i thought he said "Im a hook" ;-; help mah brain plz

    63. TiJo 27 Comedy

      I think that I understand this more than most for one unsaid reason

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      This video is SUPER, not a bot

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