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    1. stinkinlincoln90

      Definitely worth the wait congrats Emilio

    2. XJAYARE2Xx

      Hondaru is gonna be a beast!

    3. XJAYARE2Xx

      That’s diff is sick!

    4. BiG Cheese

      15:15 😂😂😂


      worth it im excited for you

    6. YouTube Vlogger

      Thing looks sick!. Love you Amelio!

    7. Lori Hewes

      Hey guys. i have a 1991 honda prelude si that runs great. Im in CA..interested. I can send pics

    8. CaveMan

      I bet Kyle could still miss 4th.

    9. Mullet Man

      Where’s my shirts Boiz?!?!?!?!

    10. Reflex Photography NZ

      13:40 Polishing Emilio's shaft Aaaaaand demonetized

    11. Final Kill Gaming

      14:47 Someone needs to make that lol

    12. Michael B

      ;D Worth it! 😜

    13. paul montoya

      delivering transmission in a porsche suv? Nice!!!

    14. Anthony McNally

      New project!!!!!!!!!! Buy a honda beat and swap in turbo k24 !!!!!!!!

    15. B!g D

      Do u have this transmission installed now?

    16. Shaun PC

      Damn brother, I must have missed this video in my inbox Emilio but hell yeah Hondaru is getting serious.

    17. Dobie Road Show

      Damn I was gonna get a shirt from Emilio when I was there today . Guess I'm gonna have to get it online.

    18. Sintram Dragonis

      Worth for sure

    19. Jose Rotary

      Simply bad ass.💯👍👍👍

    20. HO LEE FOOK

      A knob like that....who couldn't Brent .....

    21. Caleb Peters

      That a yellow gt bmx?

    22. Jeffery Ampey

      Worth it

    23. Marcoe Johnson

      Definitely worth the wait

    24. Brian Grider

      Hey this is Brian J Grider. Someone removed a post i made on yalls facebook page and warned me i would be removed if i did it was a song in one of yalls new video's i like and i was complamenting on it so i posted it on the boostedboize page..

    25. CriticoolHit

      Pay emilio more money and let him get at those sponsors and maybe we wouldn't have to wait a year in-between his updates. A real quaife is like 7 grand. Chump change compared to most of what goes on around here.

    26. Alexis Fuentes

      Excited for you bro! I would be crying with happiness lol

    27. volvod244

      Whay not a see Tru diff cover ❓🤔

    28. Josh Mcdaniel

      Hey bud.....I know this random and idk if ur going to see this but....Going through a ton of mental problems...... In the last couple months I was diagnosed with PTSD bipolar depression severe social anxiety and slight schizophrenia..... Days that are rough or I have a panic attack which is almost all the time....I take my phone and watch your channel/clips.....I know we don't know each other and ur extremely busy..but just want to say thank you for nd the boosted Boyz team Bret and all the guys at pfi...also cleatus coop and James over at the McFarlane garage help me to calm down and distracted...if you could I would love a shout out if understanding .... But been watch since ur first DE-news clips From the bottom of my heart I thank you for everything you have gotten me out a dark place eventho I still have Shadow days that's what I called them I do my best.....

    29. Bryan Depiazzy

      Rowdessy update

    30. Joe Simon

      Worth the wait!!!!😍

    31. Spencer Singer

      I want to see this car go 8s

    32. Kenrio Bowen

      Where is roman

    33. Joe Wolforth

      Worth the wait 😝

    34. Daniel Burdette

      Can’t wait for the 2KZ!

    35. Ash

      Need a new shirt. On the front "Boosted Boiz" and on the back "Got Sequential?"

    36. Christopher Johnson

      Worth the wait!

    37. Orange County California

      H. O. N. D. A. R. U. And add the website link for the merch in the descriptions below!!

    38. aXBlackDeathXa

      2:20 That's about 850ft/lbs for anyone wondering.

    39. Sean Bowers

      Haven't seen ole Roman in awhile.

    40. Veni, Vidi, Vici

      What ever happened to Jeremy's boosted b20vtec? Like so they can see!

    41. Veni, Vidi, Vici

      "nah nah, missing gears isn't part of my resume" 🤣🤣 Emilio funny af

    42. That Car Kidd

      I'd like to see hondaru vs grinch

    43. scotty197878

      Spoiler alert.... nothing happens 😕

    44. scotty197878

      Hope it shifts better than the white mr2? That looks agricultural how much it crunches

    45. Quackerjack

      Worth it

    46. Wasted

      Worth it ''tumbs up''

    47. John Riekena

      All I care about is that NSX...never anything on it anymore

    48. speniy Powers

      Definitely bild it to last 👍

    49. Juan Barroso

      Anything u do right is always well worth it at the end so stoked to see it up and running get it

    50. Moon Brothers

      Wheres roman? Im half expecting another boostedboiz clearing the air video!!

      1. Flat4Buggy 2

        He's on his Instagram page (boostedboiroman) selling Grinch merch.

    51. Mi ck

      $6000 gearbox sitting on a $20 folding plastic table 😨

    52. Amir Pomen

      Rwally worth the wait... And now u need to look into uprated driveshaft too... The stock one will broke in no time at launch with slicks

    53. Amir Pomen

      Nice tranny man... How much it retail for? Sequential.. clunk clunk!

    54. Tyler

      anyone else notice kyle puts the camera really freaking close to peoples faces, a lot of first time people on the channel always pull back a little hahah . i know its the fisheye on the go pro but its funny to watch the reactions of the camera so close to their faces

      1. Flat4Buggy 2

        Kyle holds the camera close to people to make sure we can hear them talking. Tiny microphones in point and shoot cameras aren't that great for recording distant voices.

    55. Josh Miller

      Definitely worth the wait can’t wait to see how she runs with a properly functioning drive train

    56. Triple Indexus

      hey sir i want to buy the civic how many you want ?

    57. turd furguson

      It's always good to try new things but to be honest I think the old intro music was a lot better in my opinion

    58. ImportRacer4Life

      100% worth the wait!! Can’t wait to see Hondaru back up and running!!!

    59. CarGian

      Anybody wants Kyle to buy a Supra? Only me? Oh ok

    60. Kyle Bentley

      new music is dope at the end also.

    61. kyle theys

      Was definitely worth the wait miss the Hondaru soon the crew will be ready for action... #2.4LetsDoThis #BoostedBoiz #PFISPEED #SpeedUpTheContentExcitedMuch😝

    62. Daniel Zambrano

      You should put the ferrari body kit on one of the mr2s ans full send at the track like always

    63. McHappyBallz CRX

      I always hear support you guys. But when are you guys going to support your followers by giving discount codes from all these vendors. Seems like a one way street on this channel.

    64. Jay_710 TLO

      Kyle cant even get his sequential into gear.. He's missing shifts just as much as he was before the sequential... A curse is a curse no matter what your driving....

    65. Dennis Pryce

      Finally.....i missed this car

    66. DJ Statyk


    67. manolooo1

      All those sick parts and it’s still going to be slow hahaha

    68. John Pulgarin-Angel

      Where be Roman at?

    69. John ABA

      Emilio you must be so excited you've waited so long can't wait to see what it'll go. So curious to see what the super screw That's what we used to call them.