How is Finn Bálor feeling after Money in the Bank?: SmackDown Exclusive, May 21, 2019



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    The Intercontinental Champion talks about his physical and mental state after the grueling Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match.
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    Am Vor year


    1. Lucan Stone

      The beginning of the end of Underwear Model Finn. The beginning of the return of Prince Devitt.

    2. video ginnah

      Love you Finn!!!

    3. ChristopheDoesVlogs

      Finn still needs a proper rematch for the Univ title since his injury.

    4. keeshan zhan

      ... Maybe.. Its time to turn heel. Its time to turn demon!!!!!!!

    5. Daniel R

      I wish Finn could of won it instead of that stupid Brock Lesnar

    6. Mannie Frank

      I am a real big finn balor fan

    7. Well Ok

      Plz Devitt leave this DUMPSTER FIRE and go back to NJPW or bttr yet sign with AEW.


      Who's Betters? Like:Finn Balor Comment:Seth Rollins

    9. vgmaz storm

      Is Finn balor still intercontinental champ

    10. Thando Bhila

      Thank you Finn for putting your heart and soul and body into that match=Balor club too sweet 💪💪

    11. draco malfoy

      Can someone explain to finn that his brothers are waiting for him @AEW?

    12. Cesar Ivan

      oh.. its finn "wasted" balor

    13. lady2550

      Wonder if Finn will go to aew with cody . Bullet club

    14. Angie Alameda

      It's not right, I mean all the guys in the match are deserving guys to win, but yet they give it to brock, someone who was not in the match, wrong.

    15. I like numbers

      Don’t worry fin there is wwe 2k19 for a reason...

    16. Kashif Reza

      Fans:why did this man not win ? Kevin and Vince : Because he is a vanilla midget we only push "BIG SWEATY MEN"

    17. Mega Mijit


    18. Bellator Zorroz

      I hope we're going to see serious Balor in this week's sdlive

    19. The Phenomenal Texan

      Finn Balor's next fued confirmed. At Summerslam Finn Balor vs The Ladder

    20. Mark David

      1 like= 1 prayer for Finn

    21. Christopher R


    22. Uzair Hussain

      If Finn turns heel it will be great but if he leaves I will stop watching wwe

    23. Malik Olawale

      The rest of the Locker room is not getting the development they need, so sad.😢😢😢😢😢😢

    24. Hussain Raza

      Finn Balor I Really Love You I am Huge Fan of You

    25. D R tmg

      Why are not come.. plz coming your mach

    26. xander Gibson

      He went through hell and not to mention The power bomb was botched

    27. xinsquare

      Heel balor incoming?

    28. Phillip Amura

      I love you Finn!!!


      GO TO AEW FINN!!

    30. Serena Buccellato

      it wasn't worth staying with smackdown it. was a. wait a time

    31. Serena Buccellato

      I feel so bad for him Finn you're always bin a great wrestler & always Will so your better off not wrestling& take Care of your health. it more important

    32. Ironixx

      This is how many times finn said on a ladder 👇

    33. Vulture Central

      Aew is calling bro

    34. Kiran Darji

      Three attacks on ladder to Finn balor suplex, choke slam, and powerbomb

    35. Mary Rauch

      I saw the match and I was practically almost in tears when I saw fin get hurt and I’ll tell you what I was not happy to see Brock Lesnar win at all I feel that fin put his body through hell just because he needed this opportunity but then to have Brock Lesnar taken away from him was absolutely despicable disrespectful and wrong so fin is now recovering from injuries he did not deserve to go through and he lost his opportunity to be WWE champion I am heartbroken

    36. magicweedopus

      Aew is taking over ..I mean mlw is great wwe lost appeal

    37. Michael Dzzon

      Team up with Bray Wyatt? or move to AEW?

    38. Kamilah’s Corner

      Oh Balor 🥺💔

    39. lordjenn A

      Wow when he said “can we shoot this another time I’m not really feeling it” I *cried* 😭

    40. Cory Snyder

      I've always liked Balor but I never felt like he stood out when he wasn't in his Demon gimmick. That changed at MITB. That match showed everyone that he's capable of being a main event player. I hope they give him a strong push after what he went through.

    41. John Rivera IV

      He is still one of the most over guys in the company no matter what numpty tries to poorly book him. One of the main reasons I watch WWE. I can just imagine the Pop if he showed up at AEDub later down the road.

    42. Potato

      I hope the multi time world champion vacate doesn’t return

    43. Benjamin Gregory

      Finn balor to AEW confirmed lol

    44. Erized

      My heart goes out to Finn, as well as the other six guys in that match. The frustration here is legit.

    45. Joel camacho

      what injustice to finn and all who broke their back fighting, lack of total respect to talent! Finn, Ali, Andrade, Ricochet and Drew deserve much more! brock lesnar sucks.

    46. Vincent Derey

      Finn and the other wrestlers deserve better. I saw the finish of MITB 2019 and I was very disappointed

    47. Your Friendly Backyard Tryhard

      Is it weird that i'm genuinely concerned for him?

    48. Jason Bryant

      Finn Balor is great.

    49. Syed Ghouse

      *MITB-2019 result was the worst ever in the history of WWE*

    50. Zachary Schuler

      Finn Deserves Better

    51. Cristal Evans

      Heel turn!

    52. Asim Nazir

      Thank you Finn From Pakistan

    53. Celestial Bliss

      Prince Devitt should return to the indies after his contract is up.

    54. Ahmed Al-Hassan

      Thank God I'm happy for you Mr Balor that you're not seriously injured

    55. God Amomg Men

      There's no one else like the rock n rolla

    56. Blake Cromley

      You know what would be worse? If Brock Lesnar decides to cash in his money in the bank contract on the 24/7 championship belt.

    57. Dbryson 0823

      Deep down i know finn is pissed off about brock winning and he wanted to go on a full on shoot

    58. Gage Vineyard

      Heel balor soon

    59. REXEL !

      Who are in balor club

    60. marose spid

      Thanks for entertainting us finn! Vince should give you a big reward lol

    61. Ahsan Syed


    62. TheRockstarnumber1

      Great promo.

    63. Adam Nicholson

      Hello Darkness My Old Friend, I've Come To Talk To You Again

    64. Aditya Ferdani

      just go to AEW finn, you will get your respect there.

    65. The Shield OfJustice

      All 7 Participants should ruin Brocks cash in by beating him up.

    66. Yenni

      He's so cute. 😕

    67. Yaksh Redhu

      If this is WWE hinting at a possible Heel turn for Finn or even just anything apart from the go out and smile all the time gimmick, I'm all for it. The man has all the talent in the world, don't cut his pushes short. Let him run the course and show you exactly what he can do.

    68. Nihal Jaiswal

      Finn turning Heel?

    69. AJ Scott

      Bàlor didn't even get to make any moves in the match, he just got ragdolled

    70. Vepuri Minrohit

      Thank you Balor!....we love u