How They Were Caught: Bonnie and Clyde

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    The tale of Bonnie and Clyde is one of devotion, for better or for worse. This is how the infamous couple met their fate both in love and in crime.
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    1. Digby

      "the family of Henry Methman was cooking up a deal" Tell me you caught that too LMFAO

    2. j da p

      Rip Bonnie n Clyde 💯

    3. man with no name

      They got what they deserved

    4. That Filipino guy ate food.

      I suggest you should watch The Highwaymen. It’s on Netflix. But the movie focuses more on the two legendary Texas rangers That took down Bonnie and Clyde but,The director (John lee Hancock) portrayed Bonnie and Clyde excellent. I won’t get into some spoilers but they did not portray them like some over the top,romantic, couple that go on a robbery spree.

    5. Kennyko

      This is the only channel of buzzfeed I can watch

    6. Fire Willow

      Bloody benders

    7. chwebooth

      I've heard Bonnie & Clyde references my whole life and had NO IDEA what their story was, thanks for this educational video.

    8. Support your Troops & Athletes

      Bonnie and her mother who were both very close at heart are burried by each other's side where on a family stand point , right or wrong should remain together. I believe the same with Clyde's brother buck and Clyde are burried side by side also. One thing that's on DE-news was the obvious walking ghostly image on video that shows the ghost on the other side of the hedge next to Bonnie's grave that is dressed in the same black outfit Bonnie wore plus there is other videos on ghost here. The one in black is a bit freaky though as identical as it is. It has been said that a majority of ghost appear as a result of a tragic situation at the time of death and indeed their deaths was just that. I have not heard of any ghost around Clyde's however though spirit researches who believe in the studies have tried to reach out I do know. I believe in spirits myself but I have never really had the interest to study them in great detail myself.

    9. Britany P.

      I’m glad people are starting to not romanticize them anymore. They killed, robbed and destroyed property; peoples lives were affected/ ended by them.

    10. shush

      this man's voice comes in my nightmares

    11. Alma Manon-og

      No one: Literally NO ONE: Me randomly rapping Lisa's rap in AIIYL: I be the Bonnie, you be my Cly- Wait WHAT!!!!!!!???????


      This is the only good part about BuzzFeed every single thing else is about feminist propaganda and feminism is cancer

    13. mk mk

      ok but is no one to talk about this guys ears?

    14. Roderick Kong

      My face watching and listening to unsolved channel like: " 8:28 "

    15. Jared Quiroz

      Thw only good side of buzzfeed

    16. Juls Fuller

      I love how they leave all the stuff you obviously wouldn’t leave behind as a criminal🤦🏻‍♀️

    17. Alexei Licot

      Nobody: The police during their ambush of Bonnie and Clyde: So anyways, we started blasting

    18. Hope Prestridge

      One of my best friends is related to Bonnie

    19. Gaston Woods

      I bet she was a freak


      What happened with ryan and shane 😭dis sum bs😭😭

    21. Ifti Kazi

      narrorator bonnie was no stranger to bad boys me bad boys bad boy what you gonna do what you gonna do when they come for you

    22. Luigi X

      Damn, say what you want but bonnie was loyal as hell

    23. mystery gang

      Where is shane and ryan

    24. Maria Martinez

      This guy is soooooo boring oh my fuvking goshhhhh

    25. chunky 46816

      *very informative video on Bonnie and Clyde* Me at 8:16: "haha.. the wall got a face"

    26. wolf73371

      It's amazing to learn that the reason that they were wanted on a federal level was just for transporting a stolen car across state lines.

    27. Oh Yeah Yeah

      Caught? You mean torn into ribbons in a hail of gunfire lol

    28. ghost676kdheg

      Imagine if Shane or Ryan was reading this it would be 1000 times better.

    29. Jay Devin

      Could this be the same Bonnie and Clyde from Netflix’s “the end of the fu**ing world”?🤔

    30. Allan Ray

      Thanks for having a voice over this. I tend to listen on videos in the background while working, and videos with only captions telling the story really makes it difficult

    31. K W

      What kind of prescription pills did they find in the stolen car that were from Clyde’s aunt??

    32. Tyler Z

      I rewatch The highwaymen after this

    33. L H

      How did they meet? It's not like there was group meetings for murders lol

    34. Rafinha Latvezzi

      Dynamic Duos Kobe and Shaq Jordan and Pippen Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker Ryan and Shane

    35. suvi tamiru

      0:39 wait wait are telling me that a marriage between two 16 year old wasn’t good?

    36. Fiona Schaffzin

      These videos are so interesting

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      Ruined since ryan and shane are not is this

    38. Alexa Bella Muerte

      I low key wish these lovers would've gotten away with it

    39. Mera Vonal

      The world remembered them

    40. ShadowPhantomZ3

      For the next "How They Were Caught" do Jeffrey Dahmer.

    41. 전혜지

      My name is Bonnie.. I keep feeling like this is about me for some reason... dafuck lol

    42. TetrisIzMiGame

      These people really don't understand what hypnosis is. It is real but it only works on people who want it to work. It's more like a state of mind, like, you're not controlling someone's body you're more edging them to do something. Also, you can't have the person being hypnotized to do something outside of their morals. It just doesn't work.

    43. Christiana Vargas

      please do a video on the disappearance of tom and eileen lonergan

    44. Cindy Yan

      "You be my Bonnie and I'll be your Clyde~" As if it's your last- Blackpink :p

    45. Leroy Wood

      They wasn't caught, they were shot to death on May 23, their car.

    46. Regis Tarango

      How They Were Caught: Jeffery Dahmer

    47. Lilli kate Wallace

      Look into the Yuba County 5 case!! I literally binged all these episodes hoping y’all would do an episode on it 😫

    48. Talaveth

      My great grandpa Barrow was Clyde’s cousin. It’s so weird to hear my family name being spoken on a DE-news video 😂

    49. Camryn Eilers

      My great grandparents names are Bonnie and Clyde

    50. sophia f

      clyde is my wayyyy distant cousin

    51. Catpuchinu

      we got that bonnie and clyde love they say it’s wroonnggg but that’s the way you turn me on

    52. not available

      they make a really cute couple tho idc

    53. percy jackson

      roy would have been so devastated to find out that bonnie had run away

    54. night sky

      This is my favorite DE-news channel keep up the good work

    55. Jessie Phillips

      so these are the people that my parents named our cats after..?

    56. goingthroughchapters13

      I have one you may find interesting. Jan Bromberg. She was kidnapped twice by the same man.

    57. Joaquin Monteverde

      Thanks for coming back love this show 🙏🏻😊👍🏻

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      Can’t tell if this is Shane making a deep voice or not

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      Through out the whole time I'm just thinking of that song Bonnie and Clyde by DEAN

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      Legendary couple

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      kinda want to be bonnie ngl

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      OMG PLEASE DO A TRUE CRIME EPISODE ON PETER FALCONIO ITS SO WEIRED please I would love to see you guys do this


      Good for you making awesome content!! I make murder mysteries and true crime lists content too and earlier today I saw someone who had 10x the ammount of subs as me coz they had their bum crack out in their pic 😂 fml x

    64. Rachel Levin

      It's 1 am. I started by watching Vines. Help.

    65. J Kusuma

      There's a movie called Highwaymen with kevin costner and woody as the retired ranger who hunt bonnie and clyde. Solid 7/10

    66. Nick Rumore

      Isn’t it crazy that during the months where they hid out to heal Bonnie’s leg that they had a little son, I’m so curious what the church did with him... where’s he know and how far that blood line reaches now 🖤🖤🖤

      1. Nick Rumore

        musicaltheatergeek79 well I studied for 26 years, and it’s true... you don’t learn that until the last year at B&CU you dropout 😂

      2. musicaltheatergeek79

        @ItsJustKage It's not true. I've studied the pair for over 25 years and nothing like that has ever come to light.

      3. ItsJustKage

        Where did you hear that from?

    67. lele jane

      if these weren’t read like a high school presentation id really enjoy them

    68. Danger king


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      Those police were cowards...hiding and shyt

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      If There ain’t Shane I shall refrain from watching