How to Aerial Silk Dance



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    Taylor of The Dancing Fire teaches me how to DANCE IN THE AIR ON SILKS!!
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    1. altec lansing

      *T H I C C*

    2. Shua Sariel

      the sounds of discomfort and fear

    3. Shua Sariel

      my back must be flexible as shit lol

    4. Shua Sariel

      I used to do a lot of stretching an yoga, and then i had knee surgery, and im sad

    5. Tianna Ramirez

      Mark is thicc

    6. K_the Cherry

      Markiplier, can you do ballet next? I would love to see that:3

    7. xcrypeach

      He sounded so offended when she offered Mark the yoga blocks back “I DON’T NEED THAT” 😂😂😂♥️ Edit: 12:56 he looks so confused 😂😂😂😂

    8. My School Sucks Here's Why

      With some of the noises coming from mic, I can't tell if it's just fabric muffling the mic or Mark breaking his spine.

    9. Real Decreaser

      You can tell that she is good with children...

    10. Corgi Love

      Omg mister buff boy

    11. MiraculousLadybug Fan303bugaboo

      2:49 ...lady ...youre bra..

    12. Wolf Blood

      I need part 2!

    13. Wolf Blood

      My cousins do this so well! You did well, I couldnt haha. Also she is a really nice teacher 😊Makes me wanna try it haha

    14. P2 the Rex

      I dont know why but I was very interested in the cruiser bike behind them😂

    15. Wolf Blood

      My cousins do this so well! You did well, I couldnt haha. Also she is a really nice teacher 😊Makes me wanna try it haha

    16. ArtisticSoul Nerd

      Smellin' what I'm steppin' in

    17. Jew'el Emelaldeu

      marki I applaud you I wish I was there with you that day💚

    18. Yvonne Riise

      The sims 3 music is so nostalgic

    19. Chloe Ashbach

      lol i actually just started aerial silks and this helped so much

    20. LilyBug

      Mark upside down is a mood

    21. wannatussle? throwdown?

      dat ass

    22. King Neve

      She said “you spongin’ what I’m spillin’” you guys captioned it wrong!😱

      1. King Neve

        10 minutes in

    23. BlinkForever_ BP

      Se necesitaba otra tela ahí sino es difícil enseñar con una sola, porque el alumno no puede imitar bien como se debe hacer xP anyway ahre

    24. Cheli 105

      This is great to see me struggling

    25. Pheonix demonlord

      Taylor: heres a yoga block to help you Mark: I Dont Need It!

    26. Dumb weeb

      I like how the ribbon was used as a green screen like 4 times lol

    27. Kaarubear


    28. Darrelkun

      "I'll come back... and I'll bring a friend!" PLEASE BE EGORAPTOR!

    29. Luke Richard

      This is the most beautiful thing I've ever watched...the angel truly takes flight

    30. Not Really Tho

      I think i heard someone toot 6:45

    31. xx nansen xx

      love that mark looks like he is about to past out all the time.. :D i hope to see a video with this again and a friend, just so mark can brag xD

    32. Cricket Rager

      A true teacher response to "do I have to?": "I would like you to."

    33. Elizabeth Lester

      Mark be lookin' thiccc

    34. twenty øne patatøs

      mark:dying,is in huge pain taylor:youre doing great sweetie also i need a 2nd part w/ethan

    35. draggy76

      you dolt, it was " you spongin what im spillin?" Not spendin what im spillin,. sheesh.

    36. Ambient Gibberish

      You should try knife throwing!!!! It’s a hobby of my and it’s soooo fun

    37. Ambient Gibberish

      You should try Equestrian vaulting my friend competes in it and I think you’d like it!!!

    38. Coco Sweets

      27:37 Taylor: Imma give you a little spin her because you look beautiful Mark: Thhhank you.. I’m laughing so hard

    39. leighl33

      John: Hey, what's the secret password? Mark: I'm here to dance on silk ribbons, maybe that one? John: That'll work. Me: I love John

    40. Lambaw

      Coach: Did you drink water before you came? Me: I had some nice Mcdonalds so yeah

    41. Theia V

      Mark is every person who tries Silks for the first time. Absolute perfection.

    42. Can we get 1000 subs with Some videos

      The silk looks like slime at the bottom

    43. D. Dary

      Sorry , I don't get it... Are you very short or is your head too big for your body ?? ( Please don't hate me ! Sooorryy! )

    44. Madeline Lawrence

      Am I the only one who thinks mark is super cute. Especially since his socks don't match and mine never do either 😋

    45. Holly Larson

      It’s so hard to keep quiet while laughing 😂 I’m crying from how funny this is

    46. Truide

      John: hey, whats the password? *Johns got some secrets*

    47. Exotic Butters

      " i'm using a lot of muscles that i've never used before, like the inner legs..." mark you said the same thing in the pole dancing vids and the horse riding so actually we've concluded that i am a smart ass

    48. Bike Boi

      6:22 mark is dummy thicc

    49. Tatsuki Tsukiyomi

      Wait, Ethan's a gyminst?

    50. Jessica Tormey

      I do aerial silks but I love seeing someone else struggle and dramatic as I am 😂😂

    51. DOOMSHARK cant tell you

      Mark I hope you screen so I can be satisfide

    52. Little Shrimp

      Just me or did she seem flirty?

    53. SkyrimBarbie

      THAT B O O T Y

    54. acegeek

      Now I need to look up aerial silk dancing to see people do this while not in pain. Also while not in a garage...

    55. HelEnA YEET

      Me: *looks at the release date to see how late I am* Release date: *March 21st* Me: *scream* "Oh wait. Okay." *large exhale*

    56. Aiko's Angel

      so, is no one going to point out how flexible he is? Like, i'm jealous.

    57. ladyluneth

      just watching this makes my feet cramp

    58. Flavia Alves

      This is awesome!

    59. Squrtle sargent

      You could have been an engineer mark you disappointment

    60. freddie

      every time she said come out my closeted ass was like wish I could do that lol

    61. iTacos94

      Her face at 25:16. She's so proud! XD

    62. Eagle Pride56

      6:46 the realization that Mark is actually thicccccc with infinite c’s

    63. Ella Hayes

      as a person who does aerial silks, it took me 4 months to be able to do straddle back. it's such a stubborn move but once you get it the first time it's so easy afterwards.

    64. Lillian Black

      I Love doing aerial silks

    65. Foxmisstris 022121

      Pleaseeeeeee bring Felix and Sean if you do it again Mark🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    66. SongPOP

      Mark *takes off socks* Mark: You know that feet are a huge thing now? *brings up twitch ls rules* Taylor: Oh I thought you were talking about a fetish thing! Mark: I was... Taylor: *nervous laughter* Me: Nice first impression Mark

    67. Tyler Young

      8:21 lol

    68. Addy Lofton

      6:20 that caaaaaaaaaake 😂♥️

    69. cheyanne johnson

      I've done pigeon pose for after my workouts to stretch and dang does it feel good

    70. Reality

      I wonder how much their business goes up after Mark recommends it.

    71. Crappy Wagner

      25:10 0.0

    72. Zack Lee

      Can we get a r.i.p in chat saying pain

    73. drunkenteardrops

      taylor seems like an absolute sweetheart. i can't wait to see you do this again, but with ethan!!

    74. y though lol

      I was not prepared for that beginning

    75. The RainbowGirls

      When he said he was going to bring a friend I knew it was going to be jack

    76. Abedur Rahman

      You did GREAT DANCING Markiplier!!!!!😁😁😁😁😁

    77. Michael Harrington

      mark normaly your suffering brings me great enjoyment but this time you truly earned my pity.

    78. KasDaOtaku Anime Lover

      This is great

    79. Robbie Fraser

      24:42 *Mark struggles being suspended in the air*

    80. Robbie Fraser

      Taylor:don't release your left hand okay. Mark:I would never release my left hand right now! Mark:gets off and releases left hand Me:WHAT DID SHE TELL YOUUUUU!

    81. Rayna Bananas

      She's a good teacher but... teaching a beginner with no crash mat is super risky haha xD

    82. Belle

      As an aerialist, I love this

      1. Belle

        Also I hope you'll try aerial hoop next! Hopefully with more Taylor, she's such a good teacher!

    83. Mark Charcas

      That was really good! Please do go back!

    84. Sparked

      Anyone else notice how thick mark is come pared to thanos

    85. Peytton Setu

      imagine doing this falling over and cracking your head open on the concrete floor

    86. Samantha Taylor

      I would nEvER

    87. Stephanie Miller

      Mark is me except I shake terribly even just standing

    88. Tatianah Taylor

      Totally crying of laughter, lol lol lol lol lol lol lol, she totally tortured you, lol lol,with a lovely smile ,lol lol lol .

    89. FREE plain avocado

      Taylor You can lift your chest now mark No I'm having an exicetial crisis

    90. egg sauce

      6:22 dat booty tho

    91. Emily Croucher

      8 learned the splits in a day i taught myself I’m 11 12 in September

    92. Robbie Fraser

      Don't tell me Mark has a fucking vandura

    93. Who Knows Studios

      Im a circus performer and I can confirm that SILKS ARE ACTUAL HELL ( I'm a duo acro performer if anyone's interested)

    94. reptilian x gaminng

      you can see his nuts in pain when he splits

    95. Amanda Nield

      camera man stop zooming in and out! find a distance and stick to it! you can pan and zoom in in post.

    96. ThoughtlessKat

      Damn Taylor is goals

    97. noodles 4life

      Taylor Is Wii fit trainer (d -_- d)

    98. Marvel Wolf CJ

      Mark you need to do this agin but you promised to be in better shape!

    99. Marvel Wolf CJ

      That markiplier booty though

    100. Marvel Wolf CJ

      She’s so bubbly! I like her!