How to Aerial Silk Dance



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    Taylor of The Dancing Fire teaches me how to DANCE IN THE AIR ON SILKS!!
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    Am Vor 4 Monate


    1. Echo B.S.

      Go, Mark, go! You can do it!

    2. Francisca Hernandez

      At 22:14 the fun prat

    3. Lydia Maya Lynn

      6:22 boii you got some booty XD Why the fuk did I look there xD

    4. Lydia Maya Lynn

      Nice matching socks :P

    5. Jenna Whelan

      25:10 uh mark... theres a problem xD

    6. Wolfgang Adventures

      When leg day get serious

    7. Taylor Millard

      My name is Taylor lol

    8. Hypnotized Viper

      31:31 how ya do that with a Cock in the way? im questioning marks sexuality...

    9. The trouble twins

      Pink is marks color- I get black-

    10. Gacha girlie1470

      I do aerial silks. I’m a beginner and do all the stuff he’s doing

    11. Gala-Z Wolf

      Taylor: Just breath 😃 Mark: *I CAN’T*

    12. kay ferguell

      I think you're killing him.

    13. Qvoele


    14. Shy Wolf Draws

      Mark is like me Absolutely no flexibility

    15. Willie Murriel


    16. She is sooooo sweet

    17. kittylover Jade

      I love when she said are u breathing and he breaths but he sounds like he's giving birth to a baby

    18. Ashley Williams

      i just realized mark is thikk😂

    19. Eve Lomax

      Nobody: Mark: *existential crisis intensifys*

    20. Laela Anita

      That feeling when the ad before the video was about pull ups and being a "big kid"

    21. Daylynd Reece

      Is it sad that mark can do a better split than me i was beat by a dude

    22. If have pedophilia please whoosh me

      Silk: is green Editor: happiness noise

    23. Tynnel Smith

      Just... him splitting the fabric and putting his head through them .... I’m a girl and .... that was unpleasant

      1. Laela Anita

        I.... honestly don't know what to say about that...

    24. Tynnel Smith

      Lololollolololololololololololol This vid was so funny lol Haaaaa

    25. I’m excited for Mark, Ethan, and Tyler to poke dance. Hopefully with the lady who helped him, and the Game Grumps. She was good 👍🏻

    26. MEOWNUGGETS 93


    27. xXThatThiccGudetamaXx :3

      Me: *wOw SuCh GrAcE, MuCh MagEstIc* 13:29 mark: *Scared for dear life, hoping not to fall off and die-*

    28. really dumb

      6:28 1.marks face 2. He dummy thicc

    29. Yunira kitti

      Watching this has made me more lazy Cause everyone know adults know how to do everything....nvm

    30. avA DoOzY

      It took me 2 months to learn how to do a split at 12

    31. Zube Tube

      Mark had like 4 existential crises in this video and I love it

    32. Doge Gamer 2008

      HES SO HOT lol srry im weird

    33. The Reebstir

      I'm trying ariel silks yay.... I'm gonna DIE

    34. Zareya Byirt

      I hope whoever's recording is okay.

    35. Isabella Earll

      His ass tho! Why can’t I have that.

    36. Vlog and Animations for fun

      I am so glad that I’m not the only one that wears mis match socks lol

    37. Carla Gonzalez

      no one: mark: *i wAs So In sHaPe*

    38. Molly Hughes

      I use beach body too

    39. Hamilton is life

      Actual title: How to Do Aerial Silk Dance What the title should have been: Mark Having Many Existential Christis Due to Aerial Silks.

    40. Halpal Ahrens

      She knows what she's doing 😂

    41. X Gacha Robin X

      24:35 so graceful XD

    42. I no wut happend you had a middle-aged crises

    43. A concerned stranger

      Why do I forget that Mark is an adult man with a driver's license and he has a van. Idk why but Mark doesn't strike me as a "van person"

      1. Izzy T

        Well I mean he doesn't strike me as an adult person either

    44. Supergirl Prime

      It'll be easier *more pain* i meant better form

    45. SophieD25

      Imm a nAturl

    46. Ashleigh Stangeland

      Gymnast? Ethan?? Or Jack? *thinks* Arin?

    47. 1 2


    48. Raquel Guzmam

      Mark !! Lol go back!! Make a part 2!!!

    49. Leah Burnside

      5:00 The pec poof. oof.

    50. Ana Natalia Dosal

      Wheres your foot? Wheres your foot?! (She reminds me of a mom talking to her child 😂)

    51. Poopy Loopy

      Mom are you proud

    52. Johnathon Stilwell

      Follow the words of jack. "limber, loss, rubber goose."

    53. Lucicorn

      how old do you have to be to do this? This looks fun also, 28:47 is where mark started dying xD

    54. wendy when

      At 6:44 marc,s feet is dirty

    55. Alexandra MoonStone

      Them legs... O-O

    56. I'm not even a third of the way through and I'm just dying laughing this is really funny!

    57. Gracie Salinas

      Markiplier trys competitive cheer

    58. chloë t.


    59. Guys,look away at some points.

    60. winter and sienna productions

      You need to bring Sèan next time lmao😂

    61. Arya Josys

      Where did Mark get all that ass from? Thats some serious cake hes packin- thats america’s ass right there

    62. Samantha McBane

      31:22 bolgy wolgy

    63. CallMe DaddyJeff

      I'm sorry... But DAMN! MARK YOU THICC!! (6:21)

    64. HolaMiAmigos:P

      7:14 it took me 3 days, because I am able to force myself down, fun. Edit: I just realized that this might make others want to do this. DON'T! You will pull your muscles a lot and it WILL be hard to walk. Do. Not. Try. This.

      1. HolaMiAmigos:P

        @Laela Anita I think you win

      2. Laela Anita

        The only reason I can do the splits is because a couple years ago (when I wasn't even 2 inches close to the floor when trying to do the splits)I was showing my grandmother how I was "so close to the splits" and my sister full on jumped on my shoulders. I can't describe the pain. It was so painful.

    65. Queen Dabnee

      mark should have done this with the try guys

    66. Jaclyn Duellman

      Looking forward to him coming back to this

    67. I need Halp 24/7

      I find honest enjoyment of this because I’m an dancer a do aerial silks

    68. magestic muffin

      mark is thicc lmao

    69. Cary Vlogs

      You can just put them in the washer and dryer but you will have to wash your clothes first and Then you can wash your dog toys

    70. Sarah Thomson

      Love the Jontron 'What!?'s!