How To Rebuild Your Lawn Mower.



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    I went trash picking and found a mid 90s snapper mower needing some love. lets bring it up on the repair bench, see what it needs, and combine it with the other free snapper from last fall that had a bad engine.

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    1. BJ Jongejan

      Man, I love seeing all these comments and interesting stories, so I thought I'd share mine as well. I've been watching your channel for I think over 3 years now, and I learn something new each video! I've watched at least a hundred of your videos I'd say lol, and I was hooked from the start. I'm 16 years old, and I've always had a knack for fixing things, and recently I had a bigger project to take care of. We moved into our current house 4 years ago, and with it came a vintage toro recycler ii commercial mower. I didn't think it was much until I did some research on it, and found out it was a 2 stroke. I consider it somewhat a barn find, since it was just sitting in our garage, not running, broken and beat up, and ridiculously gunked up. After finding that all it needed was a new primer bulb I bought a super cheap one online and installed it, I also cleaned the carb while I was at it and what do ya know? It started right up... But little did I know at the time that the engine was not running 100%, after all, I was an amateur who knew nothing about 2 strokes, or how to get it working better... I scrubbed the hell out of the deck and got it all shiny and nice, and had to replace one of the rear wheels on which the bearing holder had broken (turns out it was fixable, but I didn't know any better at the time) with a non geared one, just so that it would ride level when cutting grass. And that was it, the engine ran, but it was gutless, and it didn't rev up to the right rpm and whatnot, but I figured because it was such a small engine that that was just why... Eventually, the spark plug gave up, like seriously, no spark, not even after cleaning it.... It was a weird failure, since I've never heard of that happening, but I tried it with another spark plug and it worked, so I knew the coil wasn't bad... Fast forward about a year... We had a landscaping company doing our yard, so there was no demand for me to even have that mower running, but it got annoying fast because they were very careless and inconsistent, so we ditched them and I had to get my mower running right again... I replaced the spark plug and ran a whole bottle of seafoam through the engine, but I made a mistake mixing the oil in the gas and put way too much oil in, so the engine smoked and smoked and I doubt the seafoam helped much because of that, but once I ran out of the poorly mixed gas I figured out how to do it correctly.... The engine still ran terribly, but it got me to the end of the season. One of the most important things I've learned by mustie is the process of elimination, and sometimes the most simple things can be the most perplexing and easiest to overlook... This year at the beginning of the season, I got the engine running, and it ran just as terribly as ever, no power, bogged easily, horrible throttle response, and now of all things it had developed a knock, but not a rod knock, it was spark knocking, pinging, etc. so I knew I needed to do something about it... I decided I wanted to do a whole restoration on the mower because it's just so dang cool, so I did. It needed some work, 3 of the 4 wheels needed replacing, and it needed 4 tires all around... That was probably the most expensive part about restoring it, because the wheels are steel and really pricey, it was about $120 for new wheels and tires, and I got lucky because one of the rear wheels was savable by some beating with a hammer. Anyways, so I replaced those all around, and I bought deck height adjuster knobs because they were missing and the metal tabs that they go on are sharp enough to cut you... Then I focused on the engine... I didn't know why it ran so poorly, so I made sure it was getting air... I replaced the air filter, I made sure it was getting consistent spark, which it was, and then I went to check the fuel, and I found part of my problem. The old fuel filter, looked to be original and it was absolutely packed with gunk, so I bought a new filter and also installed an in line shut off valve so that I can run ethanol without worrying about storing it. When I replaced that filter, the mower came to life, it relieved a huge fuel restriction and the throttle response was so much better... but it still knocked... At this point I was chasing the knock and I just couldn't figure out what it was... I knew for absolute certain that it was not a rod knock, but I couldn't figure out why it still was happening after I had freed up the fuel restriction. I cleaned the carburetor and it still knocked so I knew that something else was going on... being a 2 stroke, as I learned, there's a lot of things that can cause knock, but my idea was that it was running lean, because after looking at the spark plug, it had a white kind of tinge to it and looked almost burnt on the end of the electrode, but I was confused because I relieved the fuel restriction... So I started checking all the seals in line of the carburetor, making sure that there was no noticeable leaking, and there wasn't, so I then started looking to see if maybe it had the wrong jet in it for the altitude I'm at, and it would have been $20 for a new jet... And I almost bought it... You see, after I saw that the spark plug that was in it was damaged from lean conditions, I didn't want to put the new plug in it so that I wouldn't damage it and have to order one online again... But that's the mistake I made... Upon further research, I found out that having the incorrect spark plug gap can cause knock, because of uneven fuel burning or burning too late in the cycle... Turns out the plug that was in it was gapped too large, and when I put the new plug in it to see, that had fixed the problem... Go figure... It works perfectly now... TONS AND TONS of power, wayyyy more than any 4 stroke mower I've ever used. I also cleaned the exhaust of carbon build up and that helped too, now it sounds amazing, and despite having lower horsepower and torque compared to other 4 stroke mowers, having 2 strokes to make power instead of 4 makes a huge difference in performance in the real world, it's flippin awesome! I have never once stalled the engine even while cutting grass even over 2 feet high, it just powers through everything because it only takes 2 revolutions to make power... I love this thing, and it has been a joy to restore. It looks fantastic with the new tires and wheels, and complete all around. I've had to do more to it than what I've said, but I feel that would take up a lot more reading time for things that aren't important. Either way it is an awesome mower, and definitely holds it's own against much much newer mowers. I've got a little piece of history and now I use it commercially as well as residential. Thanks for inspiring me to get out in the shop, you've taught me a lot and there's no way I'd be out fixing things the way I do now if it wasn't for your channel!

      1. eric's garage

        That’s a cool story man. I’m 16 too and I mostly work on atvs and dirt bikes. I’ve also learned a lot watching this channel. Not knowing the history or a machine or not having the owners manual is something I encounter a lot so learning the process of elimination definitely come in handy. You should post a video of your mower on DE-news and maybe make restoration videos. It would be cool to see a 2 stroke lawn mower

      2. Robert Bruce

        BJ Jongejan Outstanding! I wish that I could see one like those industrial type mowers and hear it! I hope that your cottage industry prospers as well!

      3. Vaporized Egg

        Not being mean or anything, but man you have some strong fingers to write this 😂

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      really nice thanks.

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      love the old self propelled used to have to chase mine around the yard and you had to have your sneakers on.

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      I think you can sqeeze a mouse down to .3125 of an inch.

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      nice looking machine.

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    9. Smith Family YouTube

      They’ve made that mower for probably 40 years with very minor changes. We had one throughout the 80’s but with a 4HP Briggs and Scrapiron. Not a bad mower for the time, but there are a lot of better ones today IMO. Ours had the shifter up top where it was useful.

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      Where do you find free mowers

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      Are you from Wisconsin? Your accent/voice reminds me of Ben Askren

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      Flip, I just gave my old mower away - would have been a good project to get stuck into! :(

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      Wheat grass drinks 🍸

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      Mustie, have you ever tried ospho 605 metal treatment and then heat treat and drop it in oil... it finishes almost like melanite treatment. Just a thought for those areas where you want to keep it from rusting but don’t want to grease

    16. Tallisman1000

      2002 vintage, huh? Looks more like 1998 to me... I’ve open some stuff and it had already solidified into dried out varnish

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    20. Mark McGillicutty

      On the drive shaft for the self propelled part, heat it up a with a torch or heat gun and rub it down with wax. Protects against rust, provides a little lubrication, and doesn't attract dust.

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      Love this clip

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      Is that a friction-wheel transmission? I don't know the terminology> I have never seen something like this. odd and maybe archaic? Thanks for posting!!

    23. blipblip88

      Who would anyone want to watch someone bring back a crappy old Snapper back to life? Me ME ME!!!!!!

    24. greg mccarter

      Those tanks back in the early 2000s were bad about cracking. When I worked at a snaper dealer. We were replacing tanks like mad. They would crack at the seam.

    25. greg mccarter

      I use to find the older snapers. And the old comit snaper rider's. I would repair and sell them. I made some good money on these mowers. I miss the old days.

    26. Bruce Wayne

      You could blue that hex rod instead of greasing it?

    27. Than Oliver

      i brought home a mower once where it had a new blade but was upside down.

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      When you drained the gas tank it made me have to hit the bathroom

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    32. Andrew Hull

      Thanks. Just ... because. Mustie1 is one of my all time favorite YT channels. I've just spent the last hour or so stripping and cleaning my "bring out your dead". This particular "dead" is a 16 year old Briggs based Mountfield with belt drive. I have a near encyclopedic knowledge of small engine machines, almost entirely due to this channel, so a little TLC and it is back from the dead and lives to fight for another season. ... so lawn is neat and tidy once more and... thanks once again.

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    35. Gordon Burns

      Quite probably the worst machine restoration that I have ever seen! Making it go again is not the same as restoring it to its original condition... to rebuild is to restore to factory standards... you fell far short of the requirements.

      1. Mustie1

        lets see you do better for $1

    36. Aubrey Bryan

      The old bridge looks like an old Stephen King movie bridge.👍👍 Besides all that you are very Show me how to work on small engines.👍👍😎

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      20 years old, early 90s. mustie, its 2020

    38. Demons 500

      I've learned so much from Mustie, that I'm starting to talk to the screen telling HIM what to do. ;>)

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    40. CatholicBoy1957

      I wonder what he does when he sells the mower to a dopus that pours dirty gas in it the first use and then says he sold them a bad mower for 120 bucks. I worked at a Sears Parts and Repair for ten years and saw it on a regular basis. .

    41. bentboybbz

      Im calling you out mustie1. One dollar and 20 years worth of hoarding parts and tools lol. Also it will self clearance with enough rpm and time. XD

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    57. John Clarke

      Measure from the deck to the ground and add 1 1/2” to that figure for your cutting height. I cut on 3 for a 4&/12” cutting height.

    58. John Clarke

      .7 of a quart at about $4 a quart for Mobil 1 that is about $2.80 where I went to school😀

    59. John Clarke

      Green gas - the could have put two cycle gas in it and it soured, afterwards!

    60. John Clarke

      If the disk slips, put some liquid soap on it.

    61. John Clarke

      That’s a Ninga blade. My push snapper has one on it. I still like Gator blades on my Snappers.

    62. John Clarke

      The reason the tank probably cracks is because some people put their foot against the tank when they crank it. That is the way we used to crank them. I am sure you remember.

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      If you shake it more than twice, you're playing with it.

    64. Bart Vranken

      1:04:21 The Bridges Of Madison County ;) ? Thanks for the upload, got a similar lawnmower in the garage to fix.

    65. Proctor MacBelle

      i have a mower that once it gets warm, it seems to lose power very easily. then it starts shaking and vibrating as if something is loose, and dies soon after. the blade seems secure. sometimes "rocking" the mower up and down keeps it going long enough for another try. this problem has been getting progressively worse over the last couple of seasons. i plan to try cleaning the carburetor like mustie1 would do, but after watching many of his videos i have not seen reference to a problem like the one i have. does anyone know what this might be, where i should start looking?

    66. R I

      Man, what an overhauling! Mice poop and all! My father was a great mechanic, and taught me some tricks....for example, You could use some cereal box cardboard to make a carburetor's gasket. The "no plastic film cover" om it...(fuel issues with plastic) He took a piece of paper, some near the real form, and put some red or green grease to the part where the gasket goes. press the paper on It, not moving sideways!! Only pressing, and the imprint of the gasket goes into the paper. glue that paper to the cereal's bok cardboard and cut with an xacto knife. You could use that as a gasket or make a real template for future gaskets fabrication. Thanks as lot for your videos , I like the solutions You find, but I enjoy the "road finding" more!! like a 10 y.o. kid!!!

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