How to Replace Control Arms and Bushings to Fix a Bouncy Suspension



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    Learn how to replace control arms and bushings to fix a car with a bouncy suspension. I show you how to figure out what is causing the bounce (shocks or bushings) and then I show you how to replace the upper and lower trailing arms and install new poly bushings. Then we take the DriftStang to the track and test her out!
    How to Replace Struts:
    How to Replace Shocks:
    How to Install Coilovers:
    Tools and Products I used:
    Upper and Lower Trailing Arms:
    Torque Wrench:
    Extendable Ratchet:
    Rubber Mallet:
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    1. eternityag

      I'm amazed at how knowledgeable you are with fixing and modifying vehicles. Your DIY videos have been a great help. i wish I had someone like you around to help me figure out why I can't get a nice, firm, pedal on my brakes. Thank you for taking the time to thoroughly show us how we can do this stuff ourselves.

    2. vivek surana

      Can you fact check about Nano Energizer.

    3. AJ Darimbang


    4. Eirik Erga

      could you install a quaife lsd/asd differential on the driftstang? it has no wear parts and no maintanence except oilchange. love your videos man keep it up

    5. Eelis Malinen

      when are you going to install a turbo?

    6. Bryan Fernandaze

      Old chrisfix:hey guys chrisfix here new chrisfix:HEY GUYS CHRISFIX HERE AND TODAY

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      - Choose your character - Chris Fix Item generation: Soapy Wooder, Medium Strength Threadlocker Strength: Making your car look better than a 20 million dollar mansion Disadvantages: Still no roll cage on the driftstang. I want them Race Seatbelts in.

    8. Valeno

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      I'm waiting on the honda build 😅

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      I think ChrisFix is going to add a supercharger to the mustang. At the end of the video he said: "This suspension is finally set up to handle a supercharger" I CAN'T WAIT

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      Would love to know the total price so far for the mustang

    12. rutgertjuhhh1

      Hi Chris, I do not know if this is the right place to ask my question, but I’m going to give it a try. First of all, I found your DE-news channel a couple of days ago and since have been watching a lot of videos. Awesome work! Especially the fact you keep everything relatively simple is great! I was especially interested in the Jaguar you stripped as I have an old Volvo, which I am planning to take apart with a friend. I have just a couple of questions though, how were you able to sell so many engine parts of the Jaguar without the car running? How were you sure the specific parts you removed worked? You cant really tell as the car was not running right? Also, how long did it take to sell most of the stuff? Final question, did most people pick up the parts at your house, or were a lot of people asking you to ship it? Would be awesome if you could answer these! I’m gonna watch some more videos 👍🏼 Kind regards, Rutger!

    13. Addie caldwell


    14. michaels blogs

      man i want to say lately i have bin into cars. watching car crash videos. playing car games. just cars with me in 2020 lol. this channel is gonna be what i need when i get a car. if something fails i will go right to youtube and search chirsfix.

    15. Jack Leach

      Happy birthday 1 day late

    16. Vyn Louise Andrei Solina

      11:01 that's what she said.

    17. Vyn Louise Andrei Solina

      Our suspension is a bit different than yours cause our vans springs is different the front is stiff and the rear is soft and also our engine is rear mounted.

    18. RamSLade On Blitz

      ChrisFix be wearing a helmet like we haven't seen his face before lmao

    19. DapitenOSoChurroSarge Channel Ese!

      I dont even own a mustang but your videos are very informational!!

    20. Ben Whelan

      Hey Chris can you possibly fit in a drum to disk conversion video somewhere? I really need to do it on my 95 GMC Sierra 1500 and no shop around me has ever done it before? I’m willing but need your guidance lol. We had a big load in it a while back and I’m not sure what happened but I almost lost control of the truck on the road...I’m entirely sure it was due to the drums in the back. Thanks Chris!!

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      face reveal

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      I’ll give you respect for all of your hard work

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      The mustang needs Louvers and a costom Chris fox racing wrap

      1. Jack Soroka

        And a light bar

    27. Rachael Evenson

      @ChrisFix I need help ASAP what can cause a 95' ram 2500 V10 non dually 2wd to not have reverse??! I am aware this truck has high mileage with over half a million miles but was a daily driver and still has all other gears, how can this be fixed is it easy or a major priced bill?? Also note it had regular maintenance, it was a little low on trans fluid but even when topped off it's still the same problem I've googled it but nothing on this specific truck

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      Yesssss! New ChrisFix videos

    29. John Ferrara

      So, is that oval bushing the reason why Mustangs hurt people?

    30. JD Ciano

      Hey chris, does your mustang have a 4.6 in it?

    31. مشاكس الانمي

      Go a head chris fix i see you from saudi arabia

    32. Top 5 dead or Alive

      Very good explanation vid.

    33. Jaughn the Monster

      U should install a new spoiler

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      Please make a video on changing 4 engine plugs and the coil connected to it

    35. Enrique Alba

      Do u need an alignment afterwards?

    36. ScubaDog

      Love your vids man. I've got a project truck (96 gmc 4.3L c1500 SL 2wd). My grandfather gave it to me, and it has lots of rust on the frame, so i took the box off and im currently wire wheeling off all the rust. Gotta replace the rusty fuel tank, filler neck, and sending unit, needs new bumpers, control arms, and pretty much a new exaust system, and new catalytic converter ( even though we don't have emission testing here), and a new windshield. Let me know if you wanna help haha.

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      Chris how to fix a bumper

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      I have been watching you for two years your videos are awesome!!!

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      Yesterday when I tried to replace oil in my car I could not unscrew crankcase bolt because it was tighten too much. I unscrewed it by smashing bolt with tools I got. At the same time I tried to not damage crankcase and because of this it took hours to unscrew that bolt. Chris please make a video about how to unscrew a bolt which could not be unscrewed by socket set.

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      Holy Chris Stig!! Fix!!! Keep up the good work!!

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      Did we torque all that down with the full weight of the car on the suspension?

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      When's the rollcage and harness video from 3 years ago lol

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      "This suspension is finally set up to handle a supercharger." **Dont do that. Dont give me that hope.**

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      Btw why haven't you been uploading I love your drift car view

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      How much money do you already spend on this project?

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      pls do a super charge next it would be helpful because im about and thinking about installing a supercharged throttle body so i'll keep watching and also thank you for all the advice

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      The way he explains with so much detail!!, It’s freakin golden!!

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    55. Great Horned Owl

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      Thanks cris fix for making these videos because i want to be a mechanic when i get my job

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      Please help me Chris my 98 Grand caravan is throwing a code that is exhaust gas recirculation control unit and which would be the egr valve but it's of course in the back of my engine and I want to clean it how do I do this without screwing anything up? And btw I've seen your video on it but I don't know if you've work on those vans before. It has a 3.0 liter v6

    64. pfoxhound

      Old bushings were taking abuse , falling apart and protecting metal parts. With more stuff bushings forces will go further than rubber...

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      Chris, you inspire me! I've always wanted to be a mechanic, but could never afford to buy a tool collection. But the lessons I've learned from watching your videos are priceless! Thanks Chris!