How To Restore a Rusty Knife



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    Today I show you how to restore a Rusty knife. Have an antique knife that you'd like to restore to mint condition? Watch this video to learn how! You'll be amazed and incredibly satisfied when your warned down blade looks good as new! It's incredibly easy to do - and you only new a few simple everyday household items.
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    1. Ghoster_ 07

      I haven't watch your videos for so long

    2. BB Nootus

      Help, I accidentally made a dinner meal trying to restore my knife, and I dont know how to undo it.

    3. Abhisar Rawat

      1:32 sounds like a serious case of diahorrea

    4. Abhisar Rawat

      So what do I need? *"Eggs, lots and lots of eggs"*

    5. Unknown

      You don’t have to restore a knife you can just get a new one

    6. Hyune

      Apa cuma gua doang disini yang salah serper

    7. Mikoto Misaka n.10.032

      Omg thanks! I always wanted to buy a new knife because mine is rusty, but now I don't have to! It work works perfectly!!!

    8. Krizs

      I thought he will be hitting his hand really fast with this knife

    9. Hanji Zoe

      Aw man I pressed on this to show how to clean a "rusty" clean freak but eh, I'll do it anyways 😝

    10. 【[Muse Fundashi]】

      w. t. f.

    11. Es the big box TM

      Came for the knife, learned to do a pretty kickass spaghetti

    12. Frank

      Bread Ninja has entered chat

    13. Sastiago

      Lo peor es que realmente sí sabe cocinar

    14. OWO Tandi OWO

      Therapist: Jelly spaghetti isn't real it can't hurt you Jelly spaghetti: s q e l c h

    15. pvc4

      This might be the cleanest of his videos

    16. Evil BillMadness

      The heck

    17. Bucky

      howtobasic: "how to restore a rusty knife" rusty knife: "i don't get what just happened"

    18. Dragibus Master

      2M views for a guy who is making a sandwich with his knife, destroying it with a hammer and then make a bolognese sauce with the same knife. Damn, DE-news is so weird

    19. ÆReddish

      Not funny ITS DISCUSTING!!!!

    20. Kododes

      Wow thank you for this tutorial now my knife can even mine an diamond block

    21. Mr Duck

      Dad:ok I need to clean this knife I found How to basic:does wierd stuff Dad:son what is this

    22. phong phong

      i'm not joking it worked. but i don't need any bReADs.

    23. Yazan Younes_GAMER

      1:54 to 1:59 what is going on

    24. Yazan Younes_GAMER

      1 54 to 1 59 imagine seeing this through a window

    25. Marko Antonijevic

      This is his most useful video

    26. Duh Bruh

      At least it worked

    27. Elkana Hartono

      i got an ad for gordon ramsay's cooking class

    28. kingevin56

      Just how many egg that this guy use on every video.

    29. Pol1te

      Oh god...

    30. Manos Gk

      Your house is a mess I guess

    31. PATUZ CUHZ

      So dumb

    32. Ninjas of The Night

      Make sure to add dat nice cookies n cream 👌😍 0:44 Needa give that knife a little extra flavor 😏

    33. Dark Studios

      This guy loves eggs..

    34. CK

      Kids in Africa could have eaten that knife

    35. Ghost Gaming

      Can I cut chicken with this knife

    36. Meyra Debreli

      Me: Mum where did all the food go? Howtobasic: ehm did someobody called me ?

    37. Eye Tea

      Those dislikes are from people who only had a rusty butter knife.

    38. VTendo

      He's telling the T R U T H

    39. GirlUSeeAtYourClass

      Me trying to kill my boss 1:55

    40. Kobe Beef xd

      Actually, what he meant was... Before I bought a new knife: AFTER I bought a new knife:

    41. I don't got toes

      I like how he shows you then he destroys it

    42. Squidward Maximillius

      I actually got the ingredient with a rusty butcher knife and tried this anyone wanna volunteer for clean up?

    43. Comnozism Not Communism

      the intro looks normal

    44. TheSlushySword YT

      But fr if you want to restore a rusty knife first you throw it away next go to walmart and buy a knife. There easy

    45. TheSlushySword YT

      What if at the end it actually works

    46. умная кофеварка

      Good pasta, I just cook it

    47. Kollapse Cave

      The further I went, the more I was disgusted, but at the same time the more I was intrigued.

    48. кремний боров

      Каша из топора

    49. Alkums Razor

      Dude just buy a new blade like damn

    50. Who Cares

      *That actually works* -EXCEPT THAT EGG PART-

    51. Jonas Richter Voice Acting

      Well, the knive actually gets cleaner through out the procedure. The eggs are - as always - savior of the day :D

    52. No Steam Money

      Spy saping my sentry!

    53. BillboDragons

      This is absolutely uninformative That's a CLEAVER not a knife!

    54. The Murpdog02

      Instructions unclear: spaghetti jello didn’t solidify

    55. BlindingLight

      Instructions unclear: knife is now in Switzerland and I don’t know how to get it back

    56. Zamurin Hisham

      Now in covid 19 you can transalte membazir makanan

    57. Ismail Hossain

      I'm so dumb. I forgot to read who did this video.

    58. Eric Tipton

      CEO of eggs

    59. Dawn Sullivan

      You just laugh like a little girl 😂

    60. BlueDrone GT

      I wonder because he changed to the clean knife so it become clean. I guess so 😂😂😂

    61. Card_Board

      *make a normal cooking video, where you cook omlettes and other types of ways to cook eggs*

    62. Twixie7 - Sub to me

      Those people who disliked are the one who actually did what howtobasic did

    63. Cool Random Vids

      Just imagine some parent find their knife rusty and searches a video on how to recover it and finds this


      If it was only that easy

    65. Yung Zapss

      WOW, Thanks so much! My knife is perfect! 😊

    66. TurtlePonz

      Wtf It doesnt work

    67. \\ Emy Panda //

      2:44 bootiful

    68. Mystic-Limia

      Gordon Ramsey's long lost brother

    69. Am i right

      Is he cooking a rysty knife instead of restore a rusty knife

    70. Fire Snake56

      Does not work. Egg was absorbed by knife