How we rebuilt our Buick Nailhead V-8 engine from rusty to roaring | Redline Rebuild Explained S3E3



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    Our 401 Buick Nailhead V-8 rebuild project was quite an ordeal. Many of you have followed along with our Redline Updates and already know a lot of the ins and outs of the problems we've had with this build. But, as we always do, Davin and Ben sit down to discuss the project as a whole, from dragging it out of field to putting it on the engine test stand and firing it up for the first time. If we didn't answer your questions in the video, post them in the comments and we'll do our best to respond!
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    1. william mise

      No way in hell high temperatures silicon will stay it will cook it in 15 min

    2. Bill Clinton

      Damm the intake has to be removed to adjust the push rods that sucks

    3. Daniel Bennion

      Incredible to watch this! I'm greatly impressed with all the detail of everything. The engine design itself is a true work of art and innovation. With the little upgrades it seems to me that you have a better than original. I'd love to see it put through the paces for endurance and performance. But with Buick's engineering, it's no doubt it's a performer. Hey, great video! Best wishes with your engine!

    4. fw1421

      Nice job! Beautiful motor.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    5. tyler amburg

      How in the heck do you get the tools to slide across the floor i no its editing but wtf... How...

    6. bronson osborne

      do some good ole FE FORD ENGINES

    7. Rick Harper

      I got my learners driver license in my dad's 65 Buick LeSabre custom 355 wildcat engine. That car was by far the best road car I ever drove!!!

    8. Doug Borrett

      Great video but that backward and forward time lapse got a bit tiresome.

    9. drakos365

      So the car body was a waste. Then the heads were trash followed by the engine block. If the trans is also shot, this was a complete bust … well, you guys tried. Hopefully you are able to recoup the buying price when you part out what is left of the body.

    10. Thom Thumbe

      Oh my gosh....Buick Wildcat was my first car in HS. I rebuilt that 401 twice in my Dad's shop. When I got rid of that car a couple years later, I kept the chrome WILDCAT letters and have them to this day as a reminder of some very nice days in my life!! YES, a front bench seat where my beautiful girl climbed in the drivers door and sat so close to me that you couldn't fit a sheet of paper between us. 8-Track tapes. Oh my goodness I'd love to re-live those days!!

    11. Shannon Rehwinkel

      How much power do you estimate it to have. I mean isn't that the ultimate goal? To build it and in return get it running wich is the reward for your labor but the power output is the icing on the cake! Love your videos keep up the good work!!!

    12. Aaron

      Brilliant production. I loved that car but I seem to like rust more than solid metal. I enjoyed the walk through and talking about details that didn’t fit into the other episodes. Thank you so much for all the time and passion you put into your work

    13. Mouse Killaz

      I had 66, it would smoke the big ol tires until I threw a rod.

    14. jw '46


    15. Tom D

      Anyone else wearing headphones almost crap themselves when Davin sneezed at 42:20?

    16. Renato Medeiros

      usually how much does it take to fully restore such an engine?

    17. Jason Petrou

      You guys... I love this format!

    18. Landon Worrell


    19. Soni‘s Garage


    20. Just A Guy

      Fantastic video! Congratulations on the final build, you guys are great!

    21. fastyzzzff

      Loved followed it all cheers sir!

    22. Mike and Blaze

      Excellent video!! Thank you Davin and Ben for the walk through.

    23. billiondollardan

      The content Hagerty is publishing on DE-news has been fantastic. I love watching everything Davin does too

    24. Werewolf486

      Mine and my wife's question is where are you doing these rebuilds? Town and State?

    25. Scott Snider

      You guys should do a Ford FE. I would love to see that

    26. William Kiene

      Funny how GM had so many different V8 motors in the 1950s and 1960s? I guess they were experimenting a lot back then. This is a real good video channel......thanks everyone. Glad you saved one of these old motors.

    27. Raymond J Lawson III

      Did I miss something? Cause nobody seems to be asking. What're you gonna do with it? I'm thinkin' it's not goin' back in that old Wildcat. Seems like a shame at this point to stick it on a shelf.

    28. Muhammad Aminz

      what happen to the chasis if you just rebuild the engine??it's go to the junkyard or somebody take it to be a part car??

    29. jack wright

      Y'all should build a Ford 460. Hell, I would send y'all mine, as long as you send it back in working order. lol

    30. rafe33174

      Nice job but that guy touching the computer back and forth all the time ruined the video

    31. Jnl Jnl

      Interisting side note. When building a high rpm engine they dont go for round on the rod big end . they want it ovaled to where the hole is wider than it is tall as the big end will flex causing the sides of the rods to pinch in eliminating the oil clearance burning up the rod. Hence the term hotrod.😂

    32. Timothy Archer

      Wow! I think this has to be about the most extreme engine rebuild I've ever seen. This must have required at least 80--120 hours of hard manual labor, just to crack the case, break down the components, and clean out all of the mess. I've already seen the shorter post, where the time-lapse sequences of the restoration are featured. I was really impressed with the outcome, but so much more so, now, seeing all of the preliminaries. It's a commendable undertaking, to commit to saving an engine in such advanced condition of decay. I wish I could come work with you in your shop. That would be an amazing experience!

    33. Dave Brittain

      From crap to beauty!

    34. SpatialDragon

      Such an unusual engine design. Some brilliant ideas for the time and some that make you wonder...

    35. Brandon Greene

      This stuff is truely awesome! Thank you for all the insights and the disbursement of your years of knowledge. Subscribed!

    36. Aaron Long

      I'm sad to hear that the Wildcat can't be saved.

    37. Narciso Espinosa

      Keep the videos going, great knowledge sharing!!!!

    38. 88SC

      Any idea how it ended up in that shape? It had a hood covering the engine... did it sit through a flood? Always a shame to have to scrap old cores like this.

    39. no middle ground

      love the full length w/ color commentary ... episodically, i was lost when switching to other projects, which is cool, but this works for me.

    40. Jim Clarke

      Great looking car, needs a 455, judge))

    41. Muhammad Aminz

      i always want to see a redline rebuild explained for the 331 hemi..i've been searching for a long time..but never find it..please do a redline explained for hemi

    42. سوري وراسي مرفوع

      This is my dream car

    43. Skyline Fever

      15:36 I have heard of using nickel spray welding to add material to pitted valve seats, but that typically is only done to cylinder heads that are extremely rare. According to some of the nailhead experts who commented in earlier videos, rebuildable nailhead cores weren't too difficult to find.

    44. Avgwarhawk

      The rubber O-ring has worked for decade after decade.

    45. Noe Morales

      Muy buen trabajo mis chavos,felizidades.

    46. GoFood VN

      hihi videos veru good

    47. Jason King

      How do you decide which engines are good rebuild candidates? Ever considered a Willys F-134 engine?

    48. Bill Beyer

      Last time I rebuilt a motor with dual valve springs the cam maker was very specific about breaking the cam in with only the outer springs installed then installing the inners after break in.

    49. Jon Becker

      I’m shocked that engine was unusable 😂

    50. Colin Nicol

      Can’t believe you don’t wear gloves when working. Almost all the liquids you encounter on your builds are harmful in one form or another, and many are absorbed directly through the skin. The hydro carbon count in your blood stream must be sky high. You should have it checked.

    51. moparedtn

      Davin makes this series. It's a genuine pleasure to watch each episode thanks to his combination of demeanor, expertise and humor. Just like with Tom on the barn finds series, Hagerty has chosen their hosts very well. Bonus: I have had Hagerty insurance on my '68 GTX for several years now and have had the unfortunate occasion of having to actually have a claim - and they performed flawlessly there, too. Quality all around. They've got a customer (and viewer) for life here! -Ed on the Ridge

    52. Mercmad

      Nail head as a nick name.. I'm pretty old but I remember them being called Nail valves because the valves in a 322 looked like a cheap nail,the heads were very thin with a skinny stem . My younger brother started to build a T bucket with a 332 and jag four speed on the back. (with over drive). This had been in a Allard Sports car and was real torque monster . A 401 is one of those old time engines where torque was more important than screaming revs as anyone who have driven a buick will tell you,while you're accelerating into license losing territory SBC's etc are screaming.i restored a 225 Electra for a friend a few years ago which had 425 on the aircleaner...that meant 425 ft/lbs Torque .Not bad for 1960.

    53. Ethan Hessong

      Rebuild a Ford FE or 385 series block.

    54. Darrin McSorley

      I love this. My late aunt had a mid 60’s Wildcat rag top, and it was her absolute pride. I am in my mid 50’s so only remember that car being about the same age as myself; metallic blue with I believe a white interior. That Buick stayed in our family for years, and it actually might still be in the possession of my cousin. Would love to know if the motor was a 401 or 425. Thank you so much for your videos, your historical perspective and attention to details. Very much appreciated!

    55. Jack Jacke

      Where do i go to get those tools n parts that walk over to the jobs by themselves? Handy!!!

    56. Beach&BoardFan

      Whats up with Davin? Was that a compromise between his parents, one wanted to name him david, and the other wanted to name him gavin?

    57. Marta Davies

      Where do all these engines end up? Do you have projects they go into? Or do they belong to customers? Id love to have my survivor Mustang's 289 all spiffed up with everything working again (original A/C and smog car). Great work as always... thank you for interesting content!

      1. Marta Davies

        I bet Ben could make a cool "Where are the Engines Now" video! ;) And, are you going to do a How We Rebuilt the Harley video?

      2. darnoldie

        Yeah, I'm curious about that as well. Where does a 401 Buick nail head find a home?

    58. Doc Strange

      How much would it cost to rebuild my 1986 Oldsmobile 5.0L 307cui?

      1. Skyline Fever

        I'm not sure. However, it may be worth seeing what you can pay for a rebuildable Olds 350 or 403 core and then rebuild one of those.

      2. Doc Strange

        @Kinsey Madeline I get that, but there is nothing wrong with the motor, I just wanted a price range. How much you swap an LS?

    59. Timothy LaPlante

      I'm pretty sure Cerakote is baked on to the exhaust manifold.

    60. Apple flavoured bleach


    61. Matthew Troiano

      If you had to do this again what kind of Klondike bar would it take?

      1. Wildcat66

        Preferably one from Kentucky they make the best

    62. Donk

      You guys make one hell of a team. Any chance of doing an old diesel or radial?

    63. chris walker

      So what happened to the body of the nailhead?

    64. John A

      Enjoy these Redline Rebuilds, Davin and Ben make a great team. What about something a little different, like a Corvair 6?

    65. Duk A

      Это вам не Приору чинить!

    66. GTX 1080Ti

      ok, i was wondering why you guys werent uploading the redline update! guess you were busy doing this!

    67. Great laker

      I used a ridge reamer in the past and its designed not to go any further than the rest of the bore. You really would have to make an effort to screw it up or the reamer is made by some barefoot Chinaman in a shed.

    68. VetteKid

      I don't know about Buick's engine block inspection but I worked for a brief time at Caterpillar Tractor's now long gone building Mossville BB basic engine plant doing final inspection after machining and one of the things I looked for was thin casting flash that might break off when the engine ran and yes I removed it with a hammer and chisel.

    69. Racer 67

      Nothing is quite like what a freshly painted 60's v8 engine looks like when its brought back to its glory!