I Accidentally Became A Meme: Side-Eyeing Chloe



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    Chloe and her mom explain where the viral, side-eye moment came from!
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    1. chloe landon

      There can only be one.

    2. Nighthawk

      The memeverse: *t h e m e m e i s s t r o n g w i t h t h i s one*

    3. game channel

      So this is how the legend meme born

    4. jimmy james

      Chloe and her sister are Adorable!

    5. HelloBigWorld :D

      Man, its so easy to become famous

    6. Pedro Davim

      I’m brazilian!!!

    7. Erica Anderson

      When that video came out I laughed my butt off uncontrollably !! That face is legendary😂😂🤣

    8. itsyoboy


    9. Uchiha Flame

      If they didn’t turn the camera to her...


      you became the most powerful thing on this plant...

    11. Donald Trump

      I hope she doesn’t turn into a disrespectful selfish person from all the attention.

    12. Ashleigh Belt

      She’s always been my favorite meMe!

    13. Joseph Philips

      Tell your sister to buckle her seat belt

    14. Jared Valadez

      You didnt be a meme pff

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      Oh man congrats

    16. Vahneris

      When memes talk back to you.

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      Yeah the whole world...

    19. ZenTheHuman

      My goal is to reach 500 sub with 1 vid,and I need y'all help Any help is greatly appreciated.♥🏆

    20. Kylee Lee

      Chile has the head ass face naturally 😂😂

    21. Miguel Playz


    22. Raed Odeh

      5:48-5:51 the meme face again 😂 I just can't hahaha

    23. SusiOfficial

      Chloe is my favorite meme (-:

    24. ErayTz

      Haha she has the same teeth‘s like today.

    25. 4 games

      You guys are very lucky Chloe just made a silly face and it got ya rich and famous

    26. le monke

      Apparently the whole world is only 20 million people

    27. mariannigobaba

      Her meme is amazing like it’s really great like I really like it 😂😂

    28. Itz Liqua

      Ehm so on disc we have the gif animation of her meme so i told him you dont have money he said ok i said to him buy me nitro he said i thought i dont have money and sent the meme i was dying

    29. gmbling

      F buzzfeed

    30. Elliot Odususi

      Feel like this is fake but dont know why......

    31. Kai Da Man

      If you meet her, it's like a dream come true, and like meeting a hero

    32. Madelyn Mohesky

      The story behind the meme is even funnier/better then the whole entire meme lol 😂

    33. Angel Garcia

      I changed the comment, so you'll never know why i got no likes

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    37. The Galaxy family ruins everything!

      My bro does it to me all the time.

    38. shaista malik

      Unmasking the people behind the memes

    39. Sofia Padilla

      I remember seeing that video with Chloe and Lily when I was younger.

    40. Juana 08


    41. Gxrt

      Everyone leave me your meme energy Together will defeat the bad memes That try to rise Yo this is cringe I know I just wanted to annoy myself

    42. Mari Jo Bautista

      They said that on 2010 she had about 5 and now in 2020 she look like a 12 yr old she is supposed to be 18 or 17

    43. K. Virág

      We send this gif when someone say something weird

    44. ItzTarpp

      Video: had 18 Million Views Mom: Half The World Knows Her Video: I didnt know 4.546 Billion = 18 Million

      1. Zenof Blox

        @ItzTarpp ok boomer

      2. ItzTarpp

        @Zenof Blox idc 😂

      3. Zenof Blox

        There are different platforms for this like Reddit and Facebook, Instagram etc so it's not only DE-news

    45. Noob :3


    46. Corey Mullins

      I agree you have to be careful eating shrimp with the shell because they can choke you.. so yes I think they're right just be mindful and stay out of Kentucky

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      She is older than me 1 year I kiddin me

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      I changed this, So you will never know why I got one 1 like.

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      My favorite meme ever!

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      1:48 he was at this moment she knew.

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      When you realise this was posted one day after your birthday

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      This is funny cause we have the same name

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      No way is she really the meme its mah fav 🤣🤣

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      Those two teeth

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      My gf's little brother kissed her is kindergarten. Like legit no joke

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      When Your Parents Pronounce It *M e h M e h*

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      Can i just tell you She still looks the same in the meme

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      Wow, if I did a weird/funny meme face, I would like NEVER get famous ;-; (AnD thEn I ThiNk, AM I NOT FUNNY???- Chloe: I like to play with my best friend Me: WHICH IS ME

    63. The Guy With An T

      Meme stars are always great. I wish to be one.

    64. TheMinecraftSkillz


    65. V A

      That baby girls expression is priceless 😍 so original. God bless you and your family Chloe.

    66. Many clouds in the sky

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      Cool. VID

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