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Liza Koshy

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    1. Hope Gaming Playz

      These snowflakes......❄❄❄

    2. Jade Wonder

      Ummm what is this I need comedy and funny stuff on here!

    3. Tania Sapinsky

      It's awesome that you're taking responsibility for your past actions, but don't beat yourself up too much. We're all prejudiced to certain degrees.

    4. Violet Linnell

      Liza does not deserve this, she is the least offensive you tuber present on DE-news and disgusting people that have nothing to do are just treating her badly thus the apology that should have never been posted, I just hope she is handling it well.

    5. aseel aldolaimi


    6. Danielle Ziolek

      Please don’t come of DE-news you make most people happy and you put so much great effort into all of your videos please come back to DE-news

    7. Daylia Lazo

      It’s dark humor it’s funny but some ppl don’t get it❌

    8. Citlaly Campa

      But like why is everyone getting cancelled though??? Everywhere I look, someone does something bad lmaooo

    9. Underrated Artist

      I'm sure we all forgive you it's ok .

    10. henchman99

      Well this is funny.

    11. Pamela Ralston

      i think it was mature of here to apologize for her actions, but just because she apologized doesn’t mean everyone should forgive her. I’m not asian myself, but i am a poc and I know i would feel offended and hurt if another poc disrespected my culture like that. I honestly feel David is the one that was in the most wrong and people should be speaking about him not Liza, but then again she also allowed him to be racist to a minority group. Not trying to argue just my opinion.

    12. Smokescreen83

      ok cool

    13. laila bibb

      i happy she is apoligizing i accept her apoligy

    14. Jolina Ruiz

      Amazing woman, thats why i always looked up to you. Im an asian, your jokes makes me laugh, i wasn't offended. Loveyou! 🖤

    15. Selish

      People are just so stuck at home and have nothing to do but to go into somebody's past just to "cancel" them and throw shade. This was a stupid situation that still Liza should apologize for, but she doesn't deserve the hate.

    16. Jamie Fletcher

      You should have said it to us not righting a letter oh please forgive u Me 🤦😐🤭👎

    17. Davia Ellis

      This is BS, she shouldnt have to apologize. Guys, its comedy.......how will comedians like Liza make jokes anymore if they're being scrutinize for every word they say?

    18. HeLi BoI


    19. Mak Beast

      This is how apology videos should be. No fake crying. No pauses. Just something for us to read and decide if we forgive her or not.

    20. Tik Tok Tingz

      Wait what happened?

      1. DIY_Daph

        She made a slightly racist joke in a video a couple years back.

    21. Makenzie Hickey

      I know youre not racist, everyone became a bunch of sensitive pussies out of nowhere. I still support you Liza. ❤

    22. Caleb Swearingen

      The same thing happened with Jenna marbles it was so sad to see her go PLEASE Don’t go Liza

    23. Sarai Gonzalez (2027)

      Liza is amazing she was clearly not trying to offend anyone and it’s shocking that people saw her wholesome and funny content from years ago and think “Oh my gosh this is racist” like no. I love and support Liza so much.

    24. the pacific limited vlogs

      L stands for liza and love

    25. Diamond

      I don't think no one should be mad cause she makes everyone's day with her videos and you do actually know she's not being racist when she makes jokes about anything so she shouldn't apologize about anything!!

    26. SippyMTB


    27. Alexei Passmore

      lmao gtfo

    28. William Stager

      So no more Liza?

    29. Dimi

      Is she not going to ever make videos again!!!??

    30. charles junior

      Can someone explain what the apology is for??

      1. DIY_Daph

        She made a slightly racist joke in a video a couple years back.

    31. Anthony H

      I get what she is trying to say here, and i know it isn’t for me personally, but unfortunately i do not accept her apology. There are those who make light and use humor to hurt. She just is not one. I have always enjoyed her vision and I’m actually sad that anyone found it offensive. I do see color, and i celebrate each of our differences. Stay funny Liza! One planet...

    32. Genesis Lopez

      I don’t know if anyone would see this but I would like to say something it’s kinda upsetting seeing people being “cancelled” for things in the past cause I know that if people were to bring up my past mistake not only would I feel guilt and regret I would be mentally torn apart if you are wondering if I ever made a racist remarks or offensive jokes I have not I feel that not only the person who made those jokes should apologize but I also the viewers should also apologize cause they were one of the reasons that these creators kept making these videos even if you aren’t an influencer or anyone that’s in the public eye do it because you caused these people to continue now please don’t blame it on just you cause many people contributed if you read this please spread awareness I hope are society gets better and that we all understand eachother at one pint even if it takes years and years to make that happen it’s worth the wait

    33. Victorina Guzman


      1. Victorina Guzman

        Idk wtf is going on

    34. Cam L


    35. Kate Mclaughlin

      What happened?

    36. sarah adewale

      I understand that some people took her jokes as offensive but she was just a gurl trying to spread laughter and joy into the terrible world . I did not see anything offensive in her past videos that she created . I hope that the people that she intentionally offended will forgive her. Love you Liza...💗

    37. Micah Francis

      She literally had no second intention behind anything shes done, she said herself that she was trying to celebrate the cultures of her characters, not tear them down. Can yall even step outside without being offended?

    38. masonthegecko

      I was say this is more prejudice than racist but it is still not okay, however I don’t think they deserve all the hate they are receiving. The reason I say it is not okay is because quite a lot of people are just sensitive and find anyway they can to be offended by anything!

    39. Emmie Studios

      Omg I so sorry for you I hope you are ok 🥺💖 I hope you do your best in life and stay strong 💖💖

    40. Charming nowhere to hide

      hands.(And just to be clear I fully support BLM)

    41. Regina Beatus

      bro wtf why people see racism everywhere?it drives me crazy,people just love to get offended .Do you know actually what humor is?It seems it is going to disappear soon because of all this bullshit of BLM and stuff like that.Sorry but this is my opinion.And btw I LOVE Liza,she is the best!

    42. Yeeyee Cowboy

      She didn’t make a long video, or cry some fake tears, she just wrote a simple apology......what a queen

    43. Chlo e

      i won’t lie, the “joke” liza and david made offended me. i am korean living in a foreign country and i face racism very often. if you’re not asian do not tell us that this was only a joke and we are being too sensitive. there were so many funny jokes you could of made instead of mocking different cultures and races. i am very impressed and happy about how liza reacted to this situation and i truly respect her and forgive her. yes, everyone make mistakes but im just angry about these comments telling us that we are being “sensitive”. so if asian’s say it’s racism you go and LEARN IT.

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        We love you😘

    44. Jenna Juve

      i love you liza

    45. TaeRa's Fics

      You just gave me another reason to love you more Lizza ♥

    46. Ivy Lloyd

      are you guys seriously upset over a made up character that NO ONE not a SINGLE PERSON had a problem with until it was “BLACK LIVES MATTER” then everyone wants to go and attack liza because of jokes. i’m disappointed in yall

    47. Julius Mendoza

      The problem is you realized you were being racist in the video, but still continued to do it

      1. Gãcha Søftiës

        Excuse you? When you make a mistake you notice AFTER not BEFORE, think about that will you?

    48. Alyssa Colligan

      Dear Liza Koshy, As a mixed woman I never ever took anything as racist about your videos. I love them all, I am Mexican Creole, and Native American and Irish. I loved every one of your characters, but I understand this is something bigger. I hope you stay healthy and that other people realize that your joking. You are such an influence on me and this just made me gain even more respect for you. It takes a real strong person or Woman or "little brown girl" or person of color whatever you'd like to call yourself to do this. Liza Koshy you are my hero, thank you for everything you are doing. I love you so much and I hope you see this in time. Keep your head up little brown girl, do not let people make you silent, because thats how they win. You are bigger and stronger than them, you are amazing Elizabeth Koshy. Please come back when you are ready. (Plz no hate on me y'all)

      1. Ava Winterdew

        I’m really happy she’s learning from her mistakes and taking that into notice because a lot of people don’t and Liza is too unproblematic to. I never saw her videos as “racist,” but I’m at least happy she took that into notice. People do need to learn how to take jokes but even if people do think of that as racist at least she accepts her mistakes

    49. joseph jenkins


    50. Dubravka Marinkov

      Is she cuiting youtoub or sum

    51. Matthew Koo

      I’m Asian and I thought it was funny not offensive

    52. TS Anandhu

      Liza Koshy hmmm

    53. KDStudios

      I was confused because they acknowledged that they were making offensive jokes in the video, and people are still mad. Do fat jokes make people obesists now? If they made comments like the did repeatedly in other videos, I would understand. Making a joke that wasn't really funny once doesn't make you racist. It's not like they were using any racial slurs.

    54. Bianca Membreno

      This made me sad because I’ve watched Liza since I was 10 years old I would watch her vine and her musiclys. Liza if your reading this I just wanna let you know that you inspired me to be who I am now! Also we will miss watching your videos 🥺

    55. 1OOK Subscribers Challenge without any video

      forgive for what ?

      1. French Vanilla

        People think she is racist which she is not during these times the media is coming for every influencer for everything

    56. Teresa Morales


    57. Hi Hi :P

      Please never tell these kind of jokes again. Apologies accepted :)

      1. Llama Del Rey

        She can if she wants

    58. Deserie Nickole

      We love you😘

    59. ComicalSpyro


    60. Fiyin Onibuje

      nooooo now im saddd tooo i cry wen people are sa

    61. Ella Mikula

      Love you and always will Liza ❤️🥺

    62. Hansh Abubacker

      you dont have to worry post videos it will make us happy you can do that for us plssssssssss

    63. Layla Owens

      Are you cancelled some people are saying that you are

    64. Justin Zheng

      Am I the only Asian who wasn’t offended? I found the video pretty funny because I knew Liza never had bad intentions Since she basically never gets into drama

      1. Llama Del Rey

        Literally no one except for some twitter vultures found it offensive

    65. Bg Bg

      Is she leaving fifth harmony?

    66. I love Myself

      She just trying to make us laugh a little, I don't blame her. Liza I hope you don't leave DE-news like Jenna. I love her but because of people, she had to quit DE-news which really sadden me, and I don't want another of my favorite DE-newsr quit DE-news because of racism. Stay strong little brown girl❤️❤️

    67. no im the real gabbie hanna

      at this point all the drama coming around isn't surprising i stan liza

    68. Hansh Abubacker

      and if u think u did something wrong i forgive you she didnt made a drama video she just blamed herself she do deserves forgiveness

    69. Madeline Obertone

      light. hearted. fun. poor thing, she has no ill intentions and her content was funny!! But thank you for being woke as always ❤️

    70. Aviator2431

      You expect me to read. I have not done that since school

      1. Llama Del Rey

        Are you an American