I Bought a REALLY TOTALED Nissan GT-R from a Salvage Auction & I'm going to Rebuild It!

B is for Build

B is for Build

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    In todays episode, were unveiling the new build :p
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    1. Flitz NRG

      It’s not totaled if you fixed it

    2. 2 Wheeled Yeena

      god damn i need youtube to buy a project car for me too

    3. I need A life

      Lol I got a add of a white gtr lol


      A lot of talks

    5. Coin Finders

      I can't believe its been 10 months. Feels like 2 days

    6. Richie GTI

      holly shit bro

    7. David


    8. YYC

      I know its's a GT-R...but you paid 20K for a complete wreck. It will take at least 20K more in body work....and we haven't even touched the engine or wheels yet!

    9. Brad Crandall

      First thought 30 seconds into the video..... that'll buff right out.

    10. its sonnyd

      I'm not a fan of wide body but it's ok

    11. Misan tropo

      Where i live people would buy this as brand new

    12. TheDope Killaz

      what is the wheels name but I dont know and this is sooo nice wheel

    13. Fortnite streamer Ok

      R is for rebuild b is for Build t is for totaled how did you

    14. Hugo Bosss

      Many talk. Boring!

    15. Tulika Shukla

      Very very very very very bad video 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬👹🤮🤮

    16. Luis Alvarado

      ill get a new sentra with the 20 k

    17. Ty Donnelly

      thats cheap? Wow i had no idea how much these cars were worth

    18. Smarlyn Rodriguez

      I love cars

    19. Rein Gloudemans

      Its nog good

    20. Ne Xium


    21. Shelvin Mammadzade

      Soxum senin çəkdiyin vidyoya

    22. Windoge 7 Professional

      T is for totalled

    23. Garry H

      In other words you paid $21000 for a motor and trans ...best thing you could do is put the motor into something else and have a sleeper...

    24. C j


    25. HartfordLine Railfan

      S is for Scrap

    26. Restu Rizal

      Nice,perfect car

    27. ANDREW XD

      I use copart daily so i found it normal to see such a deal!

    28. loading loading

      “I got it so cheaply” 20k

    29. Austin Narzari

      You rock man!!!

    30. CrusinPurple

      omg thats my dads car lol he flipped it

    31. Rathu GT

      Who wrecked that beauty? Was that dude out of his mind?!

    32. creator sean

      Whats was fun abt this shit

    33. Harry Harry

      You are so crazy man love you bro say with me Pakistan zinda baad

      1. MiSs kuαci


    34. Richard Patiño

      Hello brother, what part of Florida are you located?

    35. justo ibañez trujillo

      cheap?. Wow


      you talk too much

    37. Brandon Odinson

      It didn’t looked wrecked when you were bidding

    38. Lord Colin

      Sponsored the video where you “won” the auction. Sounds legit.

    39. Drizzle

      can anyone get me a link for the 3 piece wheels? Please pls plspls

    40. T- Daddy

      I can’t see you making any money off this, if anything you’ll get a GTR that is more expensive and something you gotta work on all day

    41. sam gaffney

      "I'm not a big fan of installing bombs in my car," 30 seconds later, "let me tell you how I'm turning on the bombs in my car" B is for Bombs everybody

    42. Emin R

      I'm sorry man but CO-PART is a RIP off they fuck u with there bullshit prices entry gate fee like really one in Syracuse NY is just run by assholes I'm sure all co-part aren't like that but one by me fuck'em

    43. Brian Kipruto

      😂😂that is 2m KENYA shillings yoh ,,,for a wrecked car😂damn

    44. Who_DatFrenchB0i

      You know someone is good with a camera when they can make a trashed car into an epic shot

    45. Fuuriious OpsTTV

      Talking for 17 min

    46. Fuuriious OpsTTV

      Talking for 10 min

    47. Richa Chhibr


    48. glitching guy

      Dont use copart I think they post bad cars with graffiti over them I think I seen one and that offends God especially the words that were on it offends God and don’t say lucky say blesse

    49. Jasen

      Nice piece of junk

    50. Epic Ness

      My brain when he was showing the car before fixing: why the hell would you buy this

      1. Susan Ego


    51. ayub son

      GTR 😍😍

      1. MiSs kuαci


    52. amira faiz

      Thts my car dude.. Thnks again. To rebuilding it. I feel honoured.

      1. Luke Leighton

        amira faiz is it really bro?!

    53. Kolten Meyers

      Why have I never seen this driving around Hillsboro OR beaverton

    54. eliteinventor

      This is like buying the Lamborghini made from sheet metal in China

    55. Alpha Gamer

      But If You Maki It Like A Real GTR, Appreciate That Bro, And Tell How Did You Rebuild It

    56. Alpha Gamer

      Sell This Shit Its Not Even Worth A Penny

    57. Makhan Saikia


    58. Dr Enigma

      Wrecked....and I'm still thinking damn, what a bad ass gtr.....super sick

    59. dank tank

      B is for ballsack

    60. Klossidy

      Why would you leave a beautiful car laying in the back all like that gtrs are so beautiful

    61. Rosalio Jacobo

      Wow this guy really is a over excited car guy

    62. Chappie’s Grandma

      This makes me so sad

    63. Dave Liley

      Is it an American thing to pronounce Nissan with an 'e' rather than the 'i'??

    64. ADITYA v

      Please reduce the length of the video

    65. Demonic Shadowz

      Became a new sub and that's cool ur in oregon 😀

    66. Richard Jones

      It will probably polish out.......

    67. Amrovalanche

      OH, The good old gtr video that made love this channel *Memories*

    68. Max Chu

      He didn't want to say "TOTALLY TOTALED" so he said really totaled


      4:13 me: oh thats bad he:things are looking pretty good