I Bought a REALLY TOTALED Nissan GT-R from a Salvage Auction & I'm going to Rebuild It!

B is for Build

B is for Build

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    In todays episode, were unveiling the new build :p
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    Am Vor year


    1. Mr. Anonymous Nation

      Can i buy too??? Am From Mauritius


      *These chargers are honestly the most beautiful machines ever made*

    3. Professor LipEinstein

      Any chance if anyone does this and can talk to me about how they run their businesses like this I would be more than greatful to know because I wanna restore cars when I leave school and turn it into a business and I would like someone to shed a light on it from their experience. Thanks.

    4. Isaganijr Atanaciocruz

      370, 240, & GTRs ARE GOOD!!! how about B12 engines in AISA???!!! SENTRA, CEFIRO, D'KNOW DIS

    5. Ihsan Saiful

      Less talk..more rebuild bro

    6. MrBareikis

      When the guy says 20k for a crashed car and fixin it is cheap, and you just sit there cant afford even new 20k cost car or let's be real - 5k used car...

    7. Rafay Ali

      Big fan from Pakistan 😍❤️

    8. Adam Flax

      Why? WTF.

    9. Vale Moris

      no title by the way!! sad sponsor

    10. Le joshua Guzman

      tired of watching. keeps on talking

    11. أحمد كريم مكنيك


    12. SORANOV

      20k for a wrecked salvage 2009 base GT-R! Thats not cheap brother

    13. اكاديميه احتراف الاستيراد من امريكا

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    14. Wong Stanley


    15. riley smart

      Nice 👍🏻 car 🚙 man

    16. Ferra FQ

      $20k consider cheap?

    17. Nhatnhat Nhatnhat231284

      20k or 8.5 k? If 20 , too much mate

    18. JaFHu

      Why did this come on recommended now?

    19. Robbery Robot

      How is 20,000 cheap that’s expensive there is scion FRS THATS 15,000 dollars for a 2016 at least and it only has 40,000k miles soo you lost so much money on a 2009!!! car that’s you have to re build which cost more I can buy the FRS and buy a body kit and have enough for a body wrap for 20,000

    20. Eugene Pacheco

      Nice car sir

    21. CynicalPopcornCandy

      Black headliner, since everything else is black lol

    22. Puloto Shohe

      It will be better if you talk less

      1. D0bby 9565

        How? He talks us through the car and what he needs to do/wants to do. For someone who isn’t an expert at car mechanics I find it very useful to be talked through the schematics

    23. Ramjan Ali

      Please help me about modifying cars, please help me

    24. Sahil Khan

      Where is the ducking customising of car ???

    25. Butch Quijano

      Too much talking.

    26. Damion Helms

      Like actually can i have those seats

    27. Kitsune SHadOw

      imagine not buying wheels tires and suspension at fitmentindustries.com lol, fans know

    28. Amir Fayyadh Azman

      What is the cost to repair this car ?

    29. Athapon Tanadee


    30. KKarl

      I know the condition was hidden but who tf buys a noticeably wrecked gtr for 20k??????

      1. D0bby 9565

        Quite a few people would, especially those who enjoy rebuilding wrecked cars like these. And considering the car goes for 44K base it’s still quite cheap.

    31. John Nixon

      Wow, this is a task I wouldn't touch but bro you got crazy time and money for it.

    32. Freedom Pioneer

      What is a totalled 2006 330i Bmw with 172K miles worth

    33. Zuchi Jikatakichi

      How much?

    34. SeanAndre Nabarte

      Wow i just watch a wonderfully ugly gtr bieng reviewd by an guy that get us click bait for views that we thought they are gonna repaaiiir IT.

    35. Stefan Beytell

      Could you please consider naming your videos including part 1, part 2 etc etc. Will make it easier to follow the builds...

    36. Jose Toral

      If you are watching this starting off I wouldn't bother much he never finishes it

    37. MuMu124

      Is it cheaper to buy a wrecked one and restore it or buy a new one? Cuz this is my dream car and i want one

    38. Francisco Perez

      You’re from Oregon?

    39. Billal El Hasnauoi

      If u want to get 20 mil likes then go to bulid it befor u take 20 yr to talk about it

    40. F T O S

      How much would have that cost for somwon to do tha work and everything

    41. Sun Cream

      Short videos are always better. :) Think once again...

    42. satrio izura

      too much talk. shit

    43. Jesbot_

      How does someone put such a premium car in that shape smh my head

    44. Chris Cook

      Lol I’m loader operator at copart I load and unload the cars

    45. Vinutha Shetty

      Amazing and I love ur creativity with the car

    46. Riyad Miah

      You could buy a 2nd hand 09 gtr in good shape for 30k in the uk

    47. Danny Cottrill

      B is for Butthead lolz

    48. Danny Cottrill

      I'm about ready to cry looking at this wtf people lolz !!

    49. ANENO

      Am I the only one who searched how to fix a car real real good

    50. ナッキー

      IN JAPAN!!! de-news.net/online/video-eCpCftqV6JY.html de-news.net/online/video-A5FzJtcjAto.html de-news.net/online/video-6yPYbZ6xIPA.html de-news.net/online/video-xNcOgnXXzXs.html de-news.net/online/video-A5FzJtcjAto.html&t=14s de-news.net/online/video-FUQLL3o2jtA.html

    51. Gligorijevic

      It pains me when someone crashes a gtr r35

    52. Bryan Guinac

      Quick question can someone rebuild a car without knowing which parts which and which parts are missing and stuff?

    53. Deer Shooter

      Yea what a deal ,20k u got to much money if that car is cheap to u looks like a bix of shit to me

    54. luvsickill

      how to fix a car real real goood

    55. Tarxan

      I’m from Oregon and my dad buys cars and fix them then re sale them again. He bit on a Subaru and go it not that long ago.🔥🔥

    56. AldrenD

      You said pohon?

    57. JmBStudio68

      One of my fav cars. Want!!! 100k Nissan that smokes most exotics....with a V6. Whoop! Twin turbo 530hp'ish V6.

    58. Cebongers Cannel


    59. Cebongers Cannel


    60. Speak Evanese

      Who else feels really bad for that GTR? Edit: Who else also really wants this car but they don’t want to fix it and they also want a wide body kit but that’s REALLY expensive so they know they’ll never be able to own it unless they get rich and famous?

    61. Tony H

      $20 I'd pay max

    62. Vito Lucci

      Damn 20k I thought u paid like 1k or something

    63. Cobra Strike Down

      Eh, yeah I mean, it'll buff out.

    64. PussyLip Gloss

      I’m just glad nothing happened to the taillights

    65. Daniel Becker

      Tell me that you guys make money off these builds jesus christ. Cuz god damn I watch you put so much dang work into each build holy shit.

    66. John Ford

      My Dad Works at copart

    67. John Ford

      My Dad w

    68. Skyway

      Don't do it; www.bbb.org/us/tx/dallas/profile/online-car-dealers/copart-inc-0875-90403032/complaints

    69. Azwan Aludin

      Very long talking..