I Bought Half of a Burnt Supercar for my Next SEMA Build

B is for Build

B is for Build

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    In today's episode we're picking up our new Lamborghini Huracan project car shell, and going over the gameplan to turn this thing into one of the most unique lamborghinis in the world.
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    1. brenon whittington

      Aye you got a big ass head.

    2. Tony Mcilveen

      Not cool, hang in there. Build a cool Australian car

    3. AREG

      WTF happened to the mustang videossss???????? WHATTT???? Chris?????

    4. John Fredrick

      Hey dude! Can you write to me the location of this place?

    5. bagas arya

      Indonesia 👍👍

    6. Gabriel Ferrazza

      Hi how are you my friend The page of the place where you buy those cars, do you know what it's called?

    7. Mohammed Awais

      Rather get a ready made one more cheaper.

    8. Jufriadi


    9. ezequiel demarque

      which design program you use?

    10. Spitfire Last

      You physically tell how expensive the build was. By the amount of ads in this video.

    11. Jaime Perez

      What do you do with all this project you sale them

    12. Yves

      You´re crazy. I love that ;)

    13. Fred Sanke

      Show it when it's done..

    14. fake liner channel

      Your video make me dizzy, due to fast motion of timelapse..

    15. harleycharley

      Just recently discovered your channel...you are doing things that most of us only dream of doing and it is wonderful to watch you guys doing this...incredible work...

    16. Check'n Games

      Great build but is it even legal? I mean it's like a cut'n'shunt which is illegal here in Australia. Do you need an engineering certificate to get it on the road? Same with your new Mustang build, are you legally allowed to remove that much framework and keep it on the road?


      what is the app u r using plz tell me do not say it in a vid because sometimes i might forget to watch u thnx

    18. David Tenla

      dude you look so lit at 5:00 XD

    19. Drew Gorman

      I could care less if I identify with this. I don’t come to B is for Build to get the same life as me, it’s like a bit of an escape. I just bought a used Murano and make biweekly payments and will never modify it. That is not meant for DE-news.... however LS swapping a burnt out Supercar is excellent watching.

    20. Marco Bassini

      Mamma mia!!! Fantastic work! How many hours , did you spent , for this?

    21. MK and LM Hampshire

      Its not a supercar, its a hot rod

    22. Crysmatic

      all turbo mid-engined exotics eventually burn to the ground

    23. Taylor Smith

      lowkey been screaming throw a haltech in it for almost all of your builds. i am pleased

    24. Akuma Raou

      what programs do you use to take image and display the car body like that?

    25. Smart Business Academy

      please....Can you tell me please how to calculate the size from small size to real size ?! respect ..thank you

    26. buttlescutt

      Just curious... Why no lambo badge on the hood of the green lambo?

    27. Robert Reese

      Do ur thing Chris... Everything u do is freaking awesome...

    28. Jerry Lifsey

      Please start your 2020 SEMA build by May 1st ;-)

    29. hellyeaOU812

      where in the world do you get the money to do this stuff? I mean who has the resources to say hey lets try this, and if it doesn't work oh well....

    30. Duri Dbs

      Definitely option B 😂😂😂 #tavaris

    31. Emilio Gutierrez

      This thing became amazing af!

    32. Atoool K

      whoa this is cool

    33. Rootin tootin

      What place is that with the scrap cars

    34. Team Gamble BMX

      I came here from 1320. Kudos on such a rad build!!

    35. B Martin

      This is gold, wow!!!!! Just heard about this from 1320video. And now I am subscribed and will be watching every single one of your videos. I’m gonna start with the LS swapped huracan and then go back and watch all the other videos. I love rebuild videos and since I’m a huge GM fan owning Corvettes and race trucks, bagged GM trucks etc. this content is going to be perfect for me. Thanks.

    36. Alex Soran

      8:30 From really shitty photo-shopping to building it and bringing it to life! Congrats on the SEMA build!

    37. Steve h

      Dude looks lit 🔥

    38. Shun

      Chris made it from this scrap...

    39. Tyler Hinton

      I had to come back and watch this again, after the unveiling..

    40. Tobias Roth

      unbelievabla great jop, this car its great.

    41. jeccovecco


    42. AOSPOR

      5 months later this car evolved into a spaceship 😍

    43. dogboy0912

      From humble beginnings. Had to see this after seeing it done at SEMA

    44. Craig Joseph

      Your in Sacramento?

    45. Venom

      I wish I had the money and knowledge to do this...

    46. Abdul Wahab Mangat

      whose here after completion

    47. Yo mama so fat

      Well about time 5 months in you did it you crazy son of a biscuit. Congrats

    48. Chris McRoy

      B is for Bitch-ninja

    49. Chris McRoy

      Everyone is bitching about LS fest bc they are tired of hearing about LS swaps...well I hate to tell you bitches it's just a damn good powerplant....that's all there is to it. Love it or hate it that's just the truth and there's nothing you can do to argue that fact.

    50. nino hakim

      What this project costing

    51. Marek

      Chriss: I'd like to have engine swapped Ferrari. Me: SUBSCRIBE

    52. Dean Hankin

      04/11/19" WTF did I take this on for............."

    53. Yisrael Yenkinz

      Why just why????

    54. Life in the Buff

      8:45 😂👌

    55. Buddy Ahl


    56. fernwood

      Man how in the hell does anyone know how to do any of this. I have respect for guys who can do any car mods, but this is beyond beyond.

    57. Blade's Toy Shop

      Chris, you're right; build principles are the same, no matter what kind of vehicle you're starting with. And it doesn't matter how complete the starting point is, either, though a car that at least starts is going to be a somewhat easier project than one that's crispy.

    58. Blog's Creed

      Here from Indian Automotive Instagram

    59. mathieu de chatigny

      Blue ball alert !!

    60. liquid amber


    61. don Quixote

      You're crazy my dude...... subscribed

    62. Rodney Aquino

      B is for Budget!!!

    63. zzztubazzz

      Expensive are you kidding me, to built this car with LS engine and all the parts should cost about $10,000 finish

    64. Orlando Morales

      Not bad compare with jose s Dodge hell cat

    65. iluminatikill

      how many spliff you smoke making this video 😎

    66. Alex Rogers

      Fuck yeah dude! Good luck. :)

    67. Dani Reis

      SUPRA 1000HP next TIME :)

    68. Jayden Munoz

      Wait so is this Gena be a fake lambo

    69. jordan millett

      Your photoshop skills are over 9000.

    70. luis vazquez