I Bought Half of a Burnt Supercar for my Next SEMA Build

B is for Build

B is for Build

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    In today's episode we're picking up our new Lamborghini Huracan project car shell, and going over the gameplan to turn this thing into one of the most unique lamborghinis in the world.
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    1. Blog's Creed

      Here from Indian Automotive Instagram

    2. mathieu de chatigny

      Blue ball alert !!

    3. liquid amber


    4. End Srate

      You're crazy my dude...... subscribed

    5. Rodney Aquino

      B is for Budget!!!

    6. zzztubazzz

      Expensive are you kidding me, to built this car with LS engine and all the parts should cost about $10,000 finish

    7. Orlando Morales

      Not bad compare with jose s Dodge hell cat

    8. iluminatikill

      how many spliff you smoke making this video 😎

    9. Alex Rogers

      Fuck yeah dude! Good luck. :)

    10. Dani Reis

      SUPRA 1000HP next TIME :)

    11. Jayden Munoz

      Wait so is this Gena be a fake lambo

    12. jordan millett

      Your photoshop skills are over 9000.

    13. luis vazquez


    14. Robert mansour

      You guys are artist in the automotive field!!!!👍

    15. Howard Johnson

      Woah, this is going to be fantastic

    16. Dawei Ye

      Would it be easier to purchase one?

    17. pattiboy channel

      This project is seriously nuts.... but gonna be great watching, good luck guys

    18. K06E

      You might as well completely lose your mind and buy all the hyper cars

    19. Zeeshan Aslam

      Please also tell total price that you spend on these kind of projects.

    20. علي سرور

      I wish you would have a special episode to sell cars that you have repaired and set the price of cars. Ali suroor Dubai

    21. Logan O'Connell

      Ls v8

    22. Logan O'Connell

      Lp v8

    23. Airborne Creed

      This not in a playlist?

    24. M j

      17:19 ...not in Germany thats why I am watching yours

    25. Tanner Moore

      Your damn right I'm expecting you to go you against Cletus and Leroy once this is built

    26. Aj Fisher

      Fuel pressure regulator failure. There are too many defaults with a lot of rushed manufactured supercars made by machines. I'd rather stick with what's reputable. Love my Bimmer's.

    27. Persida Peric

      Bravo. Nice man 🇷🇸

    28. Marius Daniel Fauru

      Subscribed and liked to support you and the build 👍🏼🍺😎 awesome work dude 😋

    29. David

      Would he be allowed to sell this as a lamborgini?

    30. Reltih Floda

      How much that car cost?

    31. Jay Oliver

      How much was the burn Huracan bought for?

    32. Jason S

      This was a mistake. The fire burned very hot. Everything is going to be brittle. Just cut your loss. But in all seriousness, good luck.

    33. Alex Mercer

      WOW! Truly inspirational and a fantastic idea! Really hope it all works well!

    34. BLaJolla

      How much are you selling the green Lambo for?

    35. Tony Dunkle

      looks like the worst piece of crap that i have ever seen

    36. Hayden Joy

      You had my curiosity and now you have attention. Thank you

    37. Mr T

      Lets not let tow truck driver destroy this like they did the datsun

    38. Tommy Morgan

      Did you know your hat is on backwards?

    39. Roman Samoilov

      Ls v8 swap lol

    40. Jason Smith

      Where do you get the money far these builds

    41. J Gill

      Dude your nucking futs. Subscribed to see the challenges and finished product. Good luck and happy modding!!!!!!

    42. King Lazagna

      front frame cost 18k. Couldn’t imagine the rear sub O.O

    43. King Lazagna

      why would u buy such a fucked Lamborghini. This is beyond me. This is ganna cost money unless you... (B IS FOR BUILD) you guessed it..

    44. Sergey Gluhov

      it willbe too light and with too heavey engline. you really need to adjust software for it

    45. obey conform today

      Why does DE-news take me here?

    46. Jeffrey Hurlbut jr

      You guys should get with goonsqad for parts

    47. vkturbo

      nelson racing engine?

    48. Nonya Bizness

      Why dont you give some prices? Anyone can do this with a million dollars!

    49. Matias Forsman

      why not diesel? that would be a first one

    50. Darren Alder

      How is that car even allowed to see the road again, the shell should be crushed

    51. Rick TheLDSlibertarion


    52. sportbike Menace

      What program that you use for that computer diagram that was pretty cool

    53. BoostAddict

      I see the previous owner has good taste in turbos. Precision Turbo makes good stuff for aftermarket applications.

      1. BoostAddict

        Also before anyone says anything, Garret is great. They've been leading the industry for a long time.

    54. Sem Meijer

      WOW! This is sick! Just came across this DE-news channel for the very first time.. Never subscribed this fast!

    55. Shaun Roberts

      Dude. Your are insane. Fff awesome...

    56. Feint

      Bravest man on the internet. So impressed with your ability to learn new things with seemingly nothing standing in your way.

    57. Thomas Woodworth

      This is why I put four ads in this video...

    58. tolon tolon

      so basically its a kit car????

    59. GibsonOfAGun

      Show me the Carfax!

    60. BossaNossa1

      I was seeing a Lambo, "Truck!"...

    61. Gene Riggsby

      Saw this thing on tj hunts channel

    62. Cecil French

      Dont know if you read comments but just found the channel going to go back and watch them all looking forward to it

    63. roger barker

      I know nothing about control arms . Would it be possible to put rift on left. That would pull you back to center?

    64. Sam -mbs-

      making a fake lambo !!!

    65. Crimson King

      Isn't that the same intro music DDE uses?


      Hell yeah brother !!!

    67. Quinton Saayman

      Love watching this build

    68. Guan Guan

      Can this car takes me back to the future?

    69. nathan dunn

      mini cooper s twinn with a 1000 BHPPPPPPPP

    70. pineapple the Dutch angel dragon

      I don't know man that car looks too far gone