I Bought The World's Largest Firework ($600,000)



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    I cant believe i spent this much money on fireworks lol
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    1. MrBeast

      Subscribe or you’ll have bad luck

      1. Duclet

        MrBeast done it 3 years ago

      2. FusionNoob

        Ahhhh okay

      3. Peyton Mink

        I am tho, what else do i do to get good luck, or even normal luck

      4. BombasticNation


      5. cc


    2. Sharnakool

      MrBeast: “Chandler Im gonna let you do it” Chandler: 3, 2, 1. MrBeast: **Presses Button**

    3. navin tiwari

      its no joke its an alarm to russia by mr.beast🤣🤣

    4. Cohen CLIFFORD

      8:42 WW3

    5. William Duncan

      I love the new drone!

    6. Arii _

      Poeple near that area was the lucky

    7. Ardian Risqi

      I will subscribe

    8. cheesie chips

      *jimmy* : "chandler you do it" *also jimmy* : presses the button in chandler's hand *chandler thinking* : wait what

    9. Emdadul Islam

      Go to the hospital and pay everyone's bills

    10. Hadeel Abaid

      Please don't be deaf after this

    11. Beau House

      😻 I love it ❤️

    12. Hadeel Abaid

      And i'm saving to buy all your merch and stuff

    13. EJL BROS

      And that fire works have a drawings i have that

    14. EJL BROS

      And i have a car 21 car

    15. miguel mercado

      carl abuse

    16. TOP 10

      Give me a house

    17. Shaun Yakoob

      Now try detonating 2700 tons of Ammonium Nitrate!

    18. Andrei Dinu

      Congrats for 40 mil subs litraliti insane

    19. GetmeoutofSanFrancisco

      You guys didn't even fix a lift charge for that mortar lol.

    20. Dis is America

      Dont be shy buy a nuke

    21. Tekonang Fortuo

      Doesn't beat what happened in Beirut

    22. 75,000 subs With no videos

      When you can’t think of a good comment-

    23. Vishwajeet Dangat

      That sure make a lot of smoke in the sky

    24. colourful pineapple


    25. Jonathan Ogilvie

      Me Beast: Worlds biggest firework. Beirut: hold my hummus

    26. Evan Pugh

      This is why I love America! 🇺🇲🦅

    27. Xx_Flare Boy166_xX

      Deidara from Naruto would be proud

    28. Totolilboy Gaming

      I just realized mr beast hit 40mil likes

    29. Berry Rex

      I Got Blind For 2 Seconds At The 40K One

      1. BeenRBLX


    30. Salah Tube

      This ain’t nothing buddy, did u see the one in my country (lebanon)😂😅😳😬😒😢

    31. Ben Dover

      Here after Beirut obliterated this record

      1. Salah Tube

        Ben Dover yep

    32. Echo :P

      ‘We wanna blow stuff up. So that’s what we’re gonna do’

    33. MONTY

      Mr beast congratulations for "40M"subscribers🍀❤️

    34. Echo :P

      MrBeast in 2050: So I destroyed the sun and gave us a new one

    35. Toa Liuanga Aulika


    36. Toshiro Hitsugaya


    37. Rubyeck

      Are u on the MOON


      4:58 Sightings of many UFO

    39. steve port

      would of love to be there


      40 milion

    41. Last Nathen

      Drome shot is cool

    42. Hugo

      8:44 that ain’t a firework, that’s a bomb💣 😳

    43. Uk Zoo

      20 years later Destroying the world and surprised it with a new one

    44. Arush Verma

      Lebanon : you challenging me bruh? Hold my beer!

    45. HeartsOfLior

      This record lasted a month, RIP 100+ ppl aug 4.

    46. Ethan Faulkner

      Bru Karl’s dumb Proven by drones

    47. Munro kimber

      The aliens really said👁👄👁

    48. Lagi Seiuli

      Mr beast i subscribed to yous channels they ares so cool your the best ypuruber out there by shrek man lol

    49. Nineteendo

      Plant 40 000 000 trees!!!!!!

    50. kumiko san

      remember guys, Manny is a professional which earned a reward of the "Surviving Professional" so you dont dare to try it if your non-profesisonal xD

    51. Oscar and Friends

      If mr.beast's my uncle I would ask millions of ROBUX

    52. ZEUSCS18 YT

      Chandler has a teddy brar

    53. C R

      better spend some money to people who need it in stead of making this dumb stupid videos !

    54. Vishva Thiha

      Normal people: 3 2 1 Go Me Beast: 3 3 3 Go

    55. Coopz Panda

      40 million :)

    56. Aneesh Gowda :

      40 million subs chill max ,,,,celebration time beast ,,love from India

    57. Wylie Burp

      40 mill subs and over 40 mill views o.O wow i wish i could do this.

    58. BoomBanana

      40 Million Views x 40 Million Subscribers

    59. Nikko Aranas

      i need your help sir

    60. h

      imagine one of the smaller fireworks fly directly into the huge firework pile and then everything explodes

      1. Salah Tube

        h that what happened in beirut lebanon

    61. Oceancrash

      Was Mr.Beast behind Beirut?!?

    62. ATG_DDR

      - MrBeast: this is the biggest firework in the world -Beirut : Hold my beer

    63. INH

      The fact that DE-news recommends this to me after Lebanon says something bruh

    64. Sam Hill

      Imagine this being your life

    65. Mahfuza

      It was satisfying

    66. Allison Ward

      R.I.P to headphone users 😂

    67. Mr Pisces

      Good god Mr Beast I would've driven that car....poor in Madison, WI:)

    68. Carlitoes

      bro was in Lebanon

    69. ayaan butt


    70. Nick Cummings

      Congrats on the baby Chris