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    A crooked legal guardian who drains the savings of her elderly wards meets her match when a woman she tries to swindle turns out to be more than she first appears. Starring Rosamund Pike, Peter Dinklage, Eiza González, Dianne Wiest, and Chris Messina.
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    I Care a Lot | Official Trailer | Netflix
    A court-appointed legal guardian defrauds her older clients and traps them under her care. But her latest mark comes with some unexpected baggage.

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    1. N M


    2. Maxi Daxi

      Hey bitch!

    3. Ananstracated

      seeing this trailer makes me think, what a shit movie, and then reading some comments, people that watched only confirm what I concluded.

    4. Jenni Diaz

      Highly recommend! We need free health care!

    5. Ngọc Quyên Phạm

      The ending made me so mad!! Why didn’t 2 those monsters die together?

    6. bobo Arkan

      The movie was set up to be good. But the plot fell flat about 15 mins in. I guess you can win a golden globe if you have a blonde white girl as the lead character in a movie, with an obviously subpar plot. As much as I like Peter Dinklage and most of the cast, this movie was absolute trash

    7. Silvana Leon

      One stupid movie.... waste of time

    8. bhebs nalude

      not good to watch

    9. bhebs nalude

      bad movie

    10. bhebs nalude

      she is very bad than the mafia.......

    11. TeacherOnAnAdventure

      Loved the movie but felt Marla got off too easy. I think it could’ve been even more interesting if instead of Marla/Roman, it was a battle of wits between Marla and Jennifer.

    12. Eunicito Barreno

      One of the best film! 👏👏👏

    13. A Zeedia

      I will unsubscribe from Netflix... everything we have been raised not to do and wrong, showed as a normal and reworded behavior in this fu**ed up movie. Netflix, FU** YOU!!

    14. aMUSEher

      Thought this was rather clever. Not believable, but clever and good entertainment for a Sunday evening. Great to see Peter Dinklage. Sunday nights haven’t been the same since GOTs ended.

    15. Chad

      bad movie

    16. owlright

      just here to leave a negative review. I feel so hateful tonight. being a lesbian myself, I only clicked on it bc it said lesbian but dang even those kissing scenes didn't make up for the shitty characterization and plot. what a waste of time.

    17. Miriam Romero

      Such a stupid movie, I was really hoping for a better ending and more action from Jennifer Peterson. The Russian mafia obviously didn’t really fit, this story was supposed to be more about Jennifer and they made it all about her son.

    18. Scribble D.

      I knew the two slimy chicks would be the heroes of the movie..... why ? Because it’s 2021 and they’re women 🤦🏻‍♂️ Unrealistic trash 🤮

    19. Scribble D.

      This movie is trash. Waste of two hours

    20. Toxodeth

      an idiotic fantasy lesbians "super hero's" type of really annoying and NOT realistic movie at all , kind for lesbian kids or anything related to "empower" lesbian life style (if you can call that a life)

    21. Nofilter B*txh

      The concept at the beginning was very interesting,then they added unnecessary lgbt agenda(ofc they had to,it’s netflix after all),and then Rambo type of fantasy shiz(two average women against the Russian maffia🙄😒).Completely ruined it

    22. Girl in the Red Scarf

      Awful third act, dont waste your time. Claire Foy's Unsane, Rooney Mara's Side Effects and Andrew Garfield's 99 Homes are way better movies

    23. Ann Daniels

      If this hadn't ended right I would have called my local congressman

    24. Shawn Spice

      Note: All jokes a side, this is just a movie but it can be seen to romanticize hurting and taking advantage of elders. If you suspect or witness crimes against elders please do your part in reporting to your local agencies. Other than that enjoy the movie!

    25. Llama Del Fid

      Rosamund Pike, the woman who looks like a psychopath who plays psychopath roles, but might not be an actual psychopath.

    26. Mark Biernbaum

      Diane Weist-two time Academy Award winner- is a gem.

    27. Khari Keyes

      The ending was exactly what I needed...

    28. Lizziness bibi

      This was the biggest, most unrealistic and infuriating crap Ive ever watched since Netflix's 'Open house'. So mad I wasted 2 hours on this pile of dung 😡

      1. Alagappan Prasannah

        Hi5 mate. I don't understand what made them think ppl wud like it

    29. EDM Erkhembileg

      SHE CARE A LOT But' most importantly she doesn't care about her security

    30. Val aka

      What is the trek was playing in last ending? Like when she was on tv and explaining her success?

    31. Gilval Menezes

      Don't waste your precious time watching this crap! The story had everything to end in a wonderful movie, but there's something called "director". That director has bet in a stupid audience!!!

    32. LL Socci

      Difference between Italian mafia and Russian mafia -- the Italian mafia would have killed her when they had her tied up and not leave it to chance.

    33. S Ra

      Kinda "light" mafia in the movie

    34. Filip Ćurčić

      dont watch this

    35. battleboozex

      A festering boil of a film.

    36. אריאל גולני

      wth man

    37. Shubham Jha

      Even when Rosemund Pike is funny and laughing she's scary as hell

    38. Conservative View

      Worst f-ing film of all time. Completely impossible. I'm so sick of garbage writers. And yes, I wanted the Russian Mafia to end this idiocy.... Sadly, they were made to be morons.

    39. DCO

      I really had hopes for this movie when it started. What a deception lol, just another girl power taking over a mafia 🙄 meh pretty stupid

    40. one10mtnvet

      If you ever needed a reason to cancel netflix, it’s this movie. The most degenerate, immoral movie I’ve ever seen. Says a lot about the agenda they are trying to promote. F Netflix I’m done.

      1. Bear Manley


    41. Federico R.

      Fine movie but is not necessary remember each 2 minutes she's a strong female character.

    42. Pamy

      I really wished I could get my 2 hours back after watching this movie...

    43. Mark Constantine

      This movie second part: from regular grifters to disguised special agents taking down Russian mafia boss and making him join in her scheme

      1. DCO

        I was hoping he tricked her and ended up exposing her scheme but no....🙄

    44. mizreal

      Where was the “ dark comedy “ ? It’s just a bunch of horrible people being horrible. Not even the ending was worth watching this. Netflix really seems to enjoy putting out a lot of sick stuff. They seem to think it’s creative to be dark and depressing.

    45. Mo mohlala

      She has a kokoes look

    46. Vamsi

      There was nothing redeeming about Marla. In end the audience was hoping for her to be punished and were glad she died as it meant justice for her victims in a way. Ans sure we get to see a "strong" female villain character - but dont glorify sociopathic behavior as "ambition". Sends the wrong message to young men & women.

    47. pancho villa

      Straight trash.

    48. alexing86

      Person 1: is angry because his mother is being kept locked up and financially ruined by person 2 Person 2: aRe yOu mAd aT mE bEcAusE I'm a wOman ?

    49. Khairul Jemain

      Great ending

    50. Lester Gutierez

      I laughed when the mafia went to the elderly home without a back up or a look out at the front. It's like they planned the scene 5 mins before going in. So unrealistic. 😂

    51. Philip Simmonds

      So what is the moral of the story? Movie would have been better if it ended tragically for both Fran and Marla. Total pieces of sh** I can not believe they had me cheering for the Russian mob 🤣🤣🤣 Then, he partnered with her. Like what? Movie tries to do much with that ridiculous twist. A better conclusion would have been a nasty death for both and the Russian boss getting arrested and facing consequences.

    52. bill sit

      The only good at this movie was only at the end..!!

    53. M.R.Sathish Rajamani

      I'm in blondie😎

    54. David Anderson

      I love Rosamund Pike, amazing actress.

    55. Peace and Love

      Esta pelicula tambien es buena! Rosamund es buenisima actriz! Amé la pelicula!

    56. Hafiyyan Inatsan

      i kinda think that perhaps one of the problem from this movies is the unexisted background stories of who they were, marla, jennifer and the russians; they were just... there (well theres also the poorly written quarrels) but i was so eager to know why she did all of that in the first place since the beginning of the movie, making disadvantages of elderly ppl and how her mother probably had something to do abt it, but we never found out abt it, so kinda disappointed

    57. krezo

      One of the worst movies ive seen Midway through i wasn sure if it was a comedic movie Often i ask myself if these made actors aren’t embarassed

    58. st8881

      I never watch trailers because they basically put the whole movie into the trailer....

    59. Altagracio01

      This movie is a piece of shit... Period.

    60. aaron hyik

      This is what Lou taylor the creator of Britney spears conservatorship is doing to her with the help of Britney's dad jamie spears some information has said that she try to do it to Lindsay lohan as well but her dad stopped her people should really get more info on her if thats true

    61. Muhammad

      Do not watch this movie, a waste of 1 hour and 59 minutes, completely illogical, unrealistic and in fact if you do watch it you'll realize how messed up the idea of this movie is and how the directors wrote it.

    62. Sassy Girl

      Her movies are really good just like Gome Girl.

    63. makayla

      watching this movie is alot i’m only 28 mins in and my stomach is turned up side down

    64. Mirjeta Nako

      Second part was just HORRIBLE. I mean.... H O R R I B L E.

    65. Jiltedin2007

      This movie had me scratching the walls!

    66. Jack Sureshot

      My WOKE fatigue worse than my COVID fatigue at this point. Give it a rest you pests. 🤮Netflix will probably delete this as they move to silence anyone who dare have a different point of view other than these fake woke companies, it’s ok I made a fortune from their stock. Now I don’t even subscribe anymore.

    67. Top Billa

      This woman is LITERALLY “IF FEMINISM WAS A PERSON”.. LITERALLY DELIRIOUS AND MAKES EVERYTHING ABOUT SEX when it’s clearly just about RIGHT OR WRONG.. EVERYTHING/WAY SOMEBODY FELT TOWARD OR DID TO HER WAS “a man vs woman thing” when it’s really just her abusing people and contradicting herself the entire time...

    68. RaChelle Elias

      I can't even say what I really want because the police will show up at my house. I hate ppl who will do anything for money. And I hate nursing homes. Nursing them for money is all they do.

    69. Mr sir

      I just saw the movie am not gonna spoil and I dont want to offend anyone but , stop making only feminist movies its getting tiring..

    70. eD8y

      This was quite cringe worthy...I watched the movie and for 99% of the time i was hating the feminism portrayed here... It seems like the same girl from Gone Girl started her 'get rich by exploiting old ppl' operation and can stand toe to toe with the Russian mafia without any help bcoz of her super high IQ and ninja skills. And the lesbianism to further show feminist glory. Oh Dear.