i completed this impossible spike fall challenge and this happened



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    i completed this impossible spike fall challenge and this happened
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    Happy Wheels is a ragdoll physics-based platform browser game developed and published by American studio Fancy Force. Created by video game designer Jim Bonacci in 2010, the game features several player characters, who use different, sometimes atypical, vehicles to traverse the game's many levels. Playing Banned Levels in Happy wheels

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    1. Hord Booraem

      Praise God and Gray

    2. Hord Booraem

      I don't know why but I hate him and love him

    3. Seamus's Herping


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    24. Bruno Aranda

      Anyone else got greys popped up on their recommended out of nowhere,and is actually enjoying it bc I am this dudes funny

    25. Rxlthless Monkey

      You know you are in america when you measure the distance you travel in pogo stick bounces

    26. Diego Facio

      "Did an arrow just FALL UP my ass?!?!"

    27. Дурка N.1

      Просто подумайте. Пять ли вы получили в школе?

    28. Amanda Langille

      I can't decide whether you should live or die but you'll probably go to heaven please don't cry your bitter tears

    29. Josh More

      I think Happy Wheels might be the most Gray game that's ever been made.

    30. Nina Ismail

      You act like your the person.

    31. Roy Pleijhuis


    32. Ibrahim (Joey) LaRocque

      He is not worthy of the yeet lol

    33. Gabriel Salvatore

      *“FLORIAN MAN”*

    34. Mr. Jellysquid

      Most DE-newsrs: *Play Happy Wheels in the early 2010's because it's relevant* Gray: *Plays happy wheels long after it was trendy because of his love of masochism*

    35. Nevertheless736 -Silas-

      Found you yesterday I'm now subscribed never had a better way to spend my time lol

    36. Niko Herring

      Im just curious what the song is that started at 12:00

    37. Kien Cole

      hohohohoh nohohohoho

    38. Ecoworker97

      What's the sad piano music you play when you died?

    39. YEET Yeet

      “They called me giblitas” Let me finish that for you. *they called me giblitas because I gibliTOSSED my head from my body*


      No one realizes that when he did the intro the canon shot that man a new pair of legs😂

    41. ImNotMikal

      at 9:23 imagine his wife watching this video and officialy wanting a restraining order

    42. Superkitty PRO

      the sprite cranberry ads are back...

    43. Antonis73

      He had the chance to say beholed the god of holes...

    44. Linus Davis

      He asks define crazy I be like ok yourself.

    45. Larne Baker


    46. boi 99 yt

      This is the only adult target channel that kids can enjoy

    47. Tsimshian Mama


    48. Hudson Benetti • 40 years ago

      10:50 I am sorry for your loss

    49. Bartek Kaliciak

      Graystillplays: Define Crazy me: *its you*

    50. NebR

      Gray: this one rope is a pain in my ass Me: no i think the spikes are the pain in ur ass 8:56

    51. Euphure

      I felll asleep watching your videos on a playlist, dont ask how far i got

    52. Ericka Simmons

      Can u do a face review

    53. AidenGaming

      Gray: I have to sell my soul to the devil to win Me: you are the devil

    54. Raynor Tierney

      Everyone gansta until grays child gets impaled

    55. Mateo Playz

      This is how much gray says alcohol 👇🏻



    57. Sandra

      love your vids # wearethefloridaman

    58. Smash M

      finally gray speaks japanese

    59. undertale 2019

      I remember, when I got this in my recommendation and now I’m subscribed and laughing my ass of at the brutal blood and murder of happy wheels

    60. kathleen clark

      Graystillplays doesn't say dick because weiner is more funny

    61. Nightmarish TKP

      Dpajp honestly sounds like "double penetrating the asses of Japanese people

    62. Ari Fatah

      10:19 He sounds like Starscream.

    63. Jimmy Samuelson

      0:09 Did anybody notice that the homeless man gains a full leg after losing both?

    64. KiriDeku lover

      Every time when you are one piece in Happy wheels its really big surprise for me and certainly for everyone too

    65. Stonks4life You

      00:14 that blod

    66. Joanne Clark

      I think every Happy Wheels character has a brain aneurysm when they hear the word "alright" Edit: i've never had this amount of likes on a youtube comment. Thank you everyone!

    67. Miss.knowitall

      U didn't say "Hi Jalen" from the first challenge :(

    68. Bri Herron

      3:10 🥺"I made it!"

    69. Dillon Schleck

      i skipped head day and now i am stupid

    70. Aiden Thon

      Eny game gray plays us so dahm funny and stoopid