I Explored A $200,000,000 Forgotten Space Colony

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    Welcome to Seeker's Day. Thank you for being here and here's 30% off All Best Sellers from Seek Discomfort on www.seekdiscomfort.com/ for the next 48hrs. We won't do it again this year. Love you all.
    We went to Biosphere 2 to explore and try to understand it's confusing past.
    Check out Lexie’s version of the experience!
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    1. Yes Theory

      Thank you for allowing us to continue doing good with our platform and with Seek Discomfort. I know brands always say "We're in this together!" type of stuff but we do genuinely feel a responsibility towards the community to shine a light on positive stories and create a ripple effect of change in whatever capacity we can. So we're excited you're along for the ride and so curious to see where the rest of the year can take us :)

      1. Jon Armstrong

        hi yes theory if your reaading this my birth day is seekers day so happy birthday to yes theory and me

      2. dorian hale

        B.Y Booga’s First Single “Lines” !! Leave your opinion in the comments - de-news.net/online/video-tUoVEqdovbE.html This was meant for you 🙏🏻💯

      3. Maty in Thailand

        10:14 sounds like farting hahaha

      4. Jemark Rama

        Join Barkley marathon in Tennessee and seek the ultimate discomfort of your life.

      5. S. A.

        Why did they let you in there without masks? Really Presidential!

    2. StreampyGames

      this is not a theory anymore, this is the meaning of life.

    3. Natty Vlogs

      Always inspiring stories ❤️❤️❤️


      We learned about this in school we had a hole month on this

    5. Ailsa Ni

      ,hey so Phineas and ferb actually We're smart and did real world things

    6. BeachBunnyAJC

      I am so happy I found your channel!! The best channel on DE-news!! Much Love to all!

      1. Ailsa Ni

        athank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    7. BA

      this is where the movie Biodome was filmed

    8. chelcy chong

      8:30 he didn't open the cap 😂

    9. chelcy chong

      i see a lightning in 4:20 @4:29

    10. Jonathan Phu

      Can I just say, Amar and Symphony looks like a great looking couple! And have such same chemistry and feel towards life! Let's make Amar and Symphony a couple goal of 2020!!! LETSSS GOOOO

    11. Adrima B.

      this is so amazing OMG

    12. Freeze Blast

      Bet you cried!

    13. Makenna Markley

      As someone that lives in Tucson its very funny to me to see this outsider perspective of something that feels so normal to me! ahahahah

    14. Donald D Souza

      Yes theory is reason for having hope in my life.

    15. Melissa Ritchey

      I’m not crying, your crying .. 😭

    16. ConnorMakes

      im not crying, you're crying!

    17. Francesca Skip

      This was posted on my 19th birthday. In 5 days I move to England with my best friend for three months because, WE ARE SEEKING DISCOMFORT

    18. davidsalinas9

      The Truman show

    19. MrSuperfabio1

      i used to live in tucson arziona. Going there is amazing. its a crazy sight to see for yourself. I used to attend the university of arizona, if anyone has a chance to see this I highly suggest it

    20. Claudio Correa

      You guys are an inspiration for all of us, thank you so much for what are doing

    21. 115breno

      pauly shore made a comedy movie about this shit

    22. Kays Entertainment.

      Ive never cried so much !! You guys are so selfless & humble !! I am so thankful for you guys & i plan to base my future off of seeking discomfort and just going for whatever ! athank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    23. Joshua Ball

      I have been there!!!


      Who remembers the biodome movie?

    25. Marina

      The girl is so sweet and her smiling all the time is just so wholesome, makes me really happy

    26. DG Gaming

      Bravo Guys!!! Thank-you for making a world better place.

    27. Henry Long

      Yes theory I have a challenge for you I put it in your DM’s

    28. LLAMA Glitter

      The lightning at 4:28 tho...

    29. keegan willson

      watch the movie bio dome its the same thing

    30. Grow Junction

      Amazing content @Yes Theory, You guys are always inspirational.

    31. No-Target

      Lovely moment at the end. With so much sh.t going on in the world at this time it's a pleasure to see such drive and compassion. Bravo

    32. Felix Glasenapp

      This was part of a test 2 years ago in school wuuut

    33. Zakaryae Gourragui

      i love the editing

    34. SeveralTimes12

      Wow guys, this is so amazing. When you gave her the scholarship I almost cried.. You guys are awesome!

    35. nig a

      Now ive got to watch BioDome again... Pauly Shore time here we gooooooo

    36. Alexander Coral

      On Mars & Moon coming soon

    37. K A

      oh My ! I am crying .Guys, You are the treasure of the DE-news !

    38. JBourkeArt

      Biodome party!

    39. jeff lopez

      this video made me cry. now time to watch Indian porn. thanks yes theory.

    40. Top Compilation

      How the hell does people dislike this????

    41. Randolf Sailo

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    42. Nevelina

      This is fucking amazing bro yes

    43. Jman03

      They should’ve named it the Symphony Scholars Program

    44. Garry Reyom

      They always choose Cutie Patooties with big Booties

    45. Lander De Lange


    46. Corey Grace

      Whats the deal with the libtard tears. Had nothing to do with the subject of the videos. Wtf

    47. Laila Hamdan

      WOW IM CRYING NOW, that was absolutely amazing! I love you all so much and everything you guys stand for 💙

      1. Rock girl

        group. Dont feed into the false narrative. Stay WOKE.

    48. Zeuscalius

      7:58 okay fine i'll get up and go drink some water :)

      1. Rock girl


    49. City Slicker Outdoors

      Forgotten? Not by anybody who lived in the 90s with the bio dome movie

    50. flashbot ai

      Seriously.misleading ! Where is the exploration ... explore more about Biosphere 2, it is more than just a space program

    51. Jesse Jo

      I just read all about this a few weeks ago, so super cool to see a video on it!

    52. Careagn

      I started watching this channel and got hooked because it made me feel hopeful when nothing else really did. This video is exactly the reason I was impressed with Yes Theory and the Seek Discomfort concept. You all helped that girl where it would make a lifetime impact. So happy for her!

    53. Jean Carla Ambaic

      I just discovered you guys over the quarantine and have been binged watching your videos. I feel like I've been with you for the last 5 years hahahaha but really I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH

    54. Real Kora

      She look like mia kalifa

    55. S3xistPanda

      30 yo man, crying like a baby, thank god in this world, there a people like you guys, using your reach for a positive outcome. Wish all the best to you, the people you touch and everyone that reads this comment!!!

      1. Asif Siddique


    56. Freakskate3

      damn she thicc

    57. mamana rafa

      I live in real tropical country with real rainforest and its wildlife and real ocean.people they're destroying the rainforest and polluting the sea. to make money. and here I see people spent money to make rainforest and sea

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      i swear to god this is where maze runner happened

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      This is amazing

    62. Mark P

      Came here looking for forgotten space colony walked away in tears! And the fact that you don't promote this in your video name is trully amazing!!!

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    64. deltaforce702

      Black lives matter is a domestic terrorist organization, by supporting them I will no longer support this channel. I would do a bit of research on them before you support that group. Dont feed into the false narrative. Stay WOKE.

    65. Chris Bradley

      Absolutely amazing what you guys have done and created for so many!! Thank you!’

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        This is amazing. Love you guys!

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      DE-news is driving me crazy! With a double ad in the beginning and another double ad at 3:45! Where is there a decent alternative website???

      1. dcoog anml

        bullshit the experiment whas a FAIL.

    67. matt aalbers

      Fellas I'm dying to buy some seek discomfort gear but your shop shelves are darn near bare! Time to ramp production!

    68. Leslie Cuevas

      This made me cry😭her story is similar to mine.. it made me feel better about my future and that everything will be ok❤️ I'm so happy for her and thank you for this video!

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      No fucking way i actually been there before for a school field trip I think in 3rd grade. Crazy

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      You're the most inspiring channel on DE-news, keep doing what you do, love you all❤️❤️