I FAILED the DOLPHINS in Minecraft Hardcore!



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    eeeep eeeep -dolphin noise-
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    1. FallenAngel_Yt Gacha Tuber Girl

      Just make a REALLY tall wall so it cant

    2. Mudkip Films

      Hey Read more

    3. Cassie Bushaw

      How about flipper for dolfain one

    4. N0va_OveRide 22

      Dolphins Protec jr Attack jr

    5. N0va_OveRide 22

      OMG those stairs are so much better now😂love ur vids Dan keep up the work oh and some for your world 1. 0 tick sugar cane farm 2. Auto farm (you have to do a bit of work) 3. Upgrade to regular village Keep inspiring people hope you read this Good luck with the future baby😂

    6. Kenny Mercado

      I literaly subscribed just now, seeing you mine that damn hill. Mad respect for taking all that time. Respect +

    7. Masami Rosenberg


    8. •Moonlightsskyz•

      Here’s a good name: Jeoffry Oh....they are dead...

    9. Khamani Harriott

      Name them salt and pepper

    10. Jack Butler

      When he said protect I just remembered Attacc and protecc XD Edit: Wait are they alive? probably not

    11. Samantha McDonald

      Le dolphin

    12. Samantha McDonald

      Hey dan mobs can't climb ladders so you can put a ladder on your turtle factory Plz make dat lik button blue

    13. Jeff Side

      Guys did you realize that this was date that peggy died last year..:(

    14. Jenny mcgillion

      or tito

    15. Jenny mcgillion


    16. JoshiDabs YT

      The dolphin despawned

    17. Rico Brown

      call them dolly!

    18. wyatt case


    19. Dave Lois

      bubble, and finny!

    20. Emie Ganancial

      Get a good dog

    21. flamethrowergaming_YT


    22. Don Flanders

      Alex and Jerry

    23. Ashlyn Carranza

      Dan... I just really want you to know, The squids are offended

    24. Rizwan Ali

      Name them bubbles

    25. Lukas Ferguson


    26. S I L V E R A N N A

      Dan, why dont you just out a cactus as a bin?

    27. EthanTube

      Dolphin ( Plays with dan ) Dan: What else can i throw at you :D Me: Dolphin abuse!

    28. EthanTube

      No wonder that dolphin was trying to get up ( Dramatic Flashback ) It was screaming for help for air! ( Imagine it, and absolute nightmare )

    29. Pan Cake

      Maybe the dolphins names could be Junior and Little or Bud and Jumpy Oh wait there dead ( Rip 🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬)

    30. Kemper Dodd


    31. Cross Comics The Maw

      Ep.23:the mad dolphins

    32. Jerry Rodriguez

      Hey Dan I put on subtitles and it said you said "too thicc" and "double the thiccness"

    33. cookkiiee__monster 456

      The dolphin probably despawned since you didn't name it?

    34. iYoungFox

      It despawned

    35. · Elijah ·

      Those dolphins that died are the colonists when Britain told them not to cross the Rubicon. Makes sense cuz Dan is British too👍🇺🇸🇬🇧

    36. Mr. Oscar

      Make a dam design

    37. Jess’s Joy’s

      The dolphins names should be Flip and Flop

    38. Eric Gabriel

      to keep the dolpins in you must put walls around them

    39. Galactic galaxy

      It either despawned or went into the lava or tried to go to the other bit with the turtles and died

    40. Gavin McDonald

      DanTDM: Ohh they were probably despawning they need nametages... Me: Yeah how did you get all of your animals to not die....

    41. janith davuluru

      Dan: I killed 5 dolphins Me:you killed 4

    42. janith davuluru


    43. Richard Dean III


    44. Richard Dean III


    45. Richard Dean III

      It probably suffi

    46. Richard Dean III

      It p

    47. Trey Bates

      Me:if a dolghin dies,just get a greased map to cheer yourself up. Dan:ok,quoit strange, right?

    48. ɥɐoN Manduca

      Zack and Jack

    49. Psych Spell

      24:46 Dolphin: *Jumps around* Dan: It's crazy! Also Dan: It's exactly what I wanted!

    50. Rey Oh

      hmmm flying castle isnt that in a anime

    51. ROBLOX GamerPro

      36:27- This is not gonna work.

    52. Ashley Aisha Brooks

      They can't die if u put name tags on them. They swim back to there ocean home thing.

    53. janith davuluru

      Dan:where did it go Me:it despawned

    54. Heidi Lafinier

      His name Henry her name Kimberly

    55. Heidi Lafinier

      His name wiz her name abby

    56. Nate Rush

      Despawn the dolphin

    57. Joseph Karlson

      That moment you feel so cool for knowing what an archipelago is

    58. suchluke

      u should call them bubbles and whirlpool

    59. Jenaca Hobson

      lets trim all of their hairs off Dantdm 2019

    60. Dallas Squad!


    61. Dallas Squad!


    62. Bloxburg my life no joke!!!

      It also teaches us dan cant be ready for parent hood yoi sure about this kid dan ( this Is A JOKE !!!!! )

    63. Jonah Coler

      "The squids just die" -Dantdm 2019

    64. Nahaila Willey

      Dear DanTDM, you can use cactus to get rid of your junk you don't need

    65. The5thBielski

      Dolphins don't breathe water!!!!!!!!!

    66. Alana Kaiser

      Dan: Oh, there all De-spawning Then Dan: lemme bring two more dolphins home! Dan at the start: SAVE THE DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me: seriously?????

    67. pipski dreamer

      I think good name for dolfin *bad spelling*filliph

    68. Alana Kaiser

      The names should be you pugs names

    69. Claytoons Animations

      i know its late to name it but my idea is peggy

    70. Carter Baird