I FAILED the DOLPHINS in Minecraft Hardcore!



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    eeeep eeeep -dolphin noise-
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    1. Alexander Thompson

      filip is a good dolfin name

    2. Jessica Dungjen


    3. Ashley Lussier

      Pal and Emily

    4. Chloe Mason

      The dolphin's probably are getting caught under the bridge...I suggest adding wood or some type of block under the bridge on the sides so they can't get under there.

    5. Faisal Matloob

      Doppio and Diavolo

    6. Is the nemesis Dead?

      I found a stronghold in the seed for taiga village in a ravine in a abandoned village

    7. Muhammad Abrar

      You can tame rabbit with carrot

    8. yo boi animates

      thing 1 and 2

    9. Cindy McBeain

      Water God

    10. the savage

      u should put a trail of water

    11. the savage

      u should name dolphin 2 flip flop

    12. Ashrafj979

      You take 4 hours to do everything

    13. D&C HD

      Someone said everybody do the flop

    14. Awesome Ayaan

      wat dus arkeipeliigou meen

    15. Hunter Cherington

      he should've named them Freddy boi and Darry Dolpher.

    16. Cool Cousins

      Make your own dolphin 🐬

    17. Meredith Coffey Borza


    18. Ren

      Im too late but good names for the dolphins would be dolly and fin

    19. alexander sheridan

      dolfin 1 is le swim dolfun 2 is squeaky

    20. Gianna Tricinella

      Dan: dolphins are SO DUMB

    21. Gianna Tricinella

      Hailey and rocky

    22. Sharon McDougal

      🥺😭 you lost buddy

    23. LO KAI HENG Moe


    24. Josh Jtb

      Dan: *surrounds sheep with wool* Me: THATS PART OF THEM

    25. Dee King

      name dolfen 1 Harley king

    26. Cam Craft

      The cat is a Sith Lord

    27. Sharon McDougal

      Please name one of the Dolphins shenanigans “sh”NA”ni”gins

    28. Infinitistic

      Name: Dolphishus

    29. WildBear

      No nwme them Leo and Phil

    30. WildBear

      Name the Dolphin Leo

    31. WildBear

      All the blocks were just jumping. Lol

    32. •RainyFlower•

      Monster is and idiot

    33. Adam Benson

      Dan:its suffocating Me:you just dragged it of a cliff

    34. J Toys


    35. sonic boyzz

      When a dolphin picks up an item, it gets permanently marked as persistent, as with all mobs that can pick up items. However, dolphins pick up their items only for a brief moment so they can play with them. If a dolphin ever touches an item, it cannot despawn in the future. yea


      name tag

    37. Tom Evans

      This episode was a failure😂

    38. qian wang

      Daisy and rian

    39. Unicorn Adopter

      Dan just saying the only reason the dolphin despawned is because you didn’t name it

    40. Unicorn Adopter

      Dan: don’t listen to what the pig tells you Pig: this is a great place to live Dolphin: so this is a bad place cause you said don’t listen to what the pig tells you wawawawawa I wanna go home

    41. maclido

      Dan if you get another dolphin PLEASE call him/her Bubbles or Delphine

    42. Ben Parker

      Donny the dolphin and Danky.

    43. Krystal Ngo

      Dan why dont you put them on the bottom on the ocean floor and leave an air pocket that's what i did

    44. Nathalie LaGrange

      Here is a name for dolphin 2 le cute

    45. leanne causley


    46. Joe Taylor

      @kirstie alore The amazing dolphin went up the water spout, But dan came down and YEETED him out, Dan leashed the dolphin and whisked him away, The dolphins swore not to speed him that day

    47. Rye Lowe

      Pippin and piper

    48. Yusuf Elbaccouch


    49. KingPin!

      I mean call then destiny and Grace

    50. KingPin!

      You should nine them grace and destiny

      1. Joe Taylor

        Nah that's a trash name bruv

      2. Joe Taylor

        Nah that's a trash name bruv

    51. Dominating Gamer Guy

      Dolphins: DESPAWN Dan: Blames it on the squids and the fake witch Also Dan: declares war on the squids

    52. Kennedy Kosturik

      dolphin 1 bubby dolphin 2 bubble

    53. XXaidohXX98


    54. Master spy

      Dan: I can’t find the dolphin :me it despawned

    55. Aizelle Payacag

      Dantdm when you feed the dolphin the dolphin will send you too treashure i know my spellingbis wrong

    56. Charlie Page

      NAME TAGS Dan: where did they go?!?! Me: they de-spawned!!!!

    57. Charlie Page

      name tag it

    58. Charlie Page

      the dolphin de-spawned

    59. Preston Thiessen

      There’s a they live in salt water not fresh

    60. Preston Thiessen

      There’s a erosion they live in salt water not fresh

    61. DJ Julian

      Theres a hole in the bar you made

    62. Mineblock_ Playz


    63. Suryansh S

      Le swim and le splash

    64. Aminath Shifa

      names larry endy thanks :)

    65. Cupcake_girl8000 cupcakes

      Omg he lost buddy (hope he finds him) I'm commenting in the middle of the video so

    66. Phantom Gamer1011

      Dolphin: *Dies or Despawns* Dan: blames it on everything except himself

    67. Seoyeon Kim

      The dolphin despawned

    68. rei anne

      2:33 all the blocks just dancing

    69. Edward Payne

      your so mean I'm disliking

    70. reinjee ngaosi

      Is no one upset that buddy is gone🥺