I Hosted a 1v1 Tournament with CONTROLLER vs KEYBOARD Players in Fortnite (my best tournament yet)



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    I Hosted a 1v1 Tournament with CONTROLLER vs KEYBOARD Players in Fortnite (my best tournament yet)
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    I Hosted a 1v1 Tournament with CONTROLLER vs KEYBOARD Players in Fortnite (my best tournament yet) I hope you guys enjoy this Fortnite Battle Royale gameplay funny moments video! Today we go into Fortnite battle royale chapter 2 season 4 and hosted a 1v1 tournament with controller vs keyboard players in fortnite!
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    1. Kiwiz


      1. Fire Dragon505

        Can I play in one of these

      2. Uniqe

        Can someone check out my recent montage??? You dont have to if u dont want to. Have a good day/night...

      3. Daynamic recruit

        Kiwiz can you please let me in the next turnament

      4. Ree child 44

        Yes sir

      5. Not jqncx

        Kiwiz if u see this u should do all low subs tournament for ppl who got low subs pls pick me it’s my dream to make it


      I wanna see you kiwiz 1v1

    3. Elvin Banks

      Rodlin should of won Spaids camping like lil girl

    4. MrD1aw YT

      You win if you win and give me 1000 subscribers in 1 million views I can do whatever you want in one of your videos you’re a boy draw

    5. RashestSign4399

      Outcast ball vs sway

    6. Rapolas Urbonavičius


    7. Gabriel Ribeiro Santana

      He is making a disgrace to controller players

    8. Random Life

      Yo that guy is on counsel mad respect!!!

    9. yung capalot.

      when kiwis said go for the pickaxe and i saw him go for it i already knew at that moment he was gonna get 1 pumped

    10. Tony Fonville

      Can I play in one of these my epic is Bwell TonyXD

    11. Faze Dovy

      Controller on top!!!

    12. Anthony Luis

      Kiwiz please see this I am the best combat pro player can u add me my epic is aluis2009

    13. Xd AstonCr12

      Pc got clapped

    14. Alexander Coleman


    15. Rated_Tox1c

      Im not subbing to spaiidz. Not a chance

    16. Rated_Tox1c

      Ngl Rodlin might be the best console player

    17. FraggxrFN

      Ball is the only good one in this tourney

    18. Julio Gutierrez

      No one sub to Spaiidsw

    19. Anti dope

      Ball is so smooth

    20. Khari Garvin




    22. Dennes Zamli Mohd Ali

      Im the controller

    23. Dennes Zamli Mohd Ali

      Yeay controller win

    24. Maria Mantilla

      You guys suck

    25. Bella Francis

      outcast would've easily won but he got to cocky

    26. Alvin De Los Santos

      rodlin is a god

    27. Crystal jenkins

      faze sway

    28. stacey leblanc

      Ball you so nice you just let the others play

    29. tzg

      i use bhe

    30. Truly Focus

      How do I join these tournaments

    31. KapnWrld

      Ball clearly was supposed to win but dont get me wrong rodlin is good too he clearly 3v1 the rest of them in a fair fight and he’s on console and there all pc give my man his props

    32. Adan Sanchez

      they should do a 1v1 ball vs FaZe Sway

    33. YmGGhost Twitch:ymgghost

      Im soomuch better Than those controller players on 60 fps

    34. Cloverz

      I have seen this vid like 6 times

    35. zanie

      Not to be mean but stop talking rodlin was breaking norcal down and you called it out which was bad bc rodlin did not want norcal to know that and you called out his hp which is a big give away

    36. Flickz on 60fps

      Yo kiwiz rodlin has 69k bro no way

    37. Aiden Ruffin

      I play console

    38. Jaydon Phillips Year 12

      if breakdown wasnt allowed he would of never won 3 of those

    39. Boy edits

      Yo my Instagram is ovh_filter can I get a new controller 😂

    40. FireDropPanda

      Outcast Ball vs FaZe Sway

    41. Aiden Andrew

      Bro outcast ball is my friend in Fortnite now bro he’s insane

    42. Angel Lopez

      Dude kiwis ball would have won but u tood him to pick aex lol

    43. Ingrid Clapham


    44. Ingrid Clapham


    45. Jesus Samora

      Can you please play Fortnite with me please

    46. Tsk Powder

      Can we get them together I make them a clan I mean there all pretty good I think that would be a good clan

    47. Ronnn

      Bruh if sway was in there ball would’ve been fucked backwords

    48. Goat DF

      Spaidz did play like a puss in realistic I wouldve pushed out for content

    49. Gabriella Noesi

      Too high

    50. Goat DF

      Console player and the first 2 controller was a free point for keyboard lol a lot of these guys were ass

    51. Yesmarie Padilla Rodriguez

      damn i cant subscribe because this my computer from my school add me in fortnite my user name is el duro1234567

    52. Its Zyyli


    53. k24qk

      pc like xbox dislike ps4 comment

    54. Mystfy3 Swiss

      You should do Ball vs Sway and the winner wins $100 that would be a sick vid

    55. Carter Dorsman

      Bruh outcast ball is snorting g fuel every second like what the hell


      Lol what ball was doing i can do the same on ipad lol

    57. ET_ PULSE


    58. TTVURABOT Life


    59. ShadowZninja

      your content is rubish because when computer people dont win the activate aimbot. your content is rubish

    60. ClipzyΨ

      Why the American kids so good☹☹☹☹☹😂

    61. Khalil Bncoo

      Look his teeth 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    62. Rodics bro

      i don't care pc is the best

    63. Premium Dope yt

      That a bit even a fair fight cause pc players gonna win as much as I dont wanna admit it

    64. Eliot Halimi

      2nd guy on PC was cheating rodlin hit him 100 100 and he didint die smh

    65. Stacey Bowman

      Kiwiz is a pro fn commentator

    66. TE Tekkers

      I use your code and have notification s on

    67. TE Tekkers

      Wanna see it

    68. TE Tekkers

      Sway vs outcast ball

    69. CxlturesAstroツ

      ima a controller player like if u are to and also i need a EDITOR FOR MY CLIPS

    70. _Kniks

      kbm lowkey be bots