i jumped off the map and spectated random players... (worst ever)



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    i jumped off the map and spectated random players... (worst ever)
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    Today, I spectate random players after jumping off the map and fine the worst players you'll ever watc ... FORTNITE!! SUBSCRIBE for more Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay, and leave a LIKE for more Fortnite Funny Moments!
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    1. Oliver Dagarin

      Can you play 1vs1 with faze member

    2. Brandon Maxwell

      Look at 6:41 seconds liquid poach was in his game

      1. MeMoPRO_TR

        i am sure it was a fake

    3. Avery Yusuf

      I know greencheeseyuck

    4. Kerim Gaming

      whats your second channel called

    5. san luvs L2ツ


    6. TFH_ Seamus

      Randumb : hey did somebody say free money 💰

    7. Wrestling Boy

      Can u spectate a random duo partner

    8. Ashton Oakley

      Can't believe I won 😀😀

    9. fɑɮŁΞ _ CHAOS

      Holy crap I called that *Leave a like* 😑

    10. Elaine Wessendorf

      No one: Randnub: Did someone said specktating video?!?

    11. Logan Salter

      Can you still juggle

    12. Seren1ty CogZ

      I love how he is posing for the thumbnail at the start😂😂😂

    13. Totally_Arod

      Randumb no hate but you keep repeating the same vids with a different title but I can’t even notice

    14. Swavy Exile

      If this is blue you love randumb ❤️ 👇(I'm gifting my next 10 loyal subscribers🤩)

    15. NathanielPlayzFortnite

      8:43 wtf

    16. Ismael _Uchiha

      Everyone: ..... Everyone still: .... Still everyone: .... Randumb:DiD SomEoNE sAY a SpeCTaTinG VidEO?

    17. Dale Mason

      Russian please Russian language please switch to Russian language hello I could lose your the good news room the whole I was doing a DE-news that’s who you’re with what are you doing good Zune this is your room are you win oh no does the rest go to sleep Uno Dos Tres Cuatro’s

    18. Dale Mason

      To Camas,, up, a plus defeating your Joe’s good your drill is good your trash kid if you ask it

    19. FlipinBork AtemptkillerG

      Wait the new shotgun released on my birthday?

    20. Fadumo Moalin

      Randumb I subbed and liked I love I (no homo)

    21. Joshua Bw

      Panda Abuse 🤜🏻🐼😭😭😭

    22. dabbongbeast Heeley

      You should do jumping off the map in arena

    23. FGG Zhengbo


    24. Aldo Vivas

      Play strucid

    25. Jacob Le.

      Randumb I think you are gay Default why you bully me

      1. Gacha Bird

        Jacob Le. Uhhh whatt

    26. RTV ShAdOW

      I love you randumb

    27. Hamze Dandis

      Dont be dumb use code DUMB!!!!!!

    28. jonathan cadden


    29. lil gee boi

      Nearly every vid on side of mine is spectating wth

    30. David Crane

      Top ten by the way

    31. Jay Rook

      No one: Literally absolute no one: Randumb: diD sOmeOnE sAy à sPeCtatinG VidEo?!

    32. Mylene Rutten

      I love your videos! Please do more spectating videos!!!

    33. Connor RK800

      Imagine the 1st person that gets the win is anonymous mode

    34. Nathan Hurtado

      Use code dumb

    35. Fletcheebtw

      Why does he Sees me the name in red

    36. EZ IGotbanned

      10:57 I think you are gay

    37. heidi graley

      Please stop doing these your not putting in effort I love ya man but this is so boring to watch

      1. Garrett Fn

        Then don't watch it...

    38. Galaxy Gamer

      Did someone say KFC? *KFC MUSIC*.

    39. keeping up with LG

      i made a voice crack compilation ❤️

    40. zen4TW

      8:50 did someone say “hey sisters?”

    41. Flavez

      10:55 • i think you are gay• Okay....😂

    42. Natalie Kalnas

      Did everyone comment

    43. toxic gamer jk

      Roses are red ketchups are to hit that like button until it hits blue

    44. E Squared

      8:43 Everyone:NO NO NO! Randumb:on his phone

    45. dubz _gaming

      Lol bandana for randumbs big forhead

    46. SG Cashiez

      for the 32 people thing gets a like

    47. vPoySinツ

      He Said I think u are gay? 10:56

      1. Garrett Fn

        He said I think you are yay because he was going to fight

    48. Chewy Ice

      Rip ur kd

    49. Luis Jimenez43


    50. Nsg Warrior

      10:55 playback speed 0.5 he says I think u are gay😱😂

      1. Nsg Warrior

        Eclipz_Elite yea true

      2. Eclipz_Elite

        I think you are yay is wat he said but yea it sounded like dat

    51. TFG Firreball17

      Add wall taker alex and do duos and stuff with him

    52. TurtleJeremy

      He actually died at 32 people

    53. TurtleJeremy

      Am i a potato because your a donut

    54. Zaire Boyd

      Smack the like if you would cut your live stream if you mom told you to go to bed

    55. REAP FE4R

      Plz Sub my DE-news is REAP FE4R

    56. Ramon Muniz

      He commited off cliff almost 1k but nope

    57. Jack U

      10:55 what was that?

    58. Ali saad fortnite & roblox and other games Like

      I was walk taker Alex LOL am sooooo happy am in your video

    59. Cheryl Rybak


    60. F4te FN

      Not even kidding I tried this ONCE and the first person I got won

    61. Hayden Lheritier

      Good vid

    62. Itz Me Jimmy Jamz

      My Name Is Jimmy Johnson! LMAO

    63. Cooper Floyd

      i was on my brothers account i was wall taker alex

    64. Erik Gonzalez

      you should do a spectating video in arena

    65. TTV Sweato mode

      He’s an actual youtuber

    66. Beast Gamer273

      Which shotgun

    67. Chase Stewart

      You are insane

    68. ToXic 0_0

      He should jump off at the end of the battle bus

    69. Up MLG

      Any one in 2020