I Let My Boyfriend Cut My Hair: The Horror Movie

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Simply Nailogical

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    This is what happens when you quarantine together💇‍♀️ 💇‍♂️
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    1. Simply Nailogical

      Holo everyone! Glad you're amused by Beyyyyn cutting my hair💀💀💀 Just uploaded deleted scenes on my second channel Simply Not Logical! Watch to see what I CUT✂️ (haha ok bai): de-news.net/online/video-zTtnGOMNU8w.html

      1. Avanti B

        Simply Nailogical beyyyyn

      2. James Cabrey

        B e y n

      3. [insert decent user here] U_U

        It’s Joanna cedia not Epstein 😂

      4. Solixtis

        Since we are still in “locked down”, and I watch your snaps when you work out, you should do a video of you showing your “simply workout routine” or videos of you working out! Something cool to see!

      5. tia_ ;{

        Your eyes are so pretty

    2. frida ramos

      Okay but she is actually giving him a Tyler Joseph look? 😂😂

    3. Mer Maid

      “Guy tang who? “ hahhahahaha

    4. Dam Damfino

      Ben is daddy in blue jeans, belt and tucked shirt 👀

    5. Bubbles. 22

      🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋 🦋 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋 🦋 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

    6. carson preston

      i love cristine and all but the way she got so scared when ben was cutting the tiniest bit.. i can’t tell if she’s being dramatic for the video (totally understandable bc who wants a boring video?) or if she legitimately has unhealthy attachment to her hair 🤔

    7. De_niceloli😏

      Ben trimmed dead ends that "stopped" you from donating so if you donated 12 inches you would have 18 inches of healthy hair left >3> like don't get me wrong if you gonna have long hair gotta keep it healthy. I'm projecting when I had hair as long as yours to my butt and now have it short to at my ears in length so not as big a fan as I used to be for 20 yrs.

    8. Rosie Parish

      I'm a savage, huh, sassy, bougie, what's happenin'. -simplybenlogical, 2020

    9. PepperPotsCrafts

      What was the point of mentioning Gabbie?

    10. Kisap Giri

      Simply Nailogical and Ben when they split up “ I let you cut me hair “


      You took 6 inches off my HAIR

    12. M I A !

      They should get married !!

    13. 챱챠라챱

      is it just me or does ben without his glasses look like bernadette banner

    14. SamTV

      Actually 3 years after you dyed your hair you can donate it

    15. Cherry Plays!

      You watch joana and the try guys!

    16. Mea Korolainen

      I mean, if i'll get my hair cut 40cm, i'll get 30cm off of it

    17. stephi1993

      damn.. 36" i "only got 31"

    18. Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes

      Don't waste your time here. She barely got a haircut

    19. bella hernandez

      You’d look so good with a long bob please cut it. long long hair like that is only fun when u get to do a big chop

    20. rocks are dangerous

      Christine! I used to have long hair like yours and I learned that if you start from the bottom when brushing your hair you'll get less tangling. It changed my life when I started doing it that way

    21. crazy lavend

      You don't know my hair cristine, I NEED haircuts or else my hair will get like 5 pounds heavy

    22. Gold Dawn

      if you chopped your hair off to your shoulders you could probably sell your hair for a decent amount, depending on who you sell it to. your hair looks healthy and you have a lot of it

    23. Gold Dawn

      lol every time she says ben like that she looks like she is about to sneeze

    24. Alara Erenel

      They are just CUTE AF

    25. Kenya Wiggin

      Point cutting 😏

    26. June Moon

      YieeeEeeeEEeee Joana Ceddia got featured, mother simplyyyyy😭💖

    27. NotYour Kratos

      no eggs

    28. Nuclear 4¡ds

      Damn , banana guy is on fleck

    29. VioletKalico

      Apart from the video, I stab extra hard from the spin me right round bit

    30. Auburn Ieroway

      13:04 the children crying No

    31. Auburn Ieroway

      Aries mohawk. Live your best life

    32. Peachy


    33. Loreli Perez

      Beens new hair cut looks like ronalds from sis vs bro bruh even his shirt.

    34. Juliet Xofficial

      No one : Christine at 10:36 : Ben you look HAWTTT!

    35. Autumn Davenport

      Simply Nailogical did better than Ben

    36. Hanna Gemberling

      Her cutting his hair is so chaotic, especially with one hand.. I am STRESSED

    37. Sarai Arrazola

      I love that amish hairstyle

    38. Angie de Bie

      much better than my attempt i made with my poor husband

    39. idk yet

      beeeennnn woon

    40. Eggox

      ‘Canadians don’t really use the ‘eh’ thing’ - Proceeds to use ‘eh’ a number of times, un-ironically, in a number of different videos. 😂😂

    41. jess s

      “brad mondo WHO”



    43. Maria Hussain

      When Ben takes off his glasses: °👄°

    44. The_Kawaii_Studios :3

      Me: donated my hair twice in 6 years Simply: I can't donate my hair! I dyed it 7 years ago! BTW I really donated it twice in 6 years.

    45. Cheyenne Miller

      When Ben was cutting her hair and said "Brad Mondo WHO. Simplysnailogical" i started wheezing

      1. Payton Madar

        Bro me to my mom walked in and she asked if I was ago

    46. ~• Corbyn Rose •~

      we need brad mondo to react to this and their supposed dyeing hair video

    47. More Anna Banana

      When she said “when I run out of conditioner spray I fill it up with water too

    48. ChirpNDerp

      “it only has to be long enough to cover your nipples” was an excuse to touch her boobs on camera-

    49. Odalys flores

      Ben is getting TOO COMFORTABLE 💀LOVE UU GUYS

    50. Bk mora

      Can anyone tell me it's the name of the hair blower they are using please? I need to get a new one, checking options

    51. Dj Cessika

      I rate Ben banana/10

    52. Zoey Luna

      Why is her hair so thin I just got a under cut to thin out my hair and it is still super thick and feels the same smh

    53. Emma Miles

      ben is getting more and more confident on camera compared to a few years ago

    54. HeyyitzAlyssa

      I get my hair cut about once every year or year and a half lol idk how some people go so much!

    55. Bubble Booker Malcolm

      yes all i have to say is YES

    56. Maddie Grinnan

      You did do a good job on bens hair

    57. Jammin Phimester

      Awww u guys r so cute together!

    58. Michelle Ferrari

      ben trims off like an inch cristine stopppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

    59. Cheryl Playz

      I lost it at 13:29

    60. Lianna

      I’m sorry can we talk about how good her body shape is🥺😍

    61. Milly and Alannah

      Do a story time of how you and Bennnnnnn met !!👍🏻👌

    62. bcabmac

      You guys are funny. Thank goodness you weren't manscaping and sheshaping each other.

    63. cash on nails 232

      Both did great d0 a holo hair on ben or a banana color hair on ben

    64. Miq 28

      I think that Ben did a bit better but yours was still good

    65. Stephanie

      is it just me but does Cristine care more about her hair than her nails? 💀

    66. pine cone

      ben got a bald spot!!!!!

    67. Elizabeth Anne

      Beyyn made me so nervous

    68. Ellawynn Davies

      Cristines hair is still longer than my will to live..........

    69. Clémentine Villeneuve

      I thought this was nail art channel

    70. Brooke Taylor