I Made a FULL NETHERITE BEACON in Minecraft Hardcore



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    I made a FULL NETHERITE BEACON in Minecraft Hardcore! One of the hardest challenges you could ever do in minecraft, making a beacon out of netherite! How much ancient debris do you need for a netherite beacon? 5,904. This number may seem large but it's much larger than you could even imagine. Making a full netherite beacon took me 200 hours of playing minecraft and is a project I started 6 months ago!
    I made this netherite beacon legit in survival, 100% legit, no cheating and ALL ON MY OWN! and this makes me one of the first people in the world to complete the full netherite beacon advancement!
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    1. WadZee

      Hi, this video took me so long to make so to anyone that watches it all the way through, likes & comments, thank you so much! Help this video crack the Algorithm!

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    2. bobba

      bro i saw so many debris you missed it painful...

    3. Prince Calaoagan

      Your a legend bro

    4. rujan Pandit

      Use flit and steel

    5. sam tam

      Not only did he go through a butt ton of effort to mine but also, keeping up with the mathematics and statistics? That is some bloody dedication.

    6. marietjie de villiers


    7. nepali Tatti gamer

      is this world record and how many tnt you spend

    8. DKay

      I comment for DE-news interaction :)

    9. Mattia Canè

      Imagine how much ancient debris you missed by only one block...this blows my mind

    10. Connor Ferguson

      bruh you could type /gamemode creative and do this in literally 10 seconds

    11. noahtra

      imagine dying without a totem.

    12. Andreotti Riccardo

      You are crazy man

    13. Mike Stammer

      absolute mad man

    14. STOMPERX 13

      You could have used beds, even though they are very dangerous

    15. Andrei Nicolae

      This legend: i spend 200 hours in nether for netherite Me flying in spectator mode: sPeCtAtOr mOdE

    16. Mohammed Alabed


    17. Parth Chavan

      After 4 minutes and watching the video for 3 time I found it you used 395 stack and 101 TNT WTF?

    18. Rattanjot

      na mate you just have a good gaming chair lol

    19. Alessandro Peri

      He could have just done the outline.

    20. Jendra John

      what a legend!

    21. Chala Dilnik

      Why don't you use beds to blow of the rocks in the nehter?



    23. Lord Shashi

      Just imagine collecting all this ancient debris and the wither boss kills u some how Anyone would have surely committed suicide

    24. Alfred Mena

      youre a lunatic

    25. Lord Shashi

      His nether is completely ruined

    26. Lord Shashi

      I guess he mined all the debris from him world

    27. e_luna L

      Me getting only like 12 pecies of ancient debris and wadzee getting a fully powered netherite beacon

    28. Amit Vishwakarma

      He made the beacon

    29. Overseer Mike

      well dream will sub and the dream fans = Hint:Build Dream Everyone Will Sub

    30. Renato Martinez

      You do realize if you try to sleep on a bed in the nether it explodes the great way to mine netheright

    31. KK Patterson

      How is it colored black without stain glass

    32. Hungry Confidence

      No ome cares

    33. Toxic Flow

      That is so cool I could never do that.

    34. Facund00u

      SO VO FARFA?

    35. Froggyismycat

      Nether right becon November

    36. Arab Comrade

      What is the music at 11:48

    37. Nicolas Callin


    38. Jesse Pelton

      Just use beds

    39. zLighT

      If other youtuber say mining in off camera be like

    40. Wyatt Thelen

      This is the most determined gamer ever

    41. Durn Julio

      I never click like on videos really or subscribe to people i watch off of my suggested list. But this is impressive, the amount of dedication you have to youtube is wild.

    42. Tisrok

      Reminds me of grinding 99 mining on Runescape lol.

    43. El WoWiE

      farfadox: que veo un rival?

    44. God alt account

      I would make a tnt cannon if you could put water in the nether

    45. El WoWiE

      1 word "farfardox"

    46. Vincent Lu



      I'm sorry, you did WHAT?

    48. ghost15


    49. Spyder_YT

      Don't wanna disrespect, but u could have used beds...

    50. Ashton Geney

      just found this channel, you're so awesome dude!! 🤘

    51. KingTails 5

      this man deserves praise for his dedication

    52. SimplyRhino

      he obviously uses creative, I remember an un-edited video he uploaded where he went in creative.

    53. AlexDoesArt

      They called him a madman

    54. Suhan Das

      ....I'm amazed

    55. PEPERmit

      ancient debruh

    56. Nergi

      No le llega ni al talón a Farfa. #Farfadox

    57. Korsarz XD

      farfa lo hace mejor 😎

    58. Joper Glots

      Subscribe to this man he worked hard

    59. Privat Account

      He now officially owns the game. You are an absolute legend!

    60. Noah Blaszak

      He’s gonna be pissed when he finds out beacons work with 3 x 3 blocks

    61. Todd Moody

      go to my site de-news.net/online/video-6IWSAuDt4Bs.html

    62. JAWGZ JLC

      well done

    63. OlkoSlaw

      If I were him and died at this world ,i would probably commit suicude lol.

    64. Ranjeet Kaur

      Wadzee is smart but his luck is fortune 0

    65. Ruben

      if you didn't really know, the first person to do it was a Spanish speaker named Farfadox, who did it even 20 days before. Good video :0

    66. Cillian Doherty

      you deserve my sub

    67. Igna

      Farfadox was the first Spanish-speaking that made a NETHERITE BEACON I hope you can see his video

    68. Catto's animated studios

      how the fuck

    69. Pro

      This Comment is for the Algorithm

    70. Bowie E

      Did you ever find the missing ancient debris?