I made Griffs Extendable Baseball Bat from BTTF 2 + Delorean DMC



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    As a MASSIVE Back to the Future fan I welcome to the channel the Delorean DMC 12 and to go in it a loverly Stainless Steel Extendable Bat.........But stay tuned as next video I try n learn to use @Gravity Industries jet suit to ride a hover board.
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    1. colinfurze

      Exited for flying the jet suit with the hoverboard, for progress so far channel members have a first look and some new merch updates de-news.net/chl/UCp68_FLety0O-n9QU6phsgwjoin Thanks to all viewers and hope your all doing ok in this weird 2020.

      1. Kendan Sayers

        Hey Colin what if you used megnets to hold down the stuff that looks like the DeLorean’s moter stuff on the back please read this

      2. NoxiLord

        What about the 10million subscriber fireworks?

      3. ezeagha tochukwu

        @colinfurze hi, sorry to bother you, please can you give my channel a shout out please, I want to grow like you

      4. Shrek

        Finally 10 mil subscribers

      5. Lala Adrisola

        I've been here since the beginning of the channel

    2. Zoltán Nagy

      You are crazy but we are love it in hungary!!!!

    3. Mark Turner


    4. Ryanurai

      I swear someone’s watching me, I just watched all three movies today

    5. Ryan J. Arts

      When I saw the thumbnail I thought he was going to hit the car with the bat

    6. beautifulsmall

      I have a momentary switch, sorry its just gone.

    7. MinePro120

      You definitely need a series on a channel or something.

    8. Fela gund

      This guy haven't changed at all

    9. Kristóf Bancsi

      Gta5 deluxo wow

    10. JohnnyTheCache

      Whatever you do Marty, don't come to 2020 😂

    11. Max B

      Love your vids been watching for 6 years

    12. SlowJump

      "Your fruit killing skills are remarkable"

    13. YOLO Sucks at fortnight

      Colin congrats on 10 mil

    14. ck

      I would appreciate it if you could add a Korean translation

    15. Jevan.M 6A 19

      Respect for not modify the delorean

    16. WillyMoro

      Solo vine a ver el casco que le hizo @rocha krg xd min: 9:20

    17. Clockwork Kirlia

      Sweet! Love a good telescoping mechanism... No, that's not a euphemism. Shh.

    18. George _13

      Great intro!!

    19. Aiden Perrott

      I love that intro I also have an edia for your next vidio

    20. T-spiral

      PLS pls pls make the deluxo from gta 5 online

    21. Exotic Filter

      Who else remembers him giving mr bean the playbutton?

    22. VAB

      I'm in love with this video!

    23. VAB

      This video is a masterpiece!

    24. Hadden Curren

      Next video: “Guys I made a time traveling jet powered tricyle”

    25. DJ Stewart

      Its Bif not Griff

    26. Justin Moore

      How's the fission reactor going with magneticfields? It would be pretty cool to prove this entire fucking design was a bad idea from the start. We can prove gravity isn't necessary. We can prove natural disasters are not necessary.

    27. Kir Miron

      Blucher like your style do you like this style yet Katori motion so I understand but you have to learn much is it

    28. Daniel Blood-Deschamps

      0:05 cameraaaaaaaa

    29. Daniel Ward

      Actually hoverboards aren’t science fiction they have special parks with magnetic courses and a magnet in the board to keep you in the air so yeah

      1. Lego Boba Fett

        Sure, you can go ahead and have fun at those parks if you're willing to pay the price of a good-size car for a magnetic skateboard you can only ride in very specific areas.

    30. Hyperr_Chaotic

      I'm surprised nobody has hired this guy or bothered to buy his product for licensing yet. I would literally pay him for half the shit he makes do you get or even a fucking blueprint so I could somehow learn how to make it myself. This man truly is the closest ever going to get to a real life fucking doc brown

    31. Mami Hlani

      1:00 wait did he just mall grap the cruzer ......POSER!....😰😰

    32. Daniel Ko


    33. Cameron Hemeon

      The reset button on a computer would work as a switch.

    34. Tommie Visser

      Youre kids gonna have a asome childhood

      1. Tommie Visser


      2. Tommie Visser


      3. Tommie Visser


    35. Jonah Currey

      Congrats on 10mil hip hip Ha ray

    36. A J

      Office chairs already do this.

    37. Ryan P

      I immediately just thought of my plastic extendable lightsabers

    38. Leo Weinheiz

      I think many people woudn't describe him as a serious guy. I'm a simple man, he's wearing a tie I trust him:)

    39. Nicolas Schultz

      The stiffled laugh during the panning shot when the tea maker doesn't work is just hilarious and I can understand why they didn't want to do the whole sequence again

    40. nieooj gotoy

      I like how you can see his reflection in the clock

    41. hamborg2

      Hey Mccollings!. Havent I told you not to come in here!!

    42. hamborg2

      To Mc- collings with the same gun💥

      1. nieooj gotoy

        who else agrees that all 3 of the movies are too good to be recreated

    43. John Crocker

      You my good sir have got yourself a subscriber!

    44. Snookas 111

      Can you please make another book plz

    45. josh 47 40

      Lexus also did a hover board that actually works I think it's to do with magnets so in stead of doing jets put magnets on the bottom of it and find lexuses special hoverboard park de-news.net/online/video-7KtzyZKSuls.html

    46. Mobilelegends EVO


    47. canbage

      put flamethrowers on the back

      1. bocoy noiu


    48. Noah grant

      Anyone else get a BTTF smyths toys ad before this vid, coz i did which is a weird quincedence

    49. Working on name!

      the start kinda reminds me of "a house with a clock in its walls"

      1. bocoy noiu

        Where can i buy one

    50. Pigeon

      Just seen this car on wheeler dealers

    51. afutla qian

      I wish he would have made it like one of those sticks cops use that extend

    52. wrightyi89

      10m viewers might have something to do with serving baked beans from a caravan XD lol

      1. afutla qian

        all! - but a car like that in such condition deserves to be appreciated

    53. Joey Fehl

      His accent is amazing

    54. Noah Gomes

      That car is perfect

    55. Martijn

      “Whatever you do Marty, dont go to 2020”😂

    56. AnTesla

      Hey Colin make the Freddy Krueger hand Blade!

    57. Ian Beisel

      Modern day Marty McFly

    58. AceBeTrue

      who else agrees that all 3 of the movies are too good to be recreated

    59. Kaleb

      This reminds of the dulexo in GTA V bc it based of bttf

    60. peyton

      You should make the airmags, or just a self lacing shoe in general to go with the bat and Delorean

    61. Nickh Kutasish

      No there not there real Colin

    62. doliio volay

      Colin: I'll help you take in the groceries His wife: ok? Colin: brings in fruit to smash with his new bat

    63. Arvid Smit

      Where can i buy one

      1. doliio volay

        Don’t you dare fuck up the car. Nice bat tho.

    64. Doug Harker


    65. Thunderbolt

      How about you use a magnet or a powerful fan to make the hover board float?


      If anyone could make a real time machine with this car it would be this guy

    67. lebareslep

      Can't help but link this: de-news.net/online/video-4CApja379CI.html

    68. Juanito G

      Clicked on this vid thinking "yeh sweet the beginning of a delorean make over series" but actually came to the same conclusion pretty quickly Im not even a car enthusiast -like at all! - but a car like that in such condition deserves to be appreciated

    69. farhad aa

      I got a back to the future ad for playmobile and thought it was part of the video itself.

    70. yeonig

      Great fun. Thanks for that. I like hoverboard one with the jet packs too. Have you seen the Dutch flutist trying to work in lockdown playing bttf theme song. See her instagram @flutorama