I scammed my friends as impostor 4 times in a row (Among Us)



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    I absolutely rolled a HILARIOUS lobby by winning every impostor game that day. It had some high IQ players and some low IQ players who I had so much fun turning against each other. Sometimes they accused each other on their own. The lobby included @LaurenzSide , @DanTDM , @Dangthatsalongname , @iHasCupquake , @CaptainSparklez , @TheOrionSound , @Thinknoodles , @iBallisticSquid , @ThnxCya (@Corpse Husband , @Kara Corvus and Terry are in the last round too!)
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    1. Amber Jiang

      Gloom: Kassima/Kassie. CaptinSparklez: Jordan. Thinknoodles: Justin. ThnxCya: James. DanTDM: Dan. Cupquake: Tiff/Tiffy/Tiffany. Squiddy: (Not sure yet) LaurenZ: Lauren. its Oli: Oli/Oliver (Am I missing anyone?)

    2. Gabriela Grycova

      Poor scoot

    3. Jenna Miller

      What does gg mean can someone tell me


      man i feel so bad for oil lol

    5. Ariana Uzzaman

      I loved watching her FNAF vidoes

    6. Ariana Uzzaman

      Ay cupquake is bak

    7. Cinder Studios

      Sparkles: and I was shooting cauliflower Me: wth 😂😂

    8. Ctrl Shift Q Q

      Nobody: Gloom: blebleblebleblehevsjgesjgesjhejsbe *random noises*

    9. George Sikaa

      no one: cupquake: 15:20

    10. claire sim


    11. 문이은-아

      oh my can i just marry corpse's voice and laugh :3

    12. Lydia Jones

      Did it look freeshhh?😋

    13. Georgia Dent

      ME: why can't my luck be like Cassy's and always be imposter! AMONG US: hmmmmmehhh ooooo ya nah

    14. aubree ortega

      ahhh squid was in the gameeeee

    15. Lynsey Wood

      Thinknoodles =Annoying dream

    16. Larisa Kovač

      So if you will ever play again i have a advice. So when someone finds a body let everyone say where the body was and then you will know who killed them

    17. Trey Evardo

      Cupquake: I hope teebs and kassie are not talking while playing Gloom: ._.

    18. Abby Wood

      Dude you were imposter like 1700 times lol

    19. Dino_ Playz

      I swear.. *gloom was imposter every round -~-*

      1. Judging Pageantry

        She probably cut out the ones she wasn't impostor.


      Whenever I watch these vids I keep tapping the “chat” and pausing the vid. I never learn.

    21. lana gillespie

      Gloom ur a boss!😂😂

    22. Skylight Hajimiko

      _How does she keep a straight face on when she’s impostor_

    23. Sarah P

      Dans voice brings back memories😔❤️

    24. Austyz

      21:35 Today we are smacking other people’s necks like twigs

    25. dreamy ` dreamer

      am i the only one who was really fascinated by how gloom's mind works when she was thinking out loud like master strategist who

    26. Indie Smith

      sometimes when they say tink it sounds like stink...

    27. Darian Harvey

      Watching this and realizing DanTDM is the DE-newsr my little brother has been talking about for years now😂

    28. Sherry

      I wanted see some watching anime tic tok

    29. roblox_pros


    30. Lola Matthews

      Cassie's IQ is 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    31. LogicallyAnxious

      cupquake: *vents right in front of sparklez* sparklez: i'm not seeing anything suspicious

    32. Besta Conforte

      i feel so bad for the baby's

    33. Madison Brown

      31:36 kassie: *e o a e a o e u e o a e a o e u* me: *what the heck kassie-*

    34. gg227128

      I finally got Among Us

    35. I.V.

      *DanTDM lies here* *Died while reading a donation* "Money killed him"

    36. fishgutsajj

      27:35 corpses voice

    37. Madi & will


      1. Leyla Akdogan

        I know right

    38. Danniel Barajas

      Olí: Reeeeeeee

    39. Angel Vibes

      Squiddy looks JUST LIKE my math teacher... my math teacher says he has no siblings... C R E E P Y

    40. Bryce Stansberry


    41. Support PTRA

      me: eating gloom:EEEEEEEEE Sqiddy: WHO WAS THAT WAS THAT SPARKLES?! sparkly: yes no maybe not me :D

    42. Jkplayzys 1623

      And also is oli on twitch bc i just found his channel and he hasnt uploaded for months

    43. Jkplayzys 1623

      Honestly this is my fav among us group like pls play with this group again

    44. Catandwolfie

      Sparkles: blah blah blah and then i was shooting cauliflower me: noice

    45. Khyati Tyagi

      Your so lucky you got to be imposter so many times

    46. Maddeline Dougherty

      Don't do it don't do it sparkles don't do it🤣

    47. GachaLighting

      Scott has been removed from the game

    48. Humza Bakesmati


    49. Humza Bakesmati


    50. Jaz-lynn Griffin

      Thnx:Finds olis body Cupquake: i’m a little Sus of think me: so you think think

    51. uglyratpotato 28 Meza

      OK Man CORpse TalKs DEEEEEEP

    52. Anna Maureen Leutbecher

      I feel so bad for Oli because he always gets killed first btw this is like my 50th time I’ve watched this video

    53. Krecel Bautista

      Scot- “No it wasnt it was YooUuU

    54. joanna mcclelland

      I saw a Among Us and I got on it and I saw your name


      Hi sis

    56. Purple Chan

      I think I’m the only one who thinks dans voice is cute 👁👄👁

    57. Maddison Maguire


    58. Saeed Edhah

      oli first died in like every one

    59. Eijiro Kirishima

      18:10 bookmarks

    60. Nicola Drew

      Hi gloom

    61. Sweta Jayaswal

      An among us I killed everyone except one person named apple lol and I did this for about two more rounds. They literally called me legends ♥️ love you vids Cassie

    62. Allyson Norris

      ok corpse’s voice 🥵

    63. Emily He

      Hi this is fuffy ඞ he will always give you impostor.

    64. Violet Henri

      I feel bad for Justin XD (Think or thinknoodles)

    65. Mireya Arora

      anyone else here watching this like 14 timez?

    66. Püppįt Måštër

      Me after hearing squids: 🥺

    67. Carady Brewer

      I love among us this, btw if u play it too I think you should watch cams slot UwU

    68. Carady Brewer

      I play this game too!

    69. sister snatched

      she literally got with all of our favorite gamers when we were all younger