I sent my friends into THE VOID in Minecraft



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    I sent my friends into the VOID in Minecraft

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    1. will hance

      Dude carson seeing how much fun u had together makes it so much more fucked up:(

    2. Braedon Belair

      Technically... actors are larpers....

    3. Elon Musk

      When he started using that Voice changer i was like real fucking choking 20 seconds

    4. Sleepy Bitch Jocelyn Nani and Luna yandere snake

      I still don't forgive you for killing the dog...

    5. Weird Garbage

      bruh can the people who are saying "this feels weird to watch after what happened" literally be quiet. y'all are annoying. just don't watch the video if it feels uncomfortable.

      1. Christian Barlow


      2. Hxrlannn Nicholas

        dude shut up

    6. Sparky my baby boy

      Carson’s dancing is so cursed that it becomes less cursed

    7. Rosy Posie

      Watching this made me kinda sad? Like they got along so well, had so much fun together..and little did they know something so unfortunate would happen to them. :/

    8. Dwayne the Obama Johnson

      *This is unacceptable*

    9. corbwrigoo

      Why does Carson's "Youtooz" look like slimecicle???? Hmmmmmmmm.

    10. Ben Swadling

      it is very strange watching them together as friends

    11. Tess Tickels


    12. Lapeez 22

      13:14 square ass head boy. minecraft steve lookin ass boy. aww man lookin ass boi lucky you have the captain on so he can save yo cuboid ass head from them creepers

    13. JOSH GAMER

      i fucking hate fitz now

    14. A Cow

      0:50 thought it was a ghast

    15. TinyGreenNerd

      Aged like milk

    16. LukeLudicrous

      Dear comment section, please shut up about Fitz and Carson and either watch the damn video or don’t.

    17. Square Pants

      Hey look a comment that isn’t whining about the recent drama I think this video is funny

    18. Yung corn

      Fits feels bad destroying the buildings in Minecraft but dosnt feel bad destroying Carson’s girlfriend

    19. Victoria4729

      Carson really gave fitz captain sparkles mail box and fitz still did him dirty

    20. Moist Krab

      Fitz is a bitchz

    21. iiTanja

      carson shouldve made a *r e a l i s t i c* chunk error by pressing F3 + G

    22. shiro whitecat

      Larping is basically acting but worse

    23. Tj Miller

      maybe they can larp being friends?

    24. casti casti

      Watching Carson and Fitz interact feels wrong now

    25. FighterJet

      This video aged poorly

    26. ShadowWalker YT


    27. big boy Jerome

      rip friendship i realized it was 7 months old

    28. Joe Nation

      2019: Cool video 2020: ThIs DiD nOt AgE wElL, tHiS hItS dIfFeReNt NoW

    29. Mason Dodd

      Carson: I’m letting fitz on out of pity. Well this hits different.

    30. Chirvinator 1

      What is Carson using for his voice effects?

    31. Aaronthatguy Ah


    32. Pablo Yankof

      It's so weird to read the comments because the flip from "Carson and and Fitz interactions are so strange to view in this day and age due to recent events that have occurred." And "Captain Sparkle say aww man hahahaha funni."

    33. Roberto Alfredo

      Everyone talking about Carson and Fitz forgetting the fact that she had a Boyfriend before either of them and during both ._.

    34. Brief Tv

      Carson had no worries and no idea about what type of pain fitz was going to inflict on him

    35. 「シンゴリ」Shingori

      Carson, Katerino and Fitz were just in a really intense LARPing session and didn't tell you about it beforehand

    36. Evan Woods

      Watching Fitz these days just frustrates me honestly. Lost any respect I’ve ever had for the guy.

    37. adonis parts

      Nobody: People coming back to this video after the drama: OoOo iT fEeL wEirD tO SeE cArSon AnD FiTz OoOo

    38. Ashur McClure

      People keep saying that Fitz did not know about Carson and Kate but when fitz was on the razchillier he choose Kate and she said she was "loyal" to Carson. I am not mad at him because Carson does not want us to be just wanted to point it out

    39. Mr. Hub

      can we larp at carsons house

    40. Cal Griff

      I hope we can eventually look back on this fondly like im sure they both do.

    41. TriDeBoe

      Fucking hell people, stop crying iver what happened, its their problem not yours, so stop fucking crying about it and making it worse

    42. Catty Cat

      brogle..🥦 -K. Edge

    43. Colin Zein

      What is the software Carson uses for his mic changing thing

    44. Jeremie Mazerolle

      This is awkward to watch in retrospect

    45. Egg Roll 5

      Holy shit if I see one more comment saying “tHiS dIdN’t aGe wElL” I’m gonna lose my shit. Yeah we fucking know, you don’t have to point it out

    46. Obey Vedra

      why am I crying in the household rn

    47. GreyLord Alek

      ...what's wrong with LARPing?

    48. mmmfroge

      10:32 look. at the donation this mans instincts r :flushed:

    49. Husikingach

      2:37 yeah one rule don't have sex with my girlfriend

    50. Luna R.

      So different seeing old vids with fits now..

    51. Dank_Souls

      :( these two characters are now tainted by the world

    52. SaM Grene

      yea just hearing carsons and cams voice in the same call just doesnt feel right

    53. Raw Bingus

      The Fitz buisness is just one big LARP session

    54. Pramila

      You’re scrolling the comments to see if other people are talking about how Carson and Fitz being friends is weird now

    55. Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series

      I know hindsight is 20/20, but it really does sound like everything Fitz says has some sort of malicious undertone to it.

    56. Nart Glod

      11:41 huh.

    57. Cupriferous Catalyst

      I know there was drama, screw Fitz and Kate etc etc., but him and Carson roleplaying about being larpers pretending not to be larpers is pretty damn funny still

    58. Tyler Minevich

      i love how when he nods in the game for the noteblock to be played, he nods in real life thinking someone will see him

    59. Giovanni _101

      Ok guys let's play a game called fuck fitz

    60. Pyro

      Fuck fitz the piece of shit

    61. Account Name

      11:21 that aged well

    62. yeet yeet


    63. FOUR1EiGHT

      drinking game: drink every time you see a comment about the recent situation

    64. Mackleboy

      The way carson did the whip in the youtooz ad made me laugh way too hard

    65. Skidoo_Skidae

      smooth as butter

    66. Bubbles :]

      ...Does anyone else not think it feels that different?

    67. Robert E. O. Speedwagon

      I never liked fitz only swagger Where is Pimp Chimpin Gang

    68. meme machine

      This is awkward

    69. Awesomekid3452

      The guys at the beginning seem like really good friends 😁

    70. The Dyslexic cola can

      It’s just not right anymore