I sent my friends into THE VOID in Minecraft



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    I sent my friends into the VOID in Minecraft

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    1. boohaloo

      fitz gay

    2. bruhmoment


    3. TheSovietUnion

      Carson somehow managed to roleplay about roleplaying

    4. Symmetron the Destroyer

      0:30 that message is kinda creepy

    5. Alpaca

      3:19 cant stop laughing

    6. caroline marotta


    7. caroline marotta


    8. caroline marotta


    9. random riley

      Me: * looks at title * Me: so wyoming

    10. An account


    11. Jeffrey Kist

      69k likes nice

    12. Oxiegamer

      I like how captainsparkrlz just kinda shows up

    13. LeRuxTV

      when is schlatt streaming

    14. cookedpotato

      Do u have a discord chat

    15. Quidditch 2018

      Why has Funko Pop not sued Youtooz? I really don't care, but it's a blatant copy to earn more money for google. STOP IT GOOGLE. YOU HAVE ENOUGH MONEY!!!

    16. Jimmy Pratt

      Fitz Fortnite Facebook All of these have an F as their logo, all a such big failures that they need an F in chat. COINCIDENCE?! I THINK NOT!

    17. Exists Anytime

      Isn’t the already finished

    18. Althea Rebekkah

      why is the back of his head so square

    19. Happy Dinosaur


    20. Ethan Wilson

      "im glad we didnt talk about his on stream"

    21. Adam

      How do you get the Obama thing

    22. DogeVEVO

      Can someone explain to me whats going on with Carson’s hair?

    23. big boy chicken man 67

      His youtooz isn’t a paraplegic wtf

    24. Menzroy 265

      Does anyone know the name of the song that Carson used at 0:45

    25. Ian Bryant

      20:40 someone unsubs after they make plans to Larp :(

    26. Solidtie gaming

      Babaha Younsuck - Squeamish Seal | Make ... makeameme.org

    27. Solidtie gaming

      you cry all the time

    28. Solidtie gaming

      you suck

    29. Vetrax films

      Is smp live over? Since schlatt beat the ender dragon

    30. sHam Artist

      3:40 My great grandma watching shrek for the first time

    31. sHam Artist

      3:19 Me and My Bros watching Shrek 5

    32. JK_Smile

      Caroson just sponsor quackity youtooz

    33. Dark Johnny Bravo

      69k likes on the video. nice

    34. TRASH GANG

      “Oh look my name is in the thumb nail Kinda” THE VXID - 2019

    35. Señor Taco

      I’ve seen you LARP at cons. You can’t lie to us!

    36. LargeShady

      I do not larp I only fart

    37. Lassi 'PsYYChoSiiS' Lehtonen

      This is the Misfits podcast: "Ha we do drugs ha we do drugs, ha porn ha porn, ha we do drugs ha we do drugs, ha gay people, ha we do drugs ha we do drugs."

    38. Cody Munding


    39. Jackson Barnes

      what voice changer does he use?

    40. Samuel Wise

      What program is Carson using for the voice changing

    41. BROSharkMan

      8:35 why did you have to kill god?

    42. Tweeny Twinkies

      You’d be good at improv and I swear to god if u disagree with me I will go to your exact location and look at you STRAIGHT in they EYES and I will very monotonously say: “you’re good at improv”

    43. Sam Gido

      What voice changer???

    44. Bumfuzzled

      What are the requirements for this server 😂

    45. Maddie Jones

      I role play in minecraft which is way cooler 😂😂

    46. TheCrimsonComet

      I still don’t have mine Carson you must answer for these fraudulent acts

    47. little monsters


    48. XxHope xX

      Carson, aww man So we back in the nether Got our swords swinging side to side

    49. Infinitayy

      s gay m

    50. Joseph Cardenas

      For some reason I see Carson when I look at my thumbs

    51. flonke


    52. Gamer Bence

      What’s the name of this minecraft server?

    53. Defaulty Boi

      Weird how his youtooz was out on the same day as the area 51 event

    54. Memeus Dankus

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    55. Shikashi uchazi

      carson when you whipped i punched my cat

    56. Cucc Succer

      why is no one talking about the sun being tilted like that

    57. 사랑해석민

      i could listen to carsons voice forever no cap

    58. Tsrenis

      I need a Hoba youtooz

    59. Catcket

      Youtooz release date is September 20th. ...

    60. Kaleb Pacheco

      Carson you LARP?

    61. RozKouneli

      But is the back of the youtooz's head flat doe?

    62. Marky Fr3sh

      I bought 3 of them

    63. Mr. Niddles

      Fitz always sounds like a total Chad

    64. Caleb Griffith

      O N T H

    65. Aqsem

      I wanted to keep one of the you tooz boxes he sat on

    66. HD memes

      Make a statue of joe swanson

    67. Military Rat

      "For losers. Like fitz" THAT single line made my entire life

    68. Joseph Postlethwait

      I don't want the figurine, I just want the crushed box