I sent my friends into THE VOID in Minecraft



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    I sent my friends into the VOID in Minecraft

    Am Vor year


    1. CarpFillet

      U gey

    2. Tworpish

      I don’t understand how fitz took literally none of the blame and Katerina got cancelled.

    3. D Po

      11:20 - 11:26 sums up the current Fitz and Carson dynamic perfectly.


      aye carson can you tel me how shitty my memes are on youtube

    5. Vatekanore

      Maybe it was all just a larping session

    6. Spotify Ad

      If Carson doesn’t like this in 1 year he has to but miss fits merchandise

    7. Fernando Espinoza


    8. dinokid king

      Carson i got one of you tuzs and my friends are making fun of me

    9. Danger Noodle

      Crazy to see Fitz and Carson interacting with each other like this, they had such good chemistry. Shame Fitz completely fucked it but at least Carson is past it

      1. Aimeemay106

        also equally bizarre that chaos happened over 7 months ago..

    10. Masonchxd

      I sent my friends to Brazil in Minecraft

    11. Choppy Toaster


    12. Tuttle Games

      Tell fitz his a cheeky fuk

    13. Kieran

      0:05 that didnt age well

    14. Qwertyey

      wait what happened

    15. Raul Palacios

      Man... Fitz and carson... Katerino is a bitch

      1. abbe högstedt

        wasnt that like a year ago?

    16. Ethan Cusack

      Can I still get the YouTooz?

      1. Psychic Honey

        No it was limited

    17. Noah

      Me: Mom can we get Its Gay Month? Mom: No we have Its Gay Month at home Its Gay Month at home: *S G A Y M*

    18. dark.

      ThIs DiDnT aGe WeLl if you say this go into the void

    19. Pepperonito

      Is it too late for the giveaway ?

      1. Fernando Espinoza


    20. I'm Bored


      1. cave man


      2. Dylan


    21. Perry

      You said the youtooz will ship anywhere. Can it ship to wuhan China?

    22. SAIRO DIAZ


    23. yui.mp3

      whats his shaders?

    24. singlesoosh / supersoosh

      This video aged poorly.

    25. Allen Reiche

      Its time to go to brazil

    26. D3nz1l M4th1s

      throwback to the woodfire pizza youtooz

    27. Hypr98

      stupid comments, it wasn't a recent situation, it was 7 months ago!

      1. Hypr98

        @Not Machi are you have moron

      2. Not Machi

        Most of the comments are from then idiot, learn to read

    28. Leon Thomasse

      Captain sparkle larps

    29. Nate Peacock

      somewhere theres just a missing "it"

    30. sky lea

      I hate that this was released on my birthday

      1. FloofedPoof

        chill out sky lea

    31. dy_ l_a_n

      lol carson bard haha

    32. Gavin Pow


    33. Tara B

      Sometimes I just come back to these smp videos and remember the good ol days

    34. Quentin Wolfe

      When Carson said “S GAY M” I felt that

    35. Shmoo Boglee

      We need to know who has the day on box.

    36. Jakob Smith

      Larp sessions must be pretty awkward now

    37. Axel

      "Oh shit, what the *FUUUUU-* "

    38. GrimPatriarch

      Fitz is such a bastard........... See what I did there?

    39. AMGroblin

      anybody know what voicechanger carson's using?

    40. Miketama


    41. Jim Shelling

      frank ocean

    42. James Donnelly

      Carson funny mic tho?

    43. Vallorie Barker

      11:38 oof 😬

    44. Luuko Grabbs

      Is it too late to compete in the contest

    45. Julian Zaleski

      id eather have the sat on box than the signed one

    46. Xander Coyle


    47. Runswith Scisors

      Lol Carson hitting fitz into the Taco Bell hole is funnier now

    48. Dead Øn Arrival


    49. John Stan The Millennial Man

      Carson has that "Drugs are good for you" smile.

    50. That one dude who posted stuff

      What shader does Carson use?

    51. Mara

      Hey Carson what's the name of the voice filter thing you used at 12:16?

    52. John C.

      Can you guys please just make comments about the actual video itself, and the things that happen in it, rather than bring up past events?

      1. Miketama

        1 year late

      2. Hey Shitass


      3. Landen Porraz


    53. Joseph Stalin.


    54. Kike_R

      11:40 Someone just subbed for 9 months and said "Can you tell Fitz that he's a beautiful and invaluable member of society if not it's ok cuz he probably already knows" Well that definetly did not age well

    55. Group

      Does the youtooz ship to Antarctica?

    56. Sonic Hedgehogged

      he looked so fucking disgusted when he found the S GAY M

    57. Nathaniel Vega

      How does he do those effects? 12:21

      1. seagoll

        Probably Voicemeeter or just some kind of soundboard...

    58. Colipse

      2:23 when carson has an ad

    59. • TacoFusion •

      top ten moments before disaster

    60. Jackson Darrow

      tHiS vIdEo DiDn'T aGe WeLl

    61. WeLove2Step

      I don’t even need to say anything we all are thinking the same thing

    62. TheRealTiam lol

      How is this a year ago already.

    63. Sir Brid

      🎉Carson youtooz’s birthday tomorrow!!🎉

    64. Aron108

      I love how he takes Jordan’s mailbox then gets killed by him

    65. dapoopisbek23

      carson is soo cool!

      1. Erik da boi


    66. dapoopisbek23

      carson is soo stupid!

      1. Erik da boi


    67. Carson Applebaum

      11:41 Explains a lot

    68. Carson Applebaum

      Physically cannot wait until carson passes Fitz in sub count, no idea how people find him funny, especially now that we know what a piece of garbage he is

    69. Royal Rainbow Robot RRR